53 responses to “New Year, New Addicts!!

  1. SoapBoxSocrates

    Black tshirts with imagery OR text is my prototypical garb preference… Anything overly blatantly “marketing” … I avoid. I prefer just be clever or obscure. Plus sized options are nearly always missing from those implementations though… Zip up hoodies, absolutely… ’60s/70s Hippie clothes? I endorse always. Old hippie parkas,… All the better.

    Small merch? Create your own … Yes! Especially things y’all find fun and funny even if we don’t!

    Frame-worthy images/pictures… Yes!
    Toys and keepsake key chains… Yes!
    Portable “sent on assignments for X time” notifier … Yes!
    Game/character referenceable kinnigits… Absolutely!!
    Anti-motivational style anything… Cmon…done.
    Servers down anti-panic devices… A must.
    Any way plausible to be able to get the infrastructure to be able to physically build a “my Springfield” at home would be nerdvana.

    Any and all non-infringing on EA/Simpsons/etc items as long as you just don’t disservice yerselves by generating the same ol prototypical items anywhere has… Flashlights, pens, mouse pads, tumblrs, useless to implement stickers, magnets, buttons, etc… But all things laughably geeky are always welcome.

    Just be better than cog of generic consumerism! It’s ThinkGeek meets Threadless and XKCD with TSTOADDICTS theology, but with Plaid golf caps, facetiously derisive humor and addiction prevalent undertones… Adult schwag for all us children at heart with a touch of the prebuilt neuroses inherent to why we’re all here together.

  2. Bunny, Alissa, Wookie: You guys rock. Thank you for all you to help us all enjoy this silly little game even more. 🙂

  3. Milo really captured you guys in cartoon form, I love it! If there was a coffee mug I’d be all over that. What better accessory to go with my morning coffee and tap? 🙂
    More info on the meet and greet please!

  4. Love the girl on girl action. Let’s have more!!

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