Math Of Earning Freeze Rays

Hey there Superheroes!!

Issue 3 of the Superheroes Event has just begun and you are wondering if you’re doing it right. If you are doing all you can to get those Freeze Rays quickly. Well this post is here to help you get an idea of how to get the most out of your daily game interactions. How to get the MOST Freeze Rays you can.

freezeray criminalcolossus_victory_pose_image_4 reportcrime

To begin, all the information is very similar as in past events. The more time you spend in your game, the more chances you have at Freeze Ray Earning Actions. The more Neighbors you visit daily, along with you just playing daily… will all contribute to YOUR individual results. 

Now for the Breakdown…


criminalcolossus_victory_pose_image_4 colossuscriminal

You will start collecting Freeze Rays fairly quickly once you complete Issue 2 and your game swaps out to Issue 3 content. Then you will able to start Capturing Goggle Wearing Criminals in your own town and getting Freeze Rays from them. (You may also still have a few stragglers from the previous Criminals, no worries…once you switch over all the Event Currency switches to Freeze Rays too.)

Again, the Spawn Rate is a bit vague on just how many per Spawn, but we do at least know the following:

1 Criminal every 5 mins in your town
30 MAX allowed in your town at a time

There IS a Bank listed, but in the past we found this was sketchy and unreliable, so for player sake… I will not fully rely on it. 

Let’s take a look at what YOU can earn in your town from just the Criminals alone. Every 2 1/2 hrs you will MAX out based on the 1 every 5 mins Criminal Spawn. To make it simpler, I will show a few options At just the 2hr mark. Also as in past events, if you wait a lil bit in your town… it seems the Criminals will eventually come to where YOU are in the game.

Visit your town every 2 hours to get 24 Criminals giving 20 Freeze Rays each equals a Payout of 480 Freeze Rays every 2 hours.


480 Freeze Rays x 4 visits daily (every 2 hrs) = 1920
480 Freeze Rays x 5 visits daily (every 2 hrs) = 2400
480 Freeze Rays x 6 visits daily (every 2 hrs)= 2880
480 Freeze Rays x 7 visits daily (every 2 hrs)= 3360
480 Freeze Rays x 8 visits daily (every 2 hrs) = 3840

So as you can see, even just a minimal visit to your town every day can still yield you quite a few Freeze Rays and hit that daily average really quickly. The daily average to shoot for right now is 4731. (See the Issue 3 Calendar HERE.)

There is also an added incentive. Once you get all Issue 3 Freeze Rays (61,500), you will given the option to continue to collect Freeze Rays and get the chance at those 3 Donut Mystery Boxes containing 1/ 2/ or 3 donuts.  Each additional 6000 Freeze Rays you earn  past the 61,500 will unlock the chance. If you don’t get 3 right away, a retry will cost $150,000 Each so make sure you’re ready if needed. This will continue until Issue 4 and the new Event Currency is launched in your game. (See more info on the Calendar.)

You should have the Collector unlocked long before collecting Freeze Rays, so while tapping in the Criminals in your town, no matter what disguise they are in, you will continue to see the Arbitrarium and Pick Locks dropping from them. Sometimes one Criminal will drop all 3 items. Freeze Rays, Lock Picks, and Arbitrarium. Lock Pick Arbitrarium Freeze Ray Criminal



Now that you are in Issue 3, you should have leveled up a few more times on the HQ and be getting higher and higher payouts of …now… Freeze Rays. I hardly play one of the games and am already to Level 13 in that game. (More on the Payouts at each HQ Level HERE.)

Let’s look at a few options. I will only go up a few upgrade levels to give you an idea of how many you can get daily at even the lowest levels.

Level 10: 125 Freeze Rays every 4hrs
125 Freeze Rays x 3 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 375
125 Freeze Rays x 4 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 500
125 Freeze Rays x 5 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 625

Level 11: 135 Freeze Rays every 4hrs
135 Freeze Rays x 3 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 405
135 Freeze Rays x 4 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 540
135 Freeze Rays x 5 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 675

Level 12: 145 Freeze Rays every 4hrs
145 Freeze Rays x 3 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 435
145 Freeze Rays x 4 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 580
145 Freeze Rays x 5 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 725

Level 13: 155 Freeze Rays every 4hrs
155 Freeze Rays x 3 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 465
155 Freeze Rays x 4 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 620
155 Freeze Rays x 5 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 775

Level 14: 165 Freeze Rays every 4hrs
165 Freeze Rays x 3 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 495
165 Freeze Rays x 4 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 660
165 Freeze Rays x 5 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 825

Level 15: 175 Freeze Rays every 4hrs
175 Freeze Rays x 3 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 525
175 Freeze Rays x 4 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 700
175 Freeze Rays x 5 daily visits (every 4hrs) = 875

The more you level up, the more payout you will get. The more times you visit, the more you will get from collecting on the HQ. Just keep capturing those Criminals to get the Freeze Rays and you will get Arbitrarium too. Then you can Level Up your Super Squad HQ.

Another cool thing about the HQ is when you Level Up, your “tapping” area is expanded. This means you will get MORE Criminals in one tap as it will create a “ring” that will span out further than your tapping finger and Capture any Criminals within that radius ring. Making it so if you have 2 or more Criminals in a close range, you will get them all with one tap.

SIDE NOTE: With the Collector unlocked and you working to obtain his items, the HQ will be helping in that process by dropping Capes. I have noticed in my games that I see one of two options.

As soon as I tap on the HQ to collect, I will see the Freeze Ray Payout and a Cape pop out. Cape Super Squad HQ Freeze Rays

Or the moment I tap on the HQ, the Cape will auto collect but I will still see the Freeze Ray Payout pop out. No Cape Super Squad HQ Freeze Rays

Either way, I am still getting the Cape and Payout that I should be every 4 hours.



If you just show up daily in your town, you will be rewarded with the Event Currency for doing so via the Daily Play Combo. Each day you go into your town, you will get a higher payout until Day 5, then it will restart.

freezeraypack1Day 1: 10 Extra Freeze Rays
freezeraypack2Day 2: 20 Extra Freeze Rays
freezeraypack3Day 3: 50 Extra Freeze Rays
freezeraypack4Day 4: 100 Extra Freeze Rays
freezeraypack5Day 5: 250 Extra Freeze Rays

Just make sure you visit at least once every 24hrs and you will get the Daily Rewards.



To recap, while collecting Carbon Rods for the game, you will reach 7000 and unlock Burns State Prison in the Issue 1 Prizes.montgomeryburnsstateprison_menu

This is another way to get some Freeze Rays. First, you will need to release a Felon. (For complete details, see the Burns State Prison Post.) You will get 1 every 8hrs, so release them as soon as one spawns at the Prison so you can send Characters to defeat them as much as possible. Having MORE is a good thing as you can only send ONE Character to get rid of ONE Felon at a time.lieutenant

Once you launch into Issue 3, each time you send a Character to get rid of a Felon, you will get a payout of Freeze Rays for completing the task. The payout will depend how many “hits” the Felon has taken and how many hearts he has left.

Let’s look at the Character choices you have with Issue 3 to help clear the Felons and the Payout for each Heart Level. Your choices will vary on what Characters YOU unlocked and/or Purchased.

Felon at 3 Hearts
25 Freeze Rays (every 4 hrs) x 2 daily attempts = 50 Freeze Rays
Felon at 2 Hearts
75 Freeze Rays (every 4 hrs) x 2 daily attempts = 150 Freeze Rays
Felon at 1 Heart (1 set of Handcuffs)
150 Freeze Rays (every 4 hrs) x 2 daily attempts = 300 Freeze Rays & 2 Sets of Handcuffs.

falloutboy_practice_his_moves_active_right_image_7 Fall Out Boy

homer_pieman_fight_boss_active_right_image_7Pie Man 

comicbookguy_thecollector_fight_boss_active_left_image_4Collector (once unlocked)

krusty_clownface_fight_boss_active_image_4 Clownface 



Felon at 3 Hearts
25 Freeze Rays (every 3hrs) x 1 daily attempts = 25 Freeze Rays
Felon at 2 Hearts
75 Freeze Rays (every 3hrs) x 1 daily attempts = 75 Freeze Rays
Felon at 1 Heart (1 set of Handcuffs)
150 Freeze Rays (every 3hrs) x 1 daily attempts = 150 Freeze Rays & 1 set of Handcuffs

plopper attackSpider Pig/Plopper

Fruit Batman Punch Criminal 2Fruit Batman



As you can see having Spider Pig, Fruit Batman, and Bartman will get you more Freeze Rays with less time spent in the game. The more Felons, the more chances at getting rid of them and getting more Freeze Rays so release them from the Prison as soon as they are ready.

With The Collector is unlocked, remember the Crafting option is tossed in the mix. You will see Freeze Rays AND 1 set of Handcuffs drop everytime you COMPLETELY defeat the Felon on their last Heart. So the 150 Freeze Ray Payout & 1 set of Handcuffs. Handcuffs Felons & Freeze Rays 


Now you have a basic idea of how to get Freeze Rays from just playing daily. Now for more extras that will add to your Freeze Rays Totals.



As with previous events, you can visit your neighbors to get help with the Event Currency. Issue 3 is Freeze Rays. Now, just like any other time, you will be limited on actions as you visit Neighbors. The following is the Breakdown of your Neighbor Visit Actions.

(This will NOT start til the HQ is built and you get to New Hero Rises Part 2 during the questline in Issue 1.)

Criminal 90 Daily Actions on Capture Criminals x 3 Freeze Rays per Criminal = 270 Freeze Rays Daily. (Also with Level 50 and New FP Prizes, you will also start collecting FP for every Criminal Tapped. More in this in the Neighbor Visiting Post.)

reportcrime300 Daily Actions (you may be able to keep going after 100 Neighbors) x 1 Freeze Rays per Red Telephone = 300 Freeze Rays Daily

(Once you unlock The Collector, you will also get Red Telephones dropping randomly from tapping on the Red Telephones in your Neighbors, so keep going as long as you can to help get the Collector’s Items.)Neighbor Visits Red Telephones

The less Neighbors you have, the less Freeze Rays you will get from the Red Telephones.

This is just from visiting neighbors, but do not stop there. Once you have your FP at the MAX, you can also get that additional random FREE Donut from continuing to Capture Criminals. The amounts vary daily on what you get. The more you visit and more neighbors you have the better the odds.




If you want even MORE from your Capturing Criminals in Neighbors towns, you can invest 90 Donuts in the Superior Squad Membership and double your Criminal Freeze Rays Payout. Doubling your Payout from 3 each Action to 6 Each Action.

So instead of 270 Freeze Rays a day from 90 Criminal Captures Actions you can earn 540 Freeze Rays daily from Criminal Captures. (See the Should I Buy Post on it HERE.)Freeze Ray Neighbor Actions



Radiactive Man's Signal 1

This event is very Neighbor involved as well. When you go to a Neighbors town or they to yours and tap on that Red Telephone, it initiates the “Report Criminal” action. The one tapping on the Red Telephone gets 1 Freeze Rays for doing so and the one having their Building tapped on get an alert a Crime has been reported in their town and to hurry to respond. Radiactive Man's Signal

Now how does the payout work on the Radioactive Signal? Well as soon as the Building is tapped and the Signal launched a countdown begins. How long it takes for YOU to clear that Radioactive Signal will impact what payout YOU get. It breaks down as follows…

Signal first appears up to 3hrs 59mins = 4 Freeze Rays per Signal
4hrs to 7hrs 59mins = 3 Freeze Rays per Signal
8hrs to 11hrs 59mins= 2 Freeze Rays per Signal
12 hrs to 15hrs 59mins= 1 Freeze Rays per Signal

As you can see, the sooner you clear those Signals the higher Freeze Rays payout you will get from each one. Clear them as fast as you can and as often as you can to allow your Neighbors visiting something to Report a Crime on. If you don’t clear them, your Neighbor will see no Red Telephone and have nothing to tap on Building wise. (It is also really cool as it activates the animation on the building tapped.)

With Level 50, there are also TWO New Friend Point (FP) Prizes. So by clearing out the Radioactive Signal, you will also be collecting 1 FP each one cleared. This will help you hit that MAX again really fast as well as earning 2 cool new prizes.  (More on this in the Neighbor Post.)Freeze Rays & FP

Need MORE Neighbors? Go to our Add Friends threads to MAX out your Neighbors. 



As you go through the questlines in the Event, more and more tasks will unlock to help you earn the Event Currency. Some just after you get the Characters, some a few tasks into the questline.

Here are those Characters and their tasks that Payout Freeze Rays.

homer_pieman_victory_pose_left_image_4Pie Man: Punish Wrongdoers, 8hrs, 20 Freeze Rays

falloutboy_victory_pose_right_image_4Fall Out Boy: Practice His Moves, 4hrs, 10 Freeze Rays

unlock_plopperpigSpider Pig: Do Whatever a Spider Can, 8hrs, 30 Freeze Rays

unlock_petroleusrexPetroleus Rex: Terrorize Springfield, 8hrs, 30 Freeze Rays

krusty_clownface_fight_boss_active_image_4Clownface: Check Krusty-Brand Merchandise, 4hrs, 10 Freeze Rays

bart_bartman_go_on_patrol_active_image_4Bartman: Test Gadgets, 4hrs, 15 Freeze Rays

comicbookguy_thecollector_lament_active_right_image_3The Collector: Practice Swordsmanship, 8hrs, 20 Freeze Rays

drcolossus_activate_colosso_boots_active_right_image_4Dr. Colossus: Laugh Maniacally, 4hrs, 10 Freeze Rays

unlock_thecolliderThe Collider: Die and Come Back in the Credits, 8hrs, 20 Freeze Rays



There you have it. MANY ways to hit the targets for the Personal Prizes in Issue 3. YOU just need to put in the time and effort. It may seem like you can’t keep up as first, but as you continue to unlock more and more and get further along, it will get easier and easier.

Where are YOU on the Freeze Rays count? What items have YOU won so far from the Personal Prizes? How is your Criminal and Felon capturing going? You excited to get the Collider? Did you buy Fruit Batman? Did this help you out to not worry so much? Let us know.


45 responses to “Math Of Earning Freeze Rays

  1. What happens if I don’t get enough freeze rays in time?

  2. I’m having a weird glitch with the Collector. I send him to attack felons, and when I come back on after a few hours, it shows him having 3 hours and 59 minutes to go. Weirder yet I get a notification that the felon is done with battle four hours after I started them fighting, but when I go in it’s still ticking down.

  3. Hi Bunny, as per Dee’s comment above – Can you confirm that you will only get 1 set of handcuffs for fully defeating the felon? As the guide above says 2 for the 4hr heros (Homer Clownface, Collector etc) As I think I’ve only been getting one regardless of who does it – does it matter if eg Fallout boy does the first 4 hrs, Homer the next 4 and someones else for the 3rd?thanks

    • Please read the post again as I feel you are not taking notice of very specific points. I think you are reading too much into it.
      As per the post…

      Felon at 3 Hearts
      25 Freeze Rays (every 4 hrs) x 2 daily attempts = 50 Freeze Rays
      Felon at 2 Hearts
      75 Freeze Rays (every 4 hrs) x 2 daily attempts = 150 Freeze Rays
      Felon at 1 Heart (1 set of Handcuffs)
      150 Freeze Rays (every 4 hrs) x 2 daily attempts = 300 Freeze Rays & 2 Sets of Handcuffs.

      Please take note on the breakdown pointing out clearly at TWO DAILY ATTEMPTS
      That means TWO Felons completely defeated in one day. (It is easier to kill them off in 3 hrs than 4. You can manage two kills ~9hrs each/18hrs total~ with the Premium Characters. Where as you cut it to the second with the 4 hrs ~12 hrs each/24hrs total~)

      So TWO Felons killed times 1 handcuff per complete kill will give you two handcuffs within a day.

      Make sense?

  4. This Tapper is @ 30,000 Death Rays
    I expect to earn enough for Death Mountain this weekend
    This article – like many – is essential for Tappers to read
    Plenty of useful information 🙂

  5. I am racking up the freeze rays like no one’s business. Which brings me to this: I should have Death Mountain sometime tomorrow. Does anyone know if it is for Krustyland or for Springfield?

  6. I’m only getting one handcuff payout with homer, fallout boy. Anyone else having this problem?

  7. Great Article 🙂
    This long time Freemium Tapper is earning Friend XP & Freeze Rays with minimal effort (I’ve got 18,000 Freeze Rays, which means I got the 1st Item – Jebediah Hero Statue – yesterday). Just make sure your Hero HQ and Heroes / Villains are all on tasks that generate Freeze Rays, the rest is just being an active Tapper daily (click what you have to)!

  8. Hmmm…. With the payout rate for freeze rays only slightly higher than the pies were for criminals, and the same for signals, felons, etc. (although the H.Q. rates do keep increasing), the 6,000 needed in the “bonuts” round in Issue 3 will be harder to achieve than it was for Issue 2, I think.

  9. Should I spend donuts on Gils car deal?

  10. Well, in first 24 hours I collected 10.000 freeze rays. Now it will be less, as I had felons, signals on buildings, criminals left for Phase 3.

    Concerning handcuffs, capes – I learned that it costs 5 donuts to buy one handcuff (by Get it now choice in craft window) and 4 donuts per cape. So if you have 5 hancuffs missing for building to finish, you can buy them for 25 donuts. It is much better than speeding up felon generation, which is way overpriced (100 donuts for 8 hours, 20 donuts minimum – for just one set of handcuffs). So in case of handcuffs I suggest purchasing in build menu (if you are willing to spend donuts).

    With capes it is quite different – 4 donuts per cape in build menu is quite a lot. If you speed up HQ 4 hours countdown, it will cost you only 2 donuts and you get the cape.

    There is no need to purchase lockpicks, as these generate quite quickly. And neither is for red phones, so I did not look for their donut costs.

    Hope it helps.

  11. Gil is back!

  12. All those free donuts… now gone. Thanks Gil!

  13. Lol. Closed my game for 10 minutes to read this, and when I went back a sweet deal from Gil to buy a car titled “The Homer”. Good old Gil.

  14. Brian Q. Lehmann

    My bank has been working great this release, and it appears from the forums that most people’s are. Any idea how big the bank is, assuming it’s working? I’ve seen different numbers, some saying it maxes out at 4 hours or 5 hours.

    • It is “supposed” to be same as the MAX. So… another 30.

      • How does the bank feature work?

        • It varies on the player, which is why we stopped focusing on it. It all depends on how YOU play. If you let the game sit for hours without play, your Criminals continue to spawn til they reach MAX of 30. Then, more kind of store up in the “bank” til that hits a MAX too. Again, there is a lot of variables on how often YOU are in the game. When YOU clear the Criminals. If you even allow time for any at all to store. Then how long it takes for the game to release the Criminals in the Bank.

          So with all those extra variables and factors reliant on YOU as a player, we focus more on what we can predict… that is the main MAX of 30 Criminals. Anything above and beyond that is all in YOUR hands. 😉

  15. It wouldnt be an event without Gil trying to sell us some useless things lol. Update hit about 20mins ago.

  16. New Gil deal for The Homer vehicle at 82 donuts in-game update…

  17. is there any way to earn more handcuffs? It’s all well and good that the premium figures only need three times three hours to get one pair of handcuffs, but you get only a maximum of three felons a day (and mostly just two due to the fact that I sometimes sleep ;-(

  18. I’m less worried about freeze rays (I play every day and it goes quickly), but those darn handcuffs. Is there anyway to speed those up? The thought of getting 15 between now and the end of the event seems impossible.

    • Really no way to speed them up (unless you use a premium character that takes 3hrs instead of 4)

    • Getting two a day is very plausible. And with 12 days left in the event that’s 24.
      I know most people don’t have time to check their game all day. Honestly, if busy sometimes I pop in my game to just grab a cape from the HQ and spawn criminals or send someone to fight them, then close it out. That way I’m at least getting that, but I don’t sit and spend time clearing out my entire town.
      Just a thought, and good luck!

      • Hi Joy, thanks for that rough calculation. I didn’t notice that until now, which makes me sad. I wanted multiples of the non unique buildings- but now it looks like I wont be able to save an additional 10 handcuffs prior to the event Issue 3’s end 🙁

        I guess I will have multiple’s of the phone booths only.

      • .. I am still working towards the Zenith building.. 6 away from it.

  19. GM!!! I’m at 11,000 right now. On my way.. I read the entire post and didn’t know if you cleared the glowing signs early u get more. Thanks for that!! I snatched up Bart skin but I’m passing on Burns. I still have the City Times to craft and if I play strategically I can get it in the next two days!! I’m at 3,850 out of 5,000 for friend points for the car. I have the building it blows… (Where did that building come from lol)… I also notice a lot of people put there Orgin nsme instead of their real name.. So my name is Christal I comment daily and going forward I will use my Orgin name

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