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Episode Recap: Treehouse of Horror XXV

Hey there lil Rigellians. Having fun getting squished? Getting lots of Ray Gun? Ready for the next Phase? Well to take a lil break from all that alien popping, figured I would recap last weeks New Simpsons Episode: Treehouse of Horror XXV.

Treehouse of Horror XXV
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Weekend Update: October 19th – 25th


With the sound of….

hack hack hack… chop chop chop… kill kill kill…

Those poor poor lil carrots. But they taste so sweet…

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Moog Moe (Spoiler)

Hey there Hoppereenos. Want to find out what is in the Simpsons Addict Attic? Don’t want to wait out tonight’s THOH episode to find out? Want the answer NOW? Well here you go.

Moe Moog Looking For Some Ultra Violence


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