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So I’m sure you noticed I’ve been gone for a while. Suffice to say studying 3 history classes and anthropology with the added duties of surviving the zambie apocalypse kept this walking carpet pretty dang busy during all the Halloween festivities. As penance, I told the lady Addicts as soon as I was back that I’d knock out a few Where Did THAT Come From posts from the Halloween event. As a bonus, I was playing it just the same as all of you and boy howdy was it a doozy. Overall fun but I’m veering from my duties. With no more digression, here’s a Halloween origin for you. This post focuses on the Heck House (with some bonus goodies).

703px-Heck_House_Tapped_Out heckhouse

The Heck House was one of those items brought back this Halloween from as far back as Halloween 2012. I know everybody didn’t get this building skin for the First Church of Springfield but I still like to let y’all know where things come from. This item comes from Season 19, Episode 5: Treehouse of Horror XVIII. The segment is titled none other than “Heck House”. After some serious trick or treating around Springfield (read Pranks and Spider Pig butt to mouth for Homer), the kids end up at The First Church of Springfield which has been turned into a “haunted house”.

Heck House

Inside Flanders attempts to show the children what the consequences for sin are. They don’t take him seriously (frankly because the hokey play including Skinner stinks laughably), so he prays for the power to psychologically torture them into loving God. His prayer is answered and the children are transported to hell where Devil Flanders shows them the seven deadly sins. (Funny that Moe shows three all in one go.) Besides the origin Bunny wrote once upon a time, this is another pop-up for evil Flanders.

Heck House Devil Flanders

It also must be noted that when Hell is shown, amongst the landscape in none other than the Burns Monster.

Heck House Burns Monster

Interestingly, this part of the episode also showed kids trick or treating which should seem really familiar. You may have recognized the Halloween Costumes for Bart, Lisa, Milhouse and Nelson above. In the beginning, if you blink, you might also miss another little item from Halloween that the kids walk right past. Yay for an appearance by the Spooky Tree.

Heck House Spooky Tree

Hope you enjoyed the overview. I know some folks may be very meh about Halloween but the good news is it’s all over my friends. Hope every one is having a gabbo time at whatever their doing and Happy Tapping as always. Stay classy and I’ll be back with more soon from Halloween and all the level-up amazingness.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. I like your blog very informative but I’m not on level 47 I’m on 12 so can you help steer me some where that’ll help walk me through the game, but from level 12? Something like this cause I really like this site but it seems like since you’re on 47 that is what and where you talk about there’s no interactions with any other people where we can all chat… which would be great cause like I said I really enjoy your site but since you’re so far ahead it doesn’t help me out as much as it could. But like I said it is very good and informative especially with the search but maybe you know a place that is as good as yours I could go or your site may have the option? Thank-you.

    • Actually…use our menu links. We got tons of great info for players of all levels. Walk throughs. New tappers section. Building costs. Etc. Just take a look. Tips n tricks will be your best source.

      Also, we post info as it hits new in the game, so the latest info will be the newest. 😉

  2. Welcome back, Wookiee. You were missed while you were gone. I’m relieved to learn it wasn’t due to ill health or other dire events. As always, thanks for the refresher with this WDTCF column.

  3. I was watching milk cartons for a pic of Wookiee. Glad you’re back.

    :burrito: >-I

  4. they used to do that at my church as a kid (minus the devil flanders). They called it the “Biblical House of Horrors.” you could also “trunk or treat” out of church member’s cars. The Trunk or Treat still goes on but they stopped the “Biblical House of Horrors” after the first year in favor of a Harvest Festival carnival because the “crucifixion blood” stained the new carpet… The show, done by the youth pastor & interns, was primarily done in backlit shadow behind a curtain & narration (cain & able death, etc) but for some reason they thought it’d be cool to throw the “blood of Christ” on the kiddies with every whip He got. Yeah… that didn’t last long…

    I think it started after this episode aired if memory serves

    • I love Trunk or Treats. I dec’d my car out last year with Star Wars and had a blast. That real life Heck House sounds truly scary. Not surprised it didn’t last long.

      • Trunk or treats sounds awesome…not so much the real life heck house. If you have Hulu, the documentary that heck house is based from, Hell House, is on there…it is very disturbing IMO.

  5. First off, welcome back Wookie. We are happy to have you back, I’m sure the girls are stoked! Oh how i don’t miss college…studying, studying, and more studying…but in the end it is so worth it. I still dream of college, I figure after 8 yrs of being an RN thats what i would dream about, but no, always the test I didn’t study for.

    I have to say I’m happy the halloween event is over but THOH episodes are my favorite, and the heck house segment definitely had its moments…spoofing Hell House’s Christian halloween, The Ramones Blitzkrieg Bop, the seven deadly sins (gotta love the spaghetti monster) Funny stuff!

    Oh and jealous about the Knott’s scary farm gig, bet that was a blast!

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