Weekend Update: October 19th – 25th


With the sound of….

hack hack hack… chop chop chop… kill kill kill…

Those poor poor lil carrots. But they taste so sweet…

Weekend Update Addicts

SATURDAY: After last Update,  Alissa reminded us it was CANDY TIME! Then she also made sure we set our recording devices for the New THOH Episode.

And now for this weeks fun…

Leaf Maple Leaf Leaf 9 Leaf 8 Leaf 7 Leaf 6 Leaf 5 Leaf 4 Leaf 3 Leaf 2 Leaf 1

Moe Moog Looking For Some Ultra Violence 3

SUNDAY: Alissa Started of the week with the details for what was in the Simpsons Addict. Lol. Later that evening she started up the Convo in the Open Thread. She then rounded out the night with the Probes Ending Reminder.

Bunny then bounced in to give you a recap of the previous two New Simpsons Episodes. She then bounced back in with a Spoiler for the Trivia Question Answer to get Moog Moe.

Mr Burns Host Erotic Masquerade

MONDAY: Alissa began the day by breaking down the newest info for Phase Two of our TSTO Halloween Event. Then she returned with a walkthrough on the fun new Character, Moog Moe.

Bunny then hopped on by later to drop off the latest Ray Gun Calendar for your enjoyment.


TUESDAY: Alissa began the day with the quick quick Turbo Tappin version of the Whole Truth walkthrough. Then she served up some sweeties and asked Should I Buy for returning Halloween items. More fun was brewin round the place when the Simpsons World App went live.

Bunny Icon

WEDNESDAY: Bunny dropped on by with her glasses to break down the Math for Ray Guns and let you see how you can make those goals.


Alissa jumped in with the run down of just what this New Level 46 dropped into our games. She then posted on the issue of Hugo and Missing Homer.

Bunny then hopped back in with some trending Current Halloween Glitches we were seeing.

Mrs Muntz 2

THURSDAY: Alissa began the day with the short short Turbo Tappin Level 46 Mrs Muntz. She then gave us the run down and details for Hugo. Later returning for some Fun for a Thursday Night and THOH Open Thread.

king homer skyscraper

FRIDAY: Bunny hopped in to bring us the basic Random Changes Level 46 brought in.

Alissa then gave us the background and Should I on the returning King Homer Skyscraper. Then she gave us the run down on the Ray Gun Personal Prize, Buldozersaurus.

Greta Wolfcastle Produce a Film

SATURDAY: So what else do we have anything else in store for y’all today??  Well you’ll have to stick around to find out!



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  1. Thank you!! TSTO Addicts page has been VERY helpful. Great job!!! 😊😊

  2. I thought I was going crazy until I noticed more & more of my friends having TWO, yes TWO Homers. What is going on with that?? Glitch?? Hacked?? Or task??

  3. Just Want to say a big thank you to TSTO Addicts team great job guys most informative friendly site ever and such a big help to many people well done ☺😀☺

  4. I got 30 donuts from a neighbor along with the xp and ray guns! So cool! Nice surprise!

  5. ever since i started playing this game in april i Always came to this site for info and i love it you guys have helped me a lot trough my gaming experience already thank you for that 🙂

  6. will you do a should i buy space mutant?

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