Random Changes Level 51

Hey there Hoppereenos!

So here we were, minding our own business… heading home for the day or to appointments and BAM!!! UPDATE!! Once again, a bunch of changes happen when a New Level drops. Here are some of the main ones we noticed…drmarvinmonroe_wield_a_foam_bat

For the basics on Level 51 overview, see the post HERE.

For starting the new Level, you will need to have completed the previous Levels prior to move on. So you need Game Play Level 47 & 48 & 49 & 50 done to move on to 51 (Main Walkthroughs complete). You also need to make sure you XP Level is at 51.

Now to the Random Changes….

First off, with another new level comes more new pricing. This means all items on previous levels will move down in cost. WOOHOO!! Following are the new price changes for the current Buildings in the town. The Base price of the building is in red. The multipliers for the Level will be next to them. You can see how they decrease as a new level hits.

Level 51: 4X Cost
Level 50: 4X Cost
Level 49: 3X Cost
Level 48: 2X Cost
Level 47: 1.6X Cost
Level 46: 1.4X Cost
Level 45: 1.3X Cost
Level 44: 1.3X Cost
(Level 43-1: No Multiplier)

As you can see to top two highest levels and bottom two are the same, so during those blocks you won’t see a change. Think of it this way. When you buy a car brand new, it is at its top dollar mark up cost. Overtime, the car depreciates in value and continues to until it hits the bottom or base cost. Same here. The Buildings are expensive brand new, but in time after more NEW things are introduced, its originally cost will drop.

If you want an overall on ALL the pricing, check out our Realty Guide Page.


Remember…the BASE price is indicated in Red.  The current price is in black. Don’t confuse the base price (in red) with the current price (in black).

Level 44 (X1.3) 

honest johns

Honest John’s Computers ($264,500) $343,850


Bloaters at the Squidport ($162,500)  $211,250

Level 45 (X1.3) 

Fortress of Choclitude

Fortress of Chocolitude (Aspirational) $10,000,000

(Aspirational buildings will NOT change in pricing. They are a set price.)


Indoor Tennis Courts ($129,000)  $167,700


ZiffCorp Office Building ($254,000)  $330,200

Level 46 (X1.4) 

Classy Girl Strip Club

Classy Girls Strip Club ($300,000)  $420,000

Level 47 (X1.6) 

Quimby Compound

Quimby Compound ($250,000)  $400,000

Level 48 (X2) 


Gold Navy ($181,000)  $362,000

Level 49 (X3) 


D’Amico Summer Home ($273,000)  $819,000


Old Abandoned Warehouse (Squidport) ($177,000)  $531,000

Level 50 (X4) 


Municipal House of Pancakes ($250,000)  $1,000,000

Level 51 (X4) 


Monroe Family Therapy Center ($300,000)  $1,200,000



Could be due to the complaints of how it locked up the Krusty task, could be some other odd issue… whatever the reasoning behind it, EA has now made Mr. Teeny a NPC in the game. That means no more tasks for him at all. Just another wandering creature on the Sidewalks.


The Little Black Box

Once you place the Little Black Box into your town, the task will appear in the Characters list to “Drink at the Black Box”. Standard Payout of $110 & 27XP, 2hr task. Premium Payout $175 & 40XP, 2hr task.

The following Characters are the only ones that will have the task…


Princess Kashmir (premium) now has a new 6hr task to “Shake her Moneymaker”.  Again, it’s 6hrs and earns $350, 90xp.  It takes place at Florence of Arabia, so finally someone will use it!

Princess Kashmir


Now for a quick recap of Changes that were brought to us courtesy of the Superheroes Event End.


Looks like EA is trying to level the playing field for players, possibly even help to cut down on game crashing and lagging due to TOO MUCH in the town. This is for players that like to “House Farm” aka have MANY of the same house to collect on. The current game stability cap is at 4500 Buildings & Decorations. If you push past this not only will you risk crashing & lagging but additional problems like Neighbors ability to visit your town and even possibly locking yourself out. (This DID happen to me. Took EA rolling back my game several months to finally go far enough back they could unlock my town again. I was locked out for over 3 months.)

Here is the general idea of the pricing now, the following are the Base Prices of each house…

The Simpsons Tapped Out Brown HouseBrown House- $355

purple housePurple House- $1100

BLue houseBlue House- $1800

thesimpsonstappedoutpinkhousePink House- $3400

thesimpsonstappedoutwhitehouseWhite House- $7,700

Orange houseOrange House- $24,500

Kwik-E-Mart_Tapped_OutKwik-E-Mart: $220

Krusty burgerKrusty Burger: $2600

thesimpsonstappedoutgulpnblowGulp ‘N’ Blow: $13,500

Now as you continue to buy more and more of each item and place it in your town, you will notice the price will go up and up and up til you hit the “CAP”. Let’s take a look at an example of what YOU will pay for them.

Brown House Purple House Blue House Pink House White House
1 355 1100 1800 3400 7700
2 420 1400 2200 4000 8800
3 500 1800 2700 4800 10000
4 575 2200 3400 5800 12000
5 675 2750 4100 6900 13000
6 790 3500 5000 8200 14500
7 950 4400 6100 10000 16500
8 1100 5500 7500 12000 19000
9 1250 7000 9300 14000 21000
10 1500 8800 11400 16500 24000
Orange House Kwik-E-Mart Krusty Burger Gulp ‘N’ Blow
1 24500 220 2600 13500
2 26000 260 2900 15200
3 28000 300 3200 17100
4 30000 380 3500 19500
5 32000 450 3900 22000
6 34000 580 4300 24500
7 36000 680 4800 28000
8 39000 800 5200 31000
9 41500 900 5700 35000
10 44000 1100 6400 40000

You will also notice the opposite impact as you sell any back. The amount will get smaller and smaller in the purchase area as well as the amount you will credit for with the sell.

As for a CAP, for the Brown House it was 25 Houses and a CAP Cost of $17,300.

Feel free to add the total amounts you have in your game and your current costs in the comments below. 


Pretty much the Superheroes items can be stored, but not sold.

constructionsite_transimageRadioactive Man Statue: Payout $150 & 13XP every 8hrs

zenithcitytimes_menuZenith City Times: Payout $150 & 13XP every 8hrs

superiorsquadhq_menuSuperior Squad HQ: Payout $90 & 10XP every 4hrs

botanicalgardens_menuBotanical Garden: Payout $150 & 13XP every 8hrs

zenithcityapartments_menuZenith City Apartments: Payout $75 & 7XP every 3hrs

zenithcitylofts_menuZenith City Lofts: Payout $75 & 7 every 3hrs

zenithcitystorefront_menuZenith City Store Front: Payout $75 & 7 every 3hrs

beachhouse_transimageBeach House: Payout $300 & 30XP every 12hrs

nationalbankofspringfield_menuNational Bank of Springfield: Payout $150 & 13XP every 8hrs

montgomeryburnsstateprison_menuBurns State Prison: Payout $200 & 20XP every 12hrs

crapsilo_menuSpider Pig’s Crap Silo: Payout $150 & 13XP every 8hrs

airfortress_menuRadstation Air Fortress: Payout $200 & 22XP every 8hrs

tarpits_menuP-Rex Tar Pits: Payout $150 & 13XP every 8hrs

deathmountain_menuDeath Mountain: Payout $150 & 13XP every 8hrs

kanemanor_transimageKane Manor: Payout $150 & 13XP every 8hrs

bartmancave_menuBartman Cave: Payout $55 & 5XP every 1hr


First it’s important to note that the higher the level you are the more cash you’ll get for your donuts.  Here’s the breakout at Level 51:

Tapped_Out_Grind_Pack_1 – $12,000 will cost you 9 Donuts

Tapped_Out_Grind_Pack_2– $60,000 will cost you 30 Donuts

Tapped_Out_Grind_Pack_3 – $144,000 will cost you 65 Donuts

Tapped_Out_Grind_Pack_4 -$240,000 will cost you 100 donuts

Tapped_Out_Grind_Pack_5 – $720,000 will cost you 285 Donuts

Tapped_Out_Grind_Pack_6 – $1,440,000 will cost you 550 Donuts

Tapped_Out_Grind_Pack_7 $2,880,000 will cost you 1,000 Donuts

Money Safe 1600 Donuts to Cash$4,800,000 will cost you 1600 Donuts

Again this will vary depending on your level.  The above numbers reflect it if you’re on Level 51.  As you increase your level over level 9 you’ll start to increase the payout for each one.  We won’t go into too much detail with this because we honestly do not encourage you to do this in your games. It is a waste. Do not spend donuts for in game cash…it’s just not worth it (at any level).

Now for that one thing we will continually keep reminding you to check 😉

CONFIRM DONUT SPENDdonut-loadingAnd of course, your constant reminder (as we ALWAYS get comments on this)…check that Confirm Donut Spend. NO ONE wants to lose donuts on accidental sped up tasks or purchases. The new menu, you will find this in any menu by tapping the cog wheel in the top right corner. (You can also reset your sound from here.)


Confirm Donut Notification and Sound Volume


Confirm Donut Spend

Got some technical issues from the new update that we were unable to help with? Try the usual Basic Troubleshooting, and if you need more help…contact EA.

So there are a few random changes. I am still looking to see if anything more pops ups. I will update this post if I do. What do you think of the new stuff? Any changes you see that we have not listed? Let us know.


172 responses to “Random Changes Level 51

  1. At these levels, 4 visits a day with 3 rent collection from the brown house (15 minutes) – the Brown House is best deal.

    So far I have:
    Orange House 105000
    White HOuse 125000
    Blue House 135000
    Pink House 140000
    Gulp and Blow 130000
    Purple House 109000
    Krusty 37440
    Brown House 17300

  2. Hi, I’m trying to unlock Frank Grimes, I’m at part 3, the tell tale plant worker where I ” Dig Harder” but the task doesn’t finish, it just quits. For some reason I am not able to complete that task. Does anyone have any advise? Thx! ( I have notified ea games in the meantime)

  3. i thought the housing bubble only happens in 2008. But heck even in TSTO. So now i have 800 blue house that i had paid 1800 each 2 years back. Now it sells for 54000, lehman brother anyone?

  4. My purple house currently costs $216,000 which is ridiculous. I’m not going to count them, but they shouldn’t punish us for playing their game. They need to stop adding land if their game can’t handle having the space filled.

  5. The Zombie Flanders

    FYI – Mr Teeny is back from the NPC wandering hole (just sent him on a 60 minute task to buy cigs)

  6. I see as of today (4/22/2015) Mr. Teenys’ tasks are back!
    Not only did he get his “Go for a Walk with Krusty” back, but he now has two more!
    “Buy Cigarettes”
    Income: 70 XP: 17 Time: 60m Requires: None
    “Spout Off About Things You Don’t Understand”
    Income: ? XP: ? Time: ? Requires: Monsarno Research Level 16

  7. Seems like a new White House will cost me $192000, i’m farming with 972 already…

  8. Is there any of knowing how many buildings/decos we have in our town so we know if we’re close/over the cap? With all the scrolling, I’ll be in Calmwood before I count up to 4500

  9. Does anyone wish we could eat the donuts instead of spending them fictitiously? Mmm…donuts….

  10. Has anyone else been getting good prizes from the mystery box lately? I got Lard Lad and Blue Haired Lawyer my last 2 weeks. The only good thing I got in the last year before was Squeaky Voice Teen. Is EA being nice and should we be buying?

    • It’s the new box. They redid the prizes. Honestly, once you’ve gotten the 1 shot prizes it’s really not worth paying out the donuts for them

  11. This entry does not show when I search for Mr. Teeny or Teeny. I too wondered where he went…

  12. I think Gil was right and Blarney Castle has brought me luck because I have been getting about 2 donuts a day tapping on neighbours since level 51 was introduced.

  13. I have been saving for the fortress of chocolitude but I dont seem to have it in my buy menu. any thoughts?

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