Math Of Earning Ray Guns

Hey there Lil Rigellions. 🙂

I see a lot of players panicking that they just don’t seem to keep up with the totals. So I am hoppin on in here with a breakdown of ways you can earn the Ray Guns available in your game each day.

Hover Copter ico_thoh2014_crafting_bulldozersaurus

So you want those new Phase 2 Personal Prizes? Not sure how though? Let’s break this down a bit.


These lil aliens are running, giggling, and possessing people all over your town. So what do you do to make the most of them? You play at a pace that suits YOU.

The Lil Rigellians spawn 1 every 5 minutes in your town for a MAX of 50.

That is 12 Lil Rigellian Aliens every hour.

Every 4 hrs and 10 mins, your town will MAX at 50.

30 more can still be earned in overflow, so in 2 1/2 hours the “bank” will be full. EA took away this option for whatever reason. Sorry. Still possible though to hit the numbers by going in every 4 hrs.

What on earth does this all mean? Well, it means that you really can wait up to just over 6 1/2 hours before returning to your game to squish Rigellians, and still get the full impact of the 80 Squishes. (You just got to give the game a few moments to sync up after clearing the 50 before it will release the 30 from the “bank”)

Each Squish gives you 2 Ray Guns each. So 140 Ray Guns every 6hrs and 40 mins

To make it a lil easier on Math…let’s just say you go in every 6 hours. So 72 Rigellians every 6 hours, which translates into 288 Rigellians a day, which will in turn give you 576 Ray Guns daily.


Every 24 hours you are allotted 90 actions (or taps if you will) in your neighbors. This tap will be subtracted from every time you squish a Lil Rigellian, Shoot down a UFO, or happen to cross a non updated neighbor and tap their $$ icons. So make sure you use them wisely and to the best of your ability. ONLY squish Rigellians first. Once you have all 90, then go ahead and get those UFO’s and other items.

90 actions daily that award you ONE Ray Gun each. So 90 Ray Guns daily from just visiting your neighbors.


So those are your basics of earning potential for the game. A total of  666 Ray Guns Daily. You would think Devil Flanders had a part in that total. Lol. (You only need 645 to make the daily limits to reach the goal.)



Now I am sure many of you still panic you are behind or prefer to be safer than sorry when it comes close to the deadline. So what else can you do? This part will depend a lil more on YOU and YOUR neighbors.

ico_stor_thoh2014_bronzetreatbag ico_stor_thoh2014_silvertreatbag ico_stor_thoh2014_goldtreatbag

Many of you have noticed that you can win Ray Guns in the Treat Bags (Similar to the Probes). These will vary depending how many you get to pop out from Rigellian squishes, neighbor visits, Spooky House (if you have it), and the UFO’s. These extra bumps to your Daily Total can really help you get there faster, but not all required. There is a really good chance you will get some Ray Guns from each bag you collect. So send all kids (and Witch Marge if you have her) Trick or Treating to get those baggies.

Character Trick or Treating Treat Bag
Lisa, Bart, Martin, Milhouse, Nelson, Ralph, Rod, Todd, Dolph, Database (inside) 8hrs 1 Bronze OR 1 Silver OR 1 Gold
Jimbo, Kearny, Shauna, Sherri & Terri, SVT, Uter (inside), Greta (inside), Witch Marge 16hrs 1 Silver OR 1 Gold

As you can see, the odds of getting MORE Ray Guns will increase if you send the 8 hour task Trick or Treaters out 2 to 3 times a day and the 16 hours at least once a day if you have them.



Those odd hybrids of creatures running a million miles around your town can stir up quite an annoyance. Trying to catch them scurrying off can be quite the chore, but if you DO catch them…you split the winnings with yourself and the Neighbor that sent them. If you let them run til they fade out in 4 hours, you get nothing from them. I personally say to tap the Grem-Aliens and share in the profits with your Neighbor. 2 Ray Guns each.


Rigellian UFO

If you are lucky, you can nab an extra 50 Ray Guns from one of the Rigellian UFO’s. There are also many more awesome prizes you can get from them, the Ray Guns are just a nice boost if you get them now and then.



For those that want to spend a lil extra money, turn over 90 of your Pink Sprinklies and pick up the Rigellian Hunting License. What will it do? It will double your payouts on Neighbor Ray Guns. So instead of 1 per 90 actions, you will earn 2 per 90 actions. So 180 Ray Guns a day. That is 90 more Ray Guns Daily added to your total.



This is also another alternative for those that do not mind spending 100 Pink Sprinklies to boost the amount of Lil Rigellians in your town with the Portal to Rigel 7. This lil stargate will offer up an additional 6 Rigellians into your town every 8 hours. You will need to make sure your town has room first before releasing them. 36 extra Ray Guns Daily might not be worth it to everyone, but it is another option to boost your counts daily.


So there you have it. MANY ways to easily hit the daily targets and earn the Personal Prizes for Phase 2. Even if you do not play but a few times a day. Where are YOU on the Ray Gun count? Earn any items just yet? Did this help you out to not worry so much? Let us know.


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  1. great post !

  2. I don’t know what it is but recently I’ve been waiting max 5 hours and my Springfield didn’t have a full 50 rigellias is there a glitch or what.

    It’ll show I have like max 45-48 im wondering gif I have to reset my settings as well as my game.

    • They hide everywhere as well as stick to players. You may have some you do not notice. Mine hide along edges, on boardwalk attached to people, along mountain, etc.

  3. Seeing as the maths of the event has changed with the rigellian ‘bank’ not working anymore, would it be possible to update/add a new article on the maths behind the long protein strands?

    I go back into teaching on Monday after a half term, and I’m trying to work out what I need to do per day in order to get the maximum number of strands so I can get UBO.


  4. Add me need more neighbours,daily player ajanelough911

  5. Brian Q. Lehmann

    When I squish Rigellians, I sometimes get bonus items, like grem-alien eggs or even treat bags. Has anyone posted info on the odds or frequency of those bonus items? Or even a list of what bonus items are possible?

    • Nope. They are just random. Brown Bags and Eggs

      • Brian Q. Lehmann

        I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten a few silver bags as well. And yesterday I think I may have gotten a gold bag, but maybe my mind was playing tricks on me?

        I know they’re random, but I was wondering if anyone knew any odds. That way I can kind of predict how many bags and eggs I could expect per day.

        • We decided due to the controversy surrounding numbers, we won’t be posting % or numbers anymore for items. There is too much randomness involved, it takes a lot of work to pull them all, and the feedback is too negative. Not worth it to us. Sorry. Random is the best we can offer. 😉

  6. A little tip I’ve been meaning to share. If you have an over crowded town & have a difficult time trying to find aliens to squish. I go to the construction menu & “blank” out everything but characters. Makes it much easier to find those little guys. The downside is you have to switch back & forth to squish.

  7. Well the hovercopter leaves a little to be desired, but it is kinda funny that they had Frink say “It would be nice if it flew a little higher for a little longer.”

  8. Could you please tell me what those little missile looking things are that are next to our ray gun and egg count? I don’t know what we use them for. Thanks 🙂

  9. Well bout 4 days and some change.

    Honestly as a freemium player atm even though I bought the apace alien blob to complete the set.

    I did not get the rigellian portal or the Id card.

    I’m wondering if I should actually hold 4 days worth of treat bags from the crew if 11 plus Hugo’s house.

    I want a glowing alien me burns as that def like the doughnut machine seems the coolest of all the personal prizes and since its a costume it is likely that that will be something not sold for a long while in doughnuts.

    Also cool to earn for free.

    I ask for advice on holding the treat bags as I am at 5,082 Ray guns with bout 4 days n bout 10-11 hours from this posting.

    Because I’m not really sure how much each strain wil count you collect from you’re place. If it is 2 like the Ray guns i doubting that this will be a fun phase as I looked at te amount you’ll need for the top 3rd phase prize n even slacking a bit on orobes I made like 9-10 k so I think it’s gonna be a lot of tapping n maybe some holdin of treat bags right now. Good thing like many others the hover craft really doesn’t seem all to special. It’s have been cool to have just to earn but sometimes ha gotta wait do the big fish.

    • I’ve been holding on to mine. At 90 actions per day in neighbor’s towns you’re looking at 360 ray guns from neighbors(if you don’t use your ammo to shoot UFOs and hit a 50 ray gun perk) bringing you to 5,442. You would then need 1,658 more. At 2 ray guns per squish you’re looking at 829 aliens in your town. Aliens generate at 1 every 5 minutes and max out around 4 hours. If you go in every 4 hours your daily total will be 288 aliens which equal 576 ray guns per day. Four days of this will yield you 2,304 ray guns bringing your total to 7,746. So if you use NO ammo and open NO treat bags but go in every 4 hours you’ll make it with time to spare and bags towards phase 3. Hope this helps. I just got the copter and it leaves much to be desired though…

  10. I have 6 days to earn 2,247 ray guns and win the hover copter… This is after winning the last treat bag in front of it. That’s a big jump lol. This means I have to squish 1,124 aliens. Luckily 540 of those will be from friends’ towns so I guess it’s not so bad. I’m slightly worried about phase 3 because I had 6 days left in event 1 when I finished and this phase seems like I will be playing down to the wire to store treat bags and if the drop for phase 3 goes from 2 ray guns to 1 protein strand…

  11. So I have the most amazing glitch ever happening. I’m at 10115 Ray guns Selmas head is always an alien. I pop it and her head is instantly an alien glitch ever. I saved up 170 grem aliens and over a hundred treat bags for third wave prizes. The only prizes I don’t have are grand pumpkin and pumpkin house. But after I open my hundred plus treat bags I should be fine.

    • Yes, some people seem to be having that glitch. Everyone on a different character, though. I wish I was getting it too! No such luck, sadly.

      • It’s pretty awesome the donuts are piling up from treat bags too. Definitely the best lucked I’ve had with any event.

  12. I have a problem. When i visit my neighbors i Don’t Allways get Ray guns sommetjes i only get xp points and money….. What can i do to this problem?

    And the most of the time i can get Ray guns but then iT turns into xp….. Pls help

  13. Hello, does anyone know what the little DNA strand is for? When you go to your neighbors and you can see the amount of ray guns, probes and then a DNA strand. I don’t know what it is for? Anyone know?

    Thank you!

  14. Hi, each time I get to the next weapons level it says I have unlocked a new prize but I have nothing in my inventory and nothing new comes up in prizes I can craft. Have I misunderstood this or do I have a glitch? Thanks. Nikki

  15. I didn’t know that Shoot down a UFO is included in the 90 actions per day. But sometimes is hard to avoid the UFO because it appears from nowhere and even if You do not click directly on it, it get shooted…annoying

  16. Just got Bulldozer -Saures whoo-hoo!!!!

  17. I’m pretty sure I’ll make it. I made it with 2 days to spare for the last phase and even though I’ve been away mountain climbing, I managed to play last night on the hotel wifi. So not lost too much, just not played as frequently. Sure I’ll make up for lost time though. Everything hurts from climbing so pretty much all I want to do is lie on my bed, play TSTO and watch the tv I’ve missed from yesterday.

  18. Hey guys,
    Just to let you know I just chatted to an EA advisor about the Rigellian bank and they said that they have changed the game several times recently but that there isn’t actually a bank any more so we just get the max 50 Rigellians and then no more.

    • I had a feeling that was the case. With the update yesterday (and with work being crazy) I just didn’t have a chance to look back at the game files to see what updated with the weekend update…beyond the new stuff. I’ll dig into it today and check to see what it now says 🙂

    • TechnoTrousers0

      Oh man, that’s harsh for the pure freemium players. No sleeping longer than 4 hours at a time if you want to squish maximum rigellians in your own town. I’m glad I used donuts on some extra lil trick-or-treaters.

      Even with my premium extras, I’m just on pace to unlock the final prize. I hope phase 3 won’t be so nerve-wracking!

    • That’s so unfair. And also inconsistent, because at least some people at EA don’t know that there isn’t a bank anymore. I’ve been emailing them about this and they just keep telling me that the 30 banked ones won’t show in my game until some of the 50 are squished (which I never had any trouble understanding).

  19. Same as others, don’t seem to have a ‘bank’

  20. Sadly I’m super behind, both because I get no reception at work (so with commute, no tapping for 10 hours in the middle of the day, plus the 8 or so hours I sleep) and because I lost my phone yesterday and only found it after 24 hours, so I lost 24 hours of tapping… I don’t know if I’ll make it, I’m two days behind in ray guns at this point :S. I’m still ranked third among my friends though so I guess I’m not the only one finding it tough!

  21. Nice job on explaining it all. Seriously, that’s some awesome skills y’all have. Thanks!

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