Rigellian Long Protein String Calendar Phase 3

Hey there Hoppereenos. The last and Final Phase of the TSTO Halloween Event is upon us and now are sights are set on earning Long Protein Strings. So naturally that means you want some kind of guide or Calendar to help you get an idea of what totals to strive for to help you get the final two Personal Prizes.

Long Protein String

Now keep in mind that there are alternate options to getting some of the Personal Prizes BEYOND just earning them by hitting the Long Protein String goals. (As you saw with Phase 1 & 2, they are now available to create in Make A Things. So for those of you that might not make the goal in time, there will be a second chance) .  So here is the general breakdown for the Long Protein String Calendar starting the day of launch and ending the night before the TSTO Halloween Event ends (11/12 8GMT).

Rigellian Long Protein String Calendar

Here is the breakdown of the Final 10 Prizes in order…

Long Protein Strings Prize
650 Silver Treat Bagico_stor_thoh2014_silvertreatbag
1600 Gold Treat Bagico_stor_thoh2014_goldtreatbag
2250 Silver Treat Bagico_stor_thoh2014_silvertreatbag
6000 DIET Signdiet sign
6650 Silver Treat Bagico_stor_thoh2014_silvertreatbag
7600 Gold Treat Bagico_stor_thoh2014_goldtreatbag
8250 Silver Treat Bagico_stor_thoh2014_silvertreatbag
9200 Gold Treat Bagico_stor_thoh2014_goldtreatbag
10150 Gold Treat Bagico_stor_thoh2014_goldtreatbag
14900 Mr. Burns U.B.O.Mr Burns UBO

There you go. A general breakdown of 1241.66 Long Protein Strands a day for 12 days to get you close to where you want to be to earn the prizes. Where are YOU at? Do you like the final two prizes? Looking forward to Mr Burns UBO? Let us know below.


248 responses to “Rigellian Long Protein String Calendar Phase 3

  1. What about bonus this time after earning last prize?

    • Same. Bag after 750

      • Mine is a silver bag after 1000 strings. I only got UBO because I skipped the copter and hoarded my bags and eggs giving me a huge headstart. I love him – I got him yesterday. Hoping I might get enough items to craft a 2nd spooky house, but I may just settle with spooky walls when the timer runs out. I liked this event but if Thanksgiving and Christmas are the same, husband might get a bit mad about the 3am wake up alarms to squish things, hahaha.

  2. I have a hard time getting the chocolate bars. I have enough items to build either the donut torture device that I missed in phase one, OR the grand pumpkin. I cannot get both. That being said, I do have the pumpkin house from last year.
    Just built the queen too. Any advice on which one to build?

    • What one would make YOU happiest months from now? Homer eating donuts? Or Milhouse charlie brown style hangin with the pumpkin?

    • I would personally recommend the torture device, as Homer ‘ s task is pretty geat. I have the great pumpkin as well, and I love it. But if u gotta choose, u gotta choose.

      • Thanks for the help you guys! I think I might just keep playing as much as I can and decide last minute haha.

    • Personally I feel he donut torture device is more comedic. However, the grand pumpkin is only has visual value when youre tapping it. Also note that Homer’s task associated with the donut torture device is a 1d12h task, whereas Milhouse’s tasks with the grand pumpkin is a 20h(?) task. Good luck 🙂 x

  3. 10750 strains. Spent no donuts.

    Missed the donut torture device and the helicopter in both rounds… About to create one when i get 22 more chocolate bars. And that will prolly be a wrap for me this even.

  4. Not complaining or anything but I’ve given up trying to get the prizes of phase 3. Just got bored. I only need the tribal hut do regularly squish the alien but my hearts just not in it. Stonecutter was the one for me.

  5. I don’t know if I’m experiencing exceptional luck, but this event has been INCREDIBLY generous with the donuts. I just got the 30 donuts from shooting down the UFO for the fourth time. With those, plus the 20 given for completing the alien storyline along with the occasional treat bag donut, I’ve gotten probably around 150-160 donuts over the course of this event.

  6. 11,819 already and didn’t spend any dounuts.

  7. Same here 1000 gummybears. Just shot down 2 ufos guess what they gave me…. #%&&#% $& :@

    • Most of my UFOs give me brown bags. Every so often I get a silver or gold bag instead. I’m insanely jealous of the people who got donuts, but I’d take gummy bears too 😛

  8. ::Note for server admin:: why does page constantly seem to freeze even on a 5th gen iPod touch.

    Other then that I usally seem to have ok odds at the events as I am at 8,848 Long protein strings.

    I have one of each of the houses and I luckily won from bags 2 human test subjects that suspiciously look like Phillip j fry from futurama as well as 5 alien shrubs.

    Most others will prob want a few test tube guys as they look pretty cool just chilling in their pink liquid goo tubes.

    I am working on getting as many as I can. With my luck they’ll have something cool to craft for those who held off twoards the end that was unforeseen by most like the ghost pirate ship. I hope not as I’ll prob be broke on stuff.

    • Our blog is ran by WordPress. We tried other servers. MANY. They couldn’t handle the amount of traffic we have. It crashed every minute. So…we went with the one we have now. Runs smooth on my iPod Touch 5th. So…odd.

  9. And I Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate how you rarely earn extra strings through quests. Like the “Keep trick or treating” quest should earn a treat bag or some strings or something!

  10. I have over a thousand gummy bears…. They seem very useless.

  11. Are there going to be any other items to build after the hut gets unlocked?

    What do you guys suggest I build extras of once I’ve got one of everything? What are you guys spending your excess building materials on?

  12. where do you find the diet sign? i reached the goal today but i can’t find it my inventory D:

    • Usually brand new items are right at the front of the cardboard box inventory. If not…scroll through til you see decorations. They’re alphabetical.

      • hmmm.. I still can’t seem to find it… I earned the sign when I was one of my neighbors Springfield. could this be the reason?

        • Possibly…but alert EA on the matter so they can make sure you get it. 😉

        • I was in my neighbor’s Springlield too and got the DIET sign. When I was back in mine, I had a task with Homer that triggered placing it. Is your Homer busy in a task, maybe?

  13. PG Wackiest (@PGWackiest)

    Holy Hell! I’m already on 8307… no one tell my manager…

  14. Just found out im exactly one day ahead. 5 november in 1 hour here and i got 7485 strings. Saving treatbags at phase 2 has done the trick. Still this event was real hard to do and understand many players are upset.

    • I’m pretty sure hoarding my bags and eggs in event 2 therefore passing up on the helicopter is the only reason I’m going to get UBO which was my goal! So I’m happy, UBO > Helicopter

  15. Only 371 strands and one trick or treat bag before I can earn UBO and remember what sleep is.

  16. I’m playing 3 times a day and I just got less than 4700 strings this far. I have bought license and portal too, but I feel like I’ll not get the bigger prize like it happened on last two rounds.

    • You have to play at least 5 times a day, every 4 hours, otherwise you will miss a lot of protein strings as the bank is holding only up to 50 of those.

  17. I’m sorry if this has been mentioned in a post before but, if you know, how will the event end? Will it be an in-app update that stops it or an app store update. I am hoping that it is an app store update as I am a day behind and I kinda want UBO and one day more for freemium donuts through friends. I an saving for the Collider thingy and Black Hole. I will be okay if I don’t get UBO but if I can stay a while longer, I will. Thanks! (Long comment, sorry)

  18. Anyone know if the ubo will be craft able after the protein strings are gone?

  19. OK, I just unlocked the sign. At this rate, I’m ahead of schedule and a should be able to make it to the end without any problems.

  20. I’ve been about 600 ahead of pace everyday. Saving up Grem eggs and bags certainly helped, but I find it pretty easy to stay on pace with regular trick-or-treating and squishing. Got the pumpkin and the queen with her hut as well. Love it!

  21. I’ve stopped getting protein strings when I visit friends…I just hit maximum friendship (Lvl 12, supposedly). Anyone else having this problem? I really want to finish phase 3, it’s been so hard to get close to the end of the other two!

  22. I am at 5111 so I am in really good shape at the moment, I think I should have the Die(t) sign tomorrow.

  23. I have a friend who got over 28,000 ray guns and probes and now has over 18,000 protein strings. How in the hell is this possible? I don’t think they have been purchasing donuts as it would require a ridiculous amount of money and I know this person doesn’t have much. Possible glitch?? I don’t see how else you could already have that many otherwise.

  24. I know that the queen is a NPC, but do either her or the huts give a bonus or cash/xp payouts?

  25. WOO-HOO!!!! Made it to the DIET sign! Onward-ho!!!!

  26. I’m almost ready to stop trick or treating completely and start earning cash the only aspirational building I own is the Sunsphere.

  27. I should get the Die (t) sign tonight or early tomorrow.

  28. If you do the math this way–14900/5=2980 Rigellians to squish for Phase 3 vs 7100/2=3550 Rigellians to squish you’ll see that this phase is actually easier than phase 2.

    {this math doesn’t take into account of of the extras – 90 friends actions, gremaliens, items won in treat bags, and items shot down with ammo}.

    So if you got the hovercopter or were even within a couple hundred of getting it you should be able to get all the prizes this time too. Phase 1 was the easiest, but only by about 10 Rigellians a day, so if you easily got the prize Phase 1 then you should be able to get this prize too.

    It’s big if, still. I’m lucky i can log in at work even with a full time job, but I can’t get the math to add up if you have to work a full time job and miss more than 5 hours worth of Rigellians a day.

  29. Hmm im at 3300 now. Its hard to keep up. I check my town multiple times a day but its often empty… No aliens to squish.. What makes them spawn? I plant eggs and visit my neighbours daily (90 strings).. I have people in my list with now already + 10.000 strings?? What am i missing? I rotate my kids 3 times a day: 7 am 8h trick or treat – 3 pm trick or treat 11pm trick or treat.. So im doing the max i can..?

  30. Do you think there would be a chance to craft ubo if you don’t meet the deadline?

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