Rigellian Ray Gun Calendar Phase 2

Hey there Hoppereenos. The next Phase of the TSTO Halloween Event is upon us and now are sights are set on earning Ray Gun. So naturally that means you want some kind of guide or Calendar to help you get an idea of what totals to strive for to help you get the two additional Prizes this go round.


Now keep in mind that there are alternate options to getting some of the Personal Prizes BEYOND just earning them by hitting the Ray Gun goals. (As you saw with Phase 1, they are now available to create in Make A Things. So for those of you that might not make the goal in time, there will be a second chance) .  So here is the general breakdown for the Ray Gun Calendar starting the day of launch and ending the night before Phase 2 ends (10/31 8GMT).

RayGun Calendar


There you go. A general breakdown of 645.45 Ray Guns a day for 11 days to get you close to where you want to be to earn the prizes via probes. Where are YOU at? Do you like the prizes so far? Look forward to any coming up in Phase 3? Let us know below.


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  1. So, here’s the question I know you’ve probably been dreading…. When will the protein string calendar be up? 😏

  2. How is everyone getting eggs? Or rather, what is the drop ratio for eggs when you squish the aliens? I’m barely pulling one or two a day that way. The bags are better but I’ve been hoarding for days now…

  3. Help!!!
    I’m about 600 short!
    Can people add and share eggs? I’ll share eggs as I get them!
    User hailsp

  4. Other sites have the wrong calendar. I would be on track according to those, but they assume you have all day on the 31st to earn ray guns. Unfortunately, I am off track according to your (correct) calendar. There are going to be a lot of frustrated tappers out there!

  5. I only have 5885. I have tried so hard, but I can’t see any way that I can get them in time. I didn’t get the last one either, and am STILL working getting that one through treat bag items. 🙁

    I am sucking at this event.

    • Here’s my suggestion…stop opening treat bags and dropping eggs. Hoard everything you have until Phase 3 hits. That will give you a jump start on phase 3. Continue to squish aliens in your town (you never know when they’ll drop an egg or a treat bag) & continue to send your kids trick or treating. But don’t open the bags and don’t send Grem-aliens to friends (hoard your ammo too). As soon as phase 3 hits open your treat bags, drop the eggs and shoot down the UFOs. That should give you a great head start on phase 3. 🙂

  6. I’ve managed to keep a little ahead of the calender this time around but my treat bags aren’t as helpful towards crafting as I would like… I’ve managed to get Hugo and his house but I’m not getting the amount of chocolate i need for the pumpkin. I hope this changes since I’m getting a little bummed out that I may not be able to get all the free items available.

    • Yeah, I still haven’t the pumpkin yet either, and I missed the don’t torture device, so I’m also trying for that one. Pretty sure I won’t get both, but I’m hoping for at least one of the two.

  7. After seeing how “lame” the copter is, I’ve decided to save all bags and eggs for the final push. I currently have 100+ bags and 600+ eggs. Should give me quite a head start on that final run. Better be good prizes!

  8. Hi there I seem to b very behind for the last prize as ov now I have I think 4500 ray guns so I don’t think il b hitting the deadline I have 50 grem eggs but even if I use them I still won’t catch up so prob better to save the grem eggs for next phase what do you think?

  9. What does the Hover Copter do?

  10. The timescales are really tight realistically I can only send trickn treaters on 2 missions a day or 1 for 16 hour tasks.

    I’ve bought the stargatethingy but I get12 Max a day and 2 missiles from myraygun.

    So spend real money is the answer.

    I got the last prize on the last day with an hour to spare…….

    I’ve got 4500 rayguns 3 days to go……

  11. Did anyone else notice a glitch that actually benefits us tappers? I have premium character Bumblebee Man and he gets a Rigellian stuck to his head every time I tap him on repeat forever, at least for today. Made getting to the goal pretty easy. But, shhhh….don’t tell the EA overlords about this one!

    • The characters will have an alien stuck on their heads quite often! It is no Glitch ! Take a look on the opening page with the characters and u will notice Lisa has one on her head! 🙂 stepingstairs….:)

      • Actually, he gets one on his head immediately after I tap him to clear the previous one even if I haven’t earned a new Rigellian (1 every 5 minutes normally). I was able to earn 2,000 rayguns in about an hour thanks to this “glitch”. I would think that’s not normal. 😉

    • I know what Mark L. Is talking about, and it’s not the usual face alien. This happened to Chief Wiggam in my game as he was ending a task. The aliens just kept planting themselves on him, but without the usual running leap. I harvested quite a few, but it glitched out and I couldn’t move him on to a new task. Ultimately, I had to store the police station momentarily (a good trick I learned at this website) to break him out of it.
      I hope it’s worked out for you, Mark L.; it was pretty sweet while it lasted.

  12. I’m done with the Hugo/Spooky House and Giant Pumpkin quest lines. I like them both but it seemed like the quest lines were short. Anyway, I’m about 40% towards crafting the Doughnut Torture Device. Does anyone have any idea if the items required to get it will change with Phase 3? I only have a couple hundred to go for the Hover-Copter, which is neat, but I really want the DTD!!

  13. Hi, I literally don’t seem to be earning enough items per day to get the prizes.
    This happened first with the probes, now with the Ray guns. I play this game religiously (literally every hour) and haven’t missed a single day yet I still don’t seem to be anywhere near achieving the big prizes.
    Please help!

  14. I just got scared with my totals. I had to miss the 25th because I had a party to set up, so no tapping (nightmare in Halloween events) and my solid day ahead is down to right on schedule. It’s probably going to be easy to get ahead a day to better buffer, so not much of a deal, but I’m not the best at getting the last prizes, in fact, this site helped with getting to some of them. Oh well, furiously tapping tomorrow during the THOH marathon.

  15. OK, I’m about 500 ahead of the game. I’m saving treat bags from here on in!

  16. Since Other Springfield lets us leave 5 Grem-Aliens a day, is that a guaranteed 20 probes in 4 hours?

  17. Ever since the last App Store update, panning and scrolling around is not what it used to be. Is everyone seeing this, or is mine just broken? It used to smoothly continue to pan if you swiped your finger but now it just stops the minute you stop swiping. Is this a “feature” and if so, does anyone else think it sucks as I do?

    • I think they are trying to combat the crashing issues players are having with a bunch of lil Aliens running around.

    • Mine is actually panning and scrolling much better than it did before, more smoothly and more responsively. And it is MUCH more stable – only crashing about twice per day now.

    • Mine sometimes does it, which bothers me, but otherwise, it’s great for me. Crashes significantly less now for me.

  18. Six days from the end and two prizes away from the hover copter. And that’s with being indifferent about friend visits and my portal. I don’t visit neighbors so much anymore trying to earn ray guns, and I don’t tap my portal right away. Really just riding slow this phase. Not as hyped as the last one.

  19. So the prize I really want is alien burns so I’ve been saving my bags and eggs for the next round and so far been able to stay up with the calendar, hoping I can suppress urge to open bags really want to…. Question though if I stop upgrading board with nail do I so getting nails so I can get other things.

  20. I’m about 300 ray guns ahead from the calender \o/ I’m not opening any bags, ’cause I REALLY want que 3th phase prizes, and I’m a little worried ’cause that phase is sooo much more difficult than phase 1!

    The ranking between you and your friends will change something in your game or its just for fun?

  21. Two questions is it worth getting the spooky hiuse from mqke a thing or the grand pumpkin and on your ray gun calender what time am I meant to hit each total ie midnight gmt on the start of each day or before the start of the next day

    • You dont have to be exact at the end of each day, just close. It is more a target goal to ensure you get all the prizes you want.

      As far as Grand Pumpkin or House…personal choice. Hugo will use the House. Milhouse will hang out with the Pumpkin.

  22. Anyone not seeing saucers to shoot down in friend’s towns anymore? I haven’t seen one in two days of looking and I’m maxing friend squishes (40+ friends/day)

  23. Is there now something like prestige bonus after win last prize?

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