Episode Recap: Waiting For Duffman

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Wookiee popping in with another episode recap for y’all. A bunch of new episodes have aired over the last month or so and true to form, I fell behind again in writing them up for all my friends who cant see them or like my random recaps of them. The good news is that as of this post, I’m all caught up again.  Well, good news for me at least.  Since noone has revolted about my stream of consciousness style reviews, I stuck with that format. Here’s my thoughts on Season 26, Episode 17: “Waiting For Duffman”.


Oh yeah! A Duffman centric episode! It may be just me, but I thought it was hilarious that the caped crusader of hoppy freshness was featured in a Simpsons episode at the same time as a TSTO Superhero event. What a serendipitous coincidence. I’ve always dug the Simpsons parody of Budman. Anywho… let’s get started with the recap, shall we?

– Another short intro but we do see Homer on a magic carpet… for the couch gag, the Simpson family is sucked into another dimension over and over until Bart times it out to be alone… with Homer’s head.

– Our favorite yellow family is biking in the Springcycle aka the one day a year you ride your bike. A lot of the town is out too. Otto’s bike is really tall errr I guess he’d consider it high. Homer has a bike he can ride seated, Lenny has an old-fashioned bike and Bart has a pickelhaube-style bike helmet. I laughed when Bart said Lisa had the girliest bike in the world and Milhouse pedals by with his unicorn bike and lyre. Of course that’s not the funniest part of the segment. Three cyclists taunt Moleman who’s going to pay his water bill on an ECV. The bullies toss him in a dumpster and shout “Bikes win again!” only to be hit by a train and conductor who hollers “Trains win again!”  Very funny.

– Flanders on a triple tandem and Sideshow Mel on a unicycle and Wiggum exploding Lard Lad Donuts with his too tight bicycle shorts… quite a Schwinn-dig. Of course, this whole Springcycle is a set-up for Duffman to join the fun. He has his own bicycle Duff float to make the event a party. Really funny that the float is actually pulled by five of the seven Duffs and their slavemaster is Bossy Duff. Unfortunately, Duffman breaks a hip while he’s attempting a 21 thrust salute to America’s military. “Something’s wrong with Barry.” “Never use my mortal name in public.”


– Springfielders hold a vigil for Duffman at the General Hospital wishing him a cold, smooth recovery but Barry’s hip replacement means there is no Duffman. Barney is shocked and also misses Joe Camel and the Frito Bandito. I miss those mascots too Barn… not sure saying something would have done anything though.

– What’s a Springfield without Duffman?  Not all is lost… Duffman the idea lives on and the Duff Corporation offers an open, televised competition to select a new Duffman. Sounds like just the thing for Homer J. Simpson to compete in… oh yeah. Marge isn’t too sure about Homer just drinking free beer and getting schnockered every day (eyesine fixes subconjunctival hemorrhages btw). Homer does look forward to the free beer but what he really wants is to be somebody.  To add a new line to his obituary besides “H. Simpson, father of three, extra pallbearers needed.”


– The competition is very American Idol-esque and hosted by Cat Deeley. Contestants include Old Jewish Man, Rainier Wolfcastle, Drederick Tatum, Willie and Homer. The judges are Der Zip Zorp, Missy Lebeau and Rashneesh Superstar. The Chairman of Duff Industries, Mr. H.K. Duff VII officiates. It’s a big deal because if they can’t find a Duffman from the group, they might give up on the concept. OH NO!


So… are any of us surprised that Homer rocked the contest? The reveal video for Homer as the new Duffman is one that should have made fans of Game of Thrones very happy. Homer thinks it seems awfully overproduced but takes the Duffman oath.

“Night gathers, now my Duff watch begins. It shall not end until my death. Or my 13-week option is not picked up. I shall take no wife, hold no lands, and father no children except for the wife and house and kids I’m already stuck with. I shall wear no other beer’s crowns. I am the six-pack hidden in Daddy’s secret cabinet. I put the “fest” in Oktoberfest and sell for eight bucks at ballparks, though I have nothing to offer but my suds, head and beers, and promotional cozies, for this night and all the nights to come.”

– So Homer is Duffman.  We see an old cartoon about Duff tasting like nickel champagne and causing no pain sung by animals that have had their heads mounted on walls. Marge and Homer tour what I assume is Duff HQ.  There is all kinds of historical art on the walls like a Duff version of Washington’s Potomac crossing. Also paintings that prove that man stopped running around lassoing mastodons to grow hops and make beer.

– H.K. Duff VII convinces Marge that Homer should be Duffman. Well, maybe his speech and the chip they sneakily inject into Homer’s arm to detect the slightest presence of alcohol and keep him from drinking helped. Homer will “do something no one has ever done – be fun sober.”  just as soon as he licks the beer foam off his foamy Marge. It’s not drinking, he was licking his wife but the chip zaps him anyways. Homer later tries to complain to Moe and the barflys about not being able to drink but Moe can’t do anything, Duff might take away his neon sign and it’s the only thing lighting up the bar. Weird.

– Now the Simpsons garage is full of Duff swag. Lisa and Bart have fun shooting at each other with t-shirt cannons and there’s a great gag recalling Maude Flanders being killed by one.

– The first Duffman gig we see is Homer at Swapper Jack’s. He’s a hit but definitely doesn’t want to team up with Fruitbat Man who’s thinking of dumping Kid Sourpuss. Homer stars in Duff golf commercials (“It’s way below par which in golf is good”) and a commercial for the “Duff 9-pack, when a 7-pack just won’t do.” Homer is “driving sales straight up. Turns out, men like men who look worse than them selling them beer.” Only took Duff 142 years to figure it out because of incompetent executives.

– Being Duffman has all kinds of perks including taking his sweetie on a romantic night in the Duff Blimp. During their trip to everywhere, Homer looks through the beeriscope to gaze upon the wonderful world he’s created along with Duff. All he sees though is homeless drunks, the river overflowing with beer cans, drunk ants and Moe nursing Barney with a Duff. Beer has a dark side besides Duff Stout. Homer needs to think but the blimp has run out of fuel going “everywhere” and the tossed tow roap misses the blimp mooring station and catches on fire courtesy of the Tire Fire. Uh oh.

– We don’t see the explosion but we do find Marge and Homer in bed and she’s reading “Surviving a Blimp Fire”. Homer’s worried he made a giant mistake because now he realizes drinking beer is bad. He decides to fix it by switching the beer at the Springfield 500 to nonalcoholic Duff to prove people don’t need beer to have a good time. With great taste comes great responsibility. Of course the crowd’s reaction is to riot. Homer tries to run away in a Duff racecar but he forgets speedways are designed in loops, even when you drive backwards.


– Love that the car is # 42. Homer doesn’t get the ultimate answer to his problems though. He gets caught on fire. His only chance to subdue the angry crowd is to drink a beer with gusto to prove he likes it. There never was a chip. Marge say she’ll be proud of Homer no matter what he decides and Homer makes the only obvious decision. He drinks a ton of beer and is seen trying to suck beer out of Surly Duff.

– Homer returns to Moe’s sans costume and finds it sadder than before. It’s not all bad though, Sam the Barfly recognizes Homer as the guy who used to be Duffman. Homer’s picture can officially be moved from Wall of Never Was to the Has-Been Wall with Krusty, Drederick Tatum and Rainier Wolfcastle.

– The last scene of the episode entails Mr. H. K. Duff VII going to Springfield’s Best and Seattle’s Worst Coffee to try and convince Barry Huffman to return to his tights. Barry tries to play it off that he’s a different guy and content but his mannerisms and lingo say otherwise. Doesn’t he miss the big-time? I laugh hard when he says “Duffman never took off his tights.” So we get Barry back.

– The very, very end is a quick clip of “One of the greatest comic minds ever”, Mr. Sam Simon.

“I see it as kind of a triumph of doing your work from that very pure place of just doing stuff that you personally enjoy.”

I love the addition of this little clip to honor Mr. Simon. I agree with the writers. Thank you, Sam. I can’t really express in words how much I admire you.  I am so happy that this amazingly charitable man is not suffering any more. Now we all suffer for the loss of such a talent and good person. Bunny wrote a beautiful post about the executive producer of the Best. Show. Ever. Definitely worth checking it out. I defer to her in the tribute department.

So that’s the episode my friends. I enjoyed this one a lot. To be honest, when I first watched it, I felt meh about most of it besides the Sam Simon tribute at the end but a couple extra viewings have made it grow on me. It’s not every day we get a Duffman episode and it was cool to see Homer don the tights and cape. What did you think of it? Wish Homer had a Duffman skin in TSTO? Laugh like me to see Smithers as Kid Sourpuss to Burns’ Fruitbat Man? Sound off below and keep on with your classy selves.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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    • Hard to say…it’s possible we may not get an Easter update. We didn’t get one in 2013…so it’s possible with the anger towards it last year we won’t see it this year

  8. I love the ideas of new skins and or characters for our towns! What is an ECV? I totally missed that epidode so i am always glad to have one of the greatest Simpson fans doing these and the WDTCF posts! Thanks Wookiee and keep it up!! I’d be lost without your insight!! Maybe i can catch the episide another time! 😉

  9. Loved the GoT parody! I wish there was a clip of that here, so I could show my husband, who’s also a GoT fan, but I guess you’re limited by what Fox makes available. But, regardless, another great Wookiee wundown! 😉

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