Weekend Update: November 9th – 15th

“Shee’saa, beecha hoo’onky Chewbacca.

Chewie, is that you?

Ho, ho, ho. No beecha kan hoo Han Solo.”

Oh hey there tappereenos!  Wookiee goofing off as usual.  You ever hear that song by Supernova? How the heck is everybody? Miss me? So I’m back in action and told the ladies I’d knock out our regular Weekend Update for the last week’s action.  Let’s get started shall we?

weekend update wookieeAfter last Update,  we had a quiet rest of the weekend.  Did you all get into any mischief?  I know I certainly didn’t.

Alissa popped in like usual on SUNDAY and got everyone talking with the Sunday Night Open Thread.

MONDAY: Alissa started off the day right with another silly Caption This.  Did you chime in with your caption yet?  She then was right back with another great walkthrough for Halloween.

Like most of you, we were all confused by the lack of a second task for the mutant rabbit and since she’s of the hoppy long eared variety, Bunny posted all about it.  You should see her multiply and mutate lol.

Mutant Rabbit Gremlin

TUESDAY: Alissa was up first with info on crafting the Rigellian Queen and Tribal Huts.

Of course this day was less about the Best. Game. Ever and more about the amazing veterans we honor in the U.S. so Alissa had me (The Wookiee) type up a Happy Veterans Day post for the site.

Veterans Day


Much love to all our Military Vet tappers.  Of course, this is a Simpsons game site so we brought you more from Alissa the Amazing.  She let you know just how the Halloween stuff effected the Conform-O-Meter and reminded you that the Halloween Event was ending and some things to think about.

WEDNESDAY: Alissa was back with another walkthrough for Halloween.  If you missed some of the game dialogue or want to enjoy it again, this post is for you.

Bunny then hopped by with just where the Ziff Corp Building and Sign came from.


Bunny (and Alissa) bounced on in with the rundown of the new items EA dropped in on us for Level 47.

New stuff means a NEW ADD FRIENDS LIST so Alissa was right there for ya. Boy howdy do these things feel up quick!

THURSDAY: Alissa started the morning off with the turbo tapping version of the Level 47 questline.

Freddy Quimby


Bunny then let us know the random changes that came with the new level.

FRIDAY: Wookiee (so strange this third person stuff) brought some origin info for the Heck House.  Just saying this has a few extras in it.

Alissa was up next with another Turbo Tapping edition, this time for the Level 47 premium characters aka Princess Kashmir and the French Waiter.

Princess Kashmir French Waiter 1

Bunny finished off the day with helpful info for navigating the New Main Menu.

And that brings us up to date.  Do we have anything else in store for y’all today??  Well you’ll have to stick around to find out!

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And that about does it for this week here at TSTO Addicts. What did YOU think of this weeks posts? Any favorites? Any that helped you out the most? Something specific you would like to see written about or added to? Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

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  1. I’m not sure where I should post this but after I updated my IPad to remove Halloween I noticed that the Drive In pays out in minutes/seconds instead of hours. I placed it on a 3 hr task and logged out. I logged back in because I forgot to clear out my Krustyland. I tested this 3 more times and the same thing happened. I’m not complaining, but was wondering if anyone has noticed this? Trying to figure out if there a syncing issue or not?

  2. Good to see you back wooks

  3. Didn’t see anything posts from you guys about it, but for me Witch Marge and Devil Flanders are paying at premium rates for me…

  4. Tapped out should have a hay update
    Gay Colonel who kidnapped Moleman 70 donuts

    Julio and Grady’s apartment 906,000

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