Count Burns Offer!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Another weekend only offer from EA was released this past weekend….Count Burns!

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He’s available for purchase for 120 Donuts and he’ll be leaving Springfield (presumably for good) on Monday 10/13 at 0800 GMT (4am EDT)…so grab him while you can!

Originally from Halloween 2013…Count Burns is a full skin for Mr. Burns.  He’ll come with a full set of tasks, including a few really amusing ones!  You can check out more details on him on our posts from last year…

Count Burns Overview
Where Did THAT Come From, Count Burns

What do YOU think of Count Burns?  Did you pick him up over the weekend?  Or did you already have him from last year?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

44 responses to “Count Burns Offer!

  1. Is there any way to contact EA and ask about count burns. Was away from my phone and didn’t realize this was a limited chance. Thought it would be here till the end of Halloween.

  2. Please say they will bring count Burns back, I was going to buy him tomorrow. I had phone issues last year and missed getting him by very little, and want him sooo bad!! I hope they put him back in soon.

    • Also I don’t have Facebook, so I wouldn’t have known about the time limit. Game didn’t specifically say. : (

    • not sure if he’ll be back before the event ends….You can try contacting EA and see what they say about him coming back or maybe they’ll add him for you. I’d talk to them and see what they can do, if they can do anything.

  3. Didn’t realize this was ending so soon or I probably would’ve bought it. Any chance it might come back at the end of the event?

  4. Are the coffins available for sale again? I have the one Count Burns came with, but I like how some people used extra ones in their decorations.

  5. Well that stinks. Why wasn’t it listed as limited in the game? Not everyone follows their Facebook page. Seems every other limited offer has a timer and some kind of announcement in the game.

  6. Oooooh I missed getting Count Burns! Didn’t know his limited status was limited only to this weekend. I need to check your excellent posts and EA’s Facebook page more often! I’m out of donuts and was waiting to see if there would be any sales on iTunes gift cards. Do you think there is any chance Count Burns will be offered again in this year’s event if we asked for it on your wishlist page?

  7. Hi guys, I have a question about crafting please.

    At present, the only things I can craft (excluding weapon upgrade) are:

    Pumpkin House, Hugo, Spooky Wall, Human Test Subject.

    I’ve already crafted the Grand Pumpkin and I know Spooky House unlocks after Hugo.

    My question is, where are all the other items to craft? I’ve read all the Halloween posts to date but I don’t recall seeing anything that said the crafted items were being released in cycles like the main prizes too?

    If they are timed then it’s going to make it hard to know what to craft and when to make best use of resources.

    As ever, your knowledge is appreciated! 🙂

  8. Is there a pros and cons for count burn? Is he worth the doughnuts?

    • No full pros and cons this time, just not enough time. But there are breakdowns of what he does (including tasks) in the post from last year 🙂 (last year he was free, as a prize won)

  9. Purchasing skins feels like such a waste, I’d rather purchase a completely new premium player and not lose the freemium payouts. Tbats just me though.

  10. Do you know when is the other returned limited time content like booberella being removed from the store?

    • From what I can see they don’t have a timer on them….Burns specifically is timed (as indicated on EA’s Facebook page). However, it is possible the other older items could disappear when the next phase rolls out on the 20th..

  11. Yeah I bought him. I started playing TSTO late Halloween event last year and got a few of the prizes from the event (lard lad, gypsy fortune teller, vomiting frog, homer kong ) then something went wrong and I lost the lot and had to start a new id, so keen to make up for lost time for halloween.

  12. Is this definitely leaving tomorrow ? I’m not doubting you at all 🙂 just seems odd there is no timer indication in game ( at least not one I have seen) as seems a bit unfair on anyone who is away for weekend, at least elixir etc was every weekend like I assume candy will be.

  13. Got it last year… Still confuses me
    Ea is good …errr, lately with updating content that goes premium… So why is devil Flanders STILL listed as regular?

  14. Too many donuts. Got him last year and this is too expensive.

  15. I wanted this so bad.. But issues with my donuts disappearing has been presented again.. Don’t know what’s going on. I had 144 and now I only have 80. Smh 🙁 there’s only a live chat option and not a call option but the person I spoke to on the live chat told me there would be but they told me to register my phone number and I couldn’t find that either although I think I did that when they called me earlier this week and resolved my donut problem. They weren’t much help this time though. Idk I just know a lot of donuts are gone. Love this game but maybe its time for a break from it I shouldn’t be this mad about a phone app lol

  16. This doesn’t really have to do with the post but I had 2 interesting things happen on TSTO today. I was squishing aliens in other towns and when I shot down a UFO I got 30 donuts! Yesssss! A couple minutes later, when I got back to my town, I looked in my inventory and there was an Human Test Subject just sitting right in the front! Do you think if I should press “Use” or do you think it will still use up my candy? I’m trying to save up for Hugo Simpson before I craft anything else.

  17. Yep, bought it. My town (just one at the time) was very young back in October 2013 and so I didn’t earn enough of whatever it was they were giving out then to get the Count Burns prize.

    Nice thing is it’s a premium skin, so Count Burns earns more than normal.

  18. Yes!! I missed a lot of great stuff in 2013, didn’t start playing til the very end of the event. Really hoping that “witch Marge” will be available sometime during this Halloween, been envying her in my neighbor’s Springfields for quite awhile. Thanks for all your posts & guidance too! 😀😀

  19. insta-buy for me and my son

  20. With Count Burns being a premium purchase this year, will that change his XP and money output?

  21. I’ve wanted count burns since I first saw it in my neighbors Springfield and as a Dracula fan I had to get it. Great addition to my town.

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