Where Did THAT Come From – Sequel Stop

So it’s Grand Theft Auto and not Otto? Man… I’ve been doing this all wrong…

So… the holiday event is still upon us and by now everyone is well into Phase II of the TSTO Christmas Event. The Feds are gone and our game’s are now an edition of Elves Gone Wild. Anyone besides me enjoy giving that little mooner his comeuppance? Anywho… with new stuff comes my promise to let you know just where the items come from in The Simpsons universe. For this edition, we’ll take a look at the Sequel Stop.


When you collect 6500 elf bells in phase 2 of the TSTO Christmas Event, this building is added to your town. In a new twist, EA decided to pull an object from a different area of The Simpsons… their video games. The Simpsons has inspired many video games but one of the most recent was The Simpsons Game. It was available on Nintendo DS, Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. I personally enjoyed it on my Xbox 360 and it’s probably my fave of all of the available games because EA managed to make the game look like the cartoon’s animation. I remember being wowed by it when I first played on Christmas Day 2007.

The Simpsons Game

The Sequel Stop happens to be a video game store in the game. Bart attempts to buy a video game called Grand Theft Scratchy. Marge is outraged by the game’s senseless violence and  level 4 entails gathering an angry mob to stop the game. Lisa is right there helping her mom. Lots of fun.


Speaking of fun, this post gave me the chance to dust off my game console and play a round just to get some screen shots for you. The level to find the Sequel Stop is Level 5: Mob Rules.  I had a blast whacking Grand Theft Scratchy fans, floats and a statue all over Downtown Springfield. By the end, Marge’s angry mob included Flanders, Hibbert, Krabappel, Frink, Lenny, Carl, Cletus, Moe, Reverend Lovejoy, Snake, Jasper and many more. A total of 20 if I remember right. You know angry mobs are one of those classic Simpsons affairs so what’s not to love? Really a fun level and thanks to all you readers for the impetus to replay it. Just saying… if you own it, play it again. If you don’t, buy it or look it up on MyTube… I’m sure someone recorded the gameplay.

The Simpsons Game Sequel Stop

NERD NOTE: To see what the Grand Theft Scratchy: Blood Island game looks like, play Level 12 of The Simpsons Game.  Here’s a couple images I grabbed for you.

Grand Theft Scratchy Blood Island

BONUS NERD NOTE: I’d also like to point out that the Grand Theft Scratchy game is canon for The Simpsons. In “The Food Wife” (S23:E5), it’s just one of the many games at the E4 Convention. The version in the show is Itchy City Stories so the game appears to be a successful franchise like the video game it lampoons.

Grand Theft Scratchy Itchy City Stories

That’s really about it friends. The Sequel Stop earns $75 and 7 XP every 3 hours for “Selling Overpriced Video Games”. Seeing as its origin is yet another EA property, this may just be more advertising for an EA game. It certainly got me loving it again. Well… that’s it my friends. What do you think? Have you played the game it’s from? Like that they’re reaching beyond episodes for TSTO stuff? Hope y’all are staying classy and enjoying the event so far.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. I was late starting TS:TO and missed out on the shops Sequel Stop and Blocko, I was wondering if there was anyway possible to pick them up after the fact. If so please comment and let know either way because if I can I would love to have one or both of those shops especially since I’m a huge fan of video games (Sequel Stop) and Legos (Blocko)

  2. I got my Sequel Stop and placed right where the Elf Cannon is. Figured that out where it came from “The Simpsons Game – Mob Rules”.

  3. Coooool! I didn’t know of this game before and excited that I can get it for my under used DS! And bonus, I like buying older games because previously owned = cheap games. Double yay!

  4. This is awesome. One of these days I’ll break out my own Playstation 2 and hook it up to the whatsits and the doohickies and the whatnots, right after I stop by my local Sequel Stop (heh) for a copy of this game of course, provided they have it there (oh please have it there). I’ve been meaning to hook that thing up anyway.

    I wish I had noticed the animation while it was happening in my own town – I think probably due to the time, my SF residents were completing the task when I couldn’t tend to them like I would on a weekend, so I sadly didn’t notice the animation of the store…I did end up noticing it while in a neighbor’s town, and promptly kicked myself for not catching it sooner once I realized what task the neighbor was probably doing. Hopefully EA will keep these popular demands for more animation opportunities in mind like they so successfully did with Stonecutters…*cough*EA read this*cough*…

  5. Thanks!
    I also wish that at least a few characters had a permanent task for it. While we’re at it, every building should have at least one character with a permanent task to activate the animation. I wonder when I’ll finally get to see my skating rink (that I just bought with donuts) going…

  6. I lovesd Simpson Hit and Run too. I love how they’re branching to games for stuff, I kinda dig it.

  7. I really liked that game but I didn’t get that far in it. This encouraged me to play some of it today. 😀

  8. I was wondering the origin, I’m surprised, but really love it soooo I guess I’ll let it pass that it wasn’t in an episode. Perhaps it’ll be in a future episode to appease!

  9. Thanks for the info Wookiee! My own personal favorite Simpsons game of the past was The Simpsons, Hit and Run. I spent many hours playing that enjoyable game.

  10. Interesting info! Would never have known the origin of this building, as I’ve never played the video game.

    I just wish, as so many others have posted too, that the two-hour task for this building was permanent because the building had a really nice animation and I could really use a two-hour task for a lot of my characters! Oh well….I guess we’ll get to see this building “come alive” every once in a while when something makes that happen to all of the buildings at once (it’s the only time I get to see the Knowledgium and So Chemistri animations, too!).

  11. Hmm I never played it, maybe I should get it from the original stop shop

  12. Does it bother anyone else that the screen shows images only during the mission after placing Sequel Stop? I wish it would work all the time.

  13. Excellent post!!! In The Simpsons Game appeared a lot of buildings now available in Tapped Out, I only hope EA remember the characters walking in the Springfield Hub to bring us more characters like Charlie (power plant worker), Sam, Larry (barflies), Sarah Wiggum, Helen Lovejoy, Martin Prince Sr., the wiseguy, the jewish old man and more.

  14. I was so excited to see this being a prize. I remember hours (days) of enjoyable game time.

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