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Ever wonder what goes into creating an update for TSTO?  Wonder where they come up with all the dialogue for these updates and just who’s writing them? Curious about what goes on in those writer rooms?  Well found out all of that and more in a recent article they ran all about TSTO!  i-0a433ff25a95c1f847838b474a0c732c-Homer_Simpson

Vulture is currently closing out their Simpson’s Week.  They’ve covered the Simpsons from every angle in a series of articles throughout the past week all leading up to the Season 26 Premiere on Sunday.  And as part of their coverage they interviewed Stewart Burns a writer for TSTO and the Simpsons.

He had some pretty interesting things to say about TSTO and the whole article is worth a read.  You can find the article, in full, over on Vulture but here’s a few of the highlights…

Treehouse of Horror Update (Halloween 2014) WILL be coming AFTER Clash of Clones is over. 


-The “Crazy Bananas” update Matt Selman tweeted about back in July was more than likely Clash of Clones…as the article reveals he wrote most of it.

Matt Selman Tweet

-Actual writers from The Simpsons write the dialogue for TSTO.

-The writers know that most people playing the game are older adults who once loved the Simpsons (and admit that most of them are female) and they’re writing updates with THEM in mind.

-It’s possible Chester, and his unfinished shed, may make an appearance on The Simpsons in the near future.

Chesterdupree throw a tizzy 1

-They love getting away with the fourth-wall humor in the game.

-They like writing for the game because it allows them to write for themselves and gives them an opportunity to poke fun at each other… some of the jokes are even aimed at the Simpson actors themselves because some play TSTO!

For all that AND more check out the entire article over on Vulture!

What did YOU think of the behind-the-scenes look at the writers of TSTO?  Any new insight on the game that you didn’t have before?  Are you a nostalgic fan happy to have a game that reminds you of your favorite show?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

12 responses to “From the Mouth of a Tapped Out Writer….

  1. Right after clash of clones?…like the next day?

  2. I came across this article last night and was going to let everyone know about it here today, but I see I don’t need to do so. It’s an interesting piece. Although I never stopped watching ‘The Simpsons’ regularly (first-run new episodes and repeats on occasion), the game definitely rekindled my interest in the series and now I try to catch reruns more often and spot all the elements that are included in TSTO. As I mentioned in another comment once before, sometimes I even have to remind myself that the show is not a spin-off of the game, but visa-versa even though I’ve been watching since the beginning.

  3. I wish we could send them ideas. I have so many…

  4. Always have felt like a young tapper at age 20. Looks like it’s confirmed lol

  5. the Clash of clones update has been running for too long…the period of it was more than the brother and i including alot of neighbors in TSTO have finished it within 2 weeks period and now i reached the 100K and my brother is already 150K which is too much!
    i know some ppl are still not yet complete it, but i wish they can cut it short and get on with the Halloween update already

  6. I always wanted to know how this game was made and who make it. That was really interesting, thank you for relaying the news.

  7. I think these guys are lazy people out to just get a pay check. They’re dialoge and story lines are so weak it’s like they just pulled random words from a hat. All they do is mock tsto and it’s players. Show some creativity and stick to the original story line of a Springfield that got blown up and is rebuilding…I feel like most have forgotten tstos original cut scenes.

    • Did you play during Stonecutters? Not every event is for every player. That can’t please everyone all the time. They are still providing some pretty amazing characters and buildings for the game. The dialog is the best part. It is hilarious as they can get away with so much more than the series.

  8. Good. Maybe we’ll see a Gummi Venus de Milo or Ozzie Smith (maybe this is where the Springfield Mystery Spot sent him) in the future.

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