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And in recent news… more articles I’ve saved up from the last week.  While I know anyone with fingers, the internet and the desire can Oogle and post about Simpsons News, I also know some folks don’t think about the Best. Show. Ever. as often as me.  Not a day goes by where I don’t experience real life and think, there’s a Simpsons episode about that.  I know… I’m weird.  Anywho… the interweb has had a lot of stuff recently and I thought I’d share.  I wrote a quick blurb for each but of course, the articles are where the whole info is.

Addicts News

First up, something for all my science nerds.  If I told you two scientific journals accepted a paper from Mrs. Krabappel and Maggie, you’d probably think I was just describing the next weird Simpsons episode starring Elon Musk but sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up.

The ethernet must work… nuff said.  Next up is some old news republished a little bit ago about a Simpsons spin-off that was once planned.  While I agree it’s good they didn’t do this, I can’t help but wonder what the show would have been like.  If you really are jonesing for spin-offs though, just watch Season 8, Episode 24: “The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase”.

Now for something more recent.  Did you hear about Pharrell Williams doing a cameo on The Simpsons in February?  So happy it looks like he’ll be wearing his big hat.

Of course, Simpsons nerds like me know Homer is a big Thomas Edison fan (just watch Season 10, Episode 2: “The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace”). Remember Homer’s electric hammer?  Well, someone awesome remembered it too and made it real!

Gotta love ze Germans.  Speaking of Germany, the next article bears on one of the low points of world history.  I almost didn’t include this article but with the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and the fact I am a history major in college, I felt this Simpsons art needed to be included.  If the holocaust is a sensitive subject, just skip by it.  Just remember, we always need to remember the good with the bad lest we forget what human beings are capable of.

Last up in a far less depressing subject, information on just what those zany Simpsons writers eat.  Double snake wine?  A hobbit reference? Walrus mustaches?  Color me intrigued and mildly hungry.

So food is family but like the writers of The Simpsons, this fuzzball should probably ene this round of Simpsons news and spend time with his familia… or eat them… whichever comes first.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. Pixel Clip made by a couple of Aussies on our favourite oootoob

  2. Is anybody else having problems placing the old abandoned warehouse? It just unlocked for me, and I’ve made land available, but stays red, and not green. Just curious.

  3. The Palombo art is shocking, yes, but they are powerful images that do not trivialise the horrors of the holocaust, quite the opposite. Personally I am ‘glad’ I clicked on the link. It is a horrible piece of history that is all too easily swept under the rug (in a desire, not to forget, but to avoid remembering). As the artist said, images like this are an important way to show the younger members of society what happened and to ensure it never happens again.
    Thanks Wookie.

  4. classisdismissed

    hi! when do you think the valentine’s day update will hit?

  5. No, I never thought you changed it! Not at all! Just a weird auto correct glitch after I’d proof read my written text, and then hit post, that made no sense. I just want it to say polemics instead of pencils . Thanks for asking for clarification Bunny. 😉

  6. Regarding Maggie’s paper, hilarious. Even more hilarious would be if someone ever cited that paper as a reference for their own paper, and were then found out….

    Private note to geeks and nerds: Read Maggie’s paper (follow the links above). Read all of it, even the dry parts. You’ll be glad you did.

  7. Not sure as to what you are talking about… did you WANT us to edit it to the correct one? Or did you think WE changed it to pencils? I can tell you we did NOT touch it. It is… as you posted it.

  8. I admit right out of the gate that the Simpsons/Jews in concentration camps was no draw so I have not seen what they actually did at that site. Thanks for giving that consideration.

    That said, I was a social worker with many elderly individuals who had concentration camp tattoos and horrifying stories, on the rare occasions when they opened up about it. Of course I won’t share any heartbreaking details here.

    My mother’s family had the unfortunate reality of having a German name from Protestant ancestors who all emigrated from the kingdom of Hanover in the 1850s, not from Germany. They were horridly taunted – for being Zjews and/or Germans – in New Jersey during WW1 simply for their name.

    What both my social work clients and my family members wanted was simply to move on and have the grace of leaving the pain and labels behind.

    I think there is an exquisitely delicate line between keeping the righteous memorials to the past injustices alive and the dangerous generalizing perceptions of later generations who have no frame of refernce for the context of those times. When such things enter iconic pop culture it becomes very dicey, and can easily and unintentionally become polemics that kids can perceive as balanced truths.

  9. I don’t really know if you are even interested in this, but I have some Simpsons news too. The video game “Minecraft” on Xbox 360/ Xbox One is coming out with a Simpsons skin pack in late February. This means they are going to allow people to dress up as many different Simpsons characters in the game. Not many details were given, but it will be $1.99 and I think I may get it.

  10. If there were a spinoff we may not have had Futurama. And then what. Although a show revolving around Comic Book Guy woulda been epic.

  11. Very Interesting!

  12. Love the first link! (Even read some of the paper they submitted.)

    Not a fan of the Holocaust one…they really didn’t need to have done that – overstepped the bounds IMO (although I defend their right to do it).

    And I’ll definitely be sure to avoid the double-snake wine! 😝

  13. I don’t think it could have gone any greater with the scientific journal bit. How awesome was it that he used Maggie and Edna to show the truth behind these sleazy journals. I have one too many friends who have been working on getting published for their PhDs or in their field of work, I was clueless of this scam…wonder if they are as well?!? This infuriates me that there are so many people out there who prey on others for a dollar.
    Spinoff, meh? Think it may have caused the Simpsons to fizzle out, that would have broken my heart.
    Pharrell, awesome! Been a fan of his since the late 90s
    The Electric Hammer is awesome. Love that episode.
    The art done by Palombo was incredible. “Never Again” , hear, hear!

    Question for Wookie: I watched “Fury” last night. I love war movies, really enjoyed it. Plus the “Never Again” pieces. Hurts my heart!
    This is probably a silly question, but as Colin Powell says “There’s no such thing as a stupid question, only stupid answers” so on with the stupid answer. 😛 Do you think that cinema (movies, tv, even the history channel) has anything to do with why we haven’t had WWIII??
    In some instances, they (writers, directors, producers, etc.) truly try to depict what war and suffering really is, what has happened in times of war. It is brutal and terrifying, and that’s just on television. I know we could never get the full reality of it all, even from documentaries, but it is scary watching it, couldn’t imagine living it, how many could…so I guess that’s my point. Has it scared us out of war?. I would really like your thoughts as a history major, a soldier (lots of love and thanks for serving our country) and as a fuzzy (autocorrect tried to change it to fussy) ball of love.

    • Wow… now that’s a question. Having served I can say war is hell and thankfully most of my service was on the safer side. I have too many friends that will never be the same for their service… they are my heroes. Sure I love comic books but I know a guy who is the real Capt America. Before I get too mushy I guess I’d just say I think it is good for movies to depict as closely as possible what war is really like. Unfortunately, I think some people become desensitized or trick themselves into thinking they “know” what it’s like. It may play a small part but not sure if it really matters. I personally feel WWIII/nuclear war hasn’t happened because nobody crazy enough has started it. A third world war would be awful for everyone and the planet if it started. My thoughts are the fear of obliterating the life-sustaining properties of our planet have tempered the crazy. Dystopian sci-fi certainly has shown some possible scenarios if the buttons got pushed. As a history major, I know history repeats itself over and over because people never really learn. I guess I just hope it does well after all my descendants have moved on to greener pastures. Not sure if that answered your question. I could have written much more but wanted to try and stay concise. Hopefully my thoughts blef through the rambling.

      • Wookie, thanks on the answer, I really do appreciate you giving my silly question a thought. I had never thought that TV/media could have that much affect on people’s take on war but the other night after watching Fury that popped in my head…my god, if movies, like Fury, Saving Private Ryan, Full Metal Jacket, Apocalypse Now, don’t shake one to the core, that frightens me, like you said many are desensitized, one too many are across the globe. .
        I agree with you on what you said about WWIII/nuclear war, no one being crazy enough…it’s over once it comes to that. Ugh, the thought makes me nauseated. Sometimes I almost wish I wasn’t so aware, almost…
        Growing up, my father worked at the Armed Forces Retirement Home on the MS gulf coast, cool thing about my dad he loved having his family with him at all functions. He was in charge of resident affairs there, so after 24 1/2 years (would still be if Hurricane Katrina had not shown up) many of the 500 or so residents became family. A lot of really incredible men and women, a lot of touching and heart wrenching stories. I now work as a registered nurse. I’ve had the pleasure of caring for soldiers. You guys are so tough, you take what’s thrown at you with such grace and strength.
        I am a very optimistic person. At 35, I have a lot of friends who want a change in the world. I hope one day it will all come together, people will pull their head out of the dark hole it’s in, and make a difference. Let us all realize that no matter our gender, race, religion, we need to come together and stop all of this ridiculousness.
        Sorry for the rant, signing off now. I know the semester has started so you have plenty to read! Plus lots of TSTOaddiscts to tend to.

        • Well I’m 34 and it sounds like we agree so that’s two steps in the right direction for our generation. Nursing is tough work, my hats off to you. My pleasure to read your comment. Take care.

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