A Bewitching Offer: Suzanne the Witch Returns!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Another weekend only offer from EA was released very early this morning…this time Suzanne the Witch (and her Gingerbread House are making a comeback!)..

gingerbreadhouse 10000gooSuzanne_the_Witch

She’s available for purchase for 140 Donuts and she’ll be leaving Springfield (presumably for good) on Monday 10/20 at 0800 GMT (4am EDT)…so grab her while you can!

Let’s take a closer look at Suzanne and briefly break down some pros and cons of adding her (and her delicious house) to your Springfield! 

Originally from Halloween 2013…Suzanne  is a full character.  She’ll come with a full set of tasks, including a few really amusing ones!  You can check out more details on her on our posts from last year…

Suzanne the Witch Overview
Where Did THAT Come From, Suzanne the Witch

And now let’s take a look at some Pros and Cons of adding this witch to your Springfield…

-Really great outdoor animation with Homer…Cast wicked Spells
-Gingerbread House Looks Great With Christmas Decorations
-Chance to complete the character set if you missed getting her last year
-Pays at a premium rate, 50% more cash and xp

scary tales 3Cons:
-Not voiced
-No real benefit to this update
-Expensive, last year she was free.

Final Thought:
I already own her from last year, and won her for free.  I don’t know that I could justify spending 140 donuts on this one though…I honestly never use her & the Gingerbread house just sits in my Christmas area.  For this event, she really has no purpose…BUT some of you missed out on getting her last year (or have been coveting it in a neighbor’s town for a while now).  So if you missed out on getting her last year, or have been wanting her, now is your chance.  Just remember…we don’t know what EA will bring back next week.
Of course in the end it’s your decision.  We can only tell you what we would or wouldn’t do…in this case if I had to buy her, I’d pass.  Just remember whatever you decide make sure you make your FINAL decision before Monday…otherwise she’ll disappear!

What do YOU think of Suzanne the Witch?  Will you pick her up over the weekend?  Or do you already have her from last year?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

26 responses to “A Bewitching Offer: Suzanne the Witch Returns!

  1. SIB? Freemium player with little donuts. Not sure if i should wait or not?!

  2. Are the other Halloween houses out of the game? The zombie ones ? Or will they show up again?

  3. Firstly I know it’s middle of night for most of USA and I know it’s technically not a spoiler as they have been released but I will air onside of caution. Some Halloween reprint items were removed and replaced at 8am GMT today (Sunday) and replaced with some new very desirable items. I had assumed perhaps falsely they would do this for phase 2 but does anyone know how long new items will be on for . Do they end tomorrow like Suzanne or potentially longer ?
    Looked on their Facebook since that was where you guys said they mentioned time for burns and Suzanne , however it hasn’t even mentioned new stuff so not sure if it was just accidentally released a day early. Thanks in advance !

    • The dates are all sorts of in a twist. There are start and ends dates throughout the event. The problem is there is no link to the limited items. So they could last the week or the weekend. We do not know. All I can suggest is to ask EA.

  4. I bought it right away. I’d been hoping that they’d bring it back for this event and had been wanting it for a while now. Maybe we’ll get some more old stuff in the next few weeks? So excited about Halloween! 😀

  5. Super collider is coming. 😉 I want it to.

  6. I’m really hoping they bring back the Super Collider and Devil Flanders. Totally unrelated to Halloween, but if they bring back Springfield Falls, I would actually pay a bajillion donuts. Missed that one and it’s one of the nicest looking things in the game. It’s funny they don’t just do a yard sale with all of the previously released limited premium items. EA would def make a lot of $$ and people like me who are foolish with their money can catch up 🙂

  7. I’m starting to lose hope in them bringing back devil Flanders 😔

  8. OHHH, okay, I remember her now, thanks to Wookie’s WDTCF – that was a great episode. 🙂 However, as much as I love that gingerbread house, I too will be holding out in hopes of either Witch Marge and/or something/someone that sparks the memory part of my noggin more so than this fine lady.

  9. Me, too-during C.of Cl, if the castles were separated off into different areas of neighbors’ Springfields and I had to go looking for them ( and there was a lot of this) I made a point of smashing their little pumpkin houses and making crumbs of their gingerbread. And I’m a pretty docile person…yeah, I think I want it, but I want the pumpkin house more- can you clarify how the count toward the Grand Pumpkin segues into that? Because I’m still a way off from the Grand Pumpkin…

  10. This is what my Halloween donuts were for. 😀 I already had my enchanted forest ready. Now if I can just get the chocolate bars I need for the pumpkin house. I have been admiring both houses in my neighbors’ towns.

  11. This is a pass for me. Too much other stuff I value more. I may have bought Burns, but did not realize his time was so short.

    I am once again really torn. I have 230 donuts and am really close to finally getting Barney. However I want Kodos (or Kang I always get them confused) too. Is it worth the 150 donuts and being way behind again? I am just not sure. I have almost talked myself into purchasing donuts a few times.

  12. Marc from Nova Scotia

    I jumped on Count Burns last weekend like Oprah on a baked ham (“Whacking Day” episode, anyone?), but I think I’m going to have to pass on Suzanne. At 140 donuts, it’s a little rich for my blood. Still hoping that we get a chance at buying Witch Marge and Devil Flanders later in the event, so I have to be selective with my spending. That, plus the fact that my Grand Pumpkin is taking forever to complete…might have to cave and buy some pumpkins and/or chocolate bars soon. [It’ll be worth it to hear G.P. rise from the ground and scream “Revenge!” whenever I want. 🙂 ]

  13. I’m digging the Gil-free Gil’s deals in THOHXXV. With this, I may be combining some stuff to make an enchanted forest now.

  14. Alissa, you’re hilarious. I have a funny feeling that if you didn’t have her form last year, the completionist in you would cave pretty quickly 🙂 (It did for me – snapped her up instantly and am very happy – feels like a Halloween and Christmas purchase 2 for 1).

  15. I missed her last year and was excited to see the combo offered but I think it’s too much for me. Now bring back the bad dream house and I’ll pay almost anything.

  16. I got her. I’ve been saving my donuts for Halloween, as I’m a relatively new player and missed prior years’ events. Getting as much as I can this time around.

  17. I’m just so thankful that EA is bringing back some of the characters/skins that new players like me missed. I’m all into this game (already bought $200 in donuts) so I hope they release more of past characters in future events and maybe more in this event 🙂 I have to say that this event is everything and more than what I thought it would be! I started with CoC so any other event will probably be better haha

    P.S. I really hope they have a donut sale during Christmas like they have in the past because I’ve been buying discount iTunes cards to save up for it. I guess you could say I’m addicted lol 🙂

  18. I bought it. It’s a no brainer. Love the episode, and all the ToH episodes. Plus this and the pumpkin house were things ii saw in other people’s towns and really coveted.

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