Weekend Update: October 5th-October 11th

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Weekend Update Addicts


 SATURDAY, after last weeks Update, Alissa dove in with a fun Halloween Preview for Springfield Showoff.

Now for this weeks fun…

SUNDAY: Alissa started out the week with your favorite place to just hang out and chat. The Sunday Night Open Thread.

Bart Shadow Knight Senseless Killing 1

MONDAY: Wookiee kicked off the morning with some background on the Origin of the Shadow Knight. Did you buy him?

Alissa then brought you the complete dialog Walkthrough for the new Level 45 and Ziff Corp.  Then later reminded you the Clash of Clones event  was winding down and to get those last items you want.

Bunny then gave you some ideas of things you could do with the Clash of Clones decorations in case you wanted to make any last minute purchases before the event ended.

Two-nicorn Rainbow 1

TUESDAY: Alissa began the day with a Full Dialog Walkthrough for Clash of Clones. She then teased that we saw the information on its way for the New Halloween Event.

Jack n Sally


Alissa provided a great run down of what to expect for the new Halloween 2014 Event.

The Addicts Team then announced the Winners of the Season 26 Trivia Question Contest.


WEDNESDAY: Alissa started off the day with some information to help you decide Should I spend donuts on the Portal to Rigel 7. Then later gave you the same for the Rigellian Hunting License.

Bunny then hopped in with some info for the players on Kindle Not Updating.


THURSDAY: Bunny started out the new day by offering some tips and information on what to expect while visiting neighbors during this event.

Alissa provided some details to help you decide if you Should spend donuts on the Ray Gun (and how to find it). She then gave some great answers to all the questions we were seeing pop up in the comments by YOU in Addicts Question Corner

Gremalien 2

FRIDAY: Alissa started the day with the short short version with Turbo Tappin of Free Hugs and More. She then brought you a bit more insight and details on the Grem-Aliens.

Bunny then bounced on in to see what YOU could tell the Addicts and your fellow readers about the Kid’s of Sprinfield Costumes in Trick or Treat.

SATURDAY:  So do we have anything else in store for y’all today??  Well you’ll have to stick around to find out!


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And that about does it for this week here at TSTO Addicts. What did YOU think of this weeks posts? Any favorites? Any that helped you out the most? Something specific you would like to see written about or added to? Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

22 responses to “Weekend Update: October 5th-October 11th

  1. Does anyone know what happens if you’ve already got the Pumpkin House after you get the Grand Pumpkin? Is there just no quest or do you win something else instead?

  2. I’ve ended up with two human test subjects in both of my towns and fairly certain I only crafted one in each. In fact, I don’t think I had enough materials to craft a second in my B town. Not complaining, lol, just wondering if anyone else got extra as well.

  3. I have at least a couple of neighbours who have ~5000 probes! I guess I’ll be able to see the Donut Machine Chair… Thing vicariously though them.

    WRT to the Pumpkin and Spooky Houses, do I need to win the Grand Pumpkin and Hugo (respectively) before I am even capable of obtaining each one?

  4. Hi everyone, what’s the scoreboard amongst friends thing about?

  5. Hi

    I dont mean to sound impaitent but any chance of a probe calendar on the horizon please?


  6. I purchased each of the cemetarys and haven’t received any zombies. Does anyone know how to unlock them?

  7. I can’t access my game as of 1pm Pacific time on Saturday…anyone else having problems? I know new events tend to jam things up but I put in a ticket with EA anyway.

  8. Are you going to be making a calendar for the Halloween event?

  9. Having lots of fun with Halloween! Unlocked the mutant peacock this morning and am about halfway to Hugo. I hope this means I’m on track to get all the prizes before time runs out.

  10. So I just got 30 donuts from shooting down a UFO. Day is made. Thanks whoever’s town that was! I am loving this event!

  11. With all this Sci-Fi going on, don’t ya think it would be great to have someone interact with the Knowledgeum so we can see that beautiful Double Helix?

  12. When I try to craft the pumpkin house or spooky house it is locked and says I have to do a quest to get them, but all my haloween missions is just upgrading the weapon and make kids go trick or treating. So how do I get the mission to get the pumpkin and the spooky house.

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