Random Changes Level 46

True to EA form, a Level Update dropped in the middle of our TSTO Halloween Event.

Mrs Muntz 3

First off, with another new level comes more new pricing. This means all items on previous levels will move down in cost. WOOHOO!! Following are the new price changes for the current Buildings in the town. The Base price of the building is in red. The multipliers for the Level will be next to them. You can see how they decrease as a new level hits. 4X, 4X, 3X, 2X, 1.6X, 1.4X, 1.3X, 1.3X,

If you want an overall on ALL the pricing, check out our Realty Guide Page (please be patient as it takes a bit to update it all on the main pages).



Level 38

Springfield Courthouse

Courthouse $106,500



Springfield Grocery Store $87,000



Level 39 (x1.3) 


Sanjay’s House ($146,000) $189,800



Level 40 (x1.3)


Ah Fudge! Factory ($150,000) $195,000



Level 41 (x1.4)


Vulgari Jewelry Store ($200,000) $280,000



Level 42 (x1.6)

Itchy & Scratchy

Itchy & Scratchy Studios ($200,000) $320,000



Level 43 (X2) 
(Only items released were for Krustyland)



Level 44 (X3) 

honest johns

Honest John’s Computers ($264,500) $793,00



Bloaters at the Squidport ($162,500)  $487,500



Level 45 (X4) 

Fortress of Choclitude

Fortress of Choclitude (Aspriational) $10,000,000

(Aspriational buildings will NOT change in pricing. They are a set price.)


Indoor Tennis Courts ($129,000)  $516,000


ZiffCorp Office Building ($254,000)  $1,016,000



Level 46 (X4) 

Classy Girl Strip Club

Classy Girls Strip Club ($300,000)  $1,200,000



The lil Rigellian Spawn “Bank”. So all the info is still there, however I am seeing something else too. It looks like its purpose now is to allow extra Rigellians in the game, but only those created by the “Premium” items. In other words, the ones the Portal spits out. Whether this was intended all along and those of us getting extra anyway was a bonus, who knows. I am still playing around with it and seeing WHERE the extras it holds come from…or if they just shut the bank. (Someone call old George Bailey!)

Will update more on this after playing around with a few ideas.


donut-loadingAnd of course, your constant reminder (as we ALWAYS get comments on this)…check that Confirm Donut Spend. NO ONE wants to lose donuts on accidental sped up tasks or purchases. The new menu, you will find this in any menu by tapping the cog wheel in the top right corner. (You can also reset your sound from here.)


Confirm Donut Notification and Sound Volume



Confirm Donut Spend


Got some technical issues from the new update that we were unable to help with? Try the usual Basic Troubleshooting, and if you need more help…contact EA.

So there are a few random changes. I am still looking to see if anything more pops ups. I will update this post if I do. What do you think of the new stuff? Any changes you see that we have not listed? Let us know.


36 responses to “Random Changes Level 46

  1. Is 106,500 the final base price for the court house? 🙂

  2. Glad I waited for Honest Johns.. Scoreee. & recieved 32 free donuts last night whoo hoo

  3. bunny said-You can still Farm for free donuts..it’ll just take a whole lot longer.
    How do you farm for free donuts?
    I understand the house farming but you get $ for that not donuts.

  4. Where can we buy these stores?? Mahalo!! What section and also abt the multi Million thing that’s going on with Tappers to Unlock Something? Where would we find that?? 🙂 stepingstair. 🙂

  5. I noticed the Large Hedge can no longer share the same space as another? I was in the middle of building a 3D design and can’t finish it due to this. Is this something that will be adjusted similar to magical growing of Madame Chao’s?

    • They had it before…took it away…brought it back…they may have took it away again. Maybe too many issues in coding with the overlapping.

  6. Hello everyone

    I’m having a problem adding friends, I have like 25 request but when I open the box to add them it says that I do not have any friend request, have any of you had the same problem?

  7. Maudlin Monarch

    Alright! Time to get the grocery store! 😄

    What I’m not so crazy about is the ridiculous cost for the King Homer Tower. 250 donuts?! For a non-earning, non-task decoration? It’s a greyscale, land bound whale!
    Secondly, was this a free community prize last year? I started late Spring 2014, so I’m not sure how community prizes worked, but I inferred that if the community of all players reached a cummulative goal, then everyone playing was rewarded a prize. It was different from the individual’s progress. Is that correct? If the tower was free then, this tactic to be penalizing new players.

    • But everyone still had to keep playing to hit those goals. So everyone at that time still contributed. Their personal play added to the Community. 🙂

      • Maudlin Monarch (I thought 'Mandarin' would conjure images of oranges.)

        I understand that everyone still played and I would do my best to reach that goal, too, but there is no appeal in me paying so much for the building now. That price is crazy.

        I’m wondering how this will play out during the Christmas update.

  8. Things are SO expensive now, I may just wait until the next several updates for the prices to go to reasonable levels. Here’s why: 1) I’m saving for the last few pieces of land, and then the Aspirational buildings (some of which are near the price of new level buildings!). 2)It already takes me 20 minutes simple to send all of my characters on 24 hour quests. I don’t need another character that I’m going to do the same with anyway for that little reward that would take months of tapping to make up for her purchase. 3) Chances are, I won’t take Nelson or any of the other trick or treat characters off of their tasks anyway, so I can’t enjoy her full questline yet. 4) I’m okay with waiting 2 or even 3 level updates to get Mrs Muntz and her building. I just don’t care about her much.

    So… is that crazy? I understand wanting to get people to continue playing the game daily, but I’m not at that point yet, and the cost/benefit of getting her right away seems very low. Now if she had some impact on a limited time event like Halloween, I’d get her in a second.

    • Thing is…for those that have been playing a while, they have a lot of in game cash just hanging round with nothing to spend it on. Any game you play, whether app or consule, will increase difficulty and pricing each level up. Just a way to keep a player constantly striving for something. If a prize was instant, I dont think there would be any fun in getting it. Its the payoff from hard work that makes it worthwhile. 🙂

      • I’ve been playing since the first day the game was available, have gone through all the events as they’ve come up from the first Halloween with Zombies, to this Halloween with the aliens, and I am not even remotely close to enough money for everything. I’m a several times daily player with a max list of friends too… I don’t know how much more I could have done to save up as a freemium player. Maybe I’m just not playing the most efficient way.

      • Oh, and RobertM and onslaughtrm are both me. I don’t know why it does that sometimes.

    • May I suggest holding off on the aspirationals for awhile? They’ll always be available when you’re ready. My strategy in the beginning was to buy a piece of land and build 6 blue houses. Buy another piece of land, 6 more houses. Until you have all the land. Then let your houses build up your bank account. As you add in all the levels and characters, you can eventually faze out the ugly house farm. Also consider sending all characters on 8 hour tasks so that if need be, they’ll be available in 8 hours rather than a whole day.

      I get that house farming is frowned upon by some, but it may be impossible to ever catch up if you don’t.

  9. From what I can understand, your point with the prices changing is the price for buildings goes up as you level, so buy sooner than later.

    • You have that backwards. Look again. 🙂

      The price will decrease as a new level is brought into the game, so if you are behind a few levels..that can benefit you.

  10. Can anyone comment on the ridiculous XP needed to level up? In the past, you’d only have to get about 400k XP to level up. I see that the amount is more like 1.8 million XP now.

    • Honestly…I think EA’s making it harder to challenge those players at Level 46. Traditionally games are supposed to get harder as you level up…so I think that’s what they’re doing. You can still Farm for free donuts..it’ll just take a whole lot longer. I think they’re just trying to add a level of difficulty and a reason to tap everyday back to the game. If you want the free donuts…you can have them you just have to work for them.

      • If that was what they were thinking, then I think they miscalculated. Quadrupling a goal that already took over a week to hit (for me anyways) really makes me check out, not feel more challenged.

        • I agree…i think it’s insanely high. But I do think that was their thinking. Of course I’m not EA or inside their heads…so I can only speculate.

  11. Would love to get your thoughts on the huge jump in the XP required to get a shot at the 3 donut prize (now up to 1,500,000). So many have been complaining about this with no clear reason why EA has done this (other than to annoy the Freemium players).

    • Honestly…I think EA’s making it harder to challenge those players at Level 46. Traditionally games are supposed to get harder as you level up…so I think that’s what they’re doing. You can still Farm for free donuts..it’ll just take a whole lot longer. I think they’re just trying to add a level of difficulty and a reason to tap everyday back to the game. If you want the free donuts…you can have them you just have to work for them.

      • I have no problem with EA making it harder at each level. They have been increasing the XP level required at each new level. My problem this time is the size of the increase. In the past they raised the bar by about 80k or so. But this time they raised the bar by 1,000,000. This isn’t making it harder, it’s effectively shutting the door on this means of getting donuts. And don’t forget, once you reach the required 1,500,000 XP, the bar gets raised even further. Who knows by how much.

  12. Good morning, question the price in the red is the difference correct? And the new price is in the black? The ZiffCorp building has always been 1,016,000. How I know I have been trying to save for that building for over a week now and that was before the update came out. I wish when they change the prices that they do it with the premium items

    • If you take a peak at the first paragraph just after Mrs Muntz pic, it explains the breakdown and multipliers. Top two and Bottom two are same…so first two and last two times you wont see a change. 🙂

      • Thanks!! I’m still lost but it’s okay…. I will keep tap tap tap taping along lol

        • Ziff Corp is on Level 45…so still in top two. Both being a 4X multiplier, so you will not notice a price change just yet until another level hits and it drops down to the 3rd or 3X spot.

          The Base cost is in red, times it by multiplier and you have the current cost right now. 🙂

  13. Is the red price what they are now or is it the price next to them?

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