TSTO Anonymous: I’m sorry… soooooooo sorry

Heya Superfriends!

Wookiee back with another meeting of TSTO Anonymous for all my fellow addicted superheroes, vigilantes, caped crusaders and supervillains.  Usually during an event, right around this time, I see lots of disgruntled comments but it seems like this event is uber popular (as it should be to Geeks like me).  Without the normal need for a cup of sunshine to drive away the proverbial Kryptonite dragging you down, I figured we’d have a more upbeat meeting this time.  Maybe a little humor, some insight or maybe just some rambling by yours truly.  Who knows? I’ll just welcome you to the meeting and see where it goes.  Make sure you find the right room.

TSTO Anonymous

Oh good… you made it!  So, while I was trying to think of a good topic for today, I tapped away in my town.  Dang I love bonking those criminals on the head. Whether in skull caps or rainbow clown fros, it’s just very satisfying.  Oh wait, I accidently tried to smoosh President Lincoln.  Sorry Abe… nothing personal.  I know you’re not wearing a kaleidoscopic wig but your black presidential garb does look strikingly like a criminal when I’m being unobservant.  Yes I appreciate your accomplishments during the U.S. civil war… what do you mean I’m an ignorant walking carpet?  Jeesh… why can’t Mr. Honesty in a Hawaiian shirt just accept my apology?

And then inspiration hit me… forgiveness.  Isn’t that one of the 12 steps of this program?  I double checked the very first post ever for TSTO Anon and lo and behold it is.  Step Nine: (FORGIVENESS) Made direct amends to such characters wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or just not make any sense.

Well, Elton John may have sang that “Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word” but I’m going to give it my best shot.  Since it’s always a good idea to start your apologies with the women in your life… here I go…


Miss Booberella… I am so sorry for mistaking your beautiful vampiric form for a criminal.  There are so many reasons I’d beg you to forget my tapping but for now I’ll only give two, errr… I mean three.  I love you.


Marjorie… my sweet.  I know your Homer’s sweetie but when you dress up in all black and Elphaba’s make-up, I’m quite certain the sky finger can’t help but hit on you.  I’m so sorry dear and beautiful Witch Marge.  I will endeavor to be more diligent in the future.

Father Sean

Yo yo yo padre.  I couldn’t help seeing your sweet rapping skills and giving you a high five with my finger.  Just an FYI… if you ride your sweet motorbike more often, I might try to squish you less.  Both me and you have a thing for your man Jebus so hopefully we can let bygones be bygones.


Don Vittorio.  As Vito said to Don Corleone, “”I knew that Santino was going to have to go through all this. And Fredo – well… Fredo was well… But I never… I never wanted this for you. I work my whole life, I don’t apologize, to take care of my family. And I refused – to be a fool – dancing on the string, held by all those bigshots. I don’t apologize, that’s my life ,but I thought that when it was your time that you would be the one to hold the strings. Senator Corleone. Governor – Corleone, or something…

Hopefully that clears up this confusion and we can fuhgedaboutit.  Please pass on my condolences to Legs and Louie as well.  A tap or two may have mistakenly gone astray towards those goodfellas also.



Don’t judge me to harshly Judge Snyder.  A tap or two among friends is nice right?  You know I’m the fuzzball who loves to help you keep in shape and go on those 24-hour vacays.  I seriously dig your casting skills.  Nice brown pants btw. Hopefully the “clown is down” for this forgiveness arraignment.

French Waiter Practice General Rudeness 1

Sorry to say Frenchie but I’m really not to sorry.  Your country’s revolution and Napoleonic warlord have been cloggin my brain at present courtesy of an upcoming midterm and it’s left me none too cheerful.  Also, your clumsy antics do sometimes look like the criminals tippy toeing in town.  Sorry for ocassionally giving you a friendly little jab.  I’d apologize more I suppose if I didn’t know it’s pronounced Chowdah!


Mr. President.  Unlike the aforementioned Napoleon, you were a great General who after being appointed leader of a free nation, stepped down to live out your days.  You didn’t want to be king.  No, you were more than willing to live out your days chopping down cherry trees and hunting for Hans Sprungfeld in my town for the rest of your days.  I am deeply sorry for mistakenly tapping you.  Out of this whole slew of characters, you are the least crimnalistic of the lot.  My apologies and kudos for being you.  You’re a real American hero.  Thanks for being the cool G Dub.

And last but not least… ol’ Honest Abe…


You know, you ARE one of my favorite U.S. Presidents but I’m still smarting over that walking carpet remark.  What do you mean the voices I’ve been hearing are all in my head?  That’s it, it’s time for a long period of manual labor in Wookieetown.  No more Hawaiian shirt relaxation for you to save you from being smacked by the almighty Hand of Justice.  I’m sure I’ll forgive YOU later.

It’s kinda funny to me that this list of characters for the most part could all be considered criminals just like the banditos we’ve been clearing in our towns.  A seductive late-nigh horror hostess, a witch, a priest, the mafia, a judge, a French waiter and two presidents.  You think EA is trying to say something.  I’d say the connotation comes from the color black but Johnny Cash is no criminal and he’s the Man in Black.

Anywho… I’d love to hear your thoughts about my randomness.  Got any characters you should apologize to?  It doesn’t have to be just for resembling criminals.  I could probably write even more for all those one-finger push-ups I’ve made Willy do, etc.

Criminal          criminalclown_front_walk_image_4

We could also address real apologies if you like.  I am sorry I haven’t been around this site as much because of school, etc.  I am sorry EA wasn’t able to please everyone with the content of the event but I’m not sorry for what I think is an amazing round of content this go around.  Sure the collecting for the Collector buildings is a skoshi slow but in the midst of everything else, I am super stoked for this goodness.  Besides, those buildings aren’t even the best things from it.  I guess I could also find my loved ones I’ve neglected with blogging, studying and work and let them know I apologize for Time. Well. Spent. but the best part of love is never having to say you’re sorry.  Well that and doing your best to really not mess up lol.

While I don’t think it’s necessary to bust out your rolodex and start apologizing to everyone you’ve ever harmed, it couldn’t hurt to apologize to someone, pixellated or not.  In Stephen King’s Carrie, he wrote that “sorry is the Kool-Aid of human emtoions.”  I guess in this case it’s good to drink the Kool-Aid?  If nothing else, you could use this ramble as an excuse to bust out that dusty Hasbro board game in your closet.  You know… the one that wasn’t made into a movie.

Sorry Board GameWhat do y’all think?  Sound off below with your thoughts or just to let me know I’m crazy. I assure you I know but the reinforcement never hurts.  I hope y’all are enjoying the superhero event as much as I am.  Like always, we end this meeting with the TSTO Anonymous Serenity Prayer:

“EA, grant me the serenity to accept the updates I cannot change, the courage to recommend the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Stay classy, much love and TTFN… Wookiee out!

105 responses to “TSTO Anonymous: I’m sorry… soooooooo sorry

  1. Totally unrelated, but can anyone HELP please.
    Somehow I have missed starting the Investorettes Pt 1 quest.
    Can anyone tell me how I can start this on level 50.???
    Is there a better place to ask these questions?
    Thanks in advance.
    Many thanks.

    • Do you have Luann?

      • No I don’t have Luann.
        What can I do?

        • You can’t do anything. There are specific questlines for specific Characters. Luann has to be purchased in order to be able to be able to do that particular questline for the Investorettes.

          And to answer your other question, you are welcome to use our handy search tool to look for the answer and if you are unable to locate it already on our site, feel free to place your question on a post similar in content or just our random Q&A section. We will help all we can. 😉

  2. Hahaha so happy you made this post! I’ve had the same going through my head, especially in neighbors’ towns. I own Louie and Legs a whole closet of apologies…

  3. emma or emurphy318

    Since this event has started I have to apologize to whoever pays the electric bill at El Chemistri, Nighthawk, and Sequel Stop. I know I shouldn’t flash your lights constantly, but I just can’t help myself! Also a very sincere apology to Giuseppe’s neighbors for all the fireworks; this kinda counts as a “holiday”, right? 😉

  4. I’m sorry, Selma, but your hair looks like a clown wig.

  5. I’m sorry for tapping Smithers while he’s whipping it. I know he must hate it

  6. Craig (ibuylow2014)

    Love means never having to say “I’m sorry.”

  7. I’m sry for tapping Sanjay’s pants.

    Wrong event.

  8. I’d like to apologize to the neighbors I’ve had to replace during this event. Normally I have a 2 week grace period but being able to visit my neighbors during this event is really important to me and I’m forced to expect a little more game play. I hope your 4 day vacay has been nice, I’ve missed you, please forgive me for making new friends. :-*

    • Oooh ruthless ….I just can’t do that…..I think maybe they gone away for a weekend ….. Or maybe their phone broke .

      • I know. Believe me, there’s guilt every time. I console myself with the thought that it’ll be easy for them to replace me when they return. No harm no foul?

  9. I love this event SO MUCH. There are no words. Even the thing you highlight here with the black clad characters is fun… a bit Where’sWaldoish

  10. Not bothered about tapping wrong characters but I been thinking for about a week…..

    Will the game seem boring when this event is over ? ? ?

    • Like other events, first, everyone will slow down just a bit. Then they’ll start complaining that there is nothing to do. Then the next event will start (possibly around Easter). And then it will be non-stop tapping again. 🙂

  11. Bartman’s waiting for Martin. Bartman’s waiting for Martin. Bartman’s waiting for Martin. Bartman’s waiting for Martin.
    Must not send Bartman on a task. Must not send Bartman on a task. Must not send Bartman on a task. Must not send Bartman on a task.


    Why is Bartman so keen to test his gadgets? I’m a doofus.

  12. Quick question: we can craft buildings until the end of the event, right? We won’t lose that option when issue three starts? I’d like to collect enough items to craft one of each item first then start crafting. I want to make sure I don’t miss the boat!

  13. Jessie dont go!
    Jessie dont go!
    Sorry Daisy but im a loner and a loner’s gotta be alone Hiya!
    I am sorry but i just had to say it!

  14. I’m sorry to my original tapping device — your 3.5 in. screen just hasn’t been TSTO-worthy since I picked up a Black Friday 7 in. tablet for $29 at Walmart — but I promise to make it up to you someday. Maybe a “B” game might be in your future!

  15. I apologize to Mr Teeny. To my eyes, the top of your head poking out above a building looked just like a criminal, apparently. Also, I apologize to Homer Fever Snowman’s right boot, for the same reason. Also Ralph. Also a Patio Table.

  16. I am sorry that I read this section and took offense to it.

    I am sorry to my tablet for tapping it to death! I am shocked that I have not broken the screen yet!

    I am not sorry for not being around Answer HQ or here lately, but with the new granddaughter I have been blissfully busy!

    And last but not least…..yes. You. Are. Crazy!!!!

  17. I’m sorry to all the clown wig criminals for all the awful, awful names I called them when they didn’t drop a lockpick.

  18. Wont somebody think of the brown house xmas lights still not working…

  19. I’m sorry for tapping the ones that weren’t criminals sorry you are wearing black!! I’m sorry Marge, Bart and Lisa for tapping you 10 times thinking I was going to get free donuts!! I’m sorry Database for you being bullied every night by Nelson but I like all my characters on the same timer!! I’m soooo sorry Hubby that now my only gifts are now ITunes cards for my tap out!! I love you sooo much for putting up with my addiction!!!

    • I run mines on 4 hrs usually, so while in yours Nelson bullies a lot, in mine he’s chase around with an axe by the Barbarian Homer.
      So… you know, karma 😛

  20. CapCityGoofball

    I also have to say that I tap on Lincoln and Father Sean way too much! I’ve also confused Ebenezer Burns as a criminal, so I try to keep Burns in his Stonecutter robe instead! I am definitely loving this event, and am so glad EA did this instead of V Day!

  21. I was having similar thoughts about abusing those in black…then. Like you, thought most of them are criminals anyway, so I didn’t feel so bad anymore (except Lincoln and the priest- so i have one on a motorbike and one in Hawaiian gear, to alleviate mishaps). The criminals still roam in black and get tapped for their past sins.

  22. I’m making a forced apology to my tablet. It has been switched on for about 36 hours solid, about 34 of those hours it’s had TSTO on its screen. It has now started to complain so I’ve had to switch it off and give it a rest.
    Get well soon, and I’m very sorry.

  23. Sorry, EA, for my frequent disappointment in the way you conduct this game. You got this event right……. so far. We, the tappers, like tapping. We don’t like waiting. Thanks for giving us something to do while we wait for other things to do, like actively and frequently tapping and earning things while we passively wait for other things to simply unlock. TAPPED out. Keep us busy while we’re waiting, and we’ll be happy.

  24. I would like to apologise to Akira. I know he is sick of making bonsai but I just can’t stop myself from telling him to do it. I don’t even use them, I just put them in my inventory. I think it’s because they cost donuts, everytime he makes one I feel like I am getting something for free. Anyway sorry Akira, I would like to say that things will be different one day but I seriously doubt they will.

  25. I am sorry, Nelson. Sorry that I’ve sent you to the Wod For, forgetting that you would be wearing a lavender afro wig, and that I would therefore keep trying to tap you, thinking you were a criminal. But you’re only a bully. Ha ha.

  26. fairiesnboots

    I am not sorry for tapping those of you dressed like criminals, change your clothes and I’d leave you alone! I do, however, apologize to Mr Teeny for neglecting your walks with Krusty while I’ve had him busy elsewhere.

  27. I’m just a bit curious but what are our fellow addicts’ favourite Simpsons character(s)? Mine is Bart mostly because I was around 10 when I started to really get into simpsons I have his Lego (and Bart man!!!)

    • Like Me, Alissa, and Wookiee? If so…that’ll be in our Addicts about us page In main menu. 😉

    • Well, it has to be Bart but after that I think it’s probably Dr Nick or Comic Book Guy – Dr Nick just edging it.

    • Lisa – she’s smart and sweet (but not annoyingly so) and talented, and interested in so many different things. She’s also open-minded, tolerant, and well-read and generally had a positive attitude. (Every time I send her to “Clean up Springfield,” she always utters that excited, “Yes!” (as opposed to homer who always grumbles about doing it). I really don’t understand why she’s not more popular with the other kids…I think she and I would have been great friends!

      BUT, I was surprised to find that the character who’s utterances in the game tend to make me laugh/smile the most is Eddie…I never thought much about him in the show, but I love him in the game! (I think it’s hilarious that his aspiration is to one day become Lou, lol.)

      And my absolute favorite character pair in the game is when CBG helps Agnes cross the street… It’s such a sweet animation that I use it often, even when it would be more lucrative to send them each on two 1-hour tasks, instead.

      • Lisa’s my girl too, for all the reasons mentioned! I like to think we would be in the same nerdy clubs. And we would have a band. And we would name it Sparkle Pony.

    • I’m another Lisa fan. She’s a vegan and a book nerd like me. Sometimes it alarms me how much we seem to have in common, given that she’s 8 years old and I’m 40 🙂

      • Is she vegan or just vegetarian?

        On a separate (but slightly related) note, I thought it was so touching in the recent episode where Homer parlays his remaining Dorito into that lovely salad for her. Homer can be such a jerk, but then he goes and does something like that and reminds us all that he’s really a good guy at heart. <3

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