Friday: What’s in the Simpson’s Addict

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s a new day in Springfield…and that means it’s time to find a new piece of Moe’s clothes!  In case you missed it, yesterday’s update introduced THOH Trivia, a new challenge where each day you’ll have to have Homer find a new article of Moe’s clothing in order to unlock an all new costume for Moe!

So, let’s take a look at what’s in the Attic today….


FYI….Suzanne the Witch (from THOH 2013) is also currently available for purchase for 140 Donuts in the store.  This is similar to Count Burns, she’ll be available for the weekend and then will disappear.  We’ll have more on her a little later….

When you start up your game you’ll need Homer free to kick off day two.  He’ll start things off with this dialogue:

Clock-work in Progress Pt. 2
Homer starts

Homer: Well, I am not dancing in a pool of my own sick, so I still must have more clothes to find.
Squish Regillians to look for Moe’s Outfit- tap 1 or more Regillians until you find the next piece.
2014-10-17 08.10.53
Homer: I found another piece! A beret with a kind of chin strap-thingie.  Hey! It looks kind of dashing on me!
2014-10-17 08.11.13
Homer: The what-piece? Hold on, I’ll look it up. Googling and… Aaaaaaaaaaah!

Now if you head on over to the Simpson’s House and tap on it, you can check out what’s in the Attic:


So far we’ve collected the shirt and the Cod piece…only 2 more pieces to go!

2014-10-17 08.12.02

Remember to check back each day to collect a new piece!

Now, for those of you asking “What happens if I missed Collecting Yesterday?” well…. you can still collect yesterday’s piece today!  (Along with Today’s piece)  So even if you missed collecting, still log onto TSTO and send Homer to look for clothes (ie squish Rigellians) …any items you may have missed will still pop out so it’s not too late!

So, what are you waiting for?  Go out and find Moe’s clothes!  Homer’s counting on you to help him get drunk again!

What do YOU think of the THOH Trivia?  Are you having fun?  Have you collected all the articles of clothing yet?  Did it come right out or did you have to squish a few Regillians?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

29 responses to “Friday: What’s in the Simpson’s Addict

  1. For the quest of moes trivia question which what’re heck is a shmoo?

    The answer is: ******

    I know that I posted it at 8 am but for the good of all im sure that is why it was not posted by the moderators but however now it’s all good.

  2. For some reason this quest only moves forward\has Homer talking and shows that I collected anything whenever I first visit Krusty Land after crushing aliens. Weird…

  3. I still cant get part two to activate. Its like I never even started part one, no “Attic” at all when I tap on my Simpsons house, just the progress bar for taxes and the christmas facade. Homer is free and just wandering around. Logged out and logged back in, went to Krustyland and back, went to toher friends towns and back but still nothing. Anyone else having this problem?

  4. I hope you do a post about Suzanne the witch. I just might buy donuts for the first time to get her!

  5. Sorry I am not trying to be nit-picky but I just want to make sure, you guys say only three more pieces to go? I thought there was only two

  6. In Québec Canada my springfield says the third item for moe is available this friday, but its not.? I think have a little error in the time zone.

  7. *urgh* I told myself no more donuts this Halloween. But I need Suzanne to complete a set… I’m doing it. Who knows if I’ll get the chance again.

  8. What’s in the “Addict” or the “Attic”? LOL!!!

  9. Suzanne the Witch might pop my freemium cherry. That’s okay. EA deserves some of my money for all the hours of enjoyment I’ve put into this game.

  10. Bonnie ( oatleybonn569 )

    Hi there … Was wondering how to unfriend a neighbor ? I have a bunch that dont play anymore ( witch I don’t understand , cause I’m addicted to this game , even after a year of playing everyday !! ) ha ha

    • Not really the place to ask, but go to your neighbor screen (bart and milhouse), tap on them again once in there. Locate the friend you want to remove, and tap on their name. It will show when they last played and option to UNfriend.

  11. Good morning TGIF!!! My Homer is still being tortured on the donut device and when I ope up STO this morning the new dialogue kicked off right away and I squished the alien to get the next piece. Once I was done with my town I went to krustyland and the task popped up to squish a alien but it said done by mine and gave me the 50 dollars and 5xp.

  12. If it’s anything like last year’s THOH trivia quiz, will the answer be on here so that those of us in Europe will be able to get it? (I don’t know about other countries, but the UK and Ireland don’t get the new season until November.)

  13. Second piece gotten! It’s so cool that Suzanne The Witch is avalible for 140 donuts, should i buy him? I hope you make a post of buying Suzanne The Witch!

  14. Clockwork orange moe?

  15. Hi I love your site, visit many times a day.I think you can get clothing without having homer free.I play four different games and homer was still doing last nights tasks on all of them but I still got the cod-piece on all four.

    • All I know is in my games the ! over Homer popped up…and if an alien was attacking him it didn’t pop up. I honestly don’t have him on a task in any of my towns…so I can only report what I see. What I’m glad it works if he’s not free 🙂

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