Hey there Hoppereenos. We again want to say THANK YOU for those being understanding as we are traveling and a lil slower at the responses then usual. No worries. We are still here, just trying to prioritize the info and get posts through to answer questions while we still pull stats and details. So hang in there if your comment has not been looked at just yet…we WILL get to them. šŸ™‚

Special Play Tree


In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to take a break from it all and look at some of the cool new things added to the game. This go round, the costumes. I know that myself and Wookiee normally tell YOU where things come from. Give you some inside details and information on items…well…we now want YOU to tell us and share with your fellow readers.

I am going to list the new costumes for each of the Kids, YOU tell us first off WHO they are dressed as, why you think that one was picked, and what episode they came from. What real life item are they resembling if not in an episode? Then, I want YOU to tell us another possible costume you would have liked to see them in. Ready?





Squeaky Voice Teen Trick or TreatSqueaky Voice Town

Todd Trick or TreatTodd

Rod Trick or TreatRod

Sherri and Terri Trick or TreatSherri & Terri

Shauna Trick or TreatShauna

Ralph Trick or TreatRalphie

Milhouse Trick or TreatMilhouse

Kearney Trick or TreatKearney

Jimbo trick or treatJimbo

dolph trick or treatDolph


So feel free to elaborate and discuss all you want in the comments below. Have fun!






97 responses to “TRICK OR TREAT??!!

  1. How do i get my characters to trick or treat. I got a pop up telling me that a couple were able to, like Melrose for instance, but when I tap him, there’s no job or anything saying “trick or treat” I scrolled through all of his costumes and… nothing. So how do I make him, and others, go trick or treat?

    • Place the Medieval Rich House, then tap it to send those who are able to trick or treat.

      • Or you can click the Trick or Treat bag in the top right corner to go to the Rich House quicker. Also, clicking the bag will collect from finish TOT jobs if it shows an “,”.

  2. Why can’t all my kids treat or treat? I’m on Level 70. Is there a limit to how many can at once or am I not far enough into the event?

  3. I just started playing. I am on level 10. I don’t have any children in my store to purchase. I have a friend who just started and they are on level 8. And has not started his Halloween quest, but he has all the kids in his store for purchase. Is my game glitches or do the children and other items in the store disappear once you start the. Halloween quest?? Is there anything I can do to correct this? Thanks

  4. Thanks for sharing these larger images. The first couple of days I couldn’t tell that Ralph was supposed to be a Canadian Mountie. I thought he was Freddy Kruger and I was curious as to why that character would have such a scary costume (Ralph isn’t exactly brave). šŸ™‚

    At first, I thought Squeaky Voiced Teen was supposed to be Conan O’Brien – which would be a very Simpsons “in joke” but he does look more like a 1950’s greaser or possible Archie (which would also work since Homer has an ongoing rivalry with the Riverdale kids in the first few seasons, it’s a running joke).

  5. Wow great work to editors and creators of this Halloween
    You did a FANTASTIC job

  6. why can’t uter zorker trick or treat???????

  7. Hey I swear I saw Bart dressed up as Batman!

  8. I had the weirdest glitch. Reverend Lovejoy had an alien stuck to his head that re-spawned within 3 seconds of tapping it. That kept going on until he got a random mission to take his model train around town. After the mission was compete the glitch was gone.

  9. Does anyone know if there is a limit on how many probes you get from your nieghbours?
    I get halfway through my friends list and then I start only getting cash for squashing them instead of probes and cash šŸ™

  10. Scrolled down but didn’t see it anywhere… If you have Witch Marge she can also trick or treat (NOT Mage Marge from Clash of Clones).

  11. So I got a nice surprise, blew up a spaceship and got 30 donuts

    • Yeah, that happened to me twice so far. Definitely the most donuts I’ve ever won from anything. Although I think I’d rather get the 50 Candy corn or 50 Candy bars more.

  12. Not sure if mentioned before, but bags give randomly some items that should be otherwise crafted. I already received Human test subject (one I crafted just hours before I received second one from the bag), already got 2 alien shrubs (flowers) from bags and yesterday 3 spooky walls from one bag. I wonder how to get to tribal hut and overseer – did not find any article about that yet.

  13. Why do I have to keep repeating the Trick or Treat task? I am currently doing it for the 3rd time now. Have 10 kids trick or treat and open 10 bags. It keeps telling me it is complete bit then makes me do it again

  14. so… I was doing the math… and depending on your level of addiction, you can get all prizes without social interaction and 7 hr 20 mins of sleep a night.

    …you just need to make sure that you don’t go over that 80 alien “Bank”

    though to be fair i was doing this as bored math… i am only 1000 probes away from that first prize.

  15. Matthew b Lawler

    I’m not sure if this is the current post for this or not but some of the other poster so flooded with comments now during the first couple of days of the Halloween update the update that came from the App Store once I finally got the full events I was able to win ammo ever sense the in game update which was supposedly just glitch fixes I have not won a single ammo I’m just wondering if anyone else has been experiencing the same issue this reminds me of Easter when there was the basket glitch and for like two weeks most of us were unable to win free baskets is this a known issue or is this just bad luck on my part

    • Not only you, I’ve been having the same issue and what with that and not receiving probes from grem-aliens it’s turning into a fun update for prizes. I was thinking it was just bad luck on my part tbh.

    • I am earning ammo at a very slow rate. 1-2 per day if I’m lucky.

  16. I’m not sure if EA reads this blog or is runned by someone who works there. Either way I’m so happy. Somehow I went from 0-3 aliens treats to 10/15 treats & more aliens to squash. Now I can send them out to play. So so happy. Thanks you are my good luck charm. Wish I would’ve posted sooner.

  17. Can Uter trick or treat?

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