Candy Time!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Candy time is back!   For a this weekend (it looks like this ends Monday 10/20 at 0800GMT) you can purchase Candy (and nails) from the store!  Of course to do so you’ll have to spend donuts, but they’re actually priced fairly well.  (At least in my opinion anyway…)

Here’s what you can get:


It looks like all the prizes from the Gold and Silver Treat bags can be purchased…which is great if you’re struggling to collect Pumpkins or Chocolates!  🙂

Remember…this will disappear on 10/20 at 0800GMT (4 am EDT)…however it looks like it will be reappearing each weekend…like the Elixir.

What do YOU think of the candy for sale?  Have you purchased any?  What items are you currently saving to craft?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

34 responses to “Candy Time!

  1. I crafted everything from this phase. Saving my treat bags for phase 2; will go nuts tomorrow opening them.
    My fences are low, it would be nice if they sold those in the store too… Think they will?

  2. I have always listened to your most excellent advise, but it seems that it is getting harder to reach certain levels of the game no matter how much effort I put in. I want it to be challenging, but how do I manage Springfield with limited time? I play 4x a day. I’m maxed out in levels & friends (awesome) but I still can’t keep up?

    • Each event varies on its difficulty. So basically it is up to YOU on what the game will provide. YOUR time and YOUR play will all determine YOUR results. Don’t feel upset if you do not get everything. Especially if you don’t want to play PREMIUM. Just play at a pace that best fits YOUR lifestyle and set small goals that you know YOU can achieve. Then if you go further than that…it is a good thing. 😉

  3. I get a lot of joy from this game. I have invested $$ occasionally. I play religiously. But I’m still falling short of meeting the mark.? I just want to know.. Is there a trick?

  4. Nails do precisely nothing. Please spend your donuts on them.
    ~ an EA shareholder Mwahaha

  5. I haven’t boughten any candy yet but I just spent the last of my donuts on the cauldron/Witch Marge. I’m hoping that I can still get enough candy for the grand pumpkin and spooky house plus new crafting items in phase 2. I hope I don’t regret buying the cauldron instead of candy lol. On the flip side I did get Hugo and have everything I need except the broken fences for spooky house. Just seems like it takes so long to get them. Also it seems like it takes a lot of candy to craft the good prizes which worries me. I hope all of us that don’t have or wanna spend donuts have time to get all prizes. Anyway happy tapping everyone 😀

  6. I am low on candy and fences… Is there any other way to get more, considering the fact that they are not for sale?

  7. Do we know if nails will be required for any other items, or just the weapon? Can’t see spending donuts on nails if the only thing they do is make the weapon better.

  8. Will Hugo not be available in the next phase?

  9. what is the point if the nails (and creating weapons) does each level spawn more rigellans?

  10. Are there new items to craft in phase 2? I an super low on chocolate bars but want the pumpkin and spooky house. Will I still be able to get them next week or do I need to buy chocolate now?

  11. You know, if Gil were to put up relatively soon with a donut deal, for say $20 or less. I would probably cave and buy some. Just sayin’…

  12. My chocolate production is so far behind the others that I’m actually considering buying some, even though I promised myself I wouldn’t spend any donuts on this event… Decisions, decisions.

  13. I really want Hugo, so I’m glad the silver bag candies are so much cheaper. :).

    Does anyone know if the spooky house requires the same candies, or will it be a different mix of types?

  14. I’m trying to get pumpkins and chocolate for The Grand Pumpkin and Spooky House. Do you know if these will still be available to craft when we start stage 2?

  15. Hello! I just purchased the 100 chocolates for 45 donuts, but I don’t think I got 100. I was interested in chocolate bars, but didn’t get 100 of them…but I should have. When you buy 100 chocolates, are there other chocolate candies in addition to the chocolate bars? Maybe that’s why I didn’t get 100 chocolate bars? Does my question make sense? Lol

  16. When the probes switch to the new currency the items that are crafted in th craft store will stay the same, right? They won’t change to new items?
    I still haven’t gotten the huge pumpkin.

  17. Should i save my treat bags for the next phase of the game since i have everything for this phase? Or will they disappear?

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