Level 46, Like So Mature! (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Ahhh Update! 2014-10-22 13.32.13

Well..true to form EA has released LEVEL 46!

2014-10-22 13.33.09

More details as we go through it…but for now know that Nelson kicks things off.  Of course if you’re like me and have him Trick-or-Treating it doesn’t help..you’ll be required to build a new building (trying to avoid spoilers) that will take 24hrs to build and costs 1.2 million.

Back with more in a bit  Details below the fold:)

WARNING Mild Spoilers Below…

So it looks like Level 46 is all about Nelson!  As mentioned above Nelson kicks things off and you’ll be required to build Classy Girls Strip Club, for 1.2 Million.  It takes 24hrs and will unlock Mrs. Muntz!

Now here’s the level rundown…

First the Freemium stuff…

New Building:

Classy Girl Strip ClubClassy Girls Strip Club- $1,200,000.  24hr Build.  Earns $35, 3xp/1 hr.  4×9.  Unlocks Mrs. Muntz.

New Decorations:

Tiki BarTiki Bar– $95,000.  Improves Vanity. Can be placed on Squidport or Springfield.

Moon BounceMoon Bounce- $150,000.  Improves Vanity.  Will NOT unlock until you reach the One Small Bounce for Man questline.  (Bart starts Part 1, Willie starts Part 2) Can be placed on Squidport or Springfield.  This works very similar to Channel 6.  You pay to assign the job and make money.  Here’s the breakdown of who can Bounce:

Character Cost Length Payout
Bart $50 4hrs $225, 45xp
Dolph $50 4hrs $225, 45xp
Greta $50 4hrs $310, 70xp
Jimbo $50 4hrs $310, 70xp
Kearney $50 4hrs $310, 70xp
Lisa $50 4hrs $225, 45xp
Martin $50 4hrs $225, 45xp
Milhouse $50 4hrs $225, 45xp
Nelson $50 4hrs $225, 45xp
Ralph $50 4hrs $225, 45xp
Rod $50 4hrs $225, 45xp
Sherri & Terri $50 4hrs $570, 140xp
Todd $50 4hrs $225, 45xp
Uter $50 4hrs $310, 70xp


Mrs MuntzMrs. Muntz-  Unlocks with Classy Girls Strip Club.  Part of the Even More Oddballs Character Collection.

And Now for the Premium stuff….

New Buildings:

Springfield Prep SchoolPreparatory School- 180 Donuts.  6s Build.  Earns $175, 20xp/6hrs.  Unlocks Greta Wolfcastle.  7×11.  Requires Level 31.

Springfield ClamphitheaterSpringfield Clamphitheater- 145 Donuts.  6s Build.  Earns $135, 15xp/4hrs. 12×12. Requires Level 6.  Springfield only.


Greta WolfcastleGreta Wolfcastle- Unlocks with the Preparatory School.  Part of More Kids Character collecting.  And I know everyone is wondering…YES she will have a 16hr task to help you earn MORE Treat Bags during Halloween.

As always we’ll have more details on ALL the info for Level 46 in their own posts up soon.  For now…enjoy the early stages of the update! 🙂

What do YOU think of Level 46?  Are you excited to see Mrs. Muntz and Greta?  Were you able to update right away or were you still some XP points off?  How about cash flow, did you have enough?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!


303 responses to “Level 46, Like So Mature! (Updated and Complete)

  1. I just bought the Classy Girl’s Strip Club for 900k instead of 1.2 mil. Not sure why, but as soon as I saw the changed price, I snapped it up.

  2. Question on the moonbounce. When I look at the options I see Willie is grey and it says that I need one small bounce quest part 2. I remember sending Willie to do that. Does it not go away or become a permanent option? I never sent any kids due to them trick out treating. I’ve stored and replaced Willie and his shed. Anything else I should try?

    • It is still hanging around. I am sure a patch is coming up for it. But once you see the Golden Ticket…the walkthrough is done and only kids from that point on can bounce.

  3. Just curious what the XP earned for building the Tiki Bar is and whether it’s a good alternative to the Bloodmobile?

    • I did not track the exact XP as it varies by players bonus% on just what it will payout for YOU. I am more focused on the event right now, so XP farming is not priority. 😉

  4. Does anyone know how many times you have to send a kid to the Bounce house, before the quest ends?

  5. This new update isn’t a focus for me with the Halloween event and me still saving up for the last ZiffCorp building. I think there is a lot more redecorating my town in my future to help me get money faster since I don’t see an end to the million dollar buildings lol.

  6. Please can someone tell me how to complete part 1 of the moon bounce task I keep putting Bart on the task but it’s not registering on the task bar that he’s doing it?!!!

  7. I’ve got a few moonbounce questions.

    So can Willy only do the moonbounce once during the quest and then never again? For me his task is grayed out after the two-part quest. If so, it seems odd that they didn’t just remove that line after his quest. I never sent another kid on it since they are all trick-or-treating so maybe that would change it…

    Since the payout on the moonbounce is the same as a non-premium character’s four hour quest (once you factor in the start up cost), it seems like it’s only useful for a non-premium character who doesn’t have a four hour quest to begin with. Off the top of my head does that mean Ralph only?

    Moonbounce isn’t animated either. Feels like kind of a halfhearted throw in when they probably could have done more with it…

    • From what I’m seeing…yes. It’s a temporary task. Why it’s still shown…I don’t know. (it’s showing in my game too)

      And yes. It really only benefits those characters that don’t have a 4hr task, like Ralph. Kind of a bummer 🙁

      • Dang. I was hoping I was just missing something. Oh well. I guess after Halloween is over the next time I want to send everybody one 4 hour tasks I’ll be able to do one more. Thanks!

      • So it’s right that all the kids can bounce but Willie just stays greyed out.? My moon bounce task has him greyed out with “requires one small bounce for man pt2”, but I can’t remember if that means I completed it and it’s just stuck there greyed out for ever or if I’ve only completed part 1 and p2 hasn’t triggered for some reason. I’ve even stopped all the kids collecting trick or treat bags in case one of them was meant to trigger it 🙁

        • If you finished part 2, that was the only time he could do it. Now only kids.

          • That’s what I thought but usually characters which complete one-off tasks, the task disappears after, not just staying there greyed out

            And I don’t remember ever seeing the dialogue for part 2

            And the greyed out task does still say “requires one small jump….. Part 2” as if it hasn’t been achieved yet

            • This is how it went in mine. Part 1 Bart triggers and dialog between him n Milhouse, build Moon Bounce. End. Part 2 Willie dialog, Task to Hurt Other Kids. End Part 2. Willie task done and no longer needed so greyed out. END OF QUESTLINE. Now Gold Ticket to send any kid on Moon Bounce task. Similar to Channel 6 & Race Tracks. Just tap to select one to start. It will show where in the quest the limited task goes so you know it is a one time shot.

              In past this has happened where tasks are greyed after use on a questline. Most require an app market update to remove them. Will most likely go with end of Halloween Event update if not before. Saw this with a task a while back with Mindy and Brandine.

  8. Afternoon, I was wondering how you get one small bounce task to start? I’m level 46 and have been since they released it, but Bart hasn’t started anything, and I’ve had all the character off task all once, I know that sometimes kick starts tasks, but nothing help!!! Ads220183

  9. Oops, Nevermind, I got Bart off his task by tree storing and the moon bounce quest started when I put him back.

  10. PS, I did get a message after the Homer Alien quest saying that something new will start on October 31st on Halloween.

  11. When does the “One Small Bounce for Man questline” begin?
    I’ve just completed the Homer and the Alien quest but it didn’t start yet and I’ve had Bart fee many times, did I miss something or does it start as soon as Bart is free?

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