Superheros Issue 3 Now Unlocked!

Hey Howdy Hey Super Tappers!

Issue 3 is now unlocked in the Superhero Saga!


There’s no need to download any updates..this will autostart for you IF you’ve completed Issue 2.  If you haven’t completed Issue 2 you can continue to play as you were, until you’ve finished collecting all the prizes for Issue 2.

Also note, Dr, Colossus  needs to be free for the first part.

More details below the fold…
WARNING: Mild Spoilers Ahead

If you’ve completed Issue 2 and are ready for Issue 3, Dr. Colossus  will get things started for you.

If you have not completed Issue 2 yet…don’t worry, just keep playing.  Once you’ve unlocked all the Issue 2 prizes you’ll move onto issue 3.

Note: Once Issue 3 starts you’ll unlock the rest of Dr. Colossus’ tasks.  Also, his 4hr task will now earn you Freeze Rays (10 Freeze Rays/4hrs)

The questline will stop after the 1hr task for Dr. Colossus.  Once again, like Issue 2, you’ll have to unlock more prizes to keep it going.  You won’t really have another task (beyond placing an item) until you unlock Death Mountain.

New Currency 

The currency for Issue 3 is now Freeze Rays


Collecting Freeze Rays will help you earn the prizes for Issue 3.

Remember you’ll only change currency IF you’ve completed Issue 2.  If you haven’t completed Issue 2 (ie won Dr. Colossus) you’ll be able to continue to collect Pie Bombs & the game will continue as you were originally playing. 

Issue 3 Prizes

Like other events, this one will be released in Phases.  Here are the prizes you can win for Issue 3:

Issue 3

superjeb_menuSuper Jeb- 14,000 freezeray

deathmountain_menuDeath Mountain- 37,000 freezeray
unlock_thecolliderThe Collider- 61,500 freezeray

Other Issues

Again, this will be released in phases…4 total phases, 3 prizes per phase.  So there will be a total of 12 prizes all together.  Here are the release days for each phase (so far)

Issue 2- 2/24/15 0800 GMT (3am EST)

Issue 3- 3/10/15 0800 GMT (3am EST) we’re here now

Issue 4- 3/24/15 0800 GMT (3am EST)

The understanding is that all of the other stuff will lock out on the 24th when Phase 4 launches, and the actual event itself will end on the 31st of March.  BUT you’ll have to get everything else in game before the 24th.

Character Tasks

The characters that had Pie Bomb Earning tasks will now have Freeze Ray Tasks.  Same task, just now earns Freeze Rays.  In addition Dr. Colossus will now have a Freeze Ray Earning Task, 4hrs and earns 10 Freeze Rays.

Here’s a list of who currently has Event Currency Earning Tasks:

-Pieman (also has Felon Task)
-Fallout Boy (also has Felon Task)
-Fruit Batman (ONLY on the Felon Task)
-Plopper (also has Felon Task)
-Clownface (now has a Felon Task)
-The Collector (also has a Felon task)
-Dr. Colossus

And once you unlock him, and go through a few quests, the Collider will also have a Freeze Ray Task.

New Criminals 

Right now there regular Criminal has left our game (if you’re on issue 3) and been replaced by Colossus Criminals:


Tapping on the Criminals will give you Freeze Rays (20 Freeze Rays each now, that’s up 2 from the regular criminals) and occasionally Arbitrarium (see info here) and lock picks (see info here).

The spawn rate on the Criminals is at least 1/ 5 mins and you can have a Max in your town of 30 at one time.  (there is a bank of 30 listed as well)

Note: If you see any Clown Criminals in your town, you can tap on them and they’ll pay out Freeze Rays Now.

Friend Visits 

Here’s what you can do.  You can either Arrest Criminals in their towns (Tapping on them) OR Report on them (tapping on the phones over Buildings).

Phones look like this redphone

For each arrest you make (tapping on Criminals) you’ll earn 3 Freeze Rays.

For every report you make (tapping on the Red Phones) you’ll earn 1 Freeze Ray

You can tap 3 Criminals/town AND 3 Phones per town, for a total of 12 Freeze Rays/neighbor.

Neighbors Town

Remember…90 Actions per day with Criminals.  You can still tap as many phones as you want.

Criminals in Friend’s towns will still look like the original Criminals Did.  They will not have the Clown Wigs or Goggles

Now…when you return to your Springfield if you see Radioactive Man’s Glowing Signal, if you tap on it right away you’ll get 4 Freeze Rays.  (a gift from your neighbors) Radiactive Man's Signal

Remember this will decline over time…starts at 4 then goes to 3, than 2, than 1. More neighbor details here

Remember: If you buy the Membership Card superiorsquad you’ll earn double Freeze Rays from Criminals in Neighbor’s Towns.

Superior Squad HQ


Same as before…only now your Upgrades will pay out Freeze Rays.  So wherever you are (as long as you’ve completed Issue 2) your payout will convert to Freeze Rays.  And you can continue to upgrade the HQ to get more Freeze Rays, using Arbitrarium.

More details on upgrading the HQ here.



Just like before Felons can be attacked to pay out Freeze Rays now.  Still the same 25, 75, 150 scale as it was before.

More details on Felons can be found here

Note: Clownface now has a Felon task.  

New Items

Fruit Bat-Man has returned!  He’ll cost 90 donuts and will be around until the event ends….(March 31st).

fruitbatmanFruit Bat-Man- 90 Donuts.  He can attack Felons in 3hrs.

Note: he’s was previously premium as well.  So he’s returned at the same price he was back in 2013.   He’ll also come with a questline.

Donut Bonus 

Once you’ve collected all of the prizes you’ll unlock the Bonus round, until Issue 3 hits.  For every 6,000 Freeze Rays you’ll have the chance to earn 1, 2 or 3 free donuts.

There you have it…the basic information for Issue 3 of the Superhero Event!  As always we’ll break everything down more in-depth in the coming days!  For now enjoy the fun!

What do you think of the Superhero Event?  Thoughts on Issue 3?  How about the characters?  How about the prizes released?  Anyone you’re bummed not to see yet?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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