Current Halloween Glitches

So you have a few odd things going on in your game you just can’t figure out. Trying to make heads or tails of it. Well, here are some items we are seeing over and over again we wanted to touch on.

Rigellian UFO

Let’s break the issues down…

90 Neighbor Actions Ray Guns 1

I am noticing more and more now players stating they are not getting all of their 90 Neighbor Actions. Some how the 90 action limit is being impacted and they do not know why. Well I am here to tell you why. For the last few days I have been playing around with these lil flying saucers trying to figure them out. This is the main thing I have been seeing, these Rigellian UFO’s ARE counting towards those limited 90 taps you get during each 24 hours. This just started for me after Phase 2 launched. This is definitely a glitch.

I have tested this over and over and over. Each and every time, the Rigellian UFO’s will take one hit from the 90 MAX allowed every 24hrs. No worries though, they still keep showing up after those 90 taps.

So here is my suggestion, go through as many neighbors as you can first and try to squish as many Lil Rigellians as you can til you max that 90 and stop getting Ray Guns. Then pass back through those neighbors again and then the rest for UFO hunting cuz you never know when or where one will show up. AVOID any $$$ or other symbols on buildings. Those will take away actions too. ONLY Lil Rigellians to get the most out of your 90.

Rigellian UFO Nieghbor

In the meantime, if YOU ran into this issue…please report it to EA. I made a thread for it for anyone else having this issue to report on in the EA help forum. I  also did call and speak with the rep at EA and they said a patch is coming for several glitches with the Ray Guns and this one may be fixed with them.

Again, this is ONLY for those losing actions from UFO’s. If you are tapping other symbols in a town like the $, menu, or others…that WILL take away your action and you can’t get it back. It still is considered a Friend Visit Action. So watch out for those that have not updated to the Halloween event and go to the next town.



Treehouse of Horror XXV

You collected all the items for Moog Moe, tapped on the Simpsons House, went to the Attic and answered the Trivia, and have Moog Moe in your town now. However, the task(s) to get his clothes still seem stuck in your task bar menu. The rep I spoke with stated this was not reported as of yet, so I created a forum link for those having this issue to report it on the EA Help Forums.

Please also report this to EA.


2014-10-19 10.22.49

I spoke with the EA rep to see if ANYWHERE within the EA realm the exact end dates of the “Limited Time Items” were posted. The rep ran into same thing I did. No clear dates posted anywhere of when these items are leaving the game. So once again, I made an EA Help Forum link asking if dates can be listed on these items so that players wanting them have the proper time to acquire donuts and purchase them before they’re gone. If you want to join in this, please add to the forum link below so we can get their attention on it. I think end dates need to be posted.

You are welcome to call in on this one too if you’d like.


There you have it. Some items we are seeing a lot of in the comments. Was this helpful? Were you aware of the Daily 90 Actions while visiting Neighbors? Did you notice the UFO’s changing the counts? Did you miss items you wanted to purchase due to no end dates? Give us your thoughts below.


112 responses to “Current Halloween Glitches

  1. Stopped receiving protein strands when visiting friends. Is anyone else having this problem? Have updated and previously had been receiving 5 per tap. Thoughts?

    • In neighbors towns you should only be getting 1 per tap (unless you have the license…in which case it’s 2 per tap.). You’ve maxed out once you hit 90 actions (or 30 neighbors..if you do 3 per town). IF you didn’t allow your timers to fully reset before this phase hit that could also screw you up. Wait till all of your neighbors have actions available and tap again…you should see them.

  2. Tribal hut glitch: broken fence/gate (#) not required to craft it.

  3. I am collecting ray guns to get the hover-copter and was up to 7000 ray guns and need 7100 to get it, then something happened and now am down to like 5000. anyone else have this happen ??

  4. I go to my friend’s towns multiple times everyday, I unfortunately only have about 10 friends, that being said, is it normal that I haven’t encountered a UFO over a friend’s town in a week? This has been my experience through the whole Halloween event. I am lucky to see one a week. It makes it especially hard to collect things. If this does seem out of the ordinary, who do I reach out to? I have no idea what the protocol for reporting issues is.

    It seems like UFOs should have a higher likelihood though. I don’t expect them all the time, but encountering one or less a week is very frustrating.

  5. I am not getting ANY ready guns from neighbors! Not even the daily 90. Any ideas?

  6. Has the Grem Alien Eggs glitch been fixed? The one where you’d go into your town and you’d get the pop up message “your gremaliens have warned you 20 probes/ray guns!” But you wouldn’t actually get the probes/ray guns. Sorry if this has already been posted, been busy lately – soo behind on the ray guns!

  7. It’s a long and complex story that involves switching between devices, but I somehow got 6 Golden Scratch-Rs for the price of one!

  8. My little ray gun up in the right corner constantly has the explanation mark on it, even though I have opened all my treat bags. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Have you tried to close out and restart your device to see if that changes it?

    • I also have the constant exclamation point. It popped up once I had enough to craft the spooky house. Maybe it pops up with the big items, I had enough to craft human test subjects and walls and I didn’t have the constant ! However, I’m hoping this isn’t the case because I keep thinking I have treat bags and I refuse to craft a second spooky house!

  9. What if you have a glitch working in your favor?!

  10. Anyone having an issue with UFOs not spawning in there friends town? I have visited about 60 of my friends and have not seen an UFO all day.

  11. How do I contact EA to let them now that my bulldozersaurous is missing?

  12. Hi I got to the bulldozer-saurus but it never appeared and now I dont have it! What should I do?

    • Double check your inventory to see if it’s there. If it’s not there double check your prize track to make sure it was unlocked. If all that doesn’t work contact EA and let them know what happened. They’ll be able to put him back in for you.

  13. I’m enjoying the game having just started with CoC. This isn’t a complaint, but it seems like there are more and more glitches as days goes by. Or the existing glitches are not being fixed. Glad I’m not paying for this. I certainly won’t complain if I wake up tomorrow with 10,000 free donuts. 😉 Just sayin’! Happy Tapping.

  14. I also think my bank is not working. And am I the only one who has had almost no treat bags froms squishing aliens. I’ve been at it since 9 am and i only got two bags, way less than i was before. Is this normal?

    • Bank as been disabled with the most recent update…

      As far as treat bags…they are random. Some days you’ll get more than other days. Focus on sending your characters out…and count any you get from squishing as an added bonus 🙂

  15. I’m currently having a problem with friend points not letting me get past homer’s car. I got it already and it made me play for it again. I thought okay, I’ll have 2 homer cars. But once I hit 2,000 points it said I won the car and that I already have the car and won’t let me take it out of storage. And now I am yet again stuck on the earning 2,000 points for the 3rd time. I want to move on. I’m newish, how do I go about reporting my car glitch aka groundhog car?

    • This has happened to players before…for it you’ll have to contact EA and let them know what’s going on. They’ll have to go in and troubleshoot.

  16. Just wanted to pop in and say that it’s not just the UFOs (and houses/buildings/etc of those who haven’t updated) that count towards the 90 taps, Sideshow Bob does as well – I tapped him twice today so far, the second time accidentally after I thought about it, and on my 30th town I only got one raygun from the 3 taps. So, definitely do not tap anything but aliens during those first taps – no UFOs, not even Sideshow. At this point I wouldn’t risk sending gremaliens while the counter is running either, or tapping on that little leprechaun dude if he’s around.

  17. This isn’t really a Halloween glitch, but after the last iOS update in the App Store, the game has been a little choppy. Not really laggy, but scrolling isn’t as smooth. Before, when I flicked my finger one way, the screen would keep scrolling on its own; how far would depend on how hard you flicked. But now, when I flick, it will sometimes do that, but more often now it comes to an abrupt stop. It’s really annoying and takes much longer to scroll from one end to the other.

    I hope that made sense. Has anyone else noticed this?

    • It does. I think it is a memory overload issue myself. Some devices go haywire when there is so much coding. So I try to store as much as I can that I do not need, store away and NPC’s I don’t care for as they roam outside and drain it, then try to keep anyone not trick or treating on indoor tasks. Also, I try a quick restart of my device to clear out any bad coding.

  18. I definitely do not have a bank of 30 aliens. Last night I was away from game for 8+ hours. I counted only 50 aliens after logging in. I tried the suggestions that had been posted in previous comments -go to krustland or visit a neighbor then wait a few minutes. Nothing. The only new aliens that appear were the normal spawn every five minutes while I was waiting for the 30 in the bank to show up. I think my bank is closed for business. I must add that since the start of the event I’ve suspected I was never receiving the bank of aliens, it wasn’t until today that I was able to take time and count everything.

  19. I think tapping the UFO counts as one of the 3 taps you get in friends town. I don’t know if it takes away from the counter, i do know that once you visited a friend, and had your 3 taps, no more UFO will appear. This has been so for me since the beginning of the event. I usually do my 90 actions and keep the rest of my friends, who are yet untapped, to search for UFOs once i have ammo.

  20. Like Marc Borland mentioned earlier. Once I’ve done my 90 taps for the day I see no more spaceships, even though I come back & check when I have a bullet. As Marc stated; I have to wait a full 24 hr cycle to see another ship. This is in both my A & B games. I’ve tapped through to the end of friend lists many times to double check the phenomenon. 65 active players on main ID, around 40 on my other game. What I’m now forced to do is use the 90 (though as others have experienced it is never 90, depending on how many spaceships you shoot – my most per day for entire event is 4) Then come back later in the day/evening/night to finish trying to find a place to use the bullet, to no avail until the next 24 hour cycle.

  21. My alien portal has been resetting every hour. I got a ton of Ray guns today.

  22. One of my son’s has a weird but good glitch happening right now. He has Krusty walking Mr. Teeny. He was attacked rigellian so he squished it and got his two ray guns. As soon as the ray guns hit his inventory the regellian reappears on Krusty and so on. He has been at it for an hour now and is still getting them. He is going to be mad come bed time.

    • Try to get rid of the alien by locating the character via the Town Hall and see if that helps. If no, store Krusty Burger and pull him out of the game then put it back.

      • It should reset after the 12 hours is up I am guessing but in the mean time he has racked up 600 ray guns and counting.

  23. Help help! I keep getting a request for Krusty to walk Mr Teeny (12 hours). So I do, and afterwards I store Teeny (since he has no independent tasks), and within a few minutes, the game prompts me to repeat. I’m sure I’ve completed any “Teeny” quests already.
    Can someone help me get this monkey off my back?

    • It may be one of those “random” keep busy tasks mixed in with one of his. If it keeps up, let EA know. Try first to restart your device or even go as far as uninstall/reinstall and log back into your Origin account.

  24. I was able to do 180 actions today and get 2 rayguns for each. O_o I did my 90 actions this morning at around 10 am then I decided eh what the heck let’s do the other neighbors to get fps and low and behold it let me do another 90 and get rayguns.

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