Sunday Night Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

How are my favorite Addicted Tappers this evening?  How was your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?  Have you been watching the THOH marathon on FXX?

Anyway enough rambling from me….it IS Sunday and you know what that means, right?  No it’s not time to see what happens if we put Bunny back on the wheel (SPLAT)!  Nope it’s time for another Sunday Night Open Thread!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Sunday Night Open Thread.  No new episode of The Simpsons tonight..BUT the Treehouse of Horror Marathon has been on all day over on FXX…have you been watching?  What’s your favorite THOH?  Level 46 hit our devices this week…what to do you make of the new level?  Probes have gone away..and Ray Guns are here..what do you think of the transition?  How about the new prizes?  World Series game 5 is on tonight…who do you think will win?  Sunday Night Football features Packers vs. Saints…who do you want to win?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Updates, Halloween, Baseball, Football or anything else you can think of!  We can’t wait to chat with you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


117 responses to “Sunday Night Open Thread

  1. Julie, I’ve had quite the experience with your Roos, mating season and feeding them and the leader of the pack or whatever you call him jump behind me…I was bent over feeding the wee ones and the bugger jumped behind me. My husband thought it was hilarious, I did not! He took pics….embarrassing to say the least. Good lord….I don’t rest assured look like a roo….honest.

    I love heat…but then again…I love snow to ski in. It’s Halloween here tonight but it’s quiet where we live. Most ppl don’t drive up the ski mountain and come here, it’s all good. I’m not a big Halloween gal. I raised my kids to not talk to strangers so sending. Kids out to ask for candy seems odd…LOL

    Have you chatted with MaryJo? I haven’t heard from Missy for awhile…what about Rosebud?

    • Oh Val….not good at all…your husband is gonna feel sooooo bad now when you tell him that roos have been known to try and rape human women!! I kid you not!!! It’s true! The women have usually been very badly injured in the process as you can imagine with those strong legs and claws trying to bring them into submission! A good friend of my ex’s was killed by a roo that attacked him while he was riding a quad bike mustering cattle. Robbo was the boss and older man in the group of ringers as we call cowboys, and obviously the old buck roo sighted this and that was it for Robbo. The roo hounded him for several hours trying to jump at him while he was riding after the cattle, and he’d just called out to the boys to watch the buck cos he was edgy…then the roo came full pelt at Robbo and kicked him off the bike and stomped him and killed him. They smell our hormones and react to them…like stallions with menstrating women….and if they smell a man with higher testosterone levels, then they deem this man to be a rival for the does in the group….they are the same as deer…bucks and does, but joeys instead of fawn. And we are sure this is what happened with Robbo…especially as he was the one issuing orders to the others in the group, so to the buck he would have looked like a rival pack leader. There was actually an incident in Perth last year or the year before where a woman was jogging in the early morning and was attacked by a lascivious male roo! She was scratched and clawed badly and if course deeply shocked by it all. So you can tell hubby…NOT funny!…altho I can understand the male sense of humour laughing uproariously at that! They are very perverse these males….of all species, especially the human variety!
      I have a lovely penpals in Wisconsin and she used to work at a hospital there and she told me that every Halloween, parents would bring their kids and all the candy up to the hospital to be Xrayed or scanned to make sure no foreign objects were inserted into the candy……well I’m sorry…but if that were my kids….they wouldn’t have gone out to be put in that position in the first place! I mean how Important is candy to risk that sort of harm and injury?
      We live at the end of a dark curved drive, so I rarely have any brave hearts coming down to the house. Lol…so it is a nice quite night for me as always…no trick or treaters.
      No, I haven’t heard from Rosebud…even her game was behind of late so I do hope she is okay. And I owe Mary Jo a huge email…she has sent me two now so I will have to set my butt into place and get typing! Lol
      Well my dear after that nature lesson, I’d best away for now…take care and chat again soon….love and laughter as always, Julie.

  2. Has there been pros and cons for the drive theater and the alien? I couldnt find any info in the search box and was trying to decide before it disappears. Thanks for the help!

  3. VAL….I am not sure if you missed my answer or not, but thought I’d just pop this up the top of the page so you know if you scroll way way way way down to the bottom….there is a message I left for you the other night….still extreme heat here…41.9degs Celsius this afternoon when Jamie got home from school at 2.30….so we’re already wanting a reprieve from it all. Now there are bad bush fires down in the south of the state. It is very grey around here now, all the nutrients have been sucked from the vegetation by the heat, so wouldn’t take much for fires to start…thankfully our fires don’t go up in the tree tops like down south, so you only have to worry about the ground, grass fires….which are still frightening enough.
    Frankie has brought in more bats! Rotten cat! I thought I had a dead gecko somewhere in my room yesterday as the smell was beginning to become rather nasty, but on investigation, Jamie found yet another bat under my bed! Do wish she wouldn’t use my house as her sacrificial altar! Nermol just tried to get past me with a huge gecko in his mouth, but I chased him straight back out the cat door! Don’t think he is overly impressed with mama at present, but then mama isn’t overly impressed with him or Frankie either! Lol
    Well sweetness…my wrists are being particularly obnoxious at present….Mary Jo, if you’re reading this…I’m sorry I owe you mail…but the wrists are being a tad ungracious…but I WILL get there…I promise!
    I’m again soon, Val…much love and heaps of laughter to you. Cheers. Julie.

    • Hi Julie…..I’m going to type..really, really fast and hope ipad doesn’t freeze before posting. She nice update my iPad has been freezing so much, typed message twice now and froze.

      Bats, yuck….hot weather nice….wrists…horrible. I hope your surgery is booked soon and you can live pain free. I know the feeling, I’m still struggling with my shoulder everyday, pain is constant and it interferes with life. Ski season starts soon and I’m not sure how that’s going to go.

      Better send this….take care my friend, biggest hugs..

      Also, his Mary Jo….hope all is well with you!

      • Huge typos in post. Since event started my iPad has been freezing constantly…not sure why? Anyone else?

        MaryJo, how are you? Was saying hi not his MaryJo….

        We had snow yesterday but didn’t stick, melted. The mountain is full however, looks good!


      • Hey Sweetpea, sorry to hear your iPad is giving you a hard time! Life is dreary enough without our mod cons starting on us!
        Got letter today saying I have been booked for pre admission interview on 10th Nov…so very very very happy! Lol…also apprehensive, but mostly happy. Not sure how long after that the op will be, but I imagine rather soon. Jamie goes on school hols about 28th Nov so I was hoping it was after that so his parents could do the hard yards for a change looking after him…not that there is anything difficult with that delightful child…except he is starting to get that awful teenager attitude!! ARRRRGGGGHHHHH! Lol. But it would be so much easier if I only have myself to worry about after surgery…but we will see what eventuates Mon week I guess. Off to Mackay again this Tues for more physio and OT appts ….will be so pleased when I am not living in my car! Lol…that’s what it feels like at times.
        No, Val…Hot weather NOT nice…hot weather STINKS!! Lol. It was over 40 degs Celsius yesterday again, and close to it today…very hot and very unusual for this time of year…no sign of storms tho…would love some rain. The whole town is grey it is so dry. We get charged high rates for our water, so very little of anyone’s yards is green anymore…that awful leeched out grey…not even brown. Once it rains tho, the countryside recovers rapidly and is green within a week..really amazing transformation.
        The wallabies and roos are coming into the yards and digging up the grass roots looking for some moisture poor things. We have a family of wallabies living in the bush behind us and they are usually here every night. Cute little citters! Lol…I love the joeys…really sweet little things…they love cuddles…we go out to local wildlife handler and help her feed the orphans from road kills…she has nine babies there at present to feed every 2hours.
        Well my is 11pm here so I had best away and see if that beauty sleep theory works!!lololololololol…what a joke! Haha.
        Take care dear…love and laughter, Julie.

  4. It’s no longer Sunday, but this doesn’t really fit anywhere in the recent posts so…

    It’s clear what the reaction is to the Homer Kong’s donut price and a few other things going on in the Halloween event. I see a lot of comments like “It would be great to have a prize that rewards long-time players” etc…

    It really would be great for some holiday aspirational prizes that cost a lot of $$ but can give players an additional goal. I think a $20 mil prize, a $10 mil and a $5 mil. Most would only be able to earn one — maybe two prizes. More than likely only a few long-time players would have the $20 mil to get the very unique…and the newer players could strive to save up the $5 mil…in the scenarios, everyone is striving for something and can feel accomplished when they get that rare prize…for those with less $$, EA could (of course) make them available with donuts.

    Seems like an additional way to keep players into the grind and use the cash that is built up during the events.

    Thoughts? EA – You listening?

  5. Hi addicts and fellow tappers, didn’t know where to post this, but two bits of good news for us uk tappers. First, this Sunday (2nd nov) channel 4 is having a Simpsons day starting at 12.30, and finishing with the Simpsons movie, then sky one is showing season 26 of the Simpsons at 6.30 (but showing older episodes from 4.30). That’s my Sunday viewing sorted!

  6. Need some info. What does witch marge’s task “speed up crops” actually do? Trying to decide whether to buy the skin.

  7. Hello michellebe158 here with some feedback. It has been hard to earn enough to win the torture device and I’m not sure I will make it to the end of the ray gun quest either. But I didn’t know or figure out till now to leave gremlin eggs in slow players Springfield. I am going to try this. I do play several times a day and get my kids trick or treating round the clock and my favorite treat I win from the bags are the missiles. I have already won 60 donuts so far this event can’t wait to blow up more ufos!

  8. So I recorded the marathon, because I did not see much of the Simpsons as a kid as the show started when I was 8. So I never saw any of the early Halloween episodes. It’s amasing how much is in our games just from the first two episodes. Dream house, The Raven, board with a nail in it, and of çourse the Rigealians. Can’t wait to watch more!

  9. Cybersilly. GrandmamaDar—– I miss you….-WHERE ARE YOU???

  10. Anyone having MoonBouce issues? I sent Bart there twice, but it just stays at 0/1 tasks completed. Did I miss something?

  11. Recently all I’ve been getting from shooting down UFOs are bronze treat bags, thats all my last 5 have been, not good when I really need those ray guns :/

  12. Quick question about friendship levels.

    Thanks your Add me (No Graffiti) threads, I’ve made friends and finally collected all the Friendship prizes (aside: couldn’t they have given Mr. Teeny a stand alone task like Stampy?! end aside).

    Now that I have all the prizes, I get more cash and the occasional free donut (whowho!).

    Since you guys are great at percentages, do you happen to have a guess at percentage chance of getting a donut by clicking on neighbor tasks?

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

    • It is one of those that is just random. There is really not a number we can put on it. It varies by player. Some average 1 a day. Some 3. Some 1 every 3 days, then 3 in a row. You just never know. 😉

      • I read somewhere that you have a one in two hundred chance with each action. You get 300 actions a day (if you have 100 friends). So you will average 1-2 donuts per day on average. That’s been my experience too. There are days when I get no donuts, but there have been days when I’ve received 3+ donuts. But on average I get 1-2 per day.

  13. Is the Pumpkin House the same as last year? I don’t feel like buying a second one…

    • Yup exact same. And if you already have it it’ll complete the quest for you..

      • Is there any benefit to crafting more then one spooky house and pumpkin house? I have both but can now craft more.

        • The only benefit is the additional Pumpkin from the house and the additional bronze treat bag from the spooky house. Aside from that no real benefit. Personally..I’m only going with 1 of each. I don’t have enough space in my halloween area for more than 1 and honestly just don’t feel the need for more than 1 of each. That being said some love the idea of more than 1 (especially the Pumpkin House) because they’ll build a little village out of them 🙂

  14. Is it possible for someone to have two Homer’s in their town? I just saw (and screencapped!) it in a friend’s one.

    • It’s not possible…BUT from time to time there’s a glitch where 2 Homer appear when two tasks are assigned (for example when Maude gets revenge on him and if Homer’s playing his MyPad). Also….are you sure it’s not Barbarian Homer? You can send the screenshot to and we’ll take a look 😉

      • I saw this the other day as well, didn’t manage to get a screenshot because one Homer ran off too fast! It definitely wasn’t barbarian Homer either.
        But I noticed it many times in CoC that when you would attack a neighbour, Homer would run out to attack and there would be another doing whatever task the neighbour had sent him on.

      • Well as Lisa would say in Boy Scoutz ‘n the Hood. Cartoons don’t have to be 100 percent realistic. As Homer is sitting on the couch AND walking by the window. 😄

  15. Hey folks, as a Freemium player, I’m starting to find that getting enough ray guns to get all the prizes is almost out of reach. I’m playing as often as I can, and have just opened the last Gold Treat Bag now, but I think that to get around 2300-odd ray guns in the next two days might be really stretching it. I was able to get the previous two prizes (with a day to spare, but I think EA has purposely made the ‘copter (and certainly the Burns UBO) out of reach unless we fork out more real money.
    What are your thoughts on this?

    • I think it depends on how you play…I’m ahead of Bunny’s Calendar and have been squishing every few hrs, sending characters to trick or treat, shooting down UFOs, Visiting neighbors and sending Grem-Aliens. Others are already done with the prizes. I think it just varies person to person and how you play…

      Anyone else have thoughts on this?

      • I’m a freemium player too, and I’m having no problem reaching all of the goals. I’m closing in on the hover copter. I have built the spooky house and and I just built the pumpkin house. I send out the trick or treaters twice a day- sometimes three times a day on the weekends. I always drop gremalian eggs on the players at the bottom of my list (they don’t play as often. So they’re less likely to tap my gremalians before the four hours are up. So I max out my points that way). But it’s true that you have to play the game at least a few times a day (minimum) to get all the treat bags, and squish all of the Aliens.

      • I play quite frequently but I’m concerned I won’t get the required ray guns, I’m around 5600 right now. I have however seen a neighbor with around 3900 yesterday and they had the hover copter. Odd I thought and 35 pumpkins and 15 Spooky houses and I have one Spooky house and no grand pumpkin…again…odd. So I’ll tap away and see how it goes but it’ll be close….

        • More than likely that neighbor is using some sort of mod/hack. Just play your own game…you’re doing well. You’ve got all of today, tomorrow and Thurday. That’s only 500/day…so you’re ahead of Bunny’s calendar! 🙂

    • I find I am ahead this time as well. I did use Alissa and Bunny’s tips to visit regularly (every 6hrs), keep the youngsters focused on trick or treating and to send grem-aliens to neighbors’ towns at night so there’s a better chance of getting 4 Ray-guns after 4 hours. I’ve actually started saving my grem-alien eggs and ammo for the next round. The last about 5 times I shot down a ship I kept getting 50 Ray-guns which likely pushed me ahead?

    • I’m a relatively new player but so far, I’ve had no issues getting prizes. I failed miserably during the Stonecutter event because I joined late and I didn’t have the characters to complete the quests. But the events after, I haven’t had issues. As of now, I’ll get the helicopter probably tomorrow and I’m 5 pumpkins away from the Giant pumpkin. I only own two premium characters which I’ve purchased with donuts I get from the game.

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