Tapped Out Event Walkthrough: Clash of Clones

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well…Clash of Clones is coming to an end.  Are you sad?  Do you miss it already?  Anyway, I thought it would be fun…while we’re waiting for “the next big thing”….to go back and take a look at all the fun of the main Clash of Clones questline!

This questline has a lot of twists and turns in it and is really a fun one to read.  So just in case you missed anything while reading it, we’ve got all the fun for you here!

In addition to interesting dialog, the main questline branches off in several places.  What I’ve done for this walkthrough is run through everything in the main questline, Prince and the Premise.  This includes the questlines Clash of the Clones and The Power of Upgrades because those questlines branch off from the Prince and the Premise.

So now, what are we waitin’ for?  Let’s relive the fun and excitement of the early days of raiding shall we?

Homer Barbarian Commanding TroopsBarbarian Play Clash of Castles


Prince and The Premise Pt. 1
Barbarian Auto Starts (he’ll be awarded for free when you enter your town)

Barbarian: Loot! Pillage! Burn! Take! Abscond! Steal! Scream synonyms!
Ned: Hey there yella fella, why are you giving an extra helping of beat down to my blue bottles?
Barbarian: Me am barbarian. Must pillage and destroy!
Ned: You’re not from around here, are you Mr. Barbarian?
Barbarian: Barbarian am from another land!
Ned: Tell me about the far-away place!
Barbarian: It am land where violence rules! Where me drink from skull of enemy!
Barbarian: Where me poop through butt of enemy!
Ned: That’s a little too much TMI!
Ned: Well, sir, since you’ve got an appetite for destruction, instead of axing my rose bushes, why not Slash this house next door?
Barbarian: Barbarian appreciate your Guns ‘N’ Roses references. Barbarian will pillage 742 Evergreen Terrace!
Make Barbarian Attack the Simpson House– 1hr, Earns $70, 17xp

Prince and The Premise Pt. 2
Homer starts

Barbarian: Smash! Loot! Pillage! Wreck!
Homer: What gives? That’s my house you’re smashing.
Homer: Chief Wiggum, I need you to physically subdue this axe-wielding muscular giant who clearly is a master of hand-to-hand combat!
Wiggum: Sorry Simpson, that’s a big no can do. In that there’s no possible way I can do it, thus the term, “no can do.”
Homer: Come on Grunty, knock it off. That’s my house — where I eat and sleep and look at magazines and stuff.
Homer: The pillaging, I get. Who wouldn’t want all my awesome stuff?
Homer: Like my extra-thick TV, my dozens of hidden mini-fridges, and all those magazines I mentioned – earlier.
Homer: But hear me out — you are in serious danger of over-pillaging.
Homer: That’s right, over-pillaging.
Homer: You pillage all this fantastic stuff, but you have nowhere to put it.
Homer: Then it gets ruined– on, and the ants get into it, and it’s Hibbert’s shed all over again.
Homer: Everything’s ruined – and you wasted all that great pillaging.
Homer: What you need is a place to keep all the great stuff you pillaged.
Barbarian: Grunt, grunt… storage locker?
Homer: No, those storage places always rip you off. What you need is a castle!
Barbarian: Grunt, grunt, GRUNT!
Build the Barbarian Castle– $1,000, 16hr Build 

Goal Complete! Rewards 100 Elixir, 10xp 

Prince and The Premise Pt. 3
Barbarian starts

Barbarian: Grunt, grunt, grunt?
Homer: What’s wrong, barbarian buddy?
Barbarian: Barbarian need fighters to pillage for Barbarian!
Homer: Oh, I get it. Someone to do the dirty work for you. They do all the getting killed, you get all the mini-fridges.
Barbarian: Grunt, grunt, exactly.
Homer: Well, this town isn’t exactly full of big muscle-y ass-whompers like yourself.
Homer: But it is full of… nerds!
Barbarian: Grunt, grunt, nerds?
Homer: A whole bunch of medieval dorks are always playing with fake swords in the park.
Homer: I bet they’d love to go raiding with a real disemboweling skull-drinker like yourself.
Homer: The only problem is… those nerds wouldn’t stand a chance. They’d be totally slaughtered.
Barbarian: Barbarian would never send nerds to pointless deaths.
Homer: …
Barbarian: …
Barbarian: Grunt, grunt, KIDDING!
Homer: You had me there for a sec. You totally had me.
Attack Another Springfield- Use nerds to attack a random Springfield (more details on attacking here)

Goal Complete! Rewards 100 Elixir, 10xp 

Prince and The Premise Pt. 4
Homer starts

Rev. Lovejoy: Excuse me, Homer. A tiny favor
Homer: What are you doing here? I don’t come to where you work and ask you for things.
Rev. Lovejoy: You come to the church every Sunday and pray for a new car.
Homer: Nice, I see what you did there. Classic reversal. Although, to be fair, it was a pretty solid set up on my part.
Rev. Lovejoy: You’ve got to talk to your barbarian friend. He and his gang of nerds have been looting and pillaging all over town.
Rev. Lovejoy: They stole Patty and Selma’s menopause medication.
Homer: Those two without their woman hormones? That oughta be good for a larf!
Rev. Lovejoy: The horde destroyed Chester’s shed — he was finally this close to finishing it.
Homer: Poor old Chester, always good for a larf.
Rev. Lovejoy: The barbarians and nerds savagely beat the Yes-Man, leaving him with permanent brain damage.
Homer: Trust me, with that guy there wasn’t much brain left to damage. Savage beatings, always good for a larf.
Rev. Lovejoy: You’ve got to do something!
Homer: But all the stuff you’re saying is good for a larf! Why would I want to stop larfs?
Rev. Lovejoy: Then I guess you wouldn’t care that the Barbarian stole Ned – Flanders’ wet-dry vac.
Homer: That’s not good for a larf!
Homer: Hey, you, helmet head! There’s only one person who steals from Ned – Flanders in this town — and that’s me!
Barbarian: Grunt, grunt, you’ve got to be kidding.
Homer: Give Flanders back his wet-dry vac — or else!
Barbarian: But wet-dry vac am good for cleaning up blood AND guts.
Homer: Put the wet-dry vac back!
Barbarian: Grunt, grunt, what if I don’t?
Homer: Then grunt grunt I kick your grunt!
Make Homer Attack Barbarian– 6s, Earns $70, 2xp 

Goal Complete! Rewards 100 Elixir, 10xp 

Prince and The Premise Pt. 5
Homer starts


Make Barbarian Chase Homer with an Axe- 2hrs, Earns $220, 54xp (requires Homer and Barbarian)

Goal Complete! Rewards 100 Elixir, 10xp 

Prince and The Premise Pt. 6
Homer starts

Homer: Well, you chased me for 2 hours, and you finally caught me.
Barbarian: You better runner than I thought.
Homer: Well, I guess it’s time for you to chop off my head.
Barbarian: Soon me drink from your skull!
Homer: Drink, eh?
Homer: Say Barbie, before you decapitate me, scrape all the flesh off my head, boil the bones to a nice chalky-white, then seal up all the little head holes to keep the liquid from leaking… what say I buy you a beer?
Make Homer Drink at Moe’s- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp
Make Barbarian Drink at Moe’s- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp 

Goal Complete! Rewards 100 Elixir, 10xp 

Prince and the Premise Pt. 7
Barbarian starts

Barbarian: Have to admit, beer from mug better than beer from skull. Skull beer always taste like old head meat.
Homer: Even if you boil the skull for a long time?
Barbarian: No matter how long me boil skull, still am taste hint of brain.
Homer: You’re just full of interesting trivia. Which Springfield are you from?
Barbarian: Am not from Springfield. Am from… other game.
Homer: So we just admit now that we know we live in a game? No more pretense?
Barbarian: Why lie to selves? Is insult to players’ intelligence.
Homer: Yeah, okay. That makes things easier.
Homer: So, tell me about the game you come from.
Barbarian: Is called “Clash of Castles.”
Barbarian: Barbarians attack other towns, destroy everything, kill everyone, and pillage gold and elixir.
Homer: So that explains the pillaging.
Barbarian: Is all me know.
Homer: Your Clash of Castles game sounds awesome. I have to admit, I’m getting a little bored of my game. It’s pretty vanilla.
Homer: Everything’s so wussy here. “Valentine’s Day Hearts”? “Friendship Points?”
Homer: And don’t get me started on those (EXPLETIVE DELETED) Easter fences!!!
Homer: Your game sounds a million times better than my game! And so much more addicting. Like I’d totally ignore my town to play in your world.
Barbarian: Yeah, me guess it’s okay
Homer: What’s the income tax rate on pillaging?
Barbarian: Zero.
Homer: Federal and state?
Barbarian: Us drink from skull of tax collector so yeah.
Homer: Nice games are so boring! Rated “E” for Everybody — more like “L” for Lamewads Losers and Larrys!
Homer: Larry is this guy who used to really annoy everyone. He wore huge t-shirts that looked like dresses.
Barbarian: Him sound like wiener.
Homer: I never get to kill anyone! Not even a Squeaky Voice Teen or a Wise Guy!
Barbarian: Killing am big rush, no lie.
Homer: 20 more beers over here, Moe!
Make Homer Drink 10 More Beers- 1hr, Earns $70, 17xp
Make Barbarian Drink 10 More Beer- 1hr, Earns $70, 17xp
Barbarian: Can me tell you something?
Homer: Anything, pal.
Barbarian: Me am jealous — of you!
Homer: *spit-take*
Barbarian: Me tired of kill kill kill, pillage pillage pillage, grunt grunt grunt. Sometimes, me just want put feet by fire and drink from skull of enemy with someone me love.
Barbarian: Me want do Sunday crossword puzzle in bed then go to brunch, not slaughter castle full of archers and wizards.
Homer: See, I would love to bathe in wizard blood.
Barbarian: Me would love stay home watch “The Bachelor” eating low calorie popcorn.
Homer: I guess each of us would love to have the other guy’s life.
Barbarian: Yes, that am situation.
Moe: Hey guys, did you know that when the Barbarian here takes off his helmet, he looks just like Homer.
Homer: OMG — Oh my God! It’s true!
Barbarian: OMC — Oh my Crom! Us am twins!
Moe: You guys should switch places and live each other’s lives, just like that classic piece of literature: “Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties”.
Barbarian: Switch places? That sounds hacky.
Homer: No, no it’s cool. The same happened – to Bart in one of the episodes of the TV show this whole thing is based on.
Barbarian: Us game not based on TV show. Am original IP.
Moe: Must be nice.
Homer: So it’s agreed, I’ll live the life of a Barbarian, and you’ll live the life of a family man!
Barbarian: Me still think this am hacky, but am worth it.

Goal Complete! Rewards 100 Elixir, 10xp 

Prince and the Premise Pt. 8
Homer starts

Homer: To be me, all you have to do is shave that mustache.
Barbarian: You must turn all that fat into muscle.
Collect Gold– x 200
Make Homer Bulk Up- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Barbarian Get a Haircut- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Homer and Barbarian Switch Places– 45s, Earns $6, 2xp
*at THIS point you’ll now be able to use the Barbarian Homer and Homer Barbarian skins you’ve won as the first Gold Prize.
Homer: Oh no you don’t, sky finger. No way. Not working out. Uh-uh. There’s got to be another way to bulk me up.

Goal Complete! Rewards 100 Elixir, 10xp 

Clash of Clones qusetline will start here and can run side by side with Prince and the Premise until you reach part 12 of Prince and the Premise.  At this point you’ll have to finish Clash of Clones to start part 13.  Clash of Clones questline rundown can be found below….

Prince and the Premise Pt. 9
Barbarian starts 

Homer Barbarian: Greetings ugly boy!
Homer Barbarian: Me am your father. Bow before father!
Homer Barbarian: Show respect for father’s prowess with axe and skill in battle… I mean, parenting.
Bart: Dad, what’s wrong with you? You seem… intense. And your speech is much more halting than usual.
Homer Barbarian: Bow before father or me crush your neck!
Bart: Okay, that’s more like it.
Make Homer Barbarian Pretend to Be a Sitcom Dad– 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp
Homer Barbarian: Boy whelp think me am Homer – , but girl whelp am clever.
Homer Barbarian: What father do to win affection of girl?
Homer Barbarian: Me know! Me give her life lessons in backbreaking labor.
Homer Barbarian: Child! I command you to build a castle.
Lisa: A castle? I suppose this could be a good exercise in medieval construction.
Lisa: Can I use eco-friendly materials?
Homer Barbarian: Ask mother.
Homer Barbarian: Being father am easy.
*at THIS point you’ll now be able to use the Castle Recycle and Archer Lisa you’ve won as the second Gold Prize.

Goal Complete! Rewards 100 Elixir, 10xp 

Prince and the Premise Pt. 10
Barbarian starts

Homer Barbarian: Boy want sharpen father’s axe with father?
Bart-: I don’t feel like it…
Homer Barbarian: Something bothering boy?
Bart-: This bully at school, he took my Krusty doll.
Homer Barbarian: Bully steal from son of… what my name again?
Bart-: Homer Simpson.
Homer Barbarian: Bully steal from Homer Simpson?! Homer Simpson cleave bully in twain!
Bart-: Sweet!
Make Homer Barbarian Chase Bully with an Axe- 4hrs, Earns $350, 90xp

Goal Complete! Rewards 100 Elixir, 10xp 

Prince and the Premise Pt. 11
Lisa starts

Lisa : Sniffle…
Homer Barbarian: Daughter! Roast me a boar!
Lisa : Sniff… sob
Homer Barbarian: Make sure save boar brains. Mmm… boar brains.
Lisa : Oh, Dad! My saxophone recital is tonight and no one’s coming! I’ve been practicing so much!
Lisa : *saxophoning*
Homer Barbarian: That sound like death-keening of a wounded frost giant! Am… beautiful.
Lisa : Really?
Homer Barbarian: Me find people and make them go to music show… or me cleave them in twain!
Lisa : I love you Dad!
Make Lisa Play in Recital- 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp
Make Homer Barbarian Make Springfielders Attend the Recital- 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp
Make Springfielders Attend the Recital Under Thread of Death- x10 Send 10 Sprinfielders to Attend the Recital 12hrs.  Earns $420, 100xp for freemium characters and $600, 150xp for premium characters

Goal Complete! Rewards 100 Elixir, 10xp

Prince and the Premise Pt. 12
Barbarian starts

Homer Barbarian: Where am wife! Homer Simpson need woman to rub feet and pick bugs from hair and pick bugs from feet!
Lisa: Dad, because Mom is a high level character, we have to wait a while before she appears. It makes things easier for the new players.
Homer Barbarian: NOOOOOBS!
Make Homer Barbarian Express Rage Against Noobs– 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp

Goal Complete! Rewards 100 Elixir, 10xp 

At this point the Clash of Clones questline will need to be finished to progress in Prince and the Premise.  The Clash of Clones questline has to be completed and then Prince and the Premise will pick back up….

Clash of Clones Pt. 1
Homer starts

Barbarian Homer: Hey new Homer, how do I look?
Homer Barbarian: Like level 1 loser.
Barbarian Homer: Is level 1 the best level?
Homer Barbarian: Level 1 am worst level. Total noob level.
Barbarian Homer: A noob! That’s the worst thing a person can be! I don’t wanna start at Level 1. I should start at level… a million billion.
Homer Barbarian: It easy: get gold, go to castle, level up! Sometimes me level up in sleep.
Collect Gold- x 300
Upgrade Barbarian Homer to Level 2– Tap on the Barbarian Castle to upgrade Homer to Level 2.  300 Gold is required to upgrade, however the gold will not disappear from your on hand total.
Barbarian Homer: That is easy!
Homer Barbarian: Yes, leveling up am easy… at first!
Homer Barbarian: *evil laughter*
Barbarian Homer: I don’t get your jokes.

Goal Complete! Rewards 100 Elixir, 10xp 

Clash of Clones Pt. 2
Homer starts

Barbarian Homer: Raiding rules! These dorks do all the getting killed, and I get all the gold.
Lenny: What’s that purple stuff?
Barbarian Homer: It’s called like elixir or something. I get it from raiding. I don’t really know what it’s for.
Carl: It looks like wine.
Barbarian Homer: Wine comes in bottles and is drunk by fancy people. This is just… purple goo. It’s like all thick and nasty.
Lenny: I dare you to drink it.
Barbarian Homer: Yeah okay sure, why not?
Barbarian Homer: *glug* *glug* glug*
Barbarian Homer: That’s not wine… that’s much much better than wine! It makes wine taste like box wine!
Barbarian Homer: I feel confident, talkative, funny, physically attractive and generous!
Lenny: Can I have a sip?
Barbarian Homer: Screw you! Go loot your own elixir! It’s bender time!
Bender: Did someone call me?
Barbarian Homer: No, the good kind of Bender.
Make Barbarian Homer Go on an Elixir Bender– 24hrs, Earns 22 Elixir and 150xp
Barbarian Homer: That was amazing! I was blasted on elixir for 24 hours, and no hangover!
Barbarian Homer: Finally, a booze that doesn’t make you feel crappy afterwards, and isn’t at all addictive.
Barbarian Homer: I NEED MORE ELIXIR!!!

Goal Complete! Rewards 100 Elixir, 10xp 

Clash of Clones Pt. 3
Homer starts

Barbarian Homer: Man, I love being part of a strategy-based raiding game. My old game sucked. SUPER SUCKED.
Barney: Your castle’s looking pretty awesome there Homer.
Barbarian Homer: Why does everyone keep calling me Homer? I’m clearly a barbarian.
Barney: Sure you are.
Moe: Sure you are.
Lenny: Sure you are.
Carl: Sure you are.
Barbarian Homer: Sure I am.
Barbarian Homer: Anyway, I am jonesin’ for some of that elixir stuff. I just love how non-addictive it is.
Barbarian Homer: I can’t stop thinking about that non-addictive mystery liquid — it’s lack of addictiveness consumes my every waking thought.
Make Barbarian Homer Go on an Elixir Bender– 24hrs, Earns 22 Elixir and 150xp

Goal Complete! Rewards 100 Elixir, 10xp 

Clash of Clones Pt. 4
Homer starts

Barbarian Homer: Wuzzuh… so not-addictive… Where am I?
Cletus: You at my gold farm.
Barbarian Homer: Gold farm? I’m the only gold raider in this town. Me, Homer the Barbarian. I mean, just a nameless Barbarian.C
Cletus: No, I is gold farmer. I cheats the system to get gold for myself.
Barbarian Homer: Well, I usually like cheating. But it sounds like you’re cheating me.
Cletus: Tell you whut. You give me some that there that thur that purple moonshine and I’ll share my gold with you.
Barbarian Homer: Share my elixir! Never! I can never let another person taste it’s non-addictive succulence.
Cletus: Sounds like someone’s in denial.
Barbarian Homer: Oh, fine.
Make Barbarian Homer Confront Gold Farmers– 16hrs, Earns 17 Elixir and 150xp 

Goal Complete! Rewards 100 Elixir, 10xp 

This completes the Clash of Clones questline.  At this point Homer will start the Prince and the Premise questline back up.  

Prince and The Premise Pt. 13
Homer starts

Barbarian Homer: I been drinking too much of that purple stuff. I gotta take a break, get clean… I wonder what my family’s up to.
Barbarian Homer: Family, I’m home!
Homer Barbarian: What you doing here?
Marge: Two fake Homers? How am I supposed to know which is the real fake Homer?
Barbarian Homer: Hey, that’s my wife’s pork chops you’re eating!
Homer Barbarian: So? Your wife’s pork chops am delicious.
Marge: Thank you. I think.
Barbarian Homer: The pork chops were never part of the deal.
Homer Barbarian: What you talking about? Us switch lives! That am premise! HACKY PREMISE!
Bart: So what if it’s hacky? Fake Dad chased a bully with an axe for me!
Lisa: He made everyone go to my sax recital!
Marge: Homer Barbarian is a good man. He makes the bed every morning.
Barbarian Homer: You make the bed? What kind of man makes the bed?
Homer Barbarian: Grunt grunt me equal part of nurturing family equation as Marge.
Barbarian Homer: No man comes to my house, is a better dad to my kids, and is better at pretending to go along with parenting gibberish than me!
Barbarian Homer: GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!
Make Barbarian Homer Attack the Simpson House– 1hr, Earns 2 Elixir and 17xp

Goal Complete! Rewards 100 Elixir, 10xp 

Prince and The Premise Pt. 14
Bart starts

Bart: Dad, you’re destroying your own house.
Barbarian Homer: And I’m gonna keep on destroying it until he comes out and fights me.
Homer Barbarian: Grunt grunt fight? No, no fight. Me no longer solve problems with axe. Me solve problems with talk, and text.
Homer Barbarian: Me metrosexual now. Me groom facial hair. Me watch “The Good Wife”. Me eat house-made pickles at gastropub.
Barbarian Homer: So you don’t believe in fighting any more?
Homer Barbarian: Me into yoga now. Grunt, grunt, namaste.
Barbarian Homer: Eat axe handle, stupid!
Homer Barbarian: Grunt, grunt
Homer Barbarian: Grunt, grunt, *passing-out noise*
Make Homer Hide Unconscious Barbarian in Brown House– 4hrs, Earns 10 Elixir and 34xp
Homer Barbarian: Finally, the brown house makes itself useful. A great place to hide an unconscious loser who looks just like you.
Barbarian Homer: See kids, I’m a better dad then that Barbarian ever was.
Lisa: But the Barbarian gave us castles.
Barbarian Homer: No, he made you make your own castles.
Bart: That’s true. He made us work hard for a feeling of accomplishment. Weak.
Barbarian Homer: Whereas I just gave you the cool new costumes, or “skins” to win your love.
Bart: Yeah, getting free stuff is way better than working.
Lisa: How is that a good lesson?
Barbarian Homer: That’s my boy!
Barbarian Homer: THAT’S MY BOY!

Goal Complete! Rewards 100 Elixir, 10xp 

The Prince and The Premise Pt. 15
Bart starts

Bart: I miss old fake dad. He had the best stories about bathing in the blood of his enemies, and scrubbing himself with their ripped-out tongues.
Lisa: He loved my music. He said it reminded him of when he would throw sick old bears into the bonfire and burn them alive.
Barbarian Homer: what are you kids complaining about? You got your real old man back!
Bart: Great.
Lisa: Super.
Barbarian Homer: I’m not just your dad anymore. I’m a leveled-up version of your dad — with a leveled-up castle.
Bart: Big deal. I hope your castle is better than your pathetic Prince & the Pauper premise.
Lisa: Yeah, I hope your castle is more skillfully constructed together than that awful premise.
Barbarian Homer: Oh children… Why are they so stupid? My castle is great because of UPGRADES. Let me explain
Barbarian Homer: When you make the thing you already have a little bit better, that’s an upgrade.
Lisa: So it’s something you already have
Barbarian Homer: But a little bit better.
Barbarian Homer: Now you’re getting it!
Bart: Are you singing?
Bart: He is singing.
Lisa: But, this game doesn’t have music.
Bart: He just rhymed “new meaning” with “new meaning.”
Bart: Wow. Way to string it out, bone-head dad – everyone knows about upgrades!
Bart: Maybe if you’d laid off that purple juice a little, you’d have noticed that Lisa and I also have our own castles and outfits and…
Build Castle Recycle- Earn 400 Gold to unlock the 2nd Prize.  (24hr build)
Upgrade Archer Lisa to Level 4- Earn 2,650 Gold to level Lisa up to Level 4.  Note…this does not take away from your Gold total.  You simply have to earn that much Gold to level up but your total count will remain the same.
Build Boxingham Palace- Earn 1,400 Gold to unlock the 4th Prize (24hr build)
Upgrade Goblin Bart to Level 3- Earn 3,150 Gold to level Bart up to Level 3.   Note…this does not take away from your Gold total.  You simply have to earn that much Gold to level up but your total count will remain the same.
Bart: But Dad’s lame song is right! Upgrades are amazing!
Lisa: Even though my castle is almost exactly the same, an upgrade makes it feel like I’ve got a whole new castle!
Bart: I love you upgrades!
Barbarian Homer: If ever I deserved a swig of non-addictive purple goo, it’s now

Goal Complete! Rewards 100 Elixir, 10xp 

Prince and The Premise Pt. 16
Homer starts

Marge: I don’t like you looting other people’s towns. People worked hard on those. Think of all the grinding they did.
Barbarian Homer: Well, it’s not me who looted them
Barbarian Homer: I’m actually a Barbarian from another game pretending to be your husband cause we look the same, you know, like in “Double, Double, Boy in Trouble.”
Marge: I never saw that episode.
Barbarian Homer: It was a Prince & the Pauper thing.
Marge: Oh how embarrassing.
Barbarian Homer: Me Barbarian. Me not Homer. Me from number one grossing game iTunes charts, not… number 12.
Marge: Homie I know it’s you.
Make Homer Pose as the Barbarian Posing as Homer– 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp 

Goal Complete! Rewards 100 Elixir, 10xp 

Prince and The Premise Pt. 17
Homer starts

Barbarian Homer: Marge, where were you? We haven’t done a mission together in forever!
Lisa: You know we have to wait until later in the “Clash of Clones” event to give the new players time to catch up.
Barbarian Homer: NOOOOOOOBS!!!
Make Barbarian Homer Express Rage Against Noobs– 12hrs, Earns 11 Elixir and 100xp
Marge: I’m still not so thrilled with all the raiding and pillaging and destroying you’ve been doing.
Barbarian Homer: Admit it, I’ve never brought home as much solid gold coins as I am now.
Marge: I can’t enjoy those coins knowing that they’re the fruit of human suffering.
Barbarian Homer: Mmm… suffering fruit.
Marge: And what’s this purple stuff you’ve been guzzling? Is it… sizzurp?
Barbarian Homer: No. It’s not drank. It’s wine. A wine that makes you feel better than any wine in the world. And it’s not in any way addictive.
Marge: You’re drinking it right now.
Barbarian Homer: *burp*
Marge: I want you to quit drinking elixir.
Barbarian Homer: Quit drinking elixir? I’d sooner give up drinking non-addictive wine!
Marge: Well don’t come home until you do!
Barbarian Homer: When Marge sees how awesome I upgrade myself, you won’t be complaining about elixir.
Ned: What’s an upgrade?

Goal Complete! Rewards 100 Elixir, 10xp 

At this part you’ll be prompted to start The Power of Upgrades questline.  The Prince and the Premise questline will be on hold until the Power of Upgrades is complete.  

The Power of Upgrades Pt. 1
Homer starts

Barbarian Homer: Marge is still sore at me for getting hooked on non-addictive magic booze and becoming a murderous psychopath.  How can I win her back?
Moe: I dunno…buy her a dress or somethin’.
Barbarian Homer: That’s it!  But not just any dress…a magic dress.  One that makes her into a lady wizard!
Moe: Look, Homer.  I wasn’t gonna say nuthin.  But you been hitting the purple sauce pretty hard lately.  Maybe you should cut back.  Just a little.  And this is me talking.  I got a pretty high tolerance for watching people destroy themselves with intoxicants.
Barbarian Homer: The most beautiful and powerful lady wizard in all of new crazy Medieval Springfield!  La de dah de dah de dah…
Moe: *sigh*
Reach Level 15 and Build Moe’s Tavern
Collect Gold- x 5,000.
*At this point you’ll be able to use the Wizard Marge costume once unlocked.
Marge:  robe?  You got me a robe?  I already have that robe you “Accidentally” took home from the Iowa City Airport Sheraton.  Where, we can now never go back, which is too bad because they had a great yogurt selection in the breakfast bar.
Barbarian Homer: It’s not a robe.  It’s a cloak.  A magical cloak.
Marge: So now you’re trying to involve me in this weirdo pretend cult of yours?  No thanks.
Barbarian Homer: Just put it on.
Wizard Marge: Ooh!  It’s so soft.  What kind of lining is that?
Barbarian Homer: Hair from a centaur tail.
Wizard Marge: Cruelty free?
Barbarian Homer: You know it baby.

Goal Complete! Rewards 100 Elixir, 10xp 

The Power of Upgrades Pt. 2
Homer starts

Barbarian Homer: And your lady wizard cloak lets you blast people with fireballs.
Wizard Marge: Just say “wizard.”  “Lady Wizard” is sexist.  Would yous say “Lady Doctor”?
Barbarian Homer: Yes.  Yes, I would.
Wizard Marge: I don’t know.  I’ve never once wanted to blast anyone with a fireball.
Barbarian Homer: Never?
Wizard Marge: Well….there was that one time Helen Lovejoy took all the corner pieces from the brownies at the bake sale and put them on a plate like she baked them — charging 50 cents more.  Of course you can charge more — they’re corner pieces!
Barbarian Homer: Maybe just a few fireballs to her rose garden would even the score.
Wizard Marge: They sure would.  Is Helen even a character in the game?
Barbarian Homer: Who cares, baby….who cares?
Make Wizard Marge Throw Fireballs– 4hrs, Earns 4 Elixir and 45xp

Goal Complete! Rewards 100 Elixir, 10xp 

The Power of Upgrades Pt. 3
Homer starts

Barbarian Homer: Oh man!  Those roses got fire-balled!  Wizard Marge, you are hot!
Wizard Marge: I don’t know.  I feel sort of bad about roasting another lady’s garden.
Barbarian Homer: A wise man once said, “flame is the cleanser.”
Wizard Marge: I think I should do something nice for the community to make up for it.
Barbarian Homer: Something nice for the community?  You are not sharing my Elixir, if that’s what you’re thinking of.  MY. ELIXIR.
Wizard Marge: I was talking about putting on a magic show for the town.
Barbarian Homer: Oh. Okay, not really bad-ass.  But okay.
Make Wizard Marge Put on a Magic Show– 12hrs, Earns 10 Elixir and 100xp 

Goal Complete! Rewards 100 Elixir, 10xp
*This completes The Power of Upgrades questline.  And now Homer will start The Prince and the Premise questline back up.  This will run now until that questline is complete. 

The Prince and the Premise Pt. 18
Homer starts

Archer Lisa: My last upgrade was so cool — I got slightly longer boot laces.
Goblin Bart: My upgrade rocked!  My attacks got 5 percent strong!  Too bad my enemies’ defenses got 5 percent stronger at the exact same time.  Oh well!
Wizard Marge: Have you see the new fringes on my magic cloak — the threads are now imperceptibly silverier!  UPGRADE!
Archer Lisa: UPGRADE!
Goblin Bart: UPGRADE!
Barbarian Homer: Wow, the awesome power of upgrades has brought us together as a family.  No one even cares that my Elixir consumption has also been…upgraded.  I NEED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Archer Lisa: Man, it’s been a whole day since my last upgrade.
Goblin Bart: Me too!  I gotta change my life by making my clothes imperceptibly different!
Wizard Marge: Keep raiding, children.  Keep raiding.
Barbarian Homer: I don’t feel so good.
Upgrade Barbarian Castle to Level 10- This will cost Elixir.  To Reach Level 10 you’ll need 10,250 total Elixir.  This will take away from your total Elixir.
Upgrade Castle Recycle to Level 8- This will cost Elixir.  To Reach Level 8 you’ll need 5,850 total Elixir.  This will  take away from your total Elixir.
Upgrade Boxingham Palace to Level 7- This will cost Elixir.  To Reach Level 7 you’ll need 4,250 total Elixir.  This will take away from your total Elixir
*so to upgrade ALL 3 castles for this quest you’ll need 20,350 Elixir.
Upgrade Archer Lisa to Level 7- 7,150 Gold is required for Lisa to Reach Level 7.  Remember this will not take away from your Gold total.
Upgrade Goblin Bart to Level 5- 6,300 Gold is required for Bart to Reach Level 5.  Remember this will not take away from your Gold total.
Upgrade Wizard Marge to Level 3- 7,500 Gold is required for Marge to Reach Level 3.  Remember this will not take away from your Gold total. 

Goal Complete! Rewards 100 Elixir, 10xp 

Prince and The Premise Pt. 19
Bart starts

Goblin Bart: Upgrade, upgrades… need more gold for more upgrades… to get more gold… to get more upgrades…
Archer Lisa: Each upgrade seems further from the last…
Wizard Marge: My cloak. I need silver-ier threads for my cloak.
Barbarian Homer: Purple… purple… purple…
Archer Lisa: What’s happened to us. We’re a mess.
Goblin Bart: I know what we need to make us feel better. Just one more upgrade.
Wizard Marge: Do my cloak threads seem silver-ier to you? DOES IT???
Barbarian Homer: Purple…
Archer Lisa: Dad… what happens to all those people we send to raiding for us?
Barbarian Homer: Purple… dead … dead nerds… purple.
Wizard Marge: But what if we win the battle? Then they’re okay, right?
Barbarian Homer: Doesn’t matter. Purple. Still dead. Purple.
Archer Lisa: Oh no… we’ve become monsters.
Wizard Marge: Our humanity is gone. Completely lost.
Goblin Bart: Wait! I figured it out. Upgrades equals gold equals upgrades equals gold equals… upgrades!
Barbarian Homer: Purple purple purple purple purple…
Archer Lisa: I’m going for a walk.
Make Archer Lisa Think About the Impacts of Raiding- 8hrs, Earns 12 Elixir and 17xp 

Goal Complete! Rewards 100 Elixir, 10xp 

Prince and The Premise Pt. 20
Lisa starts

Archer Lisa: It’s all so clear to me now. These so-called strategy games are a scam.
Archer Lisa: You raid and you raid, you think you’re gettin stronger, but your enemies are getting stronger too.
Archer Lisa: And the more you play, the longer is takes to get upgrades. Until you have no choice but to use…
Mr. Burns: Premium currency.
Archer Lisa: Mr. Burns! What are you doing?
Mr. Burns: Saving you — from yourself.
Archer Lisa: PURPLE?!
Make Mr. Burns Blow Lisa’s Mind– 24hrs, Earns $1,200 and 300xp.  (Requires Lisa and Mr. Burns)
Mr. Burns: The gold in these games is worthless. Elixir, it’s just corn syrup and codeine. The game gives you them for free to get you to cough up for premium currency.
Archer Lisa: It’s, it’s all a trick to give us the illusion of accomplishment.
Archer Lisa: But all they want is money. When we can’t feel anything anymore, and we have no choice, we have to pay.
Mr. Burns: Think about it. For $60 you can buy a fantastic console game with a hundred million dollar budget…
Mr. Burns: … that geniuses and artists have worked for years to perfect, giving you hours upon hours of satisfying gameplay.
Mr. Burns: But these so-called freemium strategy games offer you pared-down simplistic gameplay…
Mr. Burns: … but because you’re so hooked on upgrades, you end up spending hundreds of dollars on premium currency to just get back to normal.
Archer Lisa: It’s the ultimate scam.
Mr. Burns: I wish I’d thought of it.
Archer Lisa: So what do I do?
Mr. Burns: You steal the thing that they never thought you’d steal — the premium currency itself.
Archer Lisa: You mean — raid for… donuts?
Mr. Burns: That’s right.
Archer Lisa: But… people pay for those with actual money. You can’t raid for that. It’s not right.
Mr. Burns: “Not right?” This game has sent countless innocent nerds to agonizing deaths.
Mr. Burns: Your father is addicted to super-addictive Elixir. And the game turned your family into upgrade-starved wraiths. Is that “right?”
Archer Lisa: I don’t know anything anymore…

Goal Complete! Rewards 100 Elixir, 10xp 

Prince and The Premise Pt. 21
Marge starts

Wizard Marge: Where were you Lisa?
Barbarian Homer: Purple purple purple purple?
Goblin Bart: We were worried you wouldn’t be able to help us get that next upgrade.
Archer Lisa: We have to quit this raiding. We must cast aside the skins of inter-game strategy, and return to our lives of cute meaningless missions.
Wizard Marge: I don’t think I can.
Goblin Bart: Never!
Barbarian Homer: PURPLE!
Archer Lisa: Oh, I suppose you would prefer Mr. Burns’ plan, and break the most sacred rule of app-based gaming — and steal the premium currency itself!
Barbarian Homer: I sure would.
Goblin Bart: Me too.
Wizard Marge: … uh-huh.
Archer Lisa: We need to break the meaningless cycle of attacking. It just goes on forever, but nothing really changes.
Wizard Marge: You wouldn’t say that if you had the jeweled slippers upgrade. No one with the jeweled slippers upgrade would ever say that.
Make the Simpsons Steal Premium Currency– 24hrs, Earns $30 Elixir, 150xp x 4.  Send Homer, Marge, Bart & Lisa to Steal Currency.
Goblin Bart: We did it!
Wizard Marge: The big score!
Barbarian Homer: I’ve got so many donuts! I’m going to buy Kang Topiary — I’ve earned it.
Archer Lisa: I know we’ve suffered at the hands of our silicon valley puppet masters. But I still don’t think this was a very good idea.
Barbarian Homer: Who is that? Who’s talking to us?
Archer Lisa: We just did to other players what you do to them every day.
Barbarian Homer: We raided those premium donuts fair and square as far as you know.
Goblin Bart: Don’t blame us if our upgrades are so awesome we can steal whatever we want whenever we want.
Wizard Marge: I’m the most upgraded lady wizard — I mean wizard — this game has ever seen.
Archer Lisa: What game are we even talking about anymore?
Barbarian Homer: Listen up you mysterious voice thing somehow speaking for an entire subcategory of tabled and phone-based gaming!
Barbarian Homer: Now that we have a taste of the good stuff – premium C, we can’t go back to “gold”.
Barbarian Homer: With cash-based donuts we’ll finally be living the way we deserve. In the now! No more grinding and waiting and grinding and waiting.
Wizard Marge: … and when the days are finally up convincing yourself it was worth it.
Goblin Bart: No way! We’re not scared of you!
Archer Lisa: Why don’t you return what you’ve stolen from all the players of these games around the world!
Goblin Bart: And by stolen we mean “an agreed upon exchange of goods and services.”
Barbarian Homer: Nice try, hippie.
Wizard Marge: No, Homer. He’s right. Think of all the moments people have missed with their families.
Wizard Marge: Moments they will never get back — just to try to get one over on these games without spending money. It’s so tragic.
Archer Lisa: Freemium games — both strategy-based and town building alike — are a blight on society!
Goblin Bart: Eh, I like touching screens. I stick by my choice.
Barbarian Homer: Forget it, you impossible thing that can’t speak but is speaking anyway, the Simpsons are gonna become the donut kinds of the cloud, and you can’t stop us.
Archer Lisa: My Mensa gazebo!
Goblin Bart: All that stuff I did in Krustyland yet I never seem to go there!
Wizard Marge: If we go back to level 1 I’ll be locked in Moe’s Tavern again.
Barbarian Homer: Go back to Level 1 and redo everything? … I’ll be good.
Goblin Bart: I think I just did a mission where I peed my pants.

Goal Complete! Rewards 100 Elixir, 10xp 

Prince and The Premise Pt. 22
Lisa starts

Archer Lisa: Mr. BIG FREEMIUM Thing? Tiny favor. Can you at least undo all the damage of this ridiculous Clash of Clones storyline? It’s brought us nothing but suffering.
Wizard Marge: And a Prince and Pauper parody. LAME.
Wizard Marge: So we’ve learned our lesson. Time is best spent with the people we love. For those moments we can never get back.
Goblin Bart: Or — we can get as many raids in as possible before time runs out!
Barbarian Homer: Purple-purple-purple-purple-purple-purple!
Wizard Marge: Come on, let’s go sing some karaoke.
Make Lisa Reluctantly Sing Karaoke- 1hr, Earns $70, 17xp
Make Marge Reluctantly Sing Karaoke- 1hr, Earns $70, 17xp

Goal Complete! Rewards 100 Elixir, 10xp 

Prince and The Premise Pt. 23
Homer starts

Barbarian Homer: Come on boy, one more piece of unfinished business.
Goblin Bart: Letting that muscle-y loser out of the brown house?
Barbarian Homer: It’s the right thing to do.
Barbarian: Wow. A lot of people use that house for a lot weird stuff.
Barbarian Homer: Come on, Barbarian Buddy. Let’s get you back to your game where you can be mindlessly slaughtered.
Barbarian: But I want to stay here. I like the fixed dog races, the Mensa meetings at the gazebo, and watching Smithers whip it good.
Barbarian Homer: Somebody’s got a crush!
Reach Level 25 and Build the Burns Manor
Make Barbarian Go on a Date With Smithers– 2hrs, Earns $220, 54xp (Requires Barbarian and Smithers)
Marge: Homie, did you really quit drinking that purple stuff?
Homer: Cold turkey.
Marge: And you feel okay?
Homer: Yeah. Actually. It turns out it wasn’t addictive after all.

And with that…the main questline is complete!  Whew!  What an update!  Lots of twists and turns, and spin offs!

Now that we’re at the end, what were YOUR thoughts on the event overall?    Thoughts on the questline?  Even if it felt a little long, did you still have fun with it? Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

29 responses to “Tapped Out Event Walkthrough: Clash of Clones

  1. The only thing that pissed me off about this event was that I earned so much gold and elixir, 70.000 and 121.000 respectively, and all of it just dissapeared. There wasn’t a converter or something like that. I started playing TSTO a few weeks before the Clash of Clones event, and my question is if there was a converter in the previous events.

    • The event currency always disappears. Only once…LONG LONG ago…did they offer conversion…and even then it was not that great. And it was limited. Every other single event…the currency and items go when it goes.

  2. So glad this is gone. Wayyyyyy too long. Could have been renamed “Constantly get rid of nerds”. I only attacked strangers since the payoff was so much higher. The first couple of weeks only had ~10-15% hit rate for towns that had at least one castle & it was attackable. It improved some with time, but still had a low hit rate for towns that had attackable castles.

    I was always hitting max nerds so to get rid of them required spending a lot of time raiding strangers. So this at least doubled time spent on the game since I also had to visit neighbors for cash & FP (for those short periods I was getting FP). Visiting neighbors became a protracted waste of time (especially those damn house farmers) since very few buildings maintained a payout through the event, most were for attacking.

    The game itself kept moving/zooming to an attackable building in neighbor’s & stranger’s towns which zipped right by buildings with $ & Sideshow Bob. Made it difficult to impossible to relocate them.

    Why did the Barbarian lose elixir payout after his questline was over? Definite ripoff getting walls for the recycled castle & cardboard castle.

    On the upside, Homer & the Barbarian had some hilarious lines, especially about skull wine tasting like old headmeat.

    Stonecutters was great, this was pretty bad.


    • Does anyone know why it’s oct. 10th and I’m still playing??? I haven’t been offered the Halloween update yet…just a cyclonic violence quest to get 8000 more coins from raiding towns…I can’t even visit friends because their event ended on the 7th like mine should have

      • It’s an app store update. To get it you’ll have to actually go to app store and download the update. That’s the only way Clash of Clones will end.

  3. Yeah thx Bunny. Realized event ended today not tomorrow like I was thinking for some reason. Oh well I did get some nerds and spent most of my elixir so it’s all good.

  4. Brettgregg629

  5. Are the nerds gone from the store for everybody? Don’t have the Halloween update yet. I’m with Bunny. Wanted to use my elixir up on nerds. Everything else is still available in the store.

  6. I really enjoyed the event but I didn’t get to the end sadly (just 3000 short). I am glad that it has finished now though!

  7. CoC was fun but I’m happy to see it end. I hope they keep the ability to visit random towns. That was pretty cool. I wish the chained nerds had cost elixir instead of donuts, but I did buy a bunch of the game $ nerds as a memento of the event. Now bring on Halloween!

  8. Hi, Alissa! Thanks for the recap! I got over any disappointment with the event a few weeks ago; ultimately I enjoyed raiding towns and accumulating gold & elixir even though I’m not a big fan of the medieval theme. Ultimately I built the barbarian castle along my waterfront next to Sir Putt’s A Lot as a family fun attraction thing. I put the recycled castle and Boxingham Palace (just the main pieces) in my forest near the pumpkin house and freak tent as weird kid forts. I put some of the cardboard and recycled walls in my brick walled town dump and they look great there so I’m happy with the idea. I didn’t spend a single donut on the event (but that’s usual for me). Last night I began spending down my elixir (I had over 200,000!) so now I have a bunch of tents, barbarian castle walls and towers (just in case I expand it one day!), and windmills. I used some to upgrade the other two castles for a few extra pieces of donut-priced walls and I have about 40,000 elixir left. I think that’s pretty good. Anything else you can suggest? Thanks again to you and the Addicts crew!!! Happy Halloween!!!

    • Nothing I really suggest getting that you didn’t already. I got a few each of the main elixir decorations and threw them in storage…never know when they’ll be needed. Beyond that i spent the last of my elixir upgrading my castles lol

  9. The best part was the 30 free donuts during the event. 15 for starting to play the day the update came out and 15 for raiding for premium currency. The free barbarian and all the new costumes were cool too. I hope EA makes all the new costumes 50% more money and exp. During the event, the quests for the Simpsons just gave elixir. But, the end of an another event. Now, BRING BACK THE STONE CUTTERS EA!

  10. Thanks Alissa was nice to read through the whole event again.. My Barbarian Homer is at level 99 and need 300 gold. Dying to reach level 100 with this but I haven’t played for the past two days so I hope last minute random looting will push me over before everyone gets the new update!!

  11. robert f sarmiento

    For one, am glad that this piece of crap update it’s coming to an End….I know some of you say “it’s a free game”…well am a premium player and am Sorry to say that I have spend way to much for this game already… my days of playing this crap it’s coming to an End soon…EA, does not care about the players, all they care is how much you spend, and for that reason and I know, that all of the players that actually spend real money…( not those how HACK) there way into the game actually are tire of EA. and their bullcrap… e.g.launching an update that crashes every time you play it… keep playing this crap…. as for me, am getting off the wagon….

    • First…do you know any other ways to articulate what you’re saying with out using the word crap? (or any other curse words) Second…if the game makes you THAT unhappy, there’s a simple solution. Stop playing. For every 1 player like you there’s 100 that love it.
      And I bet, once Halloween hits later today you’ll be the first one saying how great it is.

  12. One of the features I found good was the zoom to building to attack when visiting a friend or random, and if it went to the ruined castle you knew there was nothing to attack and could move on. Would be good to have this with standard building visits. The only downside is it messes up the zoom to sideshow bob trick but hopefully he will become a main character 🙂

  13. If the event didn’t last as long, I’m sure people would have looked back on it more favorably, but it’s length made the entire thing wear out it’s welcome after about the 3rd week. Didn’t help that it lagged my tablet something fierce if I logged on and all my houses/castles were getting attacked.

    I wish they kept the ability to visit strangers though, I liked seeing new towns, even if some showed that people liked to make rude names/images using decorations..

  14. Where is halloween event? It’s 16:30 at night, October 7th and STILL NOTHING

  15. After the amazing updates with Halloween and Easter, even with their flaws, this one seemed like more of a side quest. It makes it even less thrilling with the amazing events with comic con on FG. I am very happy to see this event leave. It was ok at first, but there just wasn’t any mind blowing content in my opinion. I think that FG is really bringing the heat with their updates. I hope…no I pray, that TSTO brings the cast of Futurama with the upcoming episode. I have saved a plethora of donuts just in case. I will spend more to get the ship and crew if needed. Hopefully Halloween will tide me over. It also feels like these recent level updates have been an attempt to regain or keep the audience. They were very close together, and being at max level, I still do not have enough money for the last building and pieces of land. 20 million might take some time for the last to sky scrapers.

  16. I liked the way it was set out. Visiting random neighbours gave new players and people without many friends a chance to collect all the rewards…but 7 weeks was brutal!

  17. I wish there was a way to always be able to see random towns (and have the option to befriend ones we liked). That was my favorite part of the event.

  18. Overall I found it to be a fun event, great to see all the random towns. It’s just that the event was so long that all the quests and prize winning were completed over 5 weeks ago so it seems a distant memory.

  19. Wow…That was a read…Although thoroughly enjoyable! Thanks Alissa and rest of Addicts Team 4 your tireless effort!!! NOW BRING ON OLD HOLLOWS EVE UPDATE…

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