Superhero Prize Guide: Issue 4, Prize 1 …The Rad Mobile

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Superhero Event is upon us and Springfield has been invaded with Superheros, creeping Criminals & a whole new Comic Book look!  In the final issue of the Superhero Event, it seems as though the good guys have won!  That is until Fallout Boy decides to build a statue in tribute to Radioactive Man…a statue that appears to be evil!

In the ultimate Boss Fight during Issue 4 you’ll have to fight the statue several times in order to unlock 3 all new prizes!  Each with each defeat you’ll get a little bit closer to the ultimate goal…Radioactive Man!

The first prize awarded after two statue defeats is the Rad Mobile…a superhero vehicle for your Springfield!  So let’s take a closer look at this super car and see just what happens when you unlock it in your Springfield!


WARNING Mild Dialogue Spoilers Below…

Once you’ve defeated the Statue twice you’ll automatically be awarded the Rad Mobile and you’ll see this message popup:



The Rad Mobile will be placed in your inventory so you’ll have to head over there to pull it out and place it in Springfield…

radmobile2 radmobile3

Once you’ve unlocked the Rad Mobile, some dialogue will popup between Fallout Boy and Bart with a short task to place the Rad Mobile.  Let’s take a look…

Rad Mobile

Fallout Boy: Hot bubblin’ Buick!  That’s Radioactive Man’s Car!
Place the Rad Mobile- (remember you’ll find it in your Inventory)
Bart: So if Radioactive Man can fly, why does he need a car?
Fallout Boy: I’m sure if you fly all the time you get sick of the constant satellite view of Earth.

Here are some quick specs on the Rad Mobile:


What does it Do: Another car for Springfield.  It is animated when tapped on
Size: 3×6
Conform-O-Meter: Obedience +10
Bonus %: The Rad Mobile does not offer a bonus %
Where Can I Place It?: Springfield Only, Pavement or Grass

What’s next?
More statue attacks and Kane Manor!

So that my friends is the full breakdown of The Rad Mobile!

What do you think of The Rad Mobile?  Thoughts on the questline up to this point?  Have you earned it yet?  If not how close are you?  Where have you placed it in your Springfield? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

45 responses to “Superhero Prize Guide: Issue 4, Prize 1 …The Rad Mobile

  1. I’ve just completed the Super Heroes Event and loved it from start to finish! Really fun to play and big thank you to EA for such a generous freemium event:)) Enjoying all the new additions to my town:)

  2. I just got radioactive man(yes i used my donuts, but who cares :D).

  3. Do you know why my righteousness rating would have dropped from 5 stars down to only a half a star? I have no graffiti and the criminals only come on the quest line and I clear them immediately…

    • It appears to have impacted some players. Could be a temporary glitch, and if you hard close/restart your game it’ll get fixed. Or something could have been stored helping and you didn’t realize it.

      • I have tried closing and restarting my game many times and it’s still not updating the rating. Do you think they will correct it on the next update? Its stopping me from getting the correct percentage of money and Xp

        • My thoughts is it may be something that the change back over from the event triggered. Many of your neighbors were tapping normally Vandalized houses. And most likely you were too. So… as the Event transferred over, some of those places YOU vandalized may had not been cleared yet….impacting the righteousness. Add to that the change in requirements for Righteousness in the Conform from Level 50, but most players didn’t really notice as the Righteousness was kinda “off” during Issues 1-3. In short, playing catch up. I would say add a few training walls and give it a good week for everything to level back out.

  4. I think some tappers need to be reminded that after Chapter 3 of the Superhero’s event ended you can no longer tap certain buildings without losing rating points. If there’s a spray paint can – stay away. My town is becoming a haven for all your hoodlum activity, lol. I don’t mind, I just find it funny.

  5. That Rad Mobile is…. just… RAD!!!!! *dum dum tish* 😛

  6. Does any character have a task for Blarney Castle now or is it just decoration now?

  7. I got an update earlier today! Reckon it was bug fixes! no changes i could see! Anyone else get it? i am on iphone!

  8. How come during specific times of the day all the building animations will be on all at once? Like the sequel stop video board randomly comes on. Also do you think we can start asking for more land? Springfield getting a lil tight!

    • If you’ve sent Legs, Louie, or BHL on their collect/deliver tasks they move in and out of various stores/businesses. When they’re in there (even for a brief second) the building animation briefly appears.

  9. This Tapper placed his Radioactive Mobile like the driver was ordering food at a drive thru window (like all my Cars in Springfield – Kristy Burgers, or Come n’ Go).

    This Tapper also got Kane Manor built last night. At the pace I am going, I should have the last Event Task done tonight (or tomorrow morning). I guess that still leaves us to find out what EA will do for Easter 2015 (still has nightmares about last year’s prizes lol). 😉

    • Loving what you are doing cj. If we have a break, I am thinking of nuking my town and starting over. Too many new thing placed haphazardly. I think I need a clean slate and a rethink

  10. Waah. I am still stuck on the “done” screen after the first hero battle. Waiting on a fix from EA. 🙁 My son got his Rad Mobile yesterday and is working on the next item, so I’m jealous. We’re using the same tablet and my town is stalled!!!

  11. Couldn’t resist speeding up and waiting even 2 days for Radioactive Man. He was on the top 5 requested characters for me and he’s voiced aswell! 😁

  12. anyone else got 2 rad mobiles?
    for some reason i got a second one and 3 times reports for kane manor, but only 1 building.

  13. Jeff helpenstill

    Updated to fix problems just hit!

  14. Just got an update. What gives?

  15. Its free what not to like

  16. i already got the mansion 😀

    tomorrow i will unlock the last prize

  17. I literally just got this. My sister, however, is about to get Kane Manor. I think I’ll scope out a spot for Kane Manor and place my Rad Mobile next to it.

    • I think the manor will pair beautifully with the Buddhist Temple, too bad my BT is newly, fully designated and designed into my Springfield’s city limit and will require a major overhaul to make that happen…

  18. If it comes back some day as a premium item, would it likely have a bonus % then, and, if so, would that apply to the ones we got freemium during this event? This item really seems like something that should have a bonus multiplier!

  19. Got it yesterday, it’s currently parked up by the Superior Squad HQ 🙂

  20. I had a weird glitch yesterday. When I was awarded the Rad Mobile, I placed it then exited the game. When I re-entered the game later, I was awarded it again. End result is that I now have two of them in my town. It is nice when a glitch occurs and it is to my benefit.

  21. I guess it’s great having different cars in Springfield but it really sucks you can’t actually place them on the street. That would be much cooler.

  22. This is kind of on a tangent, but please take a look at my funny screen shot of Dr Colossus laughing in front of the “Die” sign as the superheroes fight the statue.

  23. Matthew Szekeresh

    Placed mine in the parking lot area of a little shopping complex I created with the arcade and sequel stop buildings. I hope we will eventually be able to place all these superhero items in Krustyland.

  24. Are you supposed to get two of these? I unlocked it on my phone this morning (and placed it), and then captured the 30 criminals and started Fallout Boy’s research. Around noon, I logged in on my tablet and it said I unlocked another one. Is this a fortunate glitch? Or is this why it says 1/2 by Radioactive man in your first screenshot?

  25. Oh that looks so cool, I want to see the animation! But my game is broken and after the first attack on the statue it won’t let me do anything- the radioactive man task is missing and no criminals ever showed up 🙁 I’ll be bummed if I miss out on a rare car for Springfield but I’m positively a wreck worrying that I won’t get radioactive man!😭😭😭i talked to EA and they said they’re working on it so fingers crossed everything works out in time, this really has been a great event (until now).

  26. “The Rad Mobile”
    Good play on words

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