9/9 In-Game Update Changes

Hey Howdy They Tappers!

Many of you received a little in-game update today…sorry it took us so long to post about it it JUST hit my device now.  So what’s different?  Well…

Elixir Wednesdays has been changed to Elixir Weekends.  Meaning you can now only purchase Elixir on the weekends, instead of Wednesdays.


Also, now Database’s 8hr task, Get Bullied, has been changed to pay out $550, 140xp…since it’s a joint task with Nelson.  So you’re now earning at the correct rate for a 2 character task.

Beyond those couple of changes what else changed?  Well many of YOU are now reporting the Krustyland Shield glitch has been fixed…however I would still exercise caution when visiting Krustyland with Shields in your Springfield.

Have YOU noticed anything else?  How are you doing with Clash of Clones and Level 44?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

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  1. I’m new to the site and game and you guys are thes best around. I noticed most people talk about having to much exilir. I never have enough. Is there something i am missing? Thanks 🙂

    • It just depends on how you play, and what you spend elixir on. As you clear the prizes the amount of Elixir you have should start to increase 🙂

  2. Maybe this was mentioned elsewhere….but has anyone else noticed that Madam Chao’s has gotten larger? It now sticks halfway out into the street where I have mine placed. Strange, it doesn’t seem like a building that needed to increase in size.

  3. Is there any benefit to stocking up on clash of clones decorations? I’ve been amassing so much elixir that I don’t know what to do with it. I’ve bought all of the freemium decorations many times over, and I don’t want to use any more in my Springfield. I’ve been buying decorations, and then putting them into my inventory. I like getting XP every time I buy, but I don’t want to display all of it. I tried selling some of the decorations, but it won’t let me. Do you think I will be able to sell some of this stuff after the event is over?

    • EA often makes event items unsellable. In the past, items have become available for Krustyland which is my fervent hope for all the Clone stuff. We could totally make rad lands over there. Get all the decorations you desire. Don’t forget your castle can be upgraded. At Level 20 on up, you earn walls which is really good for the recycle and boxingham since those are normally premium.

      • Changing the subject……..What are your thoughts on turning in cheaters to EA? One of my TSTO “friends” was obviously cheating. So I turned him in to EA. EA gave me 20 free donuts for reporting the cheater. It bothered me that some one would cheat, and I have to admit, I liked getting the 20 free donuts.

        • I’m torn on it actually. While I don’t condone cheating, I don’t know about turning anyone in. Thankfully my friends list is gtg in this department so I don’t have the dilemma. You did the honest thing and no one can blame you for it. I just know I’d hate to take away someone’s game from them seeing how much joy it brings me.

    • I’m curious, how can people cheat in tapped out? And how could you tell from looking at their town? Forgive my noob-like ignorance.

  4. I visited KL this morning and all my shields disappeared when I returned. 🙁 I was hoping it had been fixed! Like the precious poster, I feel badly for the people who have been waiting for payout.

  5. I just noticed on the Castle Summary that the Max number of nerds is now listed. Has it always been like this? If so, I need to stop tapping so quickly! 🙂

  6. My games keep crashing whenever I visit friends or random towns. Cannot use my nerds and end up cannot harvest new nerds.

  7. I got 5 Donuts in KL @ the Sideshow You booth — hit one balloon with that as its reward ! Been playing since near beginning and Only got KL Tickets prior … Swapping Ambulances for Donuts : went thru almost $90 Million, but finally got my TwoNicorn — now my XP Qouta is set at well over 4 Million ! (Looking foreward to it hopefully being re-set, AGAIN, come level 45 !)

  8. I noticed I update my castle to produce more nerds and the count didnt go up from 20 to 25.. this is the second time that happens. Any idea why ?

  9. I woke up this morning with 21 free donuts inexplicably in my doughnut count. I reached level 43 this morning too. did anyone else get 21 free doughnuts?

    • Hi all. I just read my e-mail, and I know why I have 20 (not 21) free donuts. I turned in a cheater to EA. I hope this doesn’t piss anyone off, but it bothered me that one of my “TSTO friends” was cheating.

  10. How about itchy and scratchy studios. I was waiting to build it at 800k now it’s 600k. But maybe it was always 600 and I didn’t pay attention hahA

  11. New update deemed my phone incompatible now. Been playing for two years. Level 44.. Wth?

  12. My castles won’t produced nerds anymore. It freeze completely and several of the brown houses plus kwik e marts also freeze. Does anyone having the same issue?

  13. Has anyone else noticed that the (I know it’s random but still) payout of Cheaters 20 has decreased when defending/repairing buildings? I used to receive minimum 2 daily but since this update hit, I am yet to receive one. Patience is the way forward I’m sure but I love those things!

  14. I’ve got my castles to a decent level, so I’m for the most part stopping until I hit 38k gold. Once I do that, attack away. Until then, I’m defending all. I’ll only spend elixir for level ups, as I’m happy with my design.

  15. I love invading others towns. It lets me see other Springfield designs.

  16. I was all set to buy lots of Elixer tomorrow! Oh well, a few more days’ wait won’t matter… 🙂

  17. Mine has been frozen since Saturday. I am sure my Springfield is a disaster!

  18. Have you noticed if this update fixed the payout if your attack is defended? It’s frustrating to get a notification of 2 elixir and 1 gold when it should be more.

  19. I haven’t had a single shield in my town all day…which just seems strange. Have you heard anyone else with this problem?

  20. I was really hoping this update would fix the size of Madame Chao’s at least… It’s such a distractingly ugly building now.

  21. I just visited my Krustyland after downloading the patch. All of my shields in town disappeared. It doesn’t impact me (I got all of the CoC personal prizes and all of my castles are at level 20), but I feel bad for everyone who put shields in my town.

    • Crud… we were really hoping that would be fixed.

      • I’m glad I waited to read the comments before trying it in my town. I really wish they’d fix that. I’m pretty much ignoring KL at the moment, but I’m still in the middle of building it. Nice thing is, it’s a never-ending game, so I don’t have to rush it.

  22. I’m enjoying the pace of this game. I’m not setting my alarm in the middle of the night like the stonecutters event. What suggestions do you have for the 50K I’ve accumulated in elixir? I haven’t increased my defenses & there’s enough nerds for me to win all the prizes. I could probably surround my entire Springfield in barbarian castle walls. Your writing is great – been alot of help

    • I’ve mainly purchased decorations with my elixir. After getting each castle to 10, I stopped. Nothing wrong with having tons of castle walls for future designs.

      • I have stocked up on deco too. Never know when you might want to use something else where or need more. Took me a while but you guys finally taught me this lol Now I’m curious is there a limit to how many items you can store in your inventory? Thx in advance!

        • In your inventory, there’s no limit that we know of. I probably have over 20,000 decs in there. In your town the limit is 7500 but it’s best to keep it close to 6K.

  23. Hi I didn’t know where to post this. After you upgrade your castles to level 20 do you only get walls or do you get toweres and gates aswell?
    Love the Blog

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