A Little Thursday Night Fun: THOH Promo/Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

How are my favorite Tappers doing this fine evening?  Everyone glad it’s almost Friday?

I was making my usual internet rounds when I noticed a little video on EA’s TSTO Facebook Page.


At first I thought this was just the normal TSTO Trailer…you know the one we see at the start of TSTO.  Where Homer blows up Springfield.  But I love that video…and I had a little time to kill so I decided to make myself giggle and watch it.

Low and behold it wasn’t the intro video…instead it was a Trailer for the TSTO Halloween Event! Check it out:

How does the new one stack up with the video we got for last year’s event:

And….we’re now at (about) the halfway point for the Halloween Event.  So let’s turn this into a little open thread (I know it’s not Sunday, but hey it’s always a good day to talk right?)  and talk about how YOU’RE doing with the Event.  Are you still enjoying it?  What prizes have you won?  What are you most looking forward to? Have you encountered any frustrating glitches?  Sound off in the comments below,you know we LOVE hearing from you!



65 responses to “A Little Thursday Night Fun: THOH Promo/Open Thread

  1. The fb post says something about a special outfit. Did I miss it? I didn’t see anyone talk about it

  2. Do i need to get the grand pumpkin to get the pumpkin house?

  3. Im still really liking the event since I didnt get to play last Halloween. But just a few moments ago, I broke down and bought the 100 candy bars. This is the first thing I’ve spent my doughnuts on that wasn’t a mistake before they added the ability to verify your purchase. Ive never spent real money on it, yet I feel like I need to take a scalding hot shower, Ace Ventura style

  4. I think I’m doing okay. Not sure if I’m behind. The probe and ray gun collections have been doable. Not sure about the trick or treating collection. I’ve gotten Hugo and the Spooky House so far; now focusing on Grand Pumpkin.

    This is my first year playing. I was thinking today that it seems like this year’s Halloween prizes don’t really measure up to ones from previous years (which now cost donuts). For example, I’ll probably get the ray gun collection prizes, but I might end up keeping them in storage. Not as iconic as previous prizes (though Hugo and Alien Burns are cool).

    These app games are odd to me in that there’s no true playing from the beginning; you do the main quest, of course, but unless you started from the very beginning, you’re really jumping in midstream. It would be nice if they could repeat events for newer players, if even on a shortened scale. It would be cool to get some Whacking Day stuff in my Springfield, or Egypt stuff in my Quahog. But I don’t have unlimited money for donuts or clams.

  5. I have 472 rotten eggs. When can we begin throwing them at neighbors houses for prizes????
    (Hint hint hint).
    Seriously, I would rather have an empty bag than a bag full of useless items.
    Hate the “wheels”. And random luck prizes because I have no luck. In my A and B game combined, I’ve won 2 donuts, one super amazing regal lain shrub and 6 spooky walls. I have 100 neighbors both games and play about 4-8 times a day.
    My dot plays about 15 times a week, and has 60 donuts from UFO (after getting 30 in her mystery box 3 weeks in a row), and about 6 shrubs and a human test subject plus I don’t know how many 8-12 ish donuts from treat bags. I want to push her down and steal her game.

  6. OK, so we all know the Bulldozer is a iris is the lamest prize this year, but what I’d they add like, a decrease in build time to having him? Like how Witch Marge makes crops grow faster, It’d make letting this ugly thing roam our towns worth it. As it stands now, he’s terrible. Didn’t even come from a good episode, poor guy…

  7. I read ‘A Clockwork Orange’ a good few years ago. There is an appendix at the end of the book that gives an explanation of the strange hybrid English Russian slang words.
    For example Gulliver means head.
    There have been numerous references to the film over the years. I remember an early episode when Bart affected an English accent and said he had a pain in his Gulliver. And who can forget the ‘Dog of Death’ episode, Santa’s little helper being brainwashed. There are more but I can’t remember them all, too many.

  8. I have a thought. It’s a system that others have had before, but I would love to see implemented into Simpsons Tapped Out. Quick-Tap Tasks.

    At this point in Tapped Out, it’s a chore to go through my entire list and send everyone on tasks. Often, I just send everyone on 8 or 12 hour tasks. Sometimes I feel like sending everyone on fun outdoor tasks (On Halloween, I like to choose tasks that make even non trick or treaters dress up, like Smithers with Whip It, or Comic Book Guy with Cosplay). But the sheer number of characters makes the process DULL.

    I now usually just do 24 hour tasks because I don’t have the time to go through the entire list for 10 minutes 3 times a day. And for the few weird ones, I have to stop and either think about what I’m doing, or store their building to reset it (I’m looking at you Apu, with your 1 week shift… and you Arnie Ziff with you 24 task requiring Marge, ugh!)

    So my (admittedly rehashed) idea is this. Let there be 3 Quick Tap buttons that we can assign characters tasks to. So we want to make button 1 the Halloween button, with all characters doing Halloween type tasks. We choose to create it, name it Halloween Tasks, choose the characters and tasks we want activated, and save it. When we click the first Quick Tap Task, all of those characters that are available would do those tasks. Button 2 can be 24 hour tasks, Button 3 can be all outdoor tasks, or whatever you want!

    Personally, I think this would be a big time saver, and I would even spend donuts to give me more Quick Tap buttons! I don’t want or need a “collect all button”, as has been proposed in the past. I still enjoy tapping the buildings and characters, but since we’ve had the character finder button introduced, when we send Springfielders on tasks we’re just clicking items on a list anyway

    Sorry for the long post, but what do other people think? Am I alone in this, or are there agreements about this being a good idea?

    • Yes! Yes! I agree! I was very happy when they started popping their head’s in the upper left corner, so I’d rapidly tap that and 24 hours, etc. I would like the ability to just tap something especially in non-events time to send all on 24 hours tasks. I like the button customization idea too. Putting people in buckets.

      I also want to see Friends have sort options. Ability to sort by who is playing the most, who visits your town or friends the the most so you can return the favor especially when they started limiting how many items drop in events. This means my Veela22 isn’t visited as much since they’ve got all their ray guns. I am guilty of doing t his to my friends too, so I try and go to the back of the alphabet or people I see visiting my town I do first.

      And a option to show all inactive friends list and purge them all except maybe the ones marked special by you. I have a friend who is inactive because game was crashing his phone. I don’t want to purge him but the other people 30+ days inactive, buh-bye.

  9. I loved the movie and the book, but I was in my late teens when I saw the movie and early 20s when I read the book. Even though I’m a big horror/action fan when it comes to books and movies, I think it would’ve been a bit much for me if I were say, younger than 17 when I saw the movie. The book would’ve gone over my head for the most part. I will say that TSTO’s take on it was freaking awesome.

  10. Hello! This is my second Halloween and I was really looking forward to it. I think I’m progressing nicely. I finally got the bulldozer dinosaur thing early this morning and I’m just over 3400 ray guns with just over 7 days before the swap. I’m about 30 candy bars short of the Grand Pumpkin and I already have Hugo and the Spooky House. I probably won’t build any Pumpkin Houses as I received one last year as a prize. One’s enough. Have you found you receive fewer random treat bags from squishing Rigellians around your town? During the probe phase I think I got more. In the first few days of the event I got four or six pieces of spooky wall but none since. I got two human test subjects after about a week. I just got my only Rigellian shrub yesterday. I’ve received a fair amount of donuts in gift bags which is awesome. Does the Homer and Kang quest trigger the other craft items (the Rigellian Queen, etc.)? Based on Bunny’s post it looks like I will have a lot of candy corn I won’t really need unless I want a lot of spooky walls so the distribution is a little whack. Anyway, thanks for all your hard work!

    • I am getting more now then in probe phase. As far as the Queen, we will not know 100% til it goes live…we will post the details then. 🙂

  11. I’m really new to the game, I only started a couple of days into CoC. Think I’m hooked though.
    This event is OK and I’m so happy I joined in time to get things like Hugo and the DTD but I’m finding my quest lines are really starting to build up, what with all the kids out trick or treating and Homer doing lots of really long tasks. Added to this are all the things I need to build but can’t afford.
    I know I’ll be thankful for a stockpile of tasks once the events slow down but with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year coming I’m going to have a huge queue of things.
    Not complaining, but it’s just I think I’m pushing through the XP levels quicker than my newbie status really justifies and I’m not sure if long-term that’s going to be helping me or hindering me.

    BTW, I just blew my stash of free donuts on the tire fire (need the cash multiplier bonus!), was that a stupid thing to do?

    Thanks for all the great work, you’ve no idea how much help it is to us new folk.

  12. I’ve just got the bulldozerasaurus and am still a bit disappointed. No quest, no tasks just another moving decoration – my town is already pretty cluttered up with those.

    Some things have been great – I’ve unlocked Hugo and I enjoyed his questline although it was very short and I’ve just got enough to craft the spooky house. After that though I’m not that bothered, I’ve got the pumpkin house from last year and the Grand Pumpkin is another thing that will sit in my inventory all year and only be brought out next halloween.

    So far the best thing has been the occasional free donut in the treat bags. As a freemium player I really appreciate those!

  13. Yeah, I’m enjoying the event so far. Between all my friends, I’m about 3rd on the leaderboard! 😀 I do have a question though… is there any indication that the Victorian UFO will reappear as a premium item and how much it will cost? I saw that one of Kang’s actions (16 hrs.) is dealing with long-string protons, Phase 3’s currency. I’d like to get that–and the Rigellian Queen–before I craft Hugo and the Great Pumpkin and the gloyvn-Rigellian Huts.

    • Until it goes live, we honestly can’t verify. We learned long ago that just because the info is in there, does not mean EA is going to release it. So we wait.

      • Mkay. I guess I can wait a few more days to see if it appears in the shop or not. XD I saw that the King Kong parody building has appeared this morning, so at this point anything is possible lol

  14. I didn’t realize the Bulldozer-saurus was going to be a NPC. I thought it was going to be similar to most vehicles and be more of a decoration that would be stationary and perhaps animate when tapped. So now it’s wandering around my Springfield. Still not doing much unless you tap it. I suspect I will be tucking it away after the Halloween event is over.

    Hopefully they will add more craft-able items for the Make-a-Thing Workshop soon. I have at least one of everything in there now at the moment. I have several Human Test Subjects and Spooky Walls without even ever crafting them (they were found in treat bags). I’m not sure if I want to craft multiple Pumpkin Houses. One seems to be enough for me. I may even tuck it away in inventory after the event is over and bring it out again for next Halloween. I’m disappointed that it only earns one little pumpkin for crafting every 24 hours. Really? Just one little pumpkin? We couldn’t get a whole treat bag at least as is the case with the Spooky House? I usually get more than one pumpkin in a typical gold treat bag.

    Maybe I’m getting a little mid-event blues? I don’t know. I wasn’t terribly excited about the crafting prizes in this event. Though I’m trying to keep an open mind about it. I have yet to get the Hover-copter and I’m looking forward to the U.B.O. final prize. I liked the DTD, but the sole 1.5 day Homer task for it seems a little long.

    I’m guessing we’ll get the Rigellian items (shrub, hut, queen) in the Make-a-Thing Workshop in the 3rd phase of the event. I already have a few shrubs from treat bags. I think I will save my candies and other treat goodies until that time. After getting the needed Rigellian items, I’ll use whatever treat goodies are left and to be collected to craft Spooky Walls (assuming there’s still time to do so in the event).

  15. So far, the event has been ok, but as another tappper pointed out, last year’s Halloween update seemed way better with all of the free buildings. :/. *sigh* Oh well. Alissa, Bunny how you doin? Any plans for next week? 🙂

  16. So I haven’t actually been playing that long (maybe 6 weeks or so) and have added neighbors about two weeks ago, but I was wondering: what exactly are we supposed to be finding in their towns?

    I have gotten the probes/ray guns, $, and xp, but none of the donuts I’ve seen others mention (and maybe something about treat bags, as well?). Are these just uncommon things to find, or could I be doing something wrong? I mean, so far I love the game :), but unsure if I just have a random glitch…

  17. I apologize if this is not the appropriate place to ask my question.. I was wondering how someone could already have everything related to THOH like items we’ve not even seen yet ( Rigellian Queen ) and multiples of them ( 3 Grand Pumpkins ) from day one of the event?

  18. ugh, i just want broken fences but you cant buy those. i’ve gotten about 400 of them but what am i supposed to with 700 candy corns!?!?!?!
    i like the event though, all in all, i just want hugo to have his sanctuary 🙁

  19. I’m a bit bored by phase 2 of h’ween. It’s fun, but not different enough from phase 1. I crafted everything and they didn’t add anything new to craft. I got the ray gun prizes and they were an npc and and npd (Non-playable decoration). They’re great because they’re free ( or whatever tapping costs), but slightly underwhelming that they don’t generate anything cool for the event or for the game in general. The best thing about this event is that I’ve earned over 100 free donuts, but the tasks are a pretty rote cycle of kids in costumes 3x/day for 3+ weeks. Kang probing Homer is cool, I guess. I feel spoiled by the Stonecutters because that event had daily riddles, lots of tasks for lots of characters and you got great payouts from all of your neighborinos.

    Currently, I’m just converting ray guns into treat bags and then letting them pile up until stage 3. I’m hoping stage 3 offers prizes with my 3 favorite things: new characters, new buildings and/or percentage modifiers.

    • Over 100 donuts? How???

      • Shooting down a UFO can give 30 donuts if you’re very lucky, some players have had it 3 times.

      • So far I haven’t gotten any donuts from shooting down UFO’s. I am currently stockpiling ammo in hopes of having better odds in getting some free donuts. 🙂

    • How do you convert ray guns to treat bags? Or do you mean you’re just earning the ray guns for treat bags? I’m not interested in phase 2 prizes, so I’m saving all my treat bags for phase 3 to help with protein strings. It’s almost torture, because I don’t have spooky house yet – but I want glowing Mr. Burns most of all!

  20. I need 40 more candy bars to get The Grand Pumpkin. I’m freemium, so the going is slow. I really want the Pumpkin House, so I hope I can craft it before the event ends. I was hoping to get The Ray Gun, but I still need 16 donuts. The best thing about this event is that I can tap all my buildings and bank money. 🙂

    • Yes! Everything you said. While I’m not completely freemium I didn’t spend donuts on the hunting license or the portal or candy so I’m right there at about 40 candy bars to get the great pumpkin. But my favorite thing about this event is banking money!!!! I finally got the sit n rotate but it used up all of my money so I couldn’t build the strip club. It’s all good tho cause I’m collecting $$$ like a bandit! It will give me something to do after the event. The other thing I love is the ability to craft the prizes i want. Human test subject? Meh. Hugo and spooky house? Yes please!

      • Kitty – I’m so glad to see a post from you. Your cemetery area is AMAZING!!! I was just doing my mindless daily taps a few days ago, when it totally caught my eye and made me spend quite awhile checking it out. I hope to do something similar when I can afford to buy more land. (I have just over 10M and also want sit ‘n rotate, but new levels keep chipping away at my buffer and I’m afraid to commit, LOL! Thanks for any grem-aliens you’re sending. I will send mine too but have decided to hold onto them until I either need them to finish ray gun prizes or will start sending in masses at the beginning of protein strands – I need that UBO!!!!

      • Thanks so much JJ! The cemetery area is my favorite part. 🙂 Same thing about Sit n Rotate, all the new levels and land kept me from getting that thing but this time I was determined! I had the space ready and waiting for-ev-er. You’ll get there! I see you got the Clampitheater, it looks cool, I wonder if it can go on Squidport tiles? And thanks for being a good neighbor! I’m collecting ray guns faster than I thought and I’m not excited for the rc copter so don’t worry about egging me now. Maybe later when we need protein strands because I NEED UBO. Hahaha he’s awesome, one of my favorite episodes.

      • Clamphitheater can’t go on Squidport (where it belongs)….very bummed, but hopeful they’ll change that – FYI, that’s why I have that one block of squidport built out that currently has the tiki bar….I built it to house the theater actually.

  21. Hi I dont know if im seeing wrong but visiting my Krustyland noticed the rides are going very fast I think more than usual lol.

  22. I’m soooo happy, I got two donuts in friends towns today and that’s exactly what I needed for the bad dream house! Sheesh being a freemium player is tough!

  23. I like how they tried to make it sound like Vincent Price was narrating the video.

  24. I just unlocked the Bulldozerasurus. I am getting to the point where the event feels like a slog more than anything. I prefer the prizes to done more like the Stone Cutter’s event. Missing out on the DTD still upsets me, especially when it was due to an error an someone else’s part and not me. Being able to craft it does me no good since every item more or less requires the same things.

    I am actually pretty disappointed in this event. I kept seeing/hearing about past Halloween events and all of the awesome things people were able to get for free. I think they picked prizes from some pretty mediocre episodes. I would much rather have had Donut Headed Homer or Raven Bart or something cool like that.

    • This one, outside the rigellians cuz I like squishing them…has been kinda MEH. Lol. Some cool items…but slower flow for sure. I want MORE new stuff I can just buy.

  25. How do you start life is grand pt. 2 ? Tsto is the great pumpkin.lol.
    I feel like a lot of people time is running out. I seen in one town that someone had the plane just 3 days after pt. 2 started.

    • If you have the pumpkin and complete the first part….then part 2 should trigger. Homer triggers it 😉

    • Love all the THOH events so far for TSTO game. Huge fan so it would be quit hard to disappoint me. Think the Clockwork Orange (yellow) parody is one of the best I’ve seen in years but do understand how the younger viewers could have it come across as a bit odd for them. Personally I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time. Would have been nice to see more from that tied into the event but there’s always the future possibility of EA doing something next year. If I have any grievances it would have to be to get rid of the Hoover copter and add an item that was more prevalent from that episode. An exoskeleton for Chalmers would have been awsome.. Also I just received a huge update. Any idea what that was about? Nothing changed in the game so far. Could this be for what’s coming up for the THOH event or is something else on its way besides level46?…

      Love the site. Great work ladies and wookie.

      • Huge update? What market? There is nothing new game wise so most likely patches fixing all the lil bugs.

      • Play on a Kindle but it definitely wasn’t a patch to fix minor glitches. Only reason I brought it up was because of the size and thought it was weird to be getting one. Took about 10mins to complete and sent me a warning saying I needed to clear memory space on my device because e www a saga was. Not even major updates take that long for me on here. Was just hoping that maybe you seen something in the files. Odd.. but oh well. Thanks anyway and I’ll keep you updated if I find out if something happens.

  26. One thing I was wondering is what is everyone’s opinion on clockwork orange? I remember as a teenager hearing about the “cult classic” getting about five minutes in and turning it off for being too disturbing lol

    Wondering if I should take another pass at it now that I’m a “grown-up”

    I’m loving this event but I’m still only halfway to the grand pumpkin.

    • I’ve read the book, but never seen the movie. It is most definitely intense. The language of the story takes a while to get used to as well.

    • the book is much better, plus anthony burgess did not like the movie being made in light of his novel…his other books are wonderful though…

      • The book is one of the best I’ve ever read. It is a lesson in language, if nothing else. The way new words are introduced slowly such that by the end you are reading almost entirely new words and understanding them is genius. The film was always going to be disappointing in comparison.

    • Yeaahhhh…. I watched the whole thing as a kid and that was enough for me. I loved the THOH take on it though and love the costume for Moe. I can separate it. Was also having the same thought, maybe watching it now I might see it differently but then I think about it and no, I’m good.

    • This is one of Kubrick’s masterpieces… it MUST BE WATCHED!!! it is like going to Disneyland or the Moon! If you don’t watch it, you will forever be scarred and laughed at when you go to parties…

      • I watched years ago, and was scarred from the violence and brutality. I can’t watch again. At most I’d stick to the book which has quite a different ending.

    • I find the rape elements of the story very upsetting and triggering if I’m honest. I appreciate it’s a ‘cult classic’ and certainly not saying it shouldn’t exist or people shouldn’t be able to read/watch it, but I found it extremely difficult to associate it with something like the Simpsons. Not an update I enjoyed at all!

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