Silly Santa’s Sack Q&A

Hey there Hoppereenos!!

So we wanted to do ANOTHER post on the Santa’s Sack Giveaway we did. YES!! ANOTHER!!! Lol. But if you read below, I think you will understand why…

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As we were reading through the comments by all you AMAZING fellow Addicts, we were laughing, giggling, and reminiscing right along with you. We wanted SO badly on many occasions to respond back, but just had to withhold to keep that randomizer happy.

So we decided to go back through and pull some of our favorites (well… there was a LOT… 300+ on each day… so we had to limit ourselves) and put them here. This way we all can take one more look at them, respond to them, and maybe get the giggles again.

Sit back and enjoy as we dive deep into Santa’s Sack… again. Lol 😉


Today, we want to know… What was your favorite gift when you were a child? 

Bunny: LOTS of great answers on this one. Laughter, tears, question marks. Lol. Here are few…

Safi: On the First Day of Santa’s Sack, my Addicts gave to me, one wacky Willie’s rake! (Stay tuned for more Santa’s Sack poetry the next six days)
Favourite gift as a child was my Nintendo. It came with Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt!

Bunny: LOTS of game systems as favs. Not surprising… yah bunch of Nerds!! 😛 I still say Atari was prob my fav, but NES was most definitely a blast too. Stupid Dog laughin at me for missing a frakkin duck. But it DID bring me my first start to my fav games… ZELDA!


kazzbot: We were pretty poor when I was growing up but my favourite gift was from my Grandma, she made me her famous lemonbutter spread and wrapped the jar in a hanky she had made with my name hand stitched on it …… it was the best gift because it was made with love ….. and her lemonbutter was like OMG in your mouth!

Bunny: Gifts made with love are the best. I want some Lemonbutter now. 😉


Phillip Katz: The Millenium Falcom action figure vehicle and set. It was the most amazing thing ever. So big, so grand, and I had to wait all 8 days of Hannukah to open it.

Bunny: Did you say Star Wars???!! These were HIGHLY sought after gifts by Tomboy younger me (still today too… LEGO Death Star OMG!!!).We didn’t have money when I was young, so to get just one was a treat. I think a few of us round here were happy to get such gifts. Lol.


Patrick: The Dragonlance Legends trilogy of books by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Given to me by my sister and I have been an avid reader ever since.

Bunny: OOOOooooooh Books!!! I was such a different kid (adult too. Lol). I played hard, loved outdoors, Geeky Nerd… but then I would curl up in a corner and read a book. LOVE books. Would drive teachers nuts as I was on a College Reading Level in Grade School. They just couldn’t find anything “age appropriate” for me on that level. Lol. I can put away a novel in one afternoon if it intrigues me.


dohhomerdoh: Without a doubt… Castle Grayskull!!! Was just telling my 4 year old son about He-Man the other day (he wanted to know what my favorite toys were when I was little) and then just last night we watched the first He-Man episode together. Bonding time 🙂
Of course the Nintendo NES and years later the Sega Genesis were pretty sweet too!



Caryn: My favorite gift as a kid was a Cabbage Patch Doll!

Bunny: My Aunt was an amazing seamstress and would make soft versions of these for us. Matching clothes, hair, eye color. It was pretty cool. They are in mint condition to this day… as I didn’t play with dolls too much. Lol.


AlegnaH: Happy Holidays to m’y favorite addicts! My favorite gift as a kid??? Actually, as a kid I was always less excited about the presents as I was to be performing in all of the plays and concerts. I started at the age of 4 singing and acting on stage! One of my favorite gifts ever though was when I was around 7. I received Tiffany and a Debbie Gibson cassette tapes. For 6 months after I was singing the songs and choreographing dances to them… Then I made all my girlfriends learn them and put on shows with me for our families! 

Bunny: “… I think we’re alone now… doesn’t seem to be anyone one around…”


Claireh: My fav present was a pink bike… I spent all Christmas looking at it, wanting to ride it. Got to ride it the next day (Boxing Day for us in uk, and loved it…. Until I crashed into a horse trailer…. Scratched the bike and lost 2 front teeth (but the tooth fairy came so not all bad!)

Bunny: I think for most of us as kids, getting something on wheels was awesome. Be it a bike, trike, Big Wheel, etc. Lol.


Today, we want to know… What is your favorite color

Bunny: It is amazing to me to see so many having the same favorite colors. Lol. Black & Red here. BLACK IS A FRAKKIN COLOR!!! Wanna fight about it? 😛 Extra giggles for Python references. 😉

Alissa: Green. Didn’t you know?

Wookiee: Yellow, the color of sunshine, insanity and my favorite cartoon characters.


Today, we want to know… Chocolate? White, Milk, or Dark?

Bunny: MMMMMMMMmmmmm Choc ooooooo late!!! ****Drool**** The darker the better for me.

Alissa: Meh. Not really a chocolate fan.

Wookiee: White chocolate but I also like Zebra popcorn.

Today, we want to know… Coke or Pepsi

Bunny: FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!! Lol. You all cracked me up on this one. (Whatever happened to Crystal Pepsi?) Growing up we weren’t allowed soda pop. Only on really rare occasions. I never really cared much for it. I don’t drink it that much. More a water, juice, and tea fan myself. Infused waters help to break the same ol’ boring water again and again.

Alissa: Diet Coke.

Wookiee: All I wanted was a Pepsi.

Today, we want to know… Where is Bunny? 

Alissa: Locked up in my basement!

Wookiee: When you find her, ask her about my missing cheetos.

Bunny: First off, for our new readers… HI! I am Bunny. If you want to know about me or the other Addicts… take a peek HERE.

So, funny story on this one… a not so with it Bunny was losing her mind and forgot to finish the sentence… “Where is Bunny’s home?” WAS the one I meant to post. No matter… this one cracked me up so much.

A few silly things taken from this one… y’all think I party WAAAAAY too much. Don’t I wish that was the truth. Also… thanks a lot EA for mass shut down… it most definitely added a funny twist to this day’s answers.

Here are a few I really giggled at…

jpwishbone: Give me her Apple ID and password and I’ll find out.

Bunny: Ummmmm …. NO! Lol. I don’t need anyone taking my monies I need for sprinklies or tracking my every move. 😛


Sorrel: Box number 3, if you hold the button down till the lights stop, you’ll find her!

Bunny: HAHAHAHA someone pays attention to my posts. 😉


The_Monotreme: Bunny is in Redwood Shores CA, threatening a confused security guard at EA headquarters…

Bunny: I wish it was as easy. Lol. I am glad lots of you realize that we do go to EA … a LOT… on behalf of ALL the players. We are players too, so we feel it when the game goes down. ESPECIALLY when we need to get info for posts we are writing. Lol. All these “Bunny storming EA” comments did make me giggle.


Cguy: Ha, a better question is “Where is Bunny NOT?”
…in sync
…in her right mind
…in town
…in compos mentis
Just kidding!

Bunny: HA!! Only you would come up with something so …. clever?  😛


Today, we want to know… What is Alissa’s favorite candy? 

Bunny: For our newer readers, Alissa is one of the 3 Addicts Team Members here. I put this in here to see if someone could guess her fav candy that I bring especially for her. Nope. Lol. I like to think of myself as her Candy Pusher. Or as her Hubby calls me… her Enabler. 😉

Alissa: My favorite candy is Red Vines and Strawberry (only) Mentos that Bunny gets for me and brings them when she visits. They probably taste better because they came from her.

Wookiee: Oooh, oooh… I knew this one… Alissa loves the frshmaker red vines, right?


Today, we want to know… (feel free to answer all or pick just one)

Is this real? Or is this just Fantasy? 
Red Pill? Or Blue Pill? 
What is the Ultimate Question?
How much Wookiee could a Wookiee Chuck  chuck if a Wookiee Chuck could chuck Wookiee? 

Alissa: MORE Geek stuff Bunny?!  😉

Bunny: Just some silly quotes always stuck in my head and this one turn out AWESOME! Laughed so hard at them all. You can truly tell this place is a great  Geek/Nerd Community and I love it!!

Wookiee: Way too many great geek things to pick just a few.  Love how someone mentioned Chuck Norris, Queen, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and much more.  Definitely know I’m in the right community based on all the answers. As for Wookieechucks, no such thing.  Only one The Wookiee that I know of and the doctor says I shouldn’t chuck myself.


There you have a general recap of what was a great week of Giveaway’s and brought, I believe, all of us some great moments and laughter. What did YOU think of it all?

Feel free to elaborate on these all some more. Add in your thoughts in the comments here. (Or even tap on the days to go to the original Giveaway posts and add responses to the comments there. We reopened them for posting now that the Winners are already chosen. So comment more if you’d like.) We love hearing from you!

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  1. Not sure if I’m supposed to ask this type of question here,but how come it won’t let me update? After I try to, I get a message saying the Simpson’s cannot update due to an error. What’s the problem?

  2. Hilarious stuff… I was off the grid for most of the Santa’s Sack questions. Sadly most of the funny answers are “taken”. I’ll revisit to see if I can throw any platypus wisdom at them.

  3. That cracks me up that the “Where is Bunny?” question was unintentional. It had the best responses! Great follow up post. 🙂

  4. Re: Wookie & Pepsi,

    Thanks for the blast of the past! It’s literally been years since I heard some Suicidal Tendencies!

  5. Weekly open threads need these kinds of questions posed at the start…..

    • HAHAHAHAHAHA. I know what happened to it, I was giggling because a few comments brought it back up. But that article did crack me up. Thanks. 🙂

  6. So much fun! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Please add need a few more bells in next hour not enough time or fire power please add.

  8. It’s so funny, I was just going to post a comment in the last Santa’s Sack thread to ask how you the would have answered those questions! It looks like y’all answered a few of them above (chocolate, Coke/Pepsi, and Alissa’s favorite candy, but what about the others? It’s not too late! 🙂

  9. Wookie, +1 for the ST reference

  10. Bluedestroyer82

    That should go on next years Santa’s Sack

  11. Bluedestroyer82

    Well, I grew up on the Death Star, and I was a stormtrooper. Currently, I live in Springfield, USA, and am that guy you always see in the background. Unless you don’t look in the background. Then you don’t know who I am. But if you are observant, you will see me. BUT I ALWAYS SEE YOU. Sorry. A little creepy there.

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