Addicts Mail Bag!!

Hey there Hoppereenos!!

Just wanted to bounce on by with a HUGE THANK YOU!! Not too long ago, and at the request of some of our AMAZING Readers, Addicts opened up their mailbox. Since then we have started to get some pretty amazing Mail.TSTO Addicts Mail

We got a few Christmas Cards, notes, letters, and even a really cool Post Card from the artist’s wife. Each one put a HUGE smile on our faces. 🙂

On a personal side note, I have received my first Pen Pal Letter and was so happy and giggly. I LOVE HAND WRITTEN LETTERS. It is a lost art form in my mind. So much more personal and so much more fun. I think it’s that anticipation of the wait. Wait to get one, open it, read it, send one back… then wait again. So much fun. 😉

I am in the midst of writing back as we speak and this letter is going to be well traveled before even being mailed off. Lol. (It’s going with me around the country until I am done writing my response.)

So once again… THANK YOU!!! (Sorry this is a lil delayed, time got away from me and just finished a massive move from one place to another.)

kcpixel538 (Tell your man I LOVE his art work. It is AMAZING!)

K (The Zebras had me giggling for a long while.)

alterrock (Such a cute lil card 😉 )

fmurdog2728 (Look for a friend request from me if you don’t have it let me know)

dominogurl184(Look for a friend request from me if you don’t have it let me know)

benpierce (Awwww I love the Peanuts!)

jthielien5209 (You are welcome. )

wilki1999 (You know we adore you 😉 )

Gibbs Family (Card was beautiful. Letter very sweet too.)

Forbesville (OMG GROMIT!)

Brian (The individual cards were adorable. Thanks for the Handwritten “Letter”.  Something coming your way soon. 😉 )

Keboe (You think 9 months is long? We are almost to the year mark!)

darylefab (Thanks for the letter. 😉  Request sent)

If YOU would like to drop us a note, a silly picture, a cookie?, anything at all… feel free to send it along to us. (Bunny is ALWAYS looking forward to handwritten letters.) You can send letters to any of us that you want. We just LOVE hearing from you!! I am keeping every single card in a safe place until I can get them put together in a cool display. 🙂 

TSTO Addicts (or Alissa/Bunny/Wookiee)
c/o Up All Night LLC
1780 West 9000 South
Suite 153
West Jordan, UT

To make all this even better, we would LOVE to talk with you in person. (Alissa promises she will keep Bunny chained to the room so she can’t run off and hide. Just make sure you got some Cheetos in your pocket and you might be able to get Wookiee’s attention.) So if you will be in the New Jersey Area around the end of March come join us for some laughs and other fun surprises. Details on the Meet & Greet HERE!

So whether you like to read, write, or join… ALL are welcome at the Addicts!! WE LOVE AND ADORE YOU ALL!!

Alissa, Bunny, & Wookiee

Alissa Bunny Wookiee St Patrick's Day



39 responses to “Addicts Mail Bag!!

  1. OrdinarilyBob

    Congrats on the correspondence!

    Love the St.Pat’s Day pic. Kudos to your new artist.

  2. Barbara M Phelps

    I would like to thank Allissa, Bunny, Wookie and everyone else at TSTO Addicts for all the help you’ve given me as I near level 49. I know this doesn’t mean I’ve completed the game or anything of the sort especially since my Springfield is more congested than a hypochondriac with bronchitis. But I’d just like to express my appreciation for the tips and tricks, walkthroughs, add-me pages, and all the other help that has assisted me along the way. I particularly love the “Where did THAT come from” e-mails because (to be honest) I haven’t seen a new episode of The Simpson’s since I had my wreck causing my quadriplegia. That’s been over four years ago and the facility I reside in doesn’t provide the FOX network (yeah, nursing homes suck that bad). That being said WdTcf often takes me back to episodes that I remember from previous years. I’m 35 years old so I even remember clips on the Tracy Ullman Show, kinda proves I been there from the beginning…..hehe. Anyway the point is that you guys are great and I’m still having fun so thanks. Dustinphel821

    • We are more than happy to help out and grateful that our site brings you so much joy. 😉

      It is what we set out to do. To help others and have fun while doing it.

  3. I can’t tap homer 10 times to get jebidiah statue. Any suggestions

    • Zoom in on Homer. Start his myPad task. Tap on him once and bring up the box that shows the countdown for the task. Then continue tapping on him repeatedly. Do not clear the box counting down off. Keep that up. And make sure your tapping Homer…be careful of what’s around him. (which is why you should zoom in on him)

  4. Oh I’m so glad you got our cards, hope you liked them. I love this web site, hope y’all keep it going.
    No I have not received your friends request but thanks anyway.

  5. sistertoabrony

    Once I can afford the postage to the states I shall send something your way.

  6. So, with the three of you in separate parts of the country, if someone does mail you a cookie, who gets it?

  7. Will crafting items go away at the end of part 2?

    • As far as we can tell…no

      • Good. I am 4 capes and 10 hand cuffs away from crafting ALL Items. I know I can get 4 capes in 45 hours, but I will not get 10 hand cuffs. I will still ask, between the Loft and the Store Front, which would you choose, ‘cuz “I a-ain’t a gonna risk loozin out” by not crafting.

  8. Questiony the Question Mark

    Dear Bunny, Alissa, and/or Wookiee,

    What’s a wookiee?

    Questiony the Question Mark
    (pen name)

  9. Hey i sent an email the other day just wonderin if u got the screenshots? ?

  10. Question is the only way to get a neighbor request for yall by mailing a letter? I ask because I sent an email in December twice, Alissa did confirm yall got it but I never received a response or a neighbor request. I know yall are busy and I have lots of patience. But just wondering the process.

    • Nope a lot of times we’re just full in our towns at the moment. We always keep them though, and when we delete players for inactivity we add from that list 🙂

  11. Helen says Bart’s a child and he’s not I’m 10 too so I’m not a child anyone over 8 should not be considered a child I mean would you call a 10 year old or 17 year old a child cause biogically I’m ot

    • Ask yourself that question again, in 10 years.

    • The term “child” isn’t a negative one…it’s not the same as “childish.” The dictionary defines a child as a human being who’s between birth and puberty. (So, no, the 17 year old isn’t a child, but, yes, Bart is one.) “Childish” is a different thing… I’ve known plenty of grownups who are quite childish!

      Being a child can be really cool…there are times that I wish I could be a child again for a little while! So, enjoy it while you can and don’t be in a hurry to grow up – you only get to be a child for a small fraction of your life!

    • I have really enjoyed having cats live with me my whole life, for a lot of different reasons. One of the interesting things is how they grow up faster and become teenagers and then “college” age and then mature & settled and finally kind of creaky & extra sweet. All the stages are beautiful and they each have their strengths. Be where you are and don’t be in too big of a hurry, because I think time will fly by a little faster than you want it to.

  12. You guys need to come out to So Cal, maybe come to Comic-Con in San Diego or WonderCon in Anahiem……… 😛

  13. Iv gone through your menu and I didn’t see a listing for the friendship prizes. Think you guys could add one? I was tryn to figure out what I have to look forward to. I’m a little behind on them. Thanks

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