Terwilliger Event Calendar Act One

Hey there Hoppereenos!

The Terwilliger’s have taken over our towns and our game along with the Company Sideshow Bob helped out to make some questionable GMO products. Monsarno. Now we have all sorts of New Items to earn for in the game. How on earth will we keep up? A Calendar of course! (Except for Sandra, she can’t have one… not til next week… so close your eyes Sandra and walk away…  😛monsarnofounderstatue

As per usual, I will be starting the Calendar one day AFTER Act One releases so you can factor in time you will need to send Characters on tasks, get Buildings, and fully launch the Event. I will also be stopping it the night BEFORE the event ends, as the new one starts REALLY early in the AM for the USA.

Here we go…

Now before you see this Calendar and PANIC!!! Don’t! Remember, the more you progress… the more things Unlock. The more things Unlock… the more Spades and other items you will earn. You will keep getting more and more and more. This is just an overall look. So if you are not in sync with the Calendar right away, don’t worry. It is the end result that is where you want to focus. 😉 Terwilliger Spade Calendar Act One

Now you have a basic daily breakdown for 13 days based off of approximately 1235 Spades a day.



Here are the Prizes you can win for Act One along with the amount of Spades you will need to get them.

monsarnofounderstatue1050 Spades- Monsarno Founder Statue
ico_stor_terwilligers_fertilizer_2001550 Spades- 200 Fertilizer
ico_stor_terwilligers_corn_2002100 Spades- 200 Corn
ico_terwilligers_oldsimpsonfarm_unlock4200 Spades- Old Simpson Farm
ico_stor_terwilligers_mutantseed_506000 Spades- 50 Mutant Seeds
ico_stor_terwilligers_fertilizer_2007800 Spades- 200 Fertilizer
ico_stor_terwilligers_corn_20011000 Spades- 200 Corn
petmutantplant_idle16050 Spades- Pet Mutant Plant



Don’t stop collecting Spades once you hit 16050, because you WILL have that extra chance at the 3 Donut Mystery Boxes. Word of caution on this one, if you are NOT in your town when you hit the bonus, any additional Spades collected may not count towards the 3000 (they will your main total). So be careful. If you are close, you may want to go back to your Springfield just before you hit it. This is due to once it triggers the final prize, it will take a few minutes to go through all the pop ups for it. This causes the Bonus Round Pop Up to delay as you tap through them. That means any additional beyond the 16050 earned when you hit it will NOT count to the Digging Deep until you see the Pop Up. For instance if you earn 16150, the extra 100 will go to your total, but nothing will add to the Bonus until THIS pops up. So the counts may be slightly off. Digging Deep Bonus

For every Additional 3000 Spades you collect, you will get the chance at tapping on one of 3 Mystery Boxes with 1, 2, or 3 Donuts inside. Digging Deep Super Bonus 3 Donut Boxes

If you miss your chance the first time or even second, you can retry for $150,000. So make sure you have some cash set aside if you want to buy your donuts. (I intentionally did NOT use my trick on this one so you can see how much it costs to try again. The 3 donuts were in the center box on this one without the trick.)Digging Deep Super Bonus 50 50 Chance

Digging Deep Super Bonus 3 Donuts Won


Now… the shortcut trick I use for these and the Level Up Bonus boxes you can try in your games. This is completely up to YOU to try it.  Just press and hold down on the box on the far right. Do not let go, keep pressing down. Watch the lights. They will cycle through around, back and forth, and flashing. Once they cycle all the way through one time, let go. (Usually as the lights are cycling to meet up at the top.) It is how I have usually avoided paying any extra cash for my 3 Donuts. My luck has been pretty good with it, but for many… it is still just another fun way to play. You may or may not get the 3. Use at your OWN risk. 😉 


There you have the Act One Calendar for collecting Spades and the Prizes you can win with them.

What do you think of Act One so far? How is your Spade Collectiong going? How many do you have? Looking forward to a specific prize? Let us know.


213 responses to “Terwilliger Event Calendar Act One

  1. My town is gone. Anyone else have this issue? Has my user name and level 51 on login screen but then goes to Homer blowing up nuke plant and my town is gone. Nothing is stored, but i have my donuts… this really sucks. Tried logging out and back in. No change. This after the crash in the other cartoon family game….anything to try?

    • Happens to me often. Hard close and restart TSTO, should bring your town back. If that doesn’t work log in on another device, that’ll also bring it back 🙂

      • I only have one device..restarted phone but didnt force close.thot that happened with a restart…login screen said level 51but still got Homer nuke start and said level 1 when blank town opened..any other ideas?

        • You need to actually hard close…restarting won’t help. So open it again and hard close.

          If that doesn’t work try uninstalling and reinstalling TSTO…

          IF you’re still stuck contact EA.

      • Thanks for the quick advice. I went to application manager and force close and clear cache. Then shut down phone. Turned on loaded game but still went to Homer nuke start. Do i have to contact EA in the game? Anything else i can try?thanks again

        • Did you do a complete wipe though? Uninstall, make sure nothing left of it in your device, restart, reinstall… play til you can log in… then log back in?

          If so, outside that contacting EA will be your best bet. My advice… tomorrow. More equip reps will be back in their helping that may understand how to resolve it better. (Think USA 9AM-5PM Central time)

      • Thanks Alissa and Bunny. Uninstall worked. Crisis averted. Back to tapping

  2. If I didn’t get the mutant plant pet by the end of Act 1, can I still get it some other way?

  3. FYI I went to apple and found of my update was interfering with an app called VPN its in general settings if this is enabled I suggest you uninstall Von before you update to IOS 8.3

  4. There are no corn stalks walking around my town. And I want to buy the pet mutant plant that’s why I bought the Google card but I went I think to the friends n fell asleep meaning to buy that please give me a second chance but again where r the corn stalks I won’t win anything this way with no stalks n I’m not sure what that pet mutant plant does but if u look at my history I always get my prizes except I new I wasn’t getting the farm or smoke house please let me but the pet mutant plant thank you very much
    Pamela Demko

  5. I got the mutant plant 5 days early, no donuts spent and only level 21 in-game.
    i have a friend who is max level and has literally every character so far, they have a score of over 19k while I’m at 2745

  6. I greatly appreciate the calendar. ALWAYS helpful. This event is very different than all of the other events they have had. Spades aren’t the problem…its fertilizer. I play diligently..8-10 times a day. I complete all four of Cecil’s tasks every day. I have kept all of folks busy on errands earning corn and fertilizer and have kept my town clear of mutant corn, but after the first act is over I still only have ~11000 fertilizer toward the 15.2k needed for the Springfield Market. I have upgraded Monsarno to level 7 but haven’t crafted anything else trying to get the market. So I won’t get the market during phase one, nor Sani-John’s smoke house which will put me way far behind in phase two. What am I doing wrong? How do I gain extra fertilizer? Amy I the only one this far behind? I have gotten every freemium item for all of the past events in the last 2 years, but this one feels significantly different! Ugh!!

    • Fertilizer is mainly from character tasks. The more characters you have in each category the better you’ll be. That could be why it feels like you’re behind. How many characters do you have that can earn fertilizer?

      • I am level 51 and have played for over two years, but I don’t purchase many premium characters. Currently I have 25 characters on missions for fertilizer and 21 on corn missions. I always choose fertilizer for the few that have the option to do either. The 2 hour trips pay the best at 5 Fertilizer (longer missions are slightly less in aggregate/time). So with 25 characters making 5F/2 hrs, I need 3000 missions after I have completely upgraded HQ just get the market. That is a 120 sorties of 25 characters on a 2 hour mission. I do sleep and miss sending 2-3 sorties a night and not all can go on 2 hour missions. Throw in the 4500 for the Cane Field and 8250 for the Sani-John and even with peak efficiency, it would be impossible for me to collect all the prizes in the allotted time for the first act. It puts me waaaaay behind for Act Two. Frustrating as I have all ways done well with past events. This one is impossible for the freemium player.

        • I honestly don’t think it’s impossible, it’ll just take some time. It doesn’t put you way behind for Act 2, remember as you continue to upgrade in act 2 more tasks should unlock (we’ll have to see what for though). They’re designed to be long term goals, not instant. Honestly I say wait and see what unfolds with Act 2 before rushing to judgement that it’s impossible… you’ll get there 🙂

      • Well, Act 2 hit. Now I am more disappointed. It took ~10,000 fertilizer to upgrade Monsarno to level 14. Still not maxed out, but depleted my supplies, so I cannot get the Sani-John, cane field nor market. Bob’s welcome sign is there fore out of reach as well. I spent all of act one working diligently to save fertilizer and didn’t even get enough to max the upgrades on research for Act 2. That is very disappointing. It looks like that with out spending donuts or having multiple premium characters, the math doesn’t work out for crafting on this event. Very discouraging to a long time player. I have spent real money on the game over the years, but refuse to get sucked in for an event like this. Bad job on this on EA.

  7. Send me requests guys I’m way behind this calendar as game keeps deciding that it needs to redownload all 490.7 MB AGAIN which gets very frustrating as we all know how long that takes…

    Anyhow add me 🙂 I’ve got mutant seeds to offload

    • Ugh, I have totally been there with the whole game continuously restarting itself and redownloadingredownload everything. It got to the point where it was happening EVERY time I open the app. I finally emailed Texh support and told them I couldn’t take it anymore and they suggested a few things that I already tried (deleting and redownloading the whole app, checking my wireless network, etc). Suddenly, it’s not happening to me anymore. Best of luck on that issue!

  8. I am trying to buy the farmers market, but i still need lots of collecting stuff. When act 1 is over, is it still possible to buy the farmers market or am i losing these collecting things like last theme with the superheroes, when the act changed, the collecting things changed also and you could not save them for later in the acts. I hope anyone understands what i mean. I can not find anything about this, so i eeally hope someone can tell me before the act is changing, otherwise i will buy something else before i loose my collected items.

  9. I have a question I complete all daily task and visit neighbors and don’t think I will earn the market with out spending donuts if I don’t spend sprinkles will I still be able to earn it or is it now or never please let me know and thanks for all you do for all of us addicts 😎

  10. Thanks for the response. I will try it exactly as you described the next time I level up. I’m a bit behind the spade calendar, probably won’t earn enough to get the bonus shot at the donut boxes this first phase.

  11. I JUST got the second batch of fertilizer this morning. I’m afraid that I’m a couple days behind lol

  12. Anyone not getting enough fertilizer to craft the all the items? I upgraded my building to 7, but I will barely make the market crafting total before this Act ends.

  13. What is the benefit to to tapping more than 30 towns per day? I need spades! I try to spread the love by alternating starting points. I’m loaded with Simpson bucks so money and xp is not an issue for me.

    • Friend Points if you haven’t maxed out. Or if you have maxed out on friend points..donuts.

      • Michael KoleeOni

        I’ve maxed out my friends points and have been visiting all of my friends (even after I stopped getting Spades). I have yet to receive a donut… I want some too lol.

      • Michael K. – there’s only a small chance per tap (.05%, I think) of getting a donut, so, you’ll need to visit a full 100 neighbors every day to maximize the possibility of getting any. 1 or 2 a day is common, but it’s not uncommon to get none (and sometimes, if you’re lucky, you could get anywhere from 3-6!) So, make sure you have the maximum number of neighbors and visit them every day and you should start seeing a few sprinklies! 🙂

    • Free donuts!

    • When it comes to dropping my mutant seedlings, my Neighboreeno’s who I know visit daily (event or no event) get first priority, those who dropped me a seed are likely to get reciprocated, those with cool towns that I enjoy visiting are next on the list. Do as you will.

  14. I was wondering…. With the last 2 act one prizes I unlocked I got the cafeteria and the monkey research without crafting them. Is this happening to everyone? I believe it was prize 6 and 7.

  15. Has anyone else had this strange bug,…
    When I tap on a Townie, or the Townies icon in the upper left randomly their task window closes on its own, sometimes while I am scrolling th tasks, it gets annoying when you are trying to send time to do stuff and you tap and hit something else when the window closes, this started with the new update, but I think,it started as soon as I placed the new center building where all the GMO’s are grown,
    And it’s,only gotten worse, when it started it hardly happened, but now their task windows close almost all the time.

    Has anyone else noticed this?
    Any idea how to fix this? I’ve tried just about everything.
    I play on an iPad Air 1

    • It’s been going around since Level 51 hit. No way to fix it, as it’s a glitch. EA is aware of it though, so hopefully a patch is coming.

    • I’ve noticed in my town this happens whenever a building “repops” with a payout. So if you have a bunch of brown houses and collect all their “$” then spend a minute or two doing other things then try assigning tasks the brown houses will start “repopping” again and make it annoying. So I just assign tasks while there are “$” on all buildings first.

    • I’m using an android tablet and when this happens to me, I put my tablet to sleep and then wake it up again. The task list usually stays open for me then. Hope this helps.

  16. I did find an awsome bug , if you win a prize and place it (like the statue of the old simpsons farm) and Then you log in to another device you can place it again (if you like it use it, i want to play it fair but i cant get rid of the second farm or the second statue)

    • i should’ve heard that before i got Pet Plant, then i could’ve had 2, but ill try it in act two

  17. Hi guys,
    Just wondering… I’ve upgraded my monsarno building to level 7 and now its ready for a new upgrade. In the menu its just showing for me to come back in act 2.
    Should I upgrade monsarno now or wait for act 2 to begin? – a bit hesitant to upgrade because I can’t see if I get any perks from upgrading or if I will just be wasting my fert & corn to have a level 8 building

  18. The posts and outlines go a long way in making the game less stressful. I have to admit that I probably shouldn’t play a game if it stresses me out, but here we are.

    I have almost 12000 spades. I only have about 2100 fertilizer and corn. So far away from farmers market that I’m worried about it. But I will just keep sending my little computer generated characters on their jobs and hope for the best….

    • Don’t worry about the Farmer’s Market. You have lots of time to craft it, meant to be a long term goal not something you accomplish overnight. Pace yourself 🙂

  19. In regard to spending corn/fertilizer, does it make more sense to keep upgrading the Monsarno Research building, or crafting things like the Farmers Market?

    Thanks. Great job with the updates BTW 😉

  20. Hello everyone. Did you noticed, that sometimes, when tapping on friends mutant crops, you get spade(s) and sometimes not? For example yesterday I got spades from all my friends and today nothing. Why? Bug maybe? And well, thanks for calendar, now I know, that with 8800 spades I’m fine. Was nervous, because I lost a day and half 😀 (not native speaker, sry for possible mistakes)

    • You only get spades from the first 90 clicks in neighbours’ towns. So, the first 30 towns in your daily cycle. After that it’s ‘just’ money and XP.

      • Oh thank you. It explains a lot. I have two groups of friends. One for “morning WC tapping” and second one for evening. And “Other Springfield” is in the evening one. Btw: 12643 spades right now. Monsarno upgraded to 7th level and 2480/2091 fertilizer/corn. But I’m starting to be tired, split my sleepy time so much was not so good idea 😀

  21. santasLTLtapper

    “Eat too much candy corn ” task… laziest move eva. This being TSTO they really wasted an opportunity to at least turn it into a self-deprecating joke. How about just adding… “Eat ‘not’ too much candy corn”. There… now you have the laziness and the funnyness.

  22. It’s a shame the daily count is 1235 and couldn’t be 1234. And lol at the Sandra comment! I didn’t think you’d keep that joke from one of the other posts. XD If Bunny weren’t a cute name, I’d call you Elephant for your great memory

  23. Luke the Asian

    Do you need to get all the prizes from act 1 to start getting prizes from act 2? Like with the Superheroes event.

    • Yes, that’s usually how it works.

      Edit: After a cup of coffee and Marc’s comment below…I looked back into the files. Looking at the questline for Act 2, the only requirement is Act 1 questline complete (so Part 2 of Chaos She-ory needs to be completed). So no, you won’t need to earn the prizes.

      • Really? Halloween and Chrstmas moved on and allowed the player to buy missed prizes subsequently. But at least the Monsarno Research upgrading seems to progress further in the second act. Even though there is no upgrade available, the upgrade indicator is hovering over the building.

        • Christmas was a different animal. As it was basically 2 events.

          Halloween you could craft what you missed. But Superheros you needed to win all of the prizes before you could move on.

          My suggestion…focus on the prizes. Clear them.

      • Thanks for checking!

  24. Has anyone else noticed that if you upgrade when you have more fertiliser and corn than you need, that the remaining corn is ok but the fertiliser defaults to zero?

  25. ROTFL!!!!!!!

    I can’t believe I never noticed your added comment in the article, Bunny! Thanks for starting my day off with a real belly laugh! 😘

  26. I’m so upset I haven’t had the time to play in 2 days!!! I haven’t even gotten the first prior yet 😩

  27. Hey guys, do you a write up regarding the timeline of the craft items? I just upgraded my Monserno to level 7 and now working on my crafting. It seems nearly impossible to craft all the prizes before the new set of items arrive. Thanks for your feedback.

    • A crafting post is coming. It won’t be a calendar as that’s basically impossible to do, since people will want different items and play at different rates, but it will be a crafting breakdown.

  28. I seem to be well on track with the calendar (in fact, im actually 2 days ahead of it) and so with 9 days to go and about 2 1/2 prizes to go, i SHOULD get the pet mutant

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