Happy Halloween!

This originally ran last Halloween but since our episodes remain the same…we decided to “re-run” these for you all this year!  So you can relive the THOH fun with us!  (Don’t worry we’ll still have all the necessary info up for the Alien invasion as well!) 

Hey Howdy Tappers!

Happy Halloween everyone! Today’s the day for Tricks & Treats, Pranks & Candy, Goblins & Ghouls…it’s the day we’ve been celebrating over and over again since the THOH update hit!

Here at TSTOAddicts Halloween is kind of a big deal & the Addicts writer’s have prepared a special treat for our readers today! Throughout the day we’ll be dropping in with little snippets and recaps of our favorite Treehouse of Horrors Episodes.


So it’s all treats here at TSTO Addicts, no Tricks we promise! (at least I promise. You never know what Bunny might do!)


Let’s kick things off with my favorite THOH episode. Let me preface this by saying, I’m not a big fan of Halloween itself. In fact, I know I’m a party pooper, Halloween tends to make me go ‘Bah Humbug’ around the Addicts Offices. Which usually leads to Bunny and Wookiee relentlessly harassing me!
Now before you all start throwing stones at me, let me explain why I can’t stand the ghostly holiday.  I don’t like to be scared. Plain and simple. I’d rather pee my pants from laughter than from being scared! (too much? Blame Bunny she locked me in the basement until I finished this post. I’ve got to stop drinking her “water”!)

So the fact that I don’t like to be scared (seriously I’m the one who stays up late watching CSI or Criminal Minds, then walks around my house with a kitchen knife because I think someone’s going to get me) naturally has led me to one of the funnier THOH episodes. To find it we’ll have to hop in our time machine way back to 2010, and THOH XXI. Ok so it’s not that far back, be thankful for the short trip!


First, of all (and I know this has nothing to do with my favorite episode) but the intro of THOH XXI kills me. Maybe it’s just because I’m a huge Office Fan. So the thought of the normal Simpsons couch gag entrance being replaced with Monster Mifflin just had me cracking up.

Anyway onto my favorite episode. That would have to be “War and Pieces”. When Marge is worried about how much time Bart and Milhouse are spending playing video games she insists they go up in the Attic and find a “less violent” board game to play.


After examining their options: Taffy Land, Drops and Risers, Consternation, Ravenous Ravenous Rhinos, Mouse Catch, Battle Boat, Funopoly, Crate of Apes, Yahtzu and Tiddlywonks they finally discover that old dusty game we all have in our Attic….Satan’s Path.




As Bart rolls the dice strange things start happening, Jumanji style. All of the other board games fly out the window and Mr. Funopoly comes crashing through the attic wall (what’s that about a “Banking Error” Mr. Funopoly?)

When Bart and Milhouse look outside they discover the games have come to life and are attacking Springfield.


They discover the only way to make it stop is to “finish the game”. As Bart does by attacking the crazy 8’s & catching the mouse in Mouse Catch.

Then, just like Jumanji, everything magically goes back to the way it was before they started playing. And Bart and Milhouse decide they better stick to Hangman (is there a 3?!)

Some of the funnier highlights of the episode?
Selma’s Mystery Dude:

THOH XXI 17.jpg

Homer on the Drops and Risers game:


The nerds playing hockey with the bullies:


And Rod and Todd getting Kurplunk’d (come on who doesn’t giggle at that?):


Alright you ghouls and ghoulettes that’s it from me on this ghostly day. Enjoy the treats (and hopefully not too many tricks) from the Addicts team throughout the day!

Happy Halloween! (Bah Humbug!)

12 responses to “Happy Halloween!

  1. Can anyone tell me if they’ve ever released a Simpsons DVD/Blu Ray which has all the THOH on it? In essence, a THOH anthology.

    I’ve looked for one for sale in the UK but the only way we seem to be able to get the THOH episodes is to purchase the entire season, which I do not want to do.

  2. Happy Halloween everyone!!! My Grecian goddess, scary skeleton, and dragon are super excited to get out there with their treat bags. Now to put a decent meal in them first. Just snapped up the Supercollider with black hole and most likely will nab the Ultrahouse later. Love the floating ship, but too rich for my blood….mmmmm…blood……mwa ha ha!!!!

  3. My kilt is not a costume 🙂 But they will grudgingly allow it today at work.

  4. I adore this time of year 😀 Scary movies and THOH episodes ftw! Happy Halloween everybody!

  5. Not sure if this is happening to anyone else but just before and after I crafted the alien hut, my item count was glitchy. The total amount I had/have is still the same, so now I don’t know my total amount per item since it didn’t change at all :(. At least the bar still rises and it shows “craft” when the item is ready to be crafted. Just a heads up to everyone about this in case it happens to you.

  6. To: Alissa, Bunny (aka Lite-Brite), The Wookiee and every Tapper out there,
    Happy Halloween 2014!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. HAPPY HALOWEEN EVERYONE! (Sorry Alissa but I love Halloween, will openly admit I’m a little warped) don’t think of the scary part, think about all the cute costumes. I have been a fairy on several Haloweens! Bunny, quit terrorizing her & maybe she will come around. LOL. A special holiday thank you to all three of you for all your hard work (as usual) you make this game a lot more fun & the info is appreciated!
    Also thank you to my great neighbors’ could not reach goals without everyone’s help!
    Hope everyone has a happy & safe Halloween!

    • lol you’re not warped…I seem to be one of the few that doesn’t enjoy it 😉

      Bunny will never stop terrorizing me! 😉

      Happy Halloween…have fun! 🙂

  8. Happy Halloween!!!!!! My favorite THOH episode is the Shinning one.

    No TV and no beer make homer … … (Go crazy)…Don’t mind if I do!!!


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