Turbo Tappin’ Halloween 2014: Free Hugs & More! (Phase 1)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Halloween has arrived in Springfield!  And with it rolls in an Alien Invasion!  And of course with all this new content  with a new event means… New questline means time for another Turbo Tappin’ Walkthrough!

So let’s get things rolling with the first phase of this event, and what you’ll see popup in your game before the first upgrade hits on 10/20.  Let’s get to tapping shall we?

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Free Hugs Pt. 1
Auto start

Build the Make-a-Thing Workshop– $2,000, 8hr build
Make Kang Watch Housefly Drone Cameras- 8hrs, Earns $420, 105xp

Treat Yourself
Lisa starts

Make Lisa Go Trick or Treating- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

You’ll also earn a treat bag from this.  However, the questline will guide you what to do with it 

Free Hugs Pt. 2
Lisa starts

Make Lisa Question Kang’s Motives- 45s, $8,3xp

Free Hugs Pt. 3
Auto started

Squish Rigellian Invader 

Free Hugs Pt. 4
Auto start

Use the Make-a-Thing Workshop to Open a Treatbag- Tap on the workshop and the bag to open.
Use the Make-a-Thing Workshop to Craft a Weapon- Tap Craft next to the board with nail. 

Free Hugs Pt. 5
Auto start

Squish Rigellian Invadors- x20.  Tap 20 of the little Rigellians to earn more probes!  

Restricted Air Space Pt. 1

Squish Rigellians in a Friend’s Town- 3.  Visit a neighbor and tap 3 of their little Rigellians.

Restricted Air Space Pt. 2
Auto start

Shoot Down a UFO in a Friend’s Town- Hit “Do It” in the quest box to go to other Springfield.  There you’ll find a UFO to shoot down. 

Treat Bag Prime
Database starts (if you have him)

Make Database Order Treat Bags Online- 8hrs, Earns 1 Gift Bag

Mein Treat Bag
Uter starts

Make Uter Dig into Treat Bag Stash-  16hrs, Earns 1 Gift Bag

Trick Yourself
Auto start

Send Youngsters Trick Or Treating- x3.  This will take 8hrs for non premium characters and 16 or premium

Trick or Treat
Auto start

Send 10 Youngsters to Trick or Treat- This will take 8hrs for non premium characters and 16 or premium
Open 10 Treat Bags- Go to the Make-a-Thing Workshop to open these bags/ 

Remember…this quest (Trick or Treat)  will continue over and over again.  This is the last quest in this phase so it will keep repeating to basically get you to do what you should already be doing 🙂

Phase 2 rolls out on October 20th….

And that’s it for the first phase of this event my friends!

What do YOU think of the Halloween Event so far?  Thoughts on the questline?  What do you think will happen next?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!


139 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Halloween 2014: Free Hugs & More! (Phase 1)

  1. So, I’ve sent my characters trick or treating 2-3 times every day for over a week and it’s past the 20th, but I’m still getting it as a quest, and nothing new… Any ideas/suggestions?

    • It’s supposed to happen. It’s just to get you to keep doing it, since that’s how you earn treat bags. Look at it as a way to earn free cash for doing what you’re supposed to do anyway.

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