Where Did THAT Come From – Annual Gift Man

Woo hoo! Dance party at the Steel Mill… oh wait, that’s not what this post is about. Errr… awkward. Anywho… How y’all doing? I’m back for yet another origin post from the 2014 TSTO Christmas Event. With new stuff comes my promise to let you know just where the items come from in The Simpsons universe. For this edition, we’ll take a look at Annual Gift Man.


So who is our new Robot Santa? According to Comic Book Guy in TSTO, Annual Gift Man lives on the moon, delivers presents to children and fights giant monsters in Tokyo with his rocket launchers. Interesting but is that it for our prize we earn for 10,100 elf bells? No way my friends. Let’s head on over to Season 8, Episode 15: “Homer’s Phobia” for more info.

A business scheme by Bart results in an exorbitant gas bill. When their savings fall to China lol, the family decides to sell an old family heirloom at the Springfield Mall. The best store for this… Cockamamie’s owned by John.


This episode is great with John Waters’ character and Homer. We learn John collects toy robots and may be in a relationship with Smithers. We also see Annual Gift Man in the back of John’s convertible. CBG is right, he IS from Japan and lives on the moon.

Annual Gift Man

The rest of the episode revolves around John’s flamboyance and Homer’s attempts at ensuring Bart doesn’t play for the pink team. I’m glad Homer tries even if he’s being silly because we also get the Ajax Steel Mill, Roscoe and The Anvil from this episode. I count that as a major win.


The episode also features an appearance by Santa’s Village and Reindeer. They turn out to be pretty ferocious.

Santa's Village

Thank goodness Annual Gift Man and John show up to save them. His brutal sound, resemblance to the reindeers’ cruel master and rockets that shoot out of his hands save Homer and Bart.

Annual Gift Man 2Annual Gift Man 3

So that’s it. I’m thrilled to have this NPC in my town but I also count “Homer’s Phobia” among my favorite Simpsons episodes. Hope y’all are having great luck snagging those bells and stay classy like usual. Like the episode, this post is dedicated to the Steelworkers of America… keep reaching for that rainbow!

TTFN… Wookiee out!

P.S. It must be said that AGM makes me miss Robot Santa Claus from Futurama. That’s definitely who I think of when I see this character toddle around.

6 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Annual Gift Man

  1. Bring on John and a Cockamamie store please!

  2. Dang! Now I want the Ajax Steel Mill!

  3. I thought it was the Santa from Futurama when I took a quick glance at him at the start of the event.

  4. I also thought of Robot Santa Claus from Futurama to and I’m holding out hope for a Futurama version of this game. THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME!

    • i don’t think there will be a futurama version, just because it doesn’t have so much stuff and different buildings as the Simpsons has. It has a lot but not enough for a game, i fear.

      but i also hope it will eventually come.

      • At least a futurama event, like adding another smaller map like KL where you could build your own New-New-York. That would be nice.

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