In-Game Update: Issue 4 Bug Fix

Hey Howdy Hey Super Tappers!

Looks like EA has released the patch to fix many of the problems you’re experiencing with Issue 4!

2015-03-25 19.44.25

So log into your game and make sure the latest update downloads. Β If you don’t see it download when you start up TSTO hard close and restart your game (you should also restart your device…that always helps) that should bring the download up.

Hopefully this will help MANY of you get back into the action (and you’re not far behind at all!).

If you’re still experiencing problems after you’ve done this update, we strongly recommend that you contact EA. Β Let them know what’s going on in your game, as it’s possible you may require and additional patch.

That’s in my friends…happy Boss Fighting!


79 responses to “In-Game Update: Issue 4 Bug Fix

  1. I don’t really know where to put this as it’s not really Issue 4, but I am totally incapable of moving the Radioactive Man statue. Every time I do, it crashes the game and locks me out for about 15 minutes. It’s really frustrating because now I can’t rearrange my city. I’ve done most of the troubleshooting but nothing. Just wondering if anyone else had experienced this or something similar

  2. This is not directly related to the bug fix but relates to Issue 4…

    I kind of found issue 4 uninspired and the finale a letdown. Probably the worst finale since the TV series Dexter.

  3. Do any characters go into the buildings in Zenith city?

  4. Have done everything rebooted, re installed, turned off and on, and still the final task is not there…….

    • Have you contacted EA?

      • How do you contact EA?

      • Yes i have contacted EA – THREE TIMES – i spent a load of doughnuts, as i would be away for two days, so wanted to get ahead, then it vanished, I did everything i was supposed to do, reinstall, turn off and on, then i contacted EA – they could not give a stuff to be honest, they took so long to respond on the second message, even after asking “hello, is anyone there” and waiting for 5 minutes, i closed the window, at least they did say hello to start the chat, but virtually nothing after – I then contacted them this morning, went through it all again – only to have the operative say they would put me back on the correct level – I am already on the correct level, i explained AGAIN, about the task vanishing and losing a load of doughnuts, and after 20 minutes, his answer – come back later, is this really the way to keep players happy, NO, i wont be spending anymore real money, so they lose out, and to be honest, if that is their attitude, i might not bother with the game again.

  5. Will we be able to store the Radioactive Man statue after the epilogue?

  6. Off topic sorry, but what’s the best freemium building to buy to increase consumersium I’m having a hard time maxing that out. Thanks.

  7. This Tapper is done with his final quest with Fall Out Boy and now has Radioactive Man flying around my Springfield fighting crime (this is the first task you will get once you obtain Radioactive Man and it’s a 24 hour task) ….

    I have not had any unusual bugs in this game except for the typical network problem that still persists (you would think after 3 years EA would solve this problem, but noooooooo!) …..

  8. I used a few donuts to hurry it up a bit on my A-game, and some post-event things I noticed about the Radioactive Man statue:
    – The characters who have prime positions fighting the big-boss (Pie Man, Fallout Boy, Bartman, Fruit Bat Man, The Collector, Clownface, and Plopper) do have the 10 hour ‘Train for Future Conflicts’ task available after the whole thing is over. The amount of XP and prize money for each depends on whether they were premium ($525 and 135XP) or not ($350 / 90 XP).
    – If you select one of the statue states that is not pristine or utterly destroyed, it will do the animation again when these characters attack it.
    – The add-on heroes — Milhouse dressed as Faux Fallout Boy, Stupid Sexy Flanders, Princess Martin, Moog Moe — do NOT have the training task available after the end.

  9. What’s the deal with the super collider?….is it apart of the radioactive man’s quests?

  10. Is this a bug? I can not get Jessica love joy to tap homer 10 times and then disgrace a national landmark. I have the super Jeb statue but not the jebidiah statue. How do I proceed in the game

  11. So happy it’s fixed! Can’t wait to get going on it.

  12. What issues? Im done and didn’t see anything wrong with this whole event. Great event. I know you dont like to premature on these things but what are the odds of getting an Easter update? How often does ea release 2 events in a matter of a week or 2?

    Thank you.

    • With us just coming out of a large one…who knows.

    • Hard to say, but they don’t mind running holiday events well past the holiday they go with, so Easter could be in the cards. Personally, I’m hoping it is as I liked last year’s bunny zapper and was hoping for something similar.

      ***stage whisper*** No Bunny, not you… Just the itty bitty bunnies that were all over Springfield last year….

      • I liked it too Etamni, but I was EXTREMELY lucky to get all the prizes without spending any donuts. However remember, a LOT of tappers hated the event, so hopefully EA have taken this on board when (or rather if) they introduce an Easter event. I personally have my suspicions that Easter may be like Valentines; i.e reintroducing old items at a premium rate….but I hope not!!! πŸ™‚

      • Me three. Easter 2014 was my first big event, I got everything but Fr. Sean and Shary Bobbins, and I spent zero donuts. I do wish the egg basket exchange had worked better, though. I feel if it had the prizes would’ve been easier to attain and the event would’ve been less universally hated. But I had lots of (somewhat nail biting) fun, and I really loved my SF being overrun with multicolor bunnies!

  13. Josh Wachtenheim

    Hey, just wondering if it is worth spending donuts on Sidekick Milhouse, considering he was non-premium (I think) for the Valentine’s day event…will he be back next Valentines?


  14. I’m bored what’s next?

    • Write a 300 page book πŸ˜‰

      • Bwahahahahahaha. Sorry Mike. Bunny’s reply really got to me. Sounded so much like some of the one liners i said to my son when he said he was bored πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

      • I liked it too Etamni, but I was EXTREMELY lucky to get all the prizes without spending any donuts. However remember, a LOT of tappers hated the event, so hopefully EA have taken this on board when (or rather if) they introduce an Easter event. I personally have my suspicions that Easter may be like Valentines; i.e reintroducing old items at a premium rate….but I hope not!!! πŸ™‚

  15. I’m going to repost David’s comment from yesterday on a different thread, since I’m still having the same issue.

    “Anyone else have an issue with their bonus percentage going down? My bonus dropped by 2% and I still have 5 stars and have not put anything into inventory.”

    • Every Level that is introduced will impact your Conform. The new level 50 did make the requirements go up. Righteousness specifically is a tricky one to handle. We just jumped out of the 3 Issues, that means ALL Righteousness hits are back. So you will take a HUGE hit to your rating for Righteousness alone for tagging and criminal activity.

      • I found I needed to add a whole bunch more training walls.

      • wildthornberry88

        I think I must just be really lucky. I only have one training wall, I’m lvl50, I get vandalised & my righteousness always seems to stay at 5 stars :S

      • Hi Bunny. Thank you for the reply. Just to clarify the issue, my Conform rating has been and is currently 5 stars (I keep a close eye on it). When EA gives us an opportunity to get free Conform-o bonus items I check my earning bonus %. It was 33.something% when I checked last and now it’s it 31.85% and I haven’t inventoried any items (that I remember).

        It’s not a big enough issue that I would contact EA, but just curious if anyone else had noticed. I will go back through my inventory to make sure I haven’t goofed.

      • None of my stars have changed; 5 full stars for months now. I’m a TSTO geek and am always hiding training walls, obedience items, or trees wherever I have space. I just checked my inventory and I have nothing stored that contributes to anything other than vanity and brown houses.

        I checked my bonus % was when I received the Stack of Beer last week and did it again when I saw David’s post on another thread concerning the issue a few days ago. That is when I noticed the discrepancy.

  16. Thanks for the update, I was sure I was the only one πŸ˜‰

  17. Off topic, but I think Easter will be right after this update, if there’s an update at all

  18. πŸ™‚ issue 4 part 8 nearly done not long till i have the radioactive fella marvellous

  19. Is Clownface having a 6-sec Task for 35 Dollar a mistake or will it stay this way?

    • If it is… use it up while you can. πŸ˜‰

    • Hey everyone,
      In reference to clownfaces 6 second, $35 task. It might be permanent becos moog moe also has a 6 second, $35 task that has been with him since he came out and seems to be permenant. It’s a little tedious but you can make a lot of money quick. Especially now, I have a kwik-e-mart(for moogs task) near androids dungeon(for clownface) and you can just go back and forth. I’m maxed out on level 50 so I don’t have a problem making money anymore but it’s great for lower level players or if you need quick money for something. In twelve seconds you can make as much as a normal character makes in an hour.
      Thanx and have fun.

  20. The way they did this is kind of cool. My kids play (but not at school or during homework…) so they got far behind in other 3 chapters. They missed a lot of the prizes from those issues (and free sprinkles), But, they still have a very good chance of getting the final prize. That’s nice!

  21. Thanks for letting us know what that update was all about!

    It’s great how EA gets right to helping us when there’s programming errors.

    • Well they still haven’t gotten around to “fixing” the St Patrick’s Day Brandine issue…unless you consider that intentional, and not a programming error or brain fart. 😜

      • Agreed! I had to fight off anti abortion protesters (Marge?). Brandine is back and ‘growing’ again.

    • Now that she’s back on birthing we’ll probably need her for an Easter task.

  22. I’m thinking of using two of my sprinkles to rush Fallout Boy when his 12 hour task get to 4 hours so I’ll wake up with Radioactive Man

    • I foolishly stored him last night for the same reason, forgetting (and not reading the pop-up) that it would store the HQ as well. Now my HQ is reset to level 32. Hopefully it’s a non-issue and the level is irrelevant now that issues 1-3 are done, but my pride over level 120 is gone. :/ Stupid sleepy tapping.

  23. I still have my superhero event bottom in my buying menu but the event button on the bottom left (by the bart and in-house button) dissapeared. Was that in the update?

  24. I must have been lucky, had no problems, ….just a couple of hours left on the final blow. Seems to be all over surprisingly quick πŸ’‚

  25. Haven’t had any bug issues but i’ve got the mansion and mobile! Now on way to next prize! This issue 4 is going wayyy to fast for my tapping but lovin’ every moment!! πŸ˜‰

  26. Gah! I just logged on. My justice rating is 1* and I have no graffiti or anything like that.

    • Your righteousness? Could just be a temporary glitch. Try hard closing and restarting

    • Sometimes righteousness seems to just drop for a time, but it usually fixes itself after a few days.

      • I’ve noticed that if sideshow bob wanders around your town long enough uncaught, he just keeps on dropping your rating! More training walls fixes the damage, and catching him prevents more. But I’m sure bunny will correct me if I am wrong on that.

      • I’ve had a lot of Sideshow Bob in my town over the last few weeks. Almost every day. Once I got the alert when I logged into my game, caught him, and got another alert before I had even finished collecting all the money on my buildings!

  27. In a cool glitch, after my update hit, Fallout Boy was auto-rushed to finish his research task. I simply bumped people out of their various tasks by boxing a building or two (to save money instead of rushing), and am now onto the next fight. That saved me about six hours! I like it when things glitch in our favor! πŸ™‚

    • That happened to me too! I had JUST sent him on that task as well! That saved me a whole 11 hours! THANKS EA!

    • Not sure that its actually a glitch. I was sending my non-main games on this task as the update hit. While my other Springfields had it as a 12 hour task before the update, it became a 60 min task on my C game when I logged back in after updating. So my guess is, it was intended as part of the update.

  28. What was the issues ?

    On one town I already got radioactive man

    On my other town I am on the last task

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