Tapped Out Premium Halloween Walkthroughs: Pirate Airship

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Yesterday EA brought a few ghosts back to Springfield…and they arrived via the Pirate Airship!  The Pirate Airship is an all new premium (and expensive premium at that) item for your Springfield!

The Pirate Airship comes with a hilarious questline…and a questline that gets some forgotten characters involved!  We’ve covered all of the basics of it here in the rundown post…but now let’s take a look at what happens if/when you purchase it for your Springfield!

This is also good for those of you that don’t want to pay the donuts for it…but are curious about the questline….

WARNING Dialogue Spoilers Ahead

pirate airship

Bad Necromance
Homer starts

Homer: Oooh, the ghosts from last year are back! They were so fun to squish!  Squish, splat squash!  Hee-hee! 
Airship: We seek vengeance on them which squished us last Halloween.
Oh. I think that might have been my son.
Homer, let me take care of this.
Yes!  Get ’em Flanders!  Exorcise the poop out of them! Finally your bible thumping gobbledy-gook will be put to good use.
Well first of all, Homer, it’s not gobbledy-gook and secondly…
Devil Flanders:
You forget I have a dark side.
*SHRIEK* DEVIL FLANDERS! So Scary!  So out of character!
Good lord!  It’s the Price of Darkness, El Diablo!  The king of Fallen Angels!  Mephistopheles himself!
Devil Flanders:
Prepare to meet thy maker! Who, by the way, is me. I’m going to tear you plank from plank!
Wait!  I invoke the pirate code of parley! You must guarantee my safety while we discuss the terms of my surrender.
Devil Flanders:
You do get that I’m the devil, right?  Not really into “codes” but whatever, let’s go.
Make Ned Parley with Ghost Pirate Airship-
24hrs, Earns $1,000, 225xp
will say Devil Flanders if  you have him
AirShip: Okay, so you’ll let us continue to sail the haunted air in exchange for us teaching young folk the thrill of cussing and drinking.
Devil Flanders: Fine, I can’t be bothered with you right now.  Award season’s coming up, my crunch time.  Everyone who forgets to thank God in their speeches officially belongs to me!

Ghost Pirates in the Sky
Sea Captain Starts

Sea Captain: Arr!  I be here to apply for the position of Ghost Pirate Captain.
AirShip: You?!  But you’re still alive!
Sea Captain: Ah, discriminating against the livin’ are ye?  The Equal Opportunity Commission shall be hearing o’this!
AirShip: Ugh, fine.  Fill out this application.
Sea Captain: No need, I’ve brought my resume.  See?  My letterhead has a wee gold-embossed anchorrr!
AirShip: Great, you be one of those.
Make Sea Captain Apply for the Ghost Captain Position- 24hrs, Earns $1,000, 225xp
AirShip: Let’s see..your resume says you have sunk over 60 ships!  That’s mighty impressive.
Sea Captain: Aye, and I’ve Captained more than 60 ships, as well.
AirShip: Wait a minute, most of the ships you sunk are the ships you Captained!
Sea Captain: Aye, I’d sail my ship into any perilous situation to chase down the white whale with which I am obsessed!
AirShip: But these aren’t whaling vessels!  They be cruise ships.
Sea Captain: Aye.  Cruise ship companies are the worst.  They’d get so salty when ye sink one o’ their precious ships.  And they really lay into ye if ye jump ahead of the passengers and take the first lifeboat to safety.
AirShip: Thank you for comin’ in.  We have yer number.

Loosely in the Sky with Pirates
Sea Captain Starts

Airship:I’ve thought it over and I’ve decided that we could use someone with your talents.
Sea Captain: Good on ye!  I knew a man of the air could recognize a fine man of the sea!
AirShip: Yes, the swab and bucket are in the back. A few of my crew got air-sick all over the deck, welcome aboard!
Make Sea Captain Swab the Ghostly Deck- 6hrs, Earns $350, 90xp

Herman starts

Herman: Rumor has it you’re looking for a ship-hand?
AirShip: Looks like yer the one who should be looking for a hand!  Ha-ha!  Get it?
Herman: We one-armed folk aren’t known for our sense of humor.
AirShip: I didn’t mean to offend.  Come aboard, there be a trove of hand-hooks in a barrel in the hold.
Make Herman Try on Hooks- 24hrs, Earns $1,000, 225xp
Herman: Look at this booty!  Muskets, cutlasses, silver-plated peg legs!  And look at all these chests of jewels and gold…Heh, heh, heh, maybe I’ll just help myself to some of this treasure and if anyone tries to stop me – I’ll unload this musket into them.
AirShip: Unfortunately, I have a Magum .50 caliber Desert Eagle pointed right at you.  So there’s that.
Herman: Fair enough, you caught me.  I guess I wasn’t cut out to be a ship-hand.
AirShip: Are you kiddin’?  It was a test, and ye passed.  If ye could see all this booty without at least attempting to steal something, ye’d be a mighty lame pirate indeed.
Herman:  Really?  So you wouldn’t mind if I helped myself to maybe one of these beautiful cutlasses?
AirShip: Oh, I’ll shoot your head clean off.  I’m always shootin’ my crew’s heads off.  Best keep that in mind.
Herman: Yes sir.

And with that the Pirate Airship questline is complete!  Not a super long one…in terms of parts…but still pretty funny!  Plus, Herman and the Sea Captain got some use again!

What do YOU think of the Pirate Airship questline?  Have you purchased it?  Will you be?  (remember it leaves our games on 11/2)  What do you think about Herman and the Sea Captain getting into the Halloween action?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

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  1. I purchased the Ghost Ship during the recent Time Traveling Toaster (T3) Event, Pirate Era. At that time, it came with Blackbeard the pirate. Blackbeard’s quest was triggered upon placing him, but I never got a questline for the Ship itself after placing it? It only occurred to me that there even WAS a questline for it when I saw Sea Captain’s greyed-out task to ‘Swab the Ghostly Deck’ (which seems to need to be accessed/unlocked via ‘Quest’).

    I see others have posted about this previously – has anyone discovered a fix for it??

    • CADYBEAR- Ditto. Just posted about it as I wanted to send Sea Cpt & realised it’s not available as it is in my A game. Did you get a solution?…💜X

  2. Not sure when it started (or should I say ended?) but the Seacaptain’s task is greyed out as “Quest”. I tried storing the ship, waiting a few days, putting it back when all characters were not doing anything… nothing changed, tried the same but then when all were busy… again no change… *sigh*

  3. Has anyone else noticed that after the recent update the ghost pirate ship has no sound effects or anything just the animation.

    That is kinda making me mad as I wouldn’t expect for something like
    An update to mess with it.

    I’m hoping they quick patch this.

    Wondering if anyone else noticed this who bought it.

    It worked well till the update.

    Honestly I’m seeing some doughnuts in the sky tonight……..

  4. Did anyone else notice that the titles are all jokes of songs? Bad Necromance is Bad Romance, Ghost Pirates in the Sky is Spirt in the Sky, Loosely in the Sky with Pirates is Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Plunderstruck is Thunderstruck. LoL

  5. Thank you guys have been so amazing like a lil family I’ll defo still be checking out the site Tsto wouldn’t be same with out the team here I’m in London but shows how one small game can unite people truly amazing wish you al the best and stay blessed my fellow tappers 😊

  6. I have good news I am no longer an addict I have not spent one penny or any donuts during this event and I know once the event is over I’ll most likely stop playing the game because I’m a completest and I have to admit this Halloween stuff has been so cool. I need to leave the game as I’m just spending money on pixels it’s crazy lol I could buy my daughter a toy or book o.just wish I could pass on all my premium items too needy freemiums 😥😥

  7. Off topic, but the good news re the Google Play patch is the game now works again on ART. Brilliant news as I was sick of the poor performance of the game when running on Dalvik.

  8. Cough* different coloured mayflower!! Cough* lazy money grabbing developers!!

  9. Buybuybuy its a pirate ghost ship for …….frak sake.

  10. As always, thank you for the run-down and walk-through — it’s always really, REALLY appreciated!

    However, 250 donuts for what’s basically just a building is too much. Had the Ghost Ship included an actual character or a couple of premium skins for existing characters, I might’ve considered it. Or if it had been 125 donuts.

  11. I have a Google store update. Any idea what it is? Don’t wanna update then lose the chance to get the last prize. Thanks!

  12. Did anyone else just get a 48mb play store update? It didn’t seem to have done anything.

  13. I want more charaters

    How or will they make the other Alien able for purchase

    • ? What other alien

    • Are you referring to Kodos? If you don’t have her already, you just need to buy the laser gun, then wait for the blue UFO to go flying by with Kodos in it and shoot it down. This leads to a quest line — and the gun (which is destroyed in the shoot-down) is replaced in your inventory so you can place it again.

  14. Thanks for sharing the questline. Funny but not 250 donuts funny! 🙂

  15. It’s just to expensive for what it gives and the quest attached. It looks amazing and I would dearly love it, but without an attached character I just believe it can’t justify it’s price.

  16. I’ve already received three Rigellian shrubs in treat bags, but in a couple of neighbours towns I’ve already seen the Rigellian Queen and the U.B.O. Are these hacked games?

  17. Ok thank you!

  18. Thank you for sharing the dialogue. That’s as close as I’ll get to seeing it. 😉

  19. What are the permenant tasks associated with this item and how long is it? I think it’s devil Flanders.

    Thank yOu.

  20. I had some doubts buying it especially after the King Homer’s Skyscraper offer but I decided to go on and buy this one. And I actually like it 😀
    It’s worth mentioning that it also gives a +5% bonus money and xp besides the 4h payout so compared to the whale (which i see a lot of people compare it to) is a way better choice.

  21. I’m sorry if this has been answered already.. but is it in phase 3 that we will be able to craft the Rigellian Tribal Hut, Rigellian Shrub & Rigellian Queen? I haven’t seen the option to craft them yet. Thanks in advance

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