It’s Easter in Springfield!

Update 9pm EDT: An update just hit…this is a patch restoring the Beach House, Bartman’s Cave & the Radstation Air Fortress for purchase.  Remember you’ll have until April 7th to purchase these items…

Update 7pm EDT: If you’re just downloading both the App Store update and the Easter Update at the same time the Easter update will start up first.  However, get past the initial dialogue with Ned & Homer first and then get past the Gil Dialogue and the Mystery Box questline should start up.  However, now Mr. Burns MUST be free to trigger it.  It will no longer auto start.  So make sure Mr. B is free and you should see the ! to start it.

Update: It appears this update has pulled the ability to purchase the Beach House…it’s not listed in the store.  It should be there.  Will contact EA once I leave work to see what’s going on with it.
Also, a report from a lovely Tapper, AnothrAddict, Brandine’s quest with Valentine’s Day has been skipped over.  Here’s their comment: “Heads up For those who didn’t complete the st paddys quest b/c of brandine….it skipped over her today and moved on to part 7. Yay I was waiting to end of event before I sped her birth (so weird to say) so now I can spend doughnuts on new mystery box and/or Easter stuff.” I have no way to verify this myself so if it’s working for you now please let us know.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

As a special update inside an update today….EASTER HAS HIT OUR GAMES!  Ok well a mini Easter Event anyway.

2015-04-01 19.53.07

Gotta love those updates inside of updates…just when I was ready to wind my day down they pull me back in! 😉

Anywho things will get started with Flanders and some auto start dialogue.  Back with more details in a bit..just as soon as I find more Red Bull..

Oh and Gil’s Back too!


As mentioned above Flanders gets things started…the dialogue should auto-start for you.

Easter Fools Pt. 1
Flanders Auto-starts

Flanders: My favorite group of holidays are coming up – Good Friday, Easter Sunday…
Homer: And Half-Off Candy Day!  That’s the Monday after Easter Sunday.  And Dumpster Candy Day.  That’s on Tuesday.
Flanders: Homer, I’m worried that all your favorite holidays revolve around discounted candy.  Have you forgotten the true meaning of Easter?
Homer: Is there any answer I can give that will keep me from getting a lecture?
Flanders: You could give me back my snow blower.
Homer: Alright, I’ll take the lecture.
Make Ned Teach Homer About Easter- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Homer Pretend to Listen- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp

This will kick start Easter in your town.  At this point you’ll be able to see the Easter items in the menu…warning it’s from last year:


Here’s a look at what they’re offering:

Easter FloatEaster Float- $15,000

Bunny gateEaster Fence- $100 (doesn’t that bring back fond memories)

Easter gate and fenceEaster Gate- $2,000

eggsEaster Egg Pile- $1,000

lily pondEaster Pond- $10,000

Pastel FencePastel Picket Fence- $75 (I’m actually excited about this one…I didn’t get enough of these last’s something you can do with them)

happy easter signEaster Banner- $12,500

easter treeEaster Tree- $500

johny fiestaJohnny Fiestas- $25,000


egg council guy 2Egg Council Guy- 40 Donuts (NPC, will roll over when you tap him)

Hugs check on eggsHugs Bunny- 100 Donuts (full character, if you already have him (or you’re just getting him now), yes he does now pay at a premium rate)

Shary BobbinsShary Bobbins- 125 Donuts  (Full character, if you already have her (or you’re just getting her now), yes she does now pay at a premium rate)

mojo monkeyMojo Helper Monkey- 65 donuts (NPC)

blocko buildingBlocko Store- 50 Donuts

banana dictatorshipBanana Dictatorship- 30 Donuts

One character I do not see…Father Sean.  

Now I believe I mentioned something about Gil…

Once you’ve started Easter Fools Gil will popup in Springfield…

Gil: Ol’ Gil fell on some hard times.  I moved into a shipping container and got shopped to Polynesia.  The plus side is I traded the container for this Polynesian god.  Celebrate Easter with something new and Gil can celebrate with a hot ham plate.
Homer: Polynesian god?  That’s nonsense!  Easter is about a bunny that lays eggs and a guy who comes back to life.  Hmm, that sounds pretty ridiculous too.  Maybe this new god has something going.  What’s his philosophy on church attendance?
Lisa: Um, Dad.  Mom said you weren’t allowed to change religions again without consulting her.
Polynesian God: No church!
Homer: Woohoo!
Polynesian God: Just back breaking labor to create giant stone statues in my honor, which I will then grade and use to rank you.
Lisa: Graded and ranked?  Daddy I want it!


If you don’t take the deal you’ll see this

Flanders: Every day without a pagan idol is a good day for Ned-a-rino!
Gil: Ol’ Gil will be fine.  Just got to tighten the ol’ belt a bit.  Or SELL my belt.  Anyone want a belt?

The Easter Island God awards a 3% bonus on all cash and XP and sits on a 3×3 base.

Easter Ends April 7th.  (sorry forgot to put that in earlier)

So my friends that looks like it for this Easter Rundown.  We’ll have should I buys for the Gil Deal, as well as the returning premium items up soon.

What are your thoughts on the mini Easter event?  Thoughts on the returning characters?  How about the Gil deal?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


412 responses to “It’s Easter in Springfield!

  1. Worst event ever and I want my donuts I paid for the bunny cause people got it for free today xc

  2. Olaf the snowman

    Sorry, read another part of the site. Looks like the loop is correct lol.

  3. Olaf the snowman

    Any one else finding the mystery box stuck in a loop? I get lard lad, minnow pond, news van, itchy billboard, donuts. Then it repeats.

  4. Well that was crappy, I look forward to the events n that was basically nothin

  5. Has anyone run into any glitches since the update? I am having a very hard time setting tasks for my springfielders. I can’t get the menu to stay up. Also, what is the deal with the brown houses costing $17,300?

  6. During this mini update, did they increase prices? I bought a white house for 110,000. Then another for 125,000. The third was up to 142,000. Why?????

  7. Went some more got squeaky voice teen, Kearney, 4 Chalmers 1979 _onda’s, 3 Minnow ponds, 4 Khlav Kalash stands , 3 Channel 6 vans , 2 Itchy & Scratchy billboards, Tire Fire ,30 Donuts, 2 Bomb Shelters, 10 Donuts, Lard Lad Donuts, so not to bad

  8. Thanks to all y’alls advice I decided to go for it again and bam you know what Blue Haired Lawyer I got him Awesome thanks for making see that had to try and go again for it to pay off

  9. Finally I found the mystry box again and played like hell
    Hopping not to lose it again
    Got a total of 150 donuts mr haired lawyer, 5 Chanel six news van , Kearney , 3 itchy and scratchy board, Kalashi stand, few ponds , 4 ondo car but wish I had the lard lard
    And not to forget ! Also got 4 bomb shelter ☺️😉😉😉😉😉😉

  10. So far I gotten a free blue haired lawyer. I purchased 2 more boxes and received a billboard and Kearney. Not sure if I’m going to get anything else. Happy with those.

  11. is this new mystery box permanent? i agree that the gifts are great! getting one premium character and channel news van would be sweet… that’s my aim…

    • There’s an end date set to the end of April. However we don’t know if that’s pulling it completely or just the end date for the free box

      • Ok… I am sure everyone will be very happy to have the new mystery box on permanent basis, but I strongly believe this will not be the case. Let’s grab what we want while we can! P.S. I just got my BHL too… just missing Kearney!

  12. I started with about 20 something donuts and after receiving a news van I kept buying boxes and ended up with a total of 80 donuts, 2 lard lard, blue hair lawyer, kearney, one food stand, two Meadows, 2 more news vans, 2 bomb shelters, tire fire, and one Onda car. Not-bad-at-all.

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