THOH Probe Prizes: Breaking Down the Donut Torture Device

Hey Howdy Hey Alien Squishing Tappers!

It’s Halloween time in Springfield!  A dark haze has over taken the streets of Springfield and Aliens are on the attack!  By now we’re all busy squishing and stopping those aliens dead in their tracks….and earning as many probes as we can!

With this event EA is trying something new (for them) and releasing items/prizes in phases.  Two prizes each phase, three phases, for a total of 6 prizes all together.  For the first phase, which lasts 12 days and ends 10/20, you can win 2 prizes by collecting Probes.  The second (and final) major prize awarded at 8,050Probes is the Donut Torture Device.

2014-10-15 03.16.00

Let’s take a closed look at this lean, mean donut machine…and just what it will do in YOUR Springfield…

donut torture device

WARNING Mild Dialogue Spoilers Ahead

Once you’ve collected 8,050 Probes the Donut Torture Device will automatically be awarded to you and you’ll see this popup:

2014-10-10 17.04.34

Much like Friendship Prizes, if you’re visiting a neighbor when you hit the 8,050 Probe mark this message will still popup and your device will be waiting for you in your inventory once you get back to your Springfield.

The Donut Torture Device will be placed in your inventory, so you’ll have to go into your inventory to retrieve it.   Just tap on the “use” icon to place it in your Springfield.

Winning the Donut Torture Device will trigger some fun dialogue between Homer and Devil Flanders will popup (and no you don’t need Devil Flanders to see it).  Homer will kick things off…so make sure he’s free once you’ve won it.

Homer: Oh, I can’t believe I ate everyone’s candy!  I don’t think I’ve ever said this, but I cannot eat another bite.
Devil Flanders: We-hell.  I’ve waited many, many years to hear that.  Let’s try that ironic donut punishment one more time!
Place the Donut Torture Device
Make Homer Suffer Ironic Punishment– 36hrs, Earns $750, 200xp
Devil Flanders: I don’t understand it!  You were full, this should be painful.  How are you doing this?
Homer: Easy.  Donuts have holes.  Holes are negative space.  Eat enough holes and it cancels out everything you’ve eaten.
Devil Flanders: That doesn’t make sense!
Homer: Does to me.
Devil Flanders: Even his body is too stupid to follow the rules of physics.

Now…Homer will actually USE this and it has an AWESOME animation.  For those that can’t wait here’s a sneak peak (For those that don’t want to know…avert your eyes!):


2014-10-10 17.16.53



So here’s the deal with the Donut Torture Device:

-Interactive decoration for your Springfield (Homer will actually use it!)
-If you don’t unlock it in the probe box you’ll have a chance to craft after the timer runs out.
-Unlocks a permanent (at least for Halloween) task for Homer: Suffer Ironic Punishment– 36hrs, Earns $750, 200xp
-No sound associated with it
-Can be placed anywhere in Springfield
-No bonus associated with it
-Improves Obedience on the Conform-O-Meter

So that about covers all the details on this yummy device!

What do YOU think of the Donut Torture Device?  Have you unlocked it yet?  If not, how close are you?  Thoughts on the way the prizes are setup this time around?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

90 responses to “THOH Probe Prizes: Breaking Down the Donut Torture Device

  1. In my opinion the donut torture device should be able to give you donugts. Maybe not 1 a day but 1 every couple of days? Or maybe a week? I get slightly frustrated when super cool things are available only with donuts and real money!

  2. this prize rotation is lame. i’m about 500 probes away and only 30 minutes until reset. lame, lame, lame

  3. I’m a little confused. Ok so the prizes from the probe section are supposed to switch out at the end of today. I was able to get all the treat bags but am barely at 7396 probes and I need 8050 to get the Donut Torture Device. Since I won’t be able to get the 218 missing probes that I need for it in the 3 and a half hours I have left, I was considering buying donuts for it but from what I’ve read, I’m getting that if we collected all the treat bags, we should be able to craft it in the next section? Does that mean that I should just wait and not spend any donuts because I will still be able to get the Donut Torture Device later on? Or is it really gonna disappear right now and I should just spend my donuts on it?

    • Didn’t end till 4am EDT…were you able to do it? If not you can still craft it at Make-A-Thing

      • supermusicfiend

        Nope unfortunately I couldn’t. I came really close but the time ran out and I didn’t have enough so now I’m trying to craft it but I’m still running into some setbacks. I’ve got more than enough of the broken fence pieces, but I’m about halfway there on the candy corn and chocolate bars 🙁 I’m considering just crafting the spooky house now since I have enough for it and I need it to complete my Hugo tasks but I’m also pretty reluctant about wasting what few chocolate bars I have. I heard that it gives you a treat bag every 24 hours but that doesn’t sound like much to make me waste my treats right now. Do you happen to know if the Donut Torture Device will disappear once the Ray Gun phase is over to make new room for new crafting prizes or will it stay there and the list of craft items just grow? I don’t want to miss out on getting it again.

        • I think it will remain in their…but I’m not 100% sure. There are no times associated with Make-A-Thing (as far as leaving is concerned) so I don’t think anything will be leaving..but honestly EA is playing all sorts of tricks this time around so I can’t be 100% sure

  4. I was hoping that the device would dispense donuts. Too bad.

  5. I just got the DTD not even half an hour ago. I like it and all, but I wish the task was shorter. In my excitement I sent Homer on it right away not thinking about my Hugo tasks and if he’d be needed when the second wave comes.

  6. So I was just casually tapping away at my aliens, and I unlocked it, and I’m as close as ever to Hugo. I can’t wait (:

  7. What’s the story on the bent nail weapon?

  8. Although it has forgotten to say
    Please leave one the Grem Aliens.
    In order to visit your town.

    My Though regrettable, only eight the Grem Aliens are.

  9. Hmmmm… I thought I was tapping and gathering at a great pace but I’m still going to come up short for this prize… Unless it sticks around after today I’m about 2k short… How did this happen?????

  10. So I unlocked the donut torture device the other day and I STILL don’t have it anywhere. It’s not in my inventory and it’s not in my town. I’m so frustrated! I have 9,000 probes so it’s for sure unlocked. I just don’t know what happened! A glitch? I’m sad. I was so excited for that. 🙁

    • You scrolled all over in your lil brown box inventory storage and nothing? If so, alert EA.

      • Yea. I’ve searched everywhere. My invetory is empty. I’ve contacted EA in the past and they are very unhelpful! 🙁

        • Just be patient and respectful when you talk to them. If the person on the line is not helpful, try another. Select call option if it is given. Contact them during normal business days and hours so you get the regular agents and not the weekend crew. They are some really good reps there that are more than willing to help. Just don’t yell and scream at them cuz that will get you no where.

  11. Do any of you know if the torture device will come back… I’m currently at 6800 so it doesn’t look like I’m gonna get enough probes by tomorrow. Can I do anything other than buy it now for almost 200 donuts (I’m a freemium player) Dammit!!!!!

  12. So I just started playing Sunday (dammit why didn’t I give this game a go sooner) and was disappointed that I probably couldn’t get this item (one of my favorite THOH episodes) just to discover that the probes needed is apparently prorated for newcomers; I only need 5400 and thanks to my quick addiction I should get it by tomorrow night at the latest. Soooo grateful for that proration. Sure, donuts could be cheaper (I already compulsively bought $30 worth for Squeaky Voiced Teenager, Booberella, Ray Gun, Rigellian Hunting License &, in a day or two when I can get to Level 14, Kearney), but the thoughtfulness of EA to prorate for new players is a class act.

    • Wow awesome!

    • Have you been able to get the Donut Torture Device for 5400 probes? My game also has it for that price, and I’ve been working hard to get up to 5400, but now that I see that it’s apparently supposed to be more, I’m scared that it’s a glitch. (I’m not a new comer by the way, although I did get a bit of a late start to this event).

      • We’re you actually looking at the highlighted item? Many keep mistaking the last treat bag highlighted as the final price. It’s not. The donut torture has always been 8050.

    • Yeah, I was just typing a sort of retraction when you replied. It really looks like the only thing left to get is the final prize, but the gray triangle pointer (which I didn’t even notice) is actually pointing at the bag. Annoying since I thight I had time to get it before the end. Do we know for sure that these items go away when the timer ends?

  13. I really hope that devil flanders and talking krusty doll will come back again, but sadly I highly doubt it as count burns was new last year and now he’s close to leaving the game forever!!!tell me what you think guys….lol no one ever replies to my comments 😋

    • I think everyone else is pondering their own thoughts. YOu will prob get more response on the Open threads. This is an information post. 😉

  14. I was expecting that the doughnut torture device would pay out some doughnuts. Doh!

  15. I love the DTD but I wish the task was shorter.

  16. Just got this! I’m so happy. Now I can get silver bags for the next few days, at least. I really need some Pumpkin items.

  17. So I should have the donut machine tonight, woohoo!… Once I do, is there any more point to collecting probes? Or should I hoard my grem-alien eggs until the next cycle begins?

  18. Just earned it! Now to wait three hours for Homer to be free.. Glad I spent the donuts on the hunting license hopefully I get all the prizes in the next 2 phases, pretty sure I will. Loving this event!

  19. I figured my plan to place it near the first church of lard lad would have been a common idea…apparently not lol

  20. Currently struggling with what seems to be a glitch that I keep seeing gremlins running around my town, some of them I can squish but others seem completely immune and just keep going. Even when they stand still and I tap them they won’t go away?

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