Rigellian Long Protein String Calendar Phase 3

Hey there Hoppereenos. The last and Final Phase of the TSTO Halloween Event is upon us and now are sights are set on earning Long Protein Strings. So naturally that means you want some kind of guide or Calendar to help you get an idea of what totals to strive for to help you get the final two Personal Prizes.

Long Protein String

Now keep in mind that there are alternate options to getting some of the Personal Prizes BEYOND just earning them by hitting the Long Protein String goals. (As you saw with Phase 1 & 2, they are now available to create in Make A Things. So for those of you that might not make the goal in time, there will be a second chance) .  So here is the general breakdown for the Long Protein String Calendar starting the day of launch and ending the night before the TSTO Halloween Event ends (11/12 8GMT).

Rigellian Long Protein String Calendar

Here is the breakdown of the Final 10 Prizes in order…

Long Protein Strings Prize
650 Silver Treat Bagico_stor_thoh2014_silvertreatbag
1600 Gold Treat Bagico_stor_thoh2014_goldtreatbag
2250 Silver Treat Bagico_stor_thoh2014_silvertreatbag
6000 DIET Signdiet sign
6650 Silver Treat Bagico_stor_thoh2014_silvertreatbag
7600 Gold Treat Bagico_stor_thoh2014_goldtreatbag
8250 Silver Treat Bagico_stor_thoh2014_silvertreatbag
9200 Gold Treat Bagico_stor_thoh2014_goldtreatbag
10150 Gold Treat Bagico_stor_thoh2014_goldtreatbag
14900 Mr. Burns U.B.O.Mr Burns UBO

There you go. A general breakdown of 1241.66 Long Protein Strands a day for 12 days to get you close to where you want to be to earn the prizes. Where are YOU at? Do you like the final two prizes? Looking forward to Mr Burns UBO? Let us know below.


248 responses to “Rigellian Long Protein String Calendar Phase 3

  1. I paid donuts last night to get UBO and it gave me a gold treat bag and then the time was up. It still shows that I can craft it but when I try, it isn’t an option. Ughhh I was a couple hundred away!!! D****it

  2. I know its supposed to be ‘random’ but I have found that the game has been providing LPS in my favor a LOT. Every space ship that I shoot down in a neighbor’s town gives a haul of LPS and today each has been paying 50 or 60 instead of the usual 30. I’m still not close to UBO (although I may pay the difference in donuts… I have a few hours to decide). Even with the hunting license and faithfully playing several times every day, I’m about 2,000 short. Not complaining! All that I really wanted the whole time was to craft the Spooky House and win the DIET sign so I’m a happy camper!

  3. Eleven-ish hours to get 200ish more strands. It’s looking good for me. And, since I’m so close, if at the last minute I don’t have enough by just a hair, I have enough donuts for it. If it weren’t for the last minute, nothing would get done.

  4. Got the UBO and I’m officially done with this event unless I get enough candy corn to build more spooky walls. Looking forward to the next event now that I seem to have a better method of playing thanks to this website and the hard working team!

  5. Doesn’t look good for me to get to the last objective. I’m at 12089 with one day left. Sigh.

  6. I want the UBO but i’m only at 12600 will I have enough time to get all of it?

  7. Do we know how the event will end? In app or will we need to update?
    And where it says the event will end on the 12th it’s says ‘probably’. Does this mean it COULD go on longer?

  8. Just got the UBO but don’t see it anywhere in my town after pulling it out of inventory :/

  9. I play frequently everyday; maxing out my actions in friends towns, sending my trick or treaters out twice a day, releasing grem aliens and squishing all the rigellians in my town… But I’m 3 days behind on the calendar and I’ve not been able to get the prizes in the first two phases. Is there anything I’m not doing that will boost my income? I was really looking forward to UBO but I think it’s impossible for me to reach now.

  10. I just got UBO.. =)

    Its a 1000 strains per bag

  11. Idk why my post below, as “Nick”, was edited out my username in game. Anyway i updated my name as the user name.

    • Due to this is not a friend request feed. If we allow them they take over the posts and make it impossible for those seeking information on the actual post content itself to find it. Please keep your frind requests where they belong and not on details posts. 🙂

  12. I’m at 12,100 protein strings right now (11/9 @ 11:39 Eastern Time). I THINK I’m about on track, but it’s down to the wire. I guess i should have saved more treat bags from the last event… I missed out on the hovercopter anyway. pretty sure I can make it, but I’m not sure.

    Does the calendar mean we should have that many strings by the END of the day, or the start? I’ll definitely make it there by midnight tonight, but if the calendar is what we should have at the start of the day, I’m behind…

  13. So Im a few fences and 20 more chocolate bars from the spooky house. and then 50 bars from a hut. That will be all i craft from here on out.

    Im at 13400 strains… so im on a good pace to get UBO.

    I know where i messed up the first two rounds… i didnt have active neighbors. So if you guys want to add someone really active for the upcoming thanksgiving and xmas TSTO… **** Im about to clear a ton of space of dead wood.


  14. Any consensus on whether or not anything new will be added to the Make-A-Thing? I have everything but the UBO, so I was saving my treats til the end in case they sneak something in last minute? If they’re not gonna add anything new, I’ll build another pumpkin house or spooky house, but I’m holding out for any last minute additions.

  15. Advice Please!
    I missed the hover copter from Phase 2, but I was fortunate to receive the spooky house (hugo), pumpkin house (grand pumpkin), and the tribal hut (r.queen). Could you guys give me advice on whether I should save up for 1 hover copter or be able to exchange for one more set of houses/hut? (P.S. the pumpkin house was from last year :))

    • It is all really what YOU want. What would make YOU happy to see in your town months from now?

    • Unless you really want the hovercopter, I’d definitely go with the house or hut because I think they’ll continue to earn something after the event is over, while the hovercopter gives you nothing other than momentary entertainment (and takes up more land space). I got the hovercopter for free during Phase 2 and I’ve already moved it into my inventory box.

      In case it helps, one thing I’ve done when wondering if I want to get something is to check it out in one of my Friendvilles. That’s already kept me from wasting resources tho get a couple of things that I otherwise might have gotten and regretted. (You can check out the hovercopter animation by tapping on one in a Friendville, if you want to see what it does.)

    • I’m not personally a fan of the copter. I wish we could sell it or trade it. I have never seen the episode that it came from, but it seems kinda tacked on to me. I get the episode tie-in and event tie-in, but I wish some of the prizes were “spookier.”

      • Thank for your insight, really helped me a lot! Sandra, thats a great tip. The houses will keep earning and value in the long run, whereas the hover copter is really just for show. Plus, having a more complete set of houses would be visually appealing too. Krampus, I was thinking the same thing- this year’s prizes dont seem too festive!
        So it looks like the houses are the way to go, so long hover c.!

  16. I am 2 days behind collecting LPS and really don’t think I will get to burns unless EA increase the number of LPS. I was getting 150+ a day shooting down UFO’s but not one for 2 days.

    I am guessing that prizes will return in the future or stick around I really want another spooky house and hover copter but both need same treats.

    Finally what happens to unused treats? Disappear I guess or turn into XP hopefully

  17. About 3000 LPS away from the UBO. Tomorrow is going to be the deciding factor for if I can finish early for a change I never get the chance to play for the bonus prizes and I’d like to try it this time around.

  18. It just me or is the game really stingy with the chocolate bars? I’ve collected almost double of everything else but Im still 135 bars short for the great pumpkin

    • Ive had hardly any chocolate bars either, only just managed to get the pumpkin yesterday, it was the last thing I needed. I guess that’s just the gameplay.

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