Should I Spend Donuts On the Radioactive Man’s Beach House?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner, can you feel it?  Yea, me either.  Could be the 30 degree weather we keep having here on the East Coast…but in any event EA’s recently introduced a new house in Springfield that might help you feel a little warmer, Radioactive Man’s Beach House!  Yes, the hotly debated/rumored/teased Beach House has finally made it’s way into Springfield…

Now I know many of you are trying to decide if this Superhero hideaway is worth YOUR donuts, but don’t sweat it!  We’re here to help you decide what’s worth the donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add Radioactive Man’s Beachhouse to YOUR Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding this water retreat to YOUR Springfield!


Building/Decoration: Radioactive Man’s Beachhouse
Donut Price: 120 Donuts
13×10 (it’s massive)
$300, 30xp/12hrs
 Indolence +10

-Comes with a short little questline for Radioactive Man
-Permanent 16hr task for Radioactive Man (Outdoor task)
-Animated, the water is always moving.  Cool animation when Radioactive Man uses it, the H area moves up and down (when he starts and finishes the task)
-Looks cool

-It’s massive, so it might be hard to fit into Springfield
-Radioactive Man is the only one that has a task there
-Does not come with a character.

Final Thoughts
If given the choice between this and the Rad Station, I’d go with the Beach House.   I really enjoy the look of it & love that Radioactive Man’s task there is visible.  It’s also priced fairly decent in comparison to the Rad Station.  So in my opinion…if you have the donuts to spare grab this!  However, remember it’s massive so you’ll need to make sure you have the available space in Springfield to place it.

Honestly, save your donuts on this one.  As cool as I think it is…I also think it’s not worth your donuts if you’re a freemium player.  I know for freemium players donuts are hard to come by.  So don’t spend them on this.  Save them for something that might hit down the road (like a great new character) and pass on the beach house.

Of course in the end it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would/wouldn’t do…and I can tell you I’m going to pick this one up.  However, whatever you decide remember this is a limited-time item and will disappear soon.  So make sure you make your final decision before April 7th at 0800GMT or it’ll disappear from the store!

What are your thoughts on the Beach House? Did you make the purchase or are you waiting?  Why or why not?  Where have you placed the Beach House in your Springfield?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

37 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts On the Radioactive Man’s Beach House?

  1. I am a freemium player, but I just couldn’t pass up getting the beach house. It just looks so cool! I absolutely love it in my Springfield.

  2. I’ve been a firm “no” on this one… Until today. I caved. After seeing it in friends’ towns for almost a week, I realized I’d actually regret not having it.
    Now I’m contemplating putting my beach house in the woods… The ironing is delicious. 😉

  3. Want.Want.Want.

    Can’t Afford.Can’t Afford.Can’t Afford.


    🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Love the look of it! Initially I held off because I want to save my donuts, but now seeing that we *might* be getting some sweets for Easter I may reconsider. Maybe. It’s pretty cool and I want to redesign my mansion area. It would be a fun addition but I’m hoping the gold mansion comes back eventually. But really I cant save all of my donuts forever! So…I shall wait till the last minute and see if I pull that trigger.

  5. Premium I bought it and love love love it.
    One of my favorite buildings in town.
    Freemium game – maybe. I love it! But there are other items like Akira, Barney etc that I love and have characters too. But I love the animation and the task and it’s sooooooo cool. I’ll wait a week and see if I get it…

  6. I’ll admit, I am torn on this one. As a rule I nearly always reserve my donuts for characters or skins, as they offer me the most entertainment value in the game. I’ve made some exceptions for character interactions or iconic Simpsons miscellania from the show itself, such as the hot-tub and The Homer recently, but as far as I know, the beach house has never been in the show and isn’t a part of Springfield canon… I do really like the look of it, though.

    I have 1,500 donuts, but want to make them last as long as possible, so I’m going to have to have a think about this.

  7. I snapped it right up. Love the look.

  8. I got it arms love it! I placed it right on the beach, and the door is right on the Sand. I also got the Radstation Air fortress and it looks good by my superhero things. I think I may put it back over the water. I got the bartcave and put that by boxingham palace. The only thing I didn’t get out of this event is pre-rex.

  9. i'vegotaspringfieldproblem

    Man they are definitely keeping you guys busy! Thanks SO much for all the great advice! Any chance on getting a “should i spend donuts on” Easter Edition soon?

    • Yup, it’s coming just as soon as I can put it together. My “real job” is closed tomorrow, so it’s a little hectic here today trying to get everything situated. But as soon as I can write them up I will. Hopefully they’ll all be up by tomorrow at the latest 🙂

      • Heyyyy !!!!!! NOOooooo. . . .What happened to my Krusty 6 second task of stealing Comic Guys Collectibles ???!!?!?! $35 in 6 seconds !!! Great grinding when I had nothing to do. Over & Over. . . I Made lots of $$$$. . . .. . NOW, ALL GONE with update– – Darn Update !!

  10. I like the new housing cost. I had 600 blue houses I paid the original price for. Sold them all for 54k each so I went from 3 mill in the bank to 32 mill in the bank. Those blue houses were well worth the investment lol. If you do farm blue houses sell them while the price is high.

  11. This was an immediate buy for me!!! Love it!!!

  12. I bought it, but I am new and retired, so I buy almost every special, limited item if it appeals to me. I was raised on the beach, so for me I couldn’t pass it up. I really like the flowing water and the Radioactive Man interaction is simply fun!

  13. I don’t love the design of the beach house, but I bought it because it IS a beach house. I like the little pool and how it looks on the shore. If you can guide me on how to post a pic on here from my Samsung Galaxy Tab, I’ll share a pic. What I like most is watching Radman tanning on the H pad with his little beer fridge. It’s the only house that has a true beach feel.

  14. Not for me. It looks really cool and it would be nice to have but my donuts are few and I’ll be saving them for a character. Ideally a voiced female character, but I’m not holding my breath.

  15. I love the look of it but that’s just too many donuts.

  16. I have did a rearrange in my town. There were some things I wanted to keep. I am also terrified to nuke. My hubby did that & kinda quit playing because it was so time consuming. I actually started another town so I can make it different however thats time consuming too lol.

    • I agree with you Devina it takes alot of time when you completely nuke your town.. I’ve done it twice on two different games and it took me 14 hours on one and 11 hours on the other one

  17. Under the pros I think you should mention it can be placed on the beach, as that makes it fairly unusual. In fact when thinking of actual buildings rather than decorations or the squidport entrance, I think it is unique in that respect? That also slightly reduces the huge size, as for many players the beach is pretty much dead space.

  18. oh man… wrote this before seeing the easter update!

  19. This is an item that was an instant buy for me. I love the look of it, it’s reminiscent of Tracey Island.
    Much better looking and value than the RadStation.

  20. So I’m thinking of nuking my town. But need some advise first.
    I love my town but want to try some new things and place some things down that I currently have in storage.

    I don’t know if I should nuke my town. I have 6 days off so I have the time to design my town.

    • I’m the wrong person to ask. I’m terrified to nuke my town. I just remember how long it took me to design as is that I don’t wanna have to start all over. So I always try the rearrange method first. However…I’ll pass this up to the community, what do you guys think?

      • Rearranging thing would probably take a lot of time too.
        It took me hours to just place the school somewhere else, samething for apartment buildings.

        I’ll see what I do

    • I have did a rearrange in my town. There were some things I wanted to keep. I am also terrified to nuke. My hubby did that & kinda quit playing because it was so time consuming. I actually started another town so I can make it different however thats time consuming too lol.

    • My son has nuked my town twice, before I got wise and created a completely different username for him to use on my tablet WITHOUT my Simpsons game on it. It’s a daunting task, but once you get started with where you want the basics to go, it goes by quickly. I’ve lived through it twice, so anyone can! 😀 😉

      • good call! i dunno how i’d feel if one of my sons accidentally nuked our town… probably feel like i was done with this game. but then this famous quote comes to mind: “just when i thought i was out… they pull me back in!”

    • I say nuke it!! I nuked my town a few months ago and it took some courage to go through with it, but I really enjoyed taking my time and putting it all back together in new ways.

    • I nuked my krustyville and it took forever to rebuild… I say just rearrange.

    • i’m with alissa… how anybody could take all that hard work they’ve put into designing their town already and just flush it down the drain is beyond me. i’m all for redesigning and rearranging areas, and i’d even argue it’s easier to work with existing constraints than the completely open canvas a nuke would represent. i guess it largely depends on how you developed your town as you were leveling up though…

    • I nuked my town once and it was a huge headache. I’ve found that just rearranging my town is much easier, less overwhelming and actually fun to do. I’d say try rearranging first and if that fails….bombs away!

  21. Pass for me as no donuts.

  22. i’m a bit torn. i’ve got just over 200 donuts left since buying a boatload in gil’s deal around the holidays, and don’t want to spend them unless something cooler comes along before another deal.. buuuuuuut it is cool on its own!

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