Addicts Question Corner: Halloween 2014

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

I’ve been noticing a few questions popping up in the comments of some posts and, while we try to answer each one individually, I thought everyone could benefit from the answers to these questions.  So it’s time for another addition of Addicts Question Corner….


How Often to Rigellians Spawn?
These little buggers actually spawn at a pretty decent rate.  They appear in your town at a rate of 1 every 5 minutes.

What’s the Max About of Rigellians I Can Have in My Town At Once?
Max is 50 at one time.

Is there a Rigellian Bank, Where It’ll Hold Extras If I Don’t Clear Them In Time?
Yes.  The bank holds 30.  So overall you can have 80 Rigellians at one time.  Although only 50 will appear in your town at once.  Once you clear 1 of those 50 a new one will appear from the bank.

What Can’t I Complete the Trick Or Treat Task?
This is the LAST quest in the first phase of Halloween.  Think of it as “busy work”, having you do what you’re already supposed to do (collect treat bags) while you wait for the next phase of the event to start (on the 2oth).  So once you complete the tasks at hand, send 10 kids to Trick or Treat and open 10 Treat Bags, a new one of the exact same quest will appear.  You’re not losing your mind…well some of you aren’t 😉 ….it’s how it’s supposed to work.  Don’t worry, you’re not missing ANYTHING.  There’s no more questline after this task…not until phase 2 starts on the 12th 🙂

All My Ammo Disappeared When Trying to Shoot Down a UFO in my Neighbor’s Town.
This is a glitch, but a good glitch.  It’s only supposed to take 1 ammo shot to shoot down a UFO in a neighbor’s town.  So if it’s taking more than 1 it’s a glitch and that’s not supposed to happen.  If you want your Ammo refunded contact EA and let them know, at the very least they can refund your lost Ammo.
HOWEVER….this is a good glitch so you might not want to report it.  Many of you are reporting that even though there’s no UFO, when it takes your Ammo it’s thinking there’s more UFOs in the town…thus giving you the UFO prizes for shooting them down.  Which is awesome, since the UFO prizes can range from treat bags to donuts!

What Does Leveling Up the Nail Board Do?
I know at first glance it may seem completely useless….BUT there is an advantage to doing it.  Leveling up the Nail Board increases the radius of your tap when you squish Aliens in your town.  The higher the level the larger radius you’ll have and the larger the radius the more aliens you can squish in 1 tap.

Can You Still Get Donuts From Visiting Friends if You’ve Maxed Out Your FP?
Yes.  There’s still a chance to earn donuts from friend actions after you’ve maxed out your FPs.

Do I Need to Leave Buildings for Neighbors To Tap?  How About Aliens?
No.  Tap anything and everything in your town that you want to tap.  (Houses, Buildings, Aliens, Grem-Aliens)  There will still be aliens for your neighbors to tap in your town even after you’ve cleared them.

Where’s the Rigellian Shrub and Queen?
They’re not in the game yet to craft.  Remember this will be released in phases…so they’re not part of phase 1.  However, you can earn the shrub in a treat bag, there’s a small chance for it.

When Will Other Items From Halloween Past Appear?
Currently they’re no in the game.  EA is doing this event in phases…so they may appear in a future..but as for now they’re not in the game.  You can look everywhere, you won’t find them.  🙂

If I Craft An Item, Will the Items Used to Craft It Disappear?
Yes, once you craft an item the number of whatever item was required to craft it will disappear.  So craft wisely!  (And yes, you may want to hold off on the Spooky Walls..since it’s just 1 piece of wall (like a castle wall).  Also, you can win them in treat bags 😉 )

Do I Need To Craft Items in Order Or Can I Skip One & Save Up?
No, this is a create your own adventure type of play.  When it comes to crafting you do not have to do so in order, you can jump around all you want.  So I would suggest saving up those precious items for the more coveted items to craft… 🙂

Why Is My Question/Comment Still In Moderation?
We LOVE you guys…you’re seriously AWESOME and we love helping you all we can!  However, keep in mind that during events like this the comments can go crazy! (just take a look at our main Halloween is here post…that has over 1,500 comments and counting)  So it can take us a little while to get back to you (plus..we are human, we do sleep & eat & have lives…sorta 😉 )….but that doesn’t mean we won’t.  It just means give us a little bit of time and we’ll get your question answered.
Oh…and don’t panic if you see other comments after yours get approved.  Sometimes they’re just Friend requests…or something simple that we can push right away…doesn’t mean we love you any less 😉

Why Can’t Witch Marge Trick Or Treat?
It seems there is some confusion in characters so I am adding this lil bit to the post. There are TWO skins that Marge has that seem to be throwing players off. So I wanted to post the info and images here to help.

marge_witch_menuThis is WITCH Marge. You only got her from previous Halloween events after buying the Cauldron with donuts. WITCH Marge goes trick or treating.

unlock_marge_wizardThis is WIZARD Marge. You got her from the Clash of Clones event and she can NOT trick or treat.

I hope this helped to clear up that bit of confusion on Marge’s skins for the event. 😉



So that’s it for this addition of Addicts Question Corner!

Are there any questions that YOU have that you don’t see answered here?  How are you enjoying the event so far?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

561 responses to “Addicts Question Corner: Halloween 2014

  1. Will there be something for the 70+ ammo to do or is it just junk? I rarely get spaceships in my friends’ towns and I get lots of ammo in great bags, so I have surplus. Thanks!!

  2. So I was looking forward to purchasing the Raven, but it never showed up, any idea why that is?

  3. Just noticed kang earns more money for his daily task compared to the other characters. Was it supposed to be this way?

  4. Hi! I could have sworn that I saw a post (I think from Bunny?) that said shooting down the UFOs counts as a friend action and not to do it until you have received all 90 friend actions…but I can’t find it now. lol. There are people who have been complaining that they don’t make it to the same spot (before they are just earning cash and xp) on their friend list (before their friend actions are all used up) even though they have not added or deleted any friends. I told them that maybe it is because they need to wait to shoot the UFOs down until after they earn the LPSs because I thought I read that on your site. And nobody believes me that it counts as a friend action…Lol! Was I dreaming that I read that on your site? 😊 Sorry for the silly question, but it is bugging me! 😄

  5. At the moment I have 1 pumpkin house and 1 spooky house. Now we got into phase 3 of the event, and knowing I will miss a few days of tapping next week, I’d like to know this: should I
    A) try to get more spooky houses (more bronze t&t bags),
    B) just craft the gold treat bags, or
    C) save up and make Rigellian Queen and/or Tribal hut…?
    What are the Pros and Con’s of crafting the Queen?

    Huge Thank You for all that you have accomplished here!

    • Honestly it all boils down to what will make YOU happy to have in your town. The Queen has a task for Kang and Kodos, but is more a decoration animated. The Huts release Rigellians every 24 hrs. But only 3.

  6. I have searched but can’t seem to find an answer about main characters and finding them with alien heads. This happens periodically in both mine abd friends’ Springfields. Like with Rigaliens, a tap makes the green head disappear, they go back to task, and you collect prizes, $, and EX points. What’s the story with this? I don’t remember any explanation in the dialogue, either. Thanks for your help!

  7. Is the rigellian qween a charactar or a decor?

  8. When I went to shoot down a UFO,it would shoot one down, than say I have no more ammo, Is this correct? Does it take 5 ammo to shoot down a UFO? This has happened on more than one occasion.

  9. I am so mad right now!! I was about to unlock the hover-copter and then all of a sudden I won an extra gold bag instead that was not there!! Ridiculous!! I stayed up just to make sure I was able to unlock it!

  10. I play hourly and some odd reason my wife is able to get the second prize with the rayguns n im missing about 1000. After about 10 friends I stop getting rayguns. Am I missing something? Not sure if I will get the last prize. Lil help please

  11. Hi, I’m sure I’m missing something obvious, how do I get to the Life is Grand quest?

  12. I play every day… but still I missed a thing (I’m not sure how).
    When and how you could get the THOH XXV skin for Mr Burns?

  13. This is a combination “Has anyone else had this problem?” and “Here’s a tip for you” post…. Twice recently I’ve gone to open a bronze treat bag that must have had a ray gun in it that put me into the next prize category and earned me a silver treat bag, but, after getting the message that I had earned the silver treat bag, my bronze bag counter went to zero and I don’t think I got to collect whatever else might have been in the bronze bag. Has anyone else noticed this? I would recommend that, if you’re about to hit a prize point, that you not open any treat bags until you’ve hit the prize point by tapping aliens. (Easier said than done though…. I meant to do that after the first time it happened, but lost track of where I was, gun-wise…)

  14. can you guys do a Should I Buy? for the Drive-In Theater + Space Mutant? I’m sort of a completion-ist when it comes to just Holiday Tapped Out Events not so much for the game as a whole. But in any case you guys are awesome keep up the great…tapping!

  15. When visiting friends, I’ve noticed 3 alien scenarios. Either their town is overrun with the little greenies, or it’s empty and a scattering teleport in, or it’s empty and I have to hunt like crazy to find 3 to squish. Is this just random or is it related to the current state of their town?

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