The End Is Near: Strategy For Closing Out Phase 2 and Starting Phase 3

Update: I’ve updated below the fold with another tip that I forgot to add earlier…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

As we close out the final day of Ray Gun collecting and head into the 3rd, and final phase, (Long Protein Strings) many of you are wondering what you can do to get a head start on Phase 3.  There are various things you can do to make sure you get a great jump on collecting those Long Protein Strings and ensure you can win all the prizes in the final Phase!

Let’s take a look at what YOU should be doing to get ready for the final Phase of the THOH Event……

Mihouse Hang Out with the Grand Pumpkin

Assess Where You Are:
You currently have less than 24hrs until Phase 2 ends and Phase 3 begins.  (Phase 3 will officially start at 0800 GMT (4am EDT) on 10/31)  Take a look at your Ray Gun Count.  According to Bunny’s Calendar you should start today with around 6,460 Ray Guns and end today with just over 7,100 (which earns the Hover-Copter).   Take a look at your own count.  Are you right around 6,460?  Do you have more or less?
If you have more…keep going.  Do everything you can do to get those last few Ray Guns to earn the final prize.  Once you’ve earned it…then follow the remaining tips below.
If you have less….contemplate stopping the full crunch to earn the remaining Ray Guns.  Take a look at the tips below and think about following them to get a good head-start on Phase 3.  You will still be able to craft the Hover-Copter during the final phase…and it might benefit you to stop opening treat bags and dropping eggs and store them up for Phase 3.


Remember…you can craft the prizes for Phase 2 during Phase 3 (if you didn’t win them) BUT you won’t be able to craft the prizes for Phase 3 if you miss out.  

Save Your Gift Bags:
Keep sending your kids Trick-or-Treating every 8 (or 16) hours…but don’t open them!  Save those treat bags for when Phase 3 starts.  Remember..those treat bags often contain event currency (Probes for Phase 1, Ray Guns for Phase 2 & Protein Strings for Phase 3)…and when Phase 1 ended and Phase 2 started any treat bags held over from Phase 1 contained Ray Guns!  So saving up your treat bags for when Phase 3 starts is a great way to get ahead of the game!

ico_stor_thoh2014_bronzetreatbag                ico_stor_thoh2014_silvertreatbag                   ico_stor_thoh2014_goldtreatbag

Of course this is based on what happened between Phase 1 and 2…no guarantee it will work for Phase 3.  BUT it’s worth a shot!  Especially if you’ve already closed out the Ray Gun prizes OR decided you won’t make it.  It’s a risk worth taking 🙂 

Hoard Your Grem-Alien Eggs:
Save up those eggs for when Phase 3 starts and drop them all on neighbors once the new phase hits!  This not only gives you a great head-start, but it’ll also help your neighbors!


Hoard Your Ammo:
Just like your Grem-Alien Eggs, save your Ammo up as well!  This way you can launch a full scale attack on those UFOs in your neighbor’s towns and potentially earn more Long Protein Strings!


Continue to Squish Aliens in Your Town:
Don’t forget to keep squishing Aliens in your town…you never know when one might contain a Grem-Alien egg, Ammo or a Treat Bag!  So keep on squishing!

Rigellian Alien


Be Smart About Visit Friends/Neighbors Today:
Allow your timer to reset so that first thing tomorrow morning you can start to squish Aliens to get the 90 from a friend.
The timer will reset 24hrs after you visit that neighbor.  So make sure it’s lined up with the right time when you’ll be able to visit tomorrow.  If you forget to visit today and don’t have a chance to visit until tonight, consider skipping it to allow you to visit first thing tomorrow morning.

So there you have it my friends….some tips to set you up to get ahead when Phase 3 hits!

What are YOUR strategies for getting ahead when the next phase hits?  Have you been hoarding your Treat Bags?  Have you won the Hover-Copter or are you far enough out that you’ve decided to get a head start on Phase 3?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

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  1. Add me...SpursFan44

    Just waiting on the update now. I have aobut 40 or so bags stockpiled, skipped visiting the neighbors yesterday and I haven’t squished anything since late Wendesday afternoon, so my town looks like a moving green swamp right now… C’mon Phase 3.. Got my lvl 19 stick poised to strike…

  2. I bought the “Hunting License the first day of Phase 1 !! Was a real Plus!! I have been a good “healthy” 4 1/2 days ahead of schedule with everything needed for “cash” for all items in the first 2 phases! Encourage “neighboreenos” to get the Hunting License !! 🙂 Happy Tappin’ ! stepingstair.

  3. Does the Krusty Doll have any quests? Or is it like the Mutant Peacock??


  4. As of 2 1/2 hrs before Phase 3, I have 206 Treat Bags Hoarded! I’ve had a good healthy 4 1/2 days ahead of schedule, so bring on phase 3!!! I am Ready!!! Plus, 52 “friends” who would like to be added to my Springfield, But, everyone has been “home”, all 101 to be visited, so no Dismissels lately!! 🙂 keep a Tappin in my town, and u will be a Great Neighboreenos!!! I give 3 days or more chance of “knock in’, nobody home, “Bye, Bye”! And Alohaaaaa!! Stepingstair… Great Tappers in my Springfield !! Appreciate much and Mahalo!!!! 🙂

      • Oh my!!! Did I “Rake” in a bunch of Items!! Items I didn’t even know we’re available till I saw them!! It was like Christmas!! I watched the Countdown and got right to “The Task” at Hand!!! It’s been 3 hrs and I haven’t stopped!! It’s 4 a.m. Here now, AND, I Did buy the Ghost Ship!! HAD to have it!!! Happy Tappin!!! My Adrenalin is still in High Gear!! May have to take a nap later on this afternoon, now that Baseball is done, and play this game and get packing for Hawaii soon!! Aloha soon for 3 weeks!! Mahalo for the fun of TSTO!! :). stepingstair. 🙂

  5. I reached 7100 ray guns late tonight and got a low battery alarm on my phone when I hit. The game “forgot” that I had been visiting friends… No big deal, it happens. So I got 7100 again. And my hover copter is no where to be found! I’ve checked my inventory, looked around my Springfield… Nothing. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game. No luck. I’ve never had troubles with the game before. Who can I contact at EA to get my hover copter?

  6. Happy Halloween every one!!!

    Great tips as always. I followed all of them except the one about continuing to squish. I stopped a bit ago, so that my Springfield will be at it’s max with the lil beasties. And I am sure I will still have the same chances, for a bag, egg or ammo.

  7. Abfallbestattung

    Just guessing… (and yeah, I’m german… so my english might not be the best)

    I think we will get 4 protein strings (=”currency”) per tapped alien in our hometowns. This is because I think we have a pattern here with a raising difficulty.

    Lets consider the following:
    Total amount of currency collected per day equals “X * aliens squished” + neighbour actions (=90) + Grem Aliens + UFO kills.

    Neighbour actions will always earn you 90 currency tops (or 180 with hunting license, but lets just work with pure free gaming), UFO might also bring a fix daylie amount of currency for you get ammo at a fix percentage out of the bags and then having a fix chance to get currency for a kill.

    Grem Aliens are dependant on how many friends you have and perhaps dependant of your name. It may be reasonable that players starting with the first letters of the alphabet may get more Grem Aliens just because they are the first neighbours to be tapped and sure thing sot everyone tapps through every freinds town every day. And even if they do, at the end of the friendlist there might just be no more grem eggs left.

    Following this, there is a more or less fix amount of currency earned per day, leaving the amount of currency per squished alien the only variable. Considering the raising difficulty, broken down to just numbers I get the following to get to the final prizes:

    1st phase: 673 currency/d, 3 probes per squish, equals 225 actions/d
    2nd phase: 592 currency/d, 2 guns per squish, equals 296 actions/d

    3rd phase: 1242 currency/d, 3 strings per squish, equals 414 actions/d
    3rd phase, 142 currency/d, 4 strings per squish, equals 310 actions/d

    So I guess (since many players haven’t reached the 2nd phase top prize) we will get 4 stings per squish, wich is on the one hand a slight increase in difficulty, but on the other hand still possible for most players, especially if you saved some bags. 3 strings per squish would be extreme tough. And the U.B.O. would be the only “real” prize for it is a costume and not just decoration…

    Just my 50 cent….

  8. Maudlin Monarch


    I meant DOUBLE… I dunno what a “dounle” is.

  9. Maudlin Monarch

    I’ve started saving treat bags & gremlin eggs a couple of days ago when mathematically I was not going to make the 7100 raygun quota. I read that the number of DNA strings for U.B.O. is dounle that… REALLY?!!!

    How the “how” am I supposed to get to that point?! AAARGHHH!

  10. will we have all day tomorrow to collect Ray guns or will it reset in the morning?

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