Random Changes with Halloween

Hippety hoppety I can’t…stoppety? Lol. Hey there Hoppereenos. Bouncing in with a lil look at some fun and cool things going on in the game that you may or may have not even noticed with the TSTO Halloween 2014 Event.

Mihouse Hang Out with the Grand Pumpkin 2

First up, the Hazy Mist surrounding the very edges of the screen. I personally like that they did this instead of the fog from last year. That stuff drove me mad at times. Too thick in my opinion. Cool, but too much at times.



Something creepy crawly in the water. I love that EA puts in lil touches to simple things, like changing the water. Last year we had a Zombie in there, this year we got tentacles squirming in n out of it. Kinda cool to catch a glimpse of them in the water. It happens so fast you may not even notice it. There is also some bubbling in the water.

Tentacle in the water


Fall leaves are…well…falling across our screens adding to the Autumn look and feel.

Leaf Leaf 9 Leaf 7 Leaf 3 Leaf 8 Leaf 4 Leaf 2 Leaf 5 Leaf 1


Trees have changed also to match the Season of Fall. Some changed color, while others lost their foliage.

Bart's Treehouse Halloween Special Apple Tree Tree 2 Special Orange Tree Tree 1 Special Play Tree TreeTree 3  Valentines Treee


The kids are out and about Trick or Treating in some really cool costumes. I love that they added a lot more this year. You can see their costumes here. Below is a list of the task times and what they earn for Trick or Treating.

Character Trick or Treating Treat Bag
Lisa 8hrs 1 Bronze OR 1 Silver OR 1 Gold
Bart 8hrs 1 Bronze OR 1 Silver OR 1 Gold
Martin 8hrs 1 Bronze OR 1 Silver OR 1 Gold
Milhouse 8hrs 1 Bronze OR 1 Silver OR 1 Gold
Nelson 8hrs 1 Bronze OR 1 Silver OR 1 Gold
Ralph 8hrs 1 Bronze OR 1 Silver OR 1 Gold
Rod 8hrs 1 Bronze OR 1 Silver OR 1 Gold
Todd 8hrs 1 Bronze OR 1 Silver OR 1 Gold
Dolph 8hrs 1 Bronze OR 1 Silver OR 1 Gold
Database (inside) 8hrs 1 Bronze OR 1 Silver OR 1 Gold
Character Trick or Treating Treat Bag
Jimbo 16hrs 1 Silver OR 1 Gold
Kearney 16hrs 1 Silver OR 1 Gold
Shauna 16hrs 1 Silver OR 1 Gold
Sherri & Terri 16hrs 1 Silver OR 1 Gold
Squeaky Voice Teen 16hrs 1 Silver OR 1 Gold
Uter (inside) 16hrs 1 Silver OR 1 Gold
Witch Marge 16hrs 1 Silver OR 1 Gold

The lil Rigelliens are not just running around our towns, but taking over our Townspeople too. Here are the poor Springfielders being possessed by lil Rigellians that mimic their faces. Yes they will attack someone on an outside task but it will not impact the task itself. So no worries. (If you seem to get stuck with one and can’t get it off, use Town Hall Character Locator to go to them and get the Rigellian off or store the building the Character came with.)

Possessed Wolfcastle Possessed Willie Possessed Snake Possessed Smithers Possessed Skinner Possessed Selma Possessed Sea Captain Possessed Rev Lovejoy Possessed Quimby Possessed Patty Possessed Ned Flanders Possessed Mr Burns Possessed Moleman Possessed Marge Possessed Lisa Possessed Krusty Possessed Homer Possessed Comic Book Guy Possessed Cletus Possessed Bumblebee Man Possessed Bart Possessed ApuPossessed Abe

These are all the ones noted that can be possessed. Have you seen them all?

Homer Ned
Lisa Patty
Grampa Lovejoy
Apu Sea Captian
Bart Selma
Bumblebee Man Skinner
Cletus Smithers
Comic Book Guy Snake
Hans Moleman Wiggum
Kent Brockman Wolfcastle
Luigi Burns
Marge Krusty


And here are the poor lil Krustyland Tourists that have been replaced by Rigellions. They will still earn you tickets, so if you need some make sure you visit your own Krustyland.

Rigellian Krustyland 3 Rigellian Krustyland 1 Rigellian Krustyland 2



Now for my usual broadcast alert… CHECK YOUR CONFIRM DONUT SPEND!!! Lol. To accidentally spend those pink sprinklies is not a good thing.

Confirm Donut Spend



There you have it, some simple but cool things going on in your Springfield (and Krustyland) that you may or may have not been aware of. Did you notice any of these changes? Have any favorites? Any you noticed that I did not list here or in other posts? Let us know.



47 responses to “Random Changes with Halloween

  1. Darn it. Snake is no longer under constant alien attack. That came in handy when needing to get ray guns and treat bags.

  2. Is confirm doughnut spend on android? I can’t seem to find it

  3. Here’s another change with this update. Now when you have confirm donut purchases on in your settings, it will now ask you to confirm the purchase when you tap on the item in the store. Whereas previously it asked you to confirm when you placed it in your Springfield. Also now once you confirm, the item or items (combo items) go directly into your inventory and you can then take them out in place them in your town. There is no build time (not even 6 seconds). At least this has been my experience recently. I don’t recall if this started with the Halloween update or the most recent minor updates while the event was already underway.

    It’s all good except I liked it better before when I could place a premium building or decoration down in my Springfield before confirming it just to see if it fits in the allocated land I had for it (and it would give me an idea what it would look like there). Now I can’t “test it out the fit” first before purchasing it.

    • Good to know, honestly didn’t even notice lol

      • It seems to work that way only with certain items. I just bought the Cauldron with the Witch Marge skin (there’s a whole bunch of new (old) items added now) it worked the old way. It let me place the cauldron in my Springfield first and then asked for the confirmation. Though it did not work that way for the Springfield Cemetery, Transport Booths, and some other premium items. So I don’t know what’s going on.

  4. I thought I saw one totally covering the cat from the fp prizes. You know the one that coughs up fur balls.
    . It was super scary.

  5. How have some villages I visit unlocked all forthcoming prizes??

  6. Every time I see the baby Rigelliens crawling all over my town I see a bunch of Rusty Cuylers from Squidbillies.

  7. Since the halloween update you can play TSTO on your pc using bluestacks 🙂

    • Since the halloween update it does not work for me on Bluestacks – worked before, now stops at update 1/3 12MB and drops back to Bluestacks. Tried everything, including reinstall of the game. On Android, at that moment the screen with Licence agreement popped up, but it does not in Bluestacks.

    • Lol I thought I was the only one who thought they looked like squidbillies!

  8. Emmanuel Chavez

    This was a great post. Lots of details and may I add how awesome Kearney’s costume is. Great Job keep up the good work

  9. Thanks for the breakdown of the characters trick or treat payouts. You listed witch Marge is this the same as wizard marge?

  10. I think my favorite animation is the moment when a Rigellian runs up, jumps, and “possesses” a character. I’ve only caught it happening a couple of times, because it happens so quickly. It looks awesomely creepy when I manage to catch it! 🙂

    • I happened to have my screen on maximum zoom when I cleared an alien off Apu’s face only for another to immediately jump on. So funny and glad I managed to see it in close-up.

  11. Favorite alien interaction w/ a character: Santa’s Little Helper carrying an alien in his mouth.

  12. The mist freaked me out actually. I thought my Kindle was dying on me. My son noticed the tentacle in the water before I did. I kept missing it and thought he was playing a game with me.

  13. I love that you guys provide images of the characters, deco ratios, Bldgs, etc. I used to play on a 7in. tablet but am on a 5in. device now. It’s fine for game play, the stuff you guys provide helps me appreciate and enjoy the art work. cheers 🙂

    • Aw well thank you for the kind words! 🙂

      We love showing graphics that you might have missed in the game, so glad you’re loving them!

  14. I wish the Rigellians woul attack Luann. I’d love to see one in the megaglobe with her.

  15. I noticed the alien-horror-movie-screen like tint around the corners. I like it. I think it really fits with the alien theme this year. I did kinda like the fog last year though. And I definitely love the alien attacks.

  16. You know me. I waffle about my weight anyway.

  17. Anyone else think it would be pretty cool to get a NPC mini Rigellion wandering your’e town after Halloween is over? I love their little evil laugh, looks too cute! 😀

  18. Looking at the trick or treaters, are there odds associated with the bronze, silver and gold treat bags? Since you guys came up with the odds inside the treat bags there might be chance for this to be known. Thanks again and I come here for all the most current info!

  19. I was tappin’ around and I saw a manhole cover in one of my neighbors towns. Is this something new, a premium or did I miss somthin. Thanks for all ur helps!!! You guys are awesome!!

  20. Sorry for my English in advance, I’m Brazilian.
    WOOOOOOOOW I had no idea of the existence of the confirm donut spend! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! Although I play since October 2012 I’m new at this site, came across here looking for information for the Halloween event, and I’m loving it! As a freemium player it REALLY makes a whole lotta difference to me. Can’t count how many times I accidentally spent my so precious donuts.

    But please tell me it’s a recent option… I remember tapping on that little settings icon before, but I don’t remember seeing this confirm donut spend.

    Once again, thank you very much! You’ve made a 25-year-old Japanese-Brazilian Tapped Out addict really happy! 😀

  21. Nice overview of the changes. As noted elsewhere the menu changed as well.

    And of course the biggest change of all: The XP bar is now green!!!! ;-p

  22. Alien v predator!

  23. Laughed my head off the first time I went to KL and saw all the little aliens with KL merch running around 🙂

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