Where Did THAT Come From – Puritan Flanders & Outdoor Feast Table

Turkey turkey turkey gobble gobble gobble turkey gobble turkey gobble gobble…

Mmmmmmm…. turkey.  Hey hey my friends!  Wookiee balancing a laptop on the remainders of his Turkey feast stomach and wondering why anyone would pardon Mac, Cheese or a Tofurkey?  Tryptophan be darned, I love me some food. But this post isn’t about delicious turkey deep-fried and delicious, it’s about Puritan Flanders and the Open Feast Table.

Puritan Ned 1 Outdoor Feast Table

These two items came to us for the 2014 Thanksgiving event and I like them a lot.  Not only do they feature in a great Simpsons episode, but we all got them for my favorite number… FREE!

Usually I try not to do the two-fer where did that come from posts but since they both appeared in the same episode, I figured I’d save us all some time.  For their origin, we head on over to “The Wettest Stories Ever Told” (S17:E18).  This is a three segment episode but the first one centers around a Simpsonized version of the American Pilgrim Story.

Homer joins a widowed Marge and her children on the Gayflower, errr, Mayflower (Homer does call it that at one point) and the first Puritan he meets is none other than Ned Flandish, captain of the ship.  Homer wants a booze cruise but the Puritans have no place for drunkenness, colorful clothes, dreaming or poetry.

Puritan Flanders

It’s the recitation of “if you write a sonnet, keep it under your bonnet”  and subsequent self-flagellation that brings us Puritan Ned’s 4 hour self-punishment task. Apparently prose is no bueno (also thinking of women as women lol).

Puritan Flanders 2

The segment is pretty great. I could outline the entire thing but it’s really worth the 12 minutes of your life.  Suffice to say, Moe has a part in wanting to be Midge’s beaux, people get drunk and Homer drunk-drives the Mayflower to the New World.  It’s at the First Thanksgiving, that we see the Outdoor Feast Table.

Outdoor Feast Table

As the story goes, the Pilgrims and Natives feasted together.  I’m pretty sure they didn’t give the Natives the biggest slice of pumpkin pie but the other things Ned says did happen.  True history is often not pretty.  Whipped topping anyone?

Outdoor Feast Table 2

And that’s it my friends.  Two rad items added to our games for all of us to enjoy. Hope everyone is enjoying their games and had a great holiday if you celebrate it. Just to make this post all-inclusive… here are Puritan Flanders’ tasks.


Read Revelation Passages Inside Flanders House 60 min $70 17 XP
Self-Punish Outside N/A 4 hrs $175 45 XP
Attend a Peace Fest Outside Outdoor Feast Table 10 hrs $700 180 XP
Perform an Exorcism Inside Brown House 12 hrs $420 100 XP
Use the Heimlich Machine Outside Req. Heimlich Machine 16 hrs $750 200 XP
Petition to Cancel Christmas Inside Town Hall 24 hrs $600 150 XP


TTFN… Wookiee out!

23 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Puritan Flanders & Outdoor Feast Table

  1. I’m wondering what to do. I have about 10 friends that haven’t played since before halloween ended. Theses are my 1st friends since I started playing the games. Xmas is coming up & want to get all that it has to offer. Things I hope they bring for Xmas candy cane man, lighted fences, reindeers, Xmas tree that looked like merge from the Xmas episode Where she gets drafted, elves.

  2. How do we get to these free items? I don’t have them in inventory and no tasks are assigned to complete? All 11/29 tasks are complete, all Characters are not doing any tasks. Thank you.

  3. My ideas for Xmas 2014 Event:
    Holiday-O-Wheel (Spin Tokens, also from XMAS 2013)
    NEW CHARACTERS: Mona Simpson, Herb, Mr. Bouvier, Mr. Muntz and that kid who was Bart’s stepbrother
    NEW BUILDINGS: Old Simpson Farm, Springfield Mall 2, Costington’s 2 (With Mr. Costingon II)
    Scating Rink 2
    Santa’s Village II and III
    Snowball III
    SLH II
    DECOS: Nut Cracker Pros
    Giant Christmas Chocolate (DONUTS)

  4. Thanks Wookie. I hope you are right, though. 😉

  5. I haven’t seen a question yet today…is this normal?

  6. Hey TSTO Addicts team,
    Any thoughts on the Xmas release date?
    Last 2 years were Dec 10 and Dec 5.
    Looking forward to my first Xmas in Springfield. 🙂

  7. Never mind!

  8. Is there a quest for today? I thought there was somposed to be one everyday through Monday.

  9. Is there any real difference between “normal” Flanders and “Puritan” Flanders??

  10. I think he also appears in the toh segment where marge patty and selma are witches

  11. What does the table do now? Something Conform-o-meter related I presume.

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