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Episode 93- 10 Year TSTO Anniversary Special- Return of The Wookiee

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Welcome to Addicts Live!  We hope you enjoy this week’s episode, as much as we enjoyed putting it together…

The Addicts Crew is back again with an all-new episode of Addicts Live! Join Alissa and Safi as we celebrate 10 years of Tapped Out! (can you believe it’s been 10 years?!) In our final part of this anniversary celebration, we’re joined by the one, the only…Wookiee! We wrap up the TSTO Anniversary with a look back at the history of various events, changes in the game, the eras of TSTO, and a never before given (by us) history of TSTO Blogging sites! You do not want to miss the fun of this episode!

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Show Notes:

You Can Find the How-To on Wookiee’s Mega Prison Here

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Addicts Art Gallery

Hey there Hoppereenos!

By now I’m sure most of you have noticed our ever changing Banners on the site. We are very lucky and grateful to have met an artist that really gets us and our sense of humor. He’s not even in the same country nor has he ever met us in person.

In return, we’ve been given some pretty cool artistic versions of Wookiee, Alissa, and myself … Bunny to place on our site and other items (like T-shirts… Who wants a T-Shirt?). Many of you have been requesting to see them all in one place, so I wanted to share them with you all. In an Addicts Art Gallery.

Addicts Logo Alissa Bunny Wookiee PNG

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Where Did THAT Come From: U.B.O

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?

Mr Burns UBO Mr Burns UBO I bring you loveMr Burns UBO 1  
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Hey there all you Love Birds!

Well, it’s that time of year again where the commercials playing on TV guilt every person in the world to spend LOTS and LOTS of money on the one day they actually remember to do something nice for their Love.

That’s how it goes, right? Lol. 😉

Addicts Valentine 2

Psst don’t forget to log into TSTO today for your free gift!

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Diary of a Wookiee: Stonecutter Downtime Valentine Edition

Hey hey hey Addictereenos! How’s life?

So… in the midst of this downtime period for EA, I figured I’d pop in with my two cents. Gonna ramble about Stonecutters, EA downtime and my thoughts on the Valentine’s Update. Nothing game specific but figured I’d chime in with some thoughts if you were interested. If not, just smile and wave boys, smile and wave.

Wookiee PNG

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Happy New Year from the Addicts!

2014-12-30 19.35.53

Hey Howdy Hey New Year’s Party Animals!

Well it’s officially midnight here on the east coast and that means….hello 2015!! Are any of our favorite Tappers still sober?!  Are we?!  😉

As with all major holidays around here we thought it’d be fun to take a look into our personal lives and share with our favorite Addicts our resolutions for 2015!  Hey maybe this will force us to all stick to them!  (you can check out our resolutions from 2014 and see if we stuck to them here)

So here goes…first up Wookiee’s plans for 2015: Continue reading

Wookiee’s Favorite Halloween

Here’s our final Halloween installment.  Remember this was originally posted last Halloween.  And this one is PERFECT for this particular Halloween Event! (I swear sometimes Wookiee has ESP!)  Hope you enjoyed our Halloween memories throughout the day…and hope you had an awesome Halloween…filled with Candy and fun! 


Hey there!  How are my favorite Addicts doing?

Well, the day is upon us…  Hallowe’en aka All Hallow’s Eve.  I am so happy people took the Celtic festivity and it metamorphosed into the event it is today. While I’m aware that America seems to take this to excess (we like to Super Size things lol), I’m glad we do because it includes The Simpsons TOH episodes.

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Diary of a Wookiee: A Guinea Pig Ramble

Guinea pig, guinea pig, let me in…
Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin….

Well I’m huffing and puffing but no matter what I do, those dang pigs won’t come out of their house.  Wookieetown was once bustling with these cute little fuzzballs but alas, I ate them all.  Lisa had me excited with her 8 hr task at the Rescue Center but I must admit I was disappointed that this task was only a one-time deal.  No matter how I tap on the building, I only hear those poor cute piggys squeal and nothing more.  I really liked this building animation and hope to see it return.  (hint hint EA)

Fawn Over Rescued Guinea Pigs

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Krustyland and Potential Awesomeness

Well hello there Addicts and welcome to another Wookiee report on The Krustiest Place on Earth!

So, some of you know that I am blessed to live near one of the real Krustylands in Southern California.  Just for fun, I even wrote a little about Krustyland in Hollywood.  The other Krustyland is in Florida and part of an entire Springfield recreation.  Thanks to dumb luck, I actually visited there last year and wrote about it just for you.

That’s all neither here nor there but with the appearance of Krustyland in one of the latest Simpsons episodes (S25:E14, “Winter of His Content”) and Bunny’s Springfield Show-Off Post, I’m not only excited about designing my Krustyland but salivating over new things we could get in the future.

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