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Level 46, Like So Mature! (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Ahhh Update! 2014-10-22 13.32.13

Well..true to form EA has released LEVEL 46!

2014-10-22 13.33.09

More details as we go through it…but for now know that Nelson kicks things off.  Of course if you’re like me and have him Trick-or-Treating it doesn’t help..you’ll be required to build a new building (trying to avoid spoilers) that will take 24hrs to build and costs 1.2 million.

Back with more in a bit  Details below the fold:)

WARNING Mild Spoilers Below…

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Tapped Out Walkthrough: Springfield Police Station-Krabappel’s Apartment (Levels 17-22)

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Our Walkthrough last left off with Marge and Homer dining at the Truffle (and the completion of level 16).  It continues with level 22 and the Springfield Police Station….

Miranda Rights Pt.1 Build the Police Station (Apu Prompts, $40,500 and 24hrs)


New Character Unlock!


Miranda Rights Pt. 2 Make Wiggum Patrol Springfield (Apu Prompts, 8hours)

Miranda Rights Pt. 3 Make Wiggum Eat at Krusty Burger (Wiggum Prompts, 30minutes)

Miranda Rights Pt. 4 Make Wiggum Patrol Springfield (Wiggum Prompts, 8hours)

The Only Sport America Still Dominates Make Homer Eat At Krusty Burger 5x, Make Comic Book Guy Eat at Krusty Burger 4x, Make Wiggum Eat at Krusty Burger 4x (eat time is 30minutes, Homer Prompts)

Nothing to See Here Build Barriers 2x (Wiggum Prompts)

We Don’t Sell myPods Pt.1 Make Lisa Play the Sax 3x (4hours each time, Skinner Prompts)

We Don’t Sell myPods Pt.2 Build King Toots (Lisa Prompts, $37,000 and 24 hours)


Singles Night Make Skinner Drink at Moe’s 2x (Moe Prompts, 8hours each)

It’s A-Me, Lugi! Build Luigi’s (Homer Prompts, $39,000 and 24hours)


New Character Unlock!


Moustache Toppings Make Luigi Visit Jake’s Unisex Hair Palace (Luigi Prompts, 4hours)

A Jolly Right Mess Make Luigi Practice Face Accent (Luigi Prompts, 2 hours)

As American As Apple Pie Pt. 1 Make Comic Book Guy Eat at Krusty Burger (Comic Book Guy Prompts, 30 minutes)

As American As Apple Pie Pt. 2 Make Comic Book Guy Eat at Gulp ‘n’ Blow (Comic Book Guy Prompts, 1hr)

As American As Apple Pie Pt. 3 Build Skip’s Diner (Comic Book Guy Prompts, $35,500 and 24hours)


As American As Apple Pie Pt. 4 Make Comic Book Guy Eat At Skips Diner (Comic Book Guy Prompts 4hours)

Strong Body, Strong Mind Make Mr. Burns Brisk Constitutional (Burns Prompts, 60mintes)

Me Time for Marge Make Marge Read ‘Chores’ Magazine (Marge Prompts, 45 seconds)

Crime Doesn’t Pay Unless You Make It Build the Springfield Penitentiary (Wiggum Prompts, $46,000 and 24hours)


New Character Unlock!


No Trespassing Build Chain Fences (Wiggum Prompts)

The Greying of Springfield Build the Retirement Castle (Lisa Prompts, $37,500 and 24hours)


New Character Unlock!


Good Samaritan Make Lisa Read to Old People (Lisa Prompts, 2 hours)

For the Birds Make Grampa Feed the Birds (Grampa Prompts, 8hours)

Re-Elect Mayor Quimby Pt. 1 Make Wiggum Collect Bribes x3 (Wiggum prompts, 3hours each time)

Re-Elect Mayor Qumby Pt. 2 Build Springfield Town Hall (Lisa Prompts, $48,500 and 24hours)


New Character Unlock!


The Buck Stops Here, The Work Also Make Quimby Write the Book on Ethics (12 hours, Quimby Prompts)

The Mysterious Brown House Pt. 5 Make Quimby Nap in the Brown house (30 minutes, Quimby Prompts)

Any Given Weekday Make Bart Go to School (Bart Prompts, 6hours)

Nerds Gone Wild Make Martin Play the Lute (Martin Prompts, 45seconds)

Nelson Build Muntz House (Martin Prompts, $46,500 and 24hours)


New Character Unlock!


Darwin’s Bulldog Make Nelson Shake Down Kids for Lunch Money (Nelson Prompts, 4hours)

Zero Tolerance Make Nelson Serve Detention 3x (6hours each time, Nelson Prompts)

Nelson’s Educational Experience Pt. 1 Make Nelson Do Janitorial Work (Nelson Prompts, 12hours)

Nelson’s Educational Experience Pt. 2 Make Willie Rake Leaves and Make Nelson Do Janitorial Work (12hours, Willie Prompts)

Nelson’s Educational Experience Pt. 3 Make Willie Wax the Floors and Make Nelson Do Janitorial Work (Willie Prompts, Willie’s 24hours Nelson 12 hours)

Smell Ya Later Make Nelson Dump Spoiled Coleslaw in Van Houten House (Nelson Prompts,10 minutes)

I’m a Superstar! Make Nelson Play the Guitar (Nelson prompts, 8hours)

Dark Humor Make Nelson Laugh at Other’s Misfortune (Nelson prompts, 24hours)

Staff Needs– Build Krabappel’s Apartment (Skinner Prompts, $54,000 and 24hours)


New Character Unlock!


A Day In the Life Make Mrs. Krabappel Teach Classes (Edna Prompts, 8hours)

Another Detention Make Mrs. Krabappel Host Detention and Make Sinner Go Bird Watching (Edna Prompts, 12hours and 24hours)
It’s 2:30 in the Afternoon Somewhere Make Mrs. Krabappel Relax in Teacher’s Lounge (Edna Prompts, 60minutes)

Principal Plus Interest Make Mrs. Krabappel Dine at the Truffle, Make Ned Dine at the Truffle (Edna Prompts, 2hours)

A Woman Scorned Make Mrs. Krabappel Go for a Smoke Break! (Edna prompts, 10 minutes)

Illegitimate Concern Pt. 1 Make Bart Skip School (Bart Prompts, 8hours)

Illegitimate Concern Pt. 2 Make Krabappel Host Detention, Make Bart Serve Detention (Edna prompts, 12hours and 6hours)

All Power to the People Make Mrs. Krabappel Go on Strike (Skinner Prompts, 24hours)

School’s Out Forever! Make Bart Skateboard, Make Lisa Do Next Week’s Homework (Bart prompts, 4 hours and 24hours)

Concerned Parts Make Bart and Lisa Go to Sunday School (Marge Prompts, 12hours)

Let’s Learn About Hell Make Bart, Lisa and Milhouse go to Sunday School (Lisa prompts, 12hours)

The Olive Branch Pt.1 Make Bart, Milhouse and Martin have a sleepover (Bart Prompts, 24hours)

The Olive Branch Pt.2 Make Bart, Martin and Milhouse Go to the Library (Martin Prompts, 24hours)

The Olive Branch Pt. 2 Make Milhouse Pull the Fire Alarm, Make Bart Sneak into School Computer (Bart Prompts, 10 minutes)

Caught Red Handed Make Milhouse Clean the School 2x (Wiggum Prompts, 12hours each time)

The Olive Branch Pt. 4 Make Mrs. Krabappel Teach Classes (Edna Prompts, 8 hours)

Walkthroughs will now go level by level.  Continue with the next walkthrough here