Math Of Earning Act Two

Hey there Mischeif Makers!!

Act One has ended and Act Two is in full swing. There is now a new Material for Event Currency to look toward earning, the Gas Masks. But I bet all this information, numbers, calculations, and need for items has got your head spinning? No worries, we are here to help as usual. Let’s hop on in, shall we?

Sideshow Bob 2


NOTE: These calculations are now factoring the lower rate of 3 Gas Masks per Mutant Smashed. Until we get word on why it dropped from 5 to 3, we will use that number.

To begin, all the information is very similar as in past events. The more time you spend in your game, the more chances you have at Gas Mask Earning Actions. The more Neighbors you visit daily, along with you just playing daily… will all contribute to YOUR individual results. 



Here we are back to the similar information as Act One. Leveling up. It will help, to a point. More so to unlock all the extra tasks for Characters to drop items you need. In Act Two, it will be necessary to help you gain DNA strands.

Here’s the breakdown…

Level Fertilizer  Corn Reward 
8 1050 175 Highrollers for DNA
9 1200 200 Increases Corn Payout from jobs
10 1350 225 Kooks for Fertilizer
11 1500 250 Increases Fertilizer Payout from jobs
12 1650 275 Brainiacs for DNA + Library
13 1800 300 Increases DNA Payout from jobs
14 1950 325 Civil Servants for Corn + Human Resources
15 2100 350 Increases Corn Payout from jobs
16 2250 375 Celebrities for DNA
17 2400 400 Increases Fertilizer Payout from jobs
18 2550 425 Increases Corn Payout from jobs
19 2700 450 Increases DNA Payout from jobs
20 2850 475 Increases DNA, Fertilizer & Corn Payout from Jobs
21+ 150 Each lvl 25 Each level Increases DNA, Fertilizer & Corn Payout from Jobs

Alissa posted a really good detailed run down on all of the Monsarno Leveling Up HERE. 

My suggestion is to Level Up to at LEAST 8 so you unlock the DNA task option for High Rollers, Gamble on the Future/ 12hrs/ 5 DNA/ 100XPAct Two DNA Corn Fertilizer Gas Masks



With Act Two, another element of an item to Upgrade has been placed into our towns. The Herbicide Squirter is a FREE item you’ll unlock once you’ve completed The Soup Thickens Pt. 4 and started The Science of Cooking (questline walkthrough is here)

But what will this do to help? As you upgrade the Herbicide Squirter, your “Kill Zone” will increase when you try to tap on the now Mutant Bobs running around. So when you tap the screen, you will see a lil circle kind of span out from under your finger and span out in the area you tapped, showing you your “Tap Radius”. Any Mutant in that radius will be smashed and killed. That means less tapping and quicker clearing of them when you get in your game.Herbicide Tapping Radius

Next helpful item is HIGHER Material payouts. As you Level up the Herbicide Squirter, you will start to see yourself earning MORE corn, fertilizer, and DNA, the higher up it goes. Short story long… you pay into it Materials… it gives you more back.


Level Requirement Gas Mask Payout
Crafting Payout
Radius Increase
1 n/a 3 4 n/a
2 60ico_terwilligers_corn_lg 60ico_terwilligers_dna_lg 3 7 Yes
3 120ico_terwilligers_corn_lg 120ico_terwilligers_dna_lg 3 7 Yes
4 180ico_terwilligers_corn_lg 180ico_terwilligers_dna_lg 3 7 Yes
5 240ico_terwilligers_corn_lg 240ico_terwilligers_dna_lg 3 9 Yes
6 300ico_terwilligers_corn_lg 300ico_terwilligers_dna_lg 3 9 Yes
7 360ico_terwilligers_corn_lg 360ico_terwilligers_dna_lg 3 9 Yes
8 420ico_terwilligers_corn_lg 420ico_terwilligers_dna_lg 3 13 Yes
9 480ico_terwilligers_corn_lg 480ico_terwilligers_dna_lg 3 13 Yes
10 540ico_terwilligers_corn_lg 540ico_terwilligers_dna_lg 3 13 Yes
11 600ico_terwilligers_corn_lg 600ico_terwilligers_dna_lg 3 16 Yes
12 660ico_terwilligers_corn_lg 660ico_terwilligers_dna_lg 3 16 Yes
13 720ico_terwilligers_corn_lg 720ico_terwilligers_dna_lg 3 21 Yes
14 780ico_terwilligers_corn_lg 780 ico_terwilligers_dna_lg 3 21 Yes
15 840ico_terwilligers_corn_lg 840ico_terwilligers_dna_lg 3 25 Yes
16+ + 60 of Each for Each Level increase 3 25 Yes

Again, Alissa went into great detail on this HERE so check it out for more info. 

As you can see, if you at least Level Up to 2-4 it will add and extra 3 Material Items to each tap. That can add up fast. Almost double of the normal 4 payout. It will help you immensely to get those items you want.


Now for the Main Math of Act Two…


Once you get into the new Act Two questline, The Soup Thickens Part 1, you will be introduced to this Act Two’s main source of Event Currency, the Mutant Clone Bobs. Essentially like Corn husks (which is why some of you may notice them putting butter on themselves). Lol. They will help you with the New Event Currency,  Gas Masks, along with the other needed Materials. DNA, Corn, and Fertilizer.

Mutant Clone 3.1 mutantclone01_idleMutant Clone 2Mutant Bob Clones

Spawn at least 1 every 5 mins
40 MAX in your town at one time

There is NO Bank on this one, so once you reach MAX no more will spawn till you clear some out and wait another 5 mins for more to come. So at roughly 3 hrs 20 mins you are looking at hitting your MAX of 40.Full of Bob Clones


They roam all over town and will hide behind Buildings and Decorations. So use your “Movement Menu” to shut down all the items but Characters, then scan your town to see if you can locate any hidden.


Mutant Clone 1.1 Mutant Clone 3.2 Mutant Clone 2.1Mutant Bob Clones Payout (there are 3 different ones, and so far I have seen no real pattern of one paying out better than the others).

ico_terwilligers_gasmask_lg 3 Gas Masks

Plus ONE out of the Following Materials

ico_terwilligers_dna_lgDNA 4
ico_terwilligers_corn_lgCorn 4
ico_terwilligers_fertilizer_lgFertilizer 4
ico_terwilligers_mutantseeds_lgMutant Seedling 1


So let’s figure out a few scenarios to see just what the Mutant Bob Clones can earn for you in Gas Masks…

Visit Time Mutant Bob Clones Gas Masksico_terwilligers_gasmask_lg
Every 2 hrs 24 72
Every 4 hrs 48 144
Every 6 hrs 96 288


Then we will figure a middle ground, how many Gas Masks can you get if you Visit your town every 3 hrs (If you wait 4 hrs, you will be past the max of 40)?

Times A Day Gas Masksico_terwilligers_gasmask_lg
3 324
4 432
5 540
6 648

Visiting your town to squash Mutant Bob Clones every 3 hours a day, at least 6 times a day (18hrs)  will give you 648 Gas Masks Total A Day.

So clear them all when you see them to get as many Gas Masks as you can. Also Level Up that Herbicide Squirter to INCREASE the payout on the Materials the Clones give you. Bob Clones Cleared



ico_terwilligers_mutantseedlingupdate Mutant Seedling

MAX of 10 in your town at a time

You should have seen some of these guys bouncing round your town from a Neighbor at this point. It is beneficial to BOTH of you to tap them as soon as you see them. If you wait too long, ONLY your Neighbor will benefit from leaving them there. These guys usually first appear in the Sidewalk or Boardwalks of Springfield, but will quickly bounce off. Just like Sideshow Bob, they will disappear into Buildings and Decorations. So get them while you can.

If you squish the Mutant Seedling BEFORE 4hrs, both You & Your Neighbor that left it will get ONE of the following Material Breakdowns…

ONE of the following

ico_terwilligers_dna_lgDNA 8
ico_terwilligers_corn_lgCorn 8
ico_terwilligers_gasmask_lgGas Masks 4


ico_terwilligers_gasmask_lg 4 Gas Masks and Occasionally One of the following…

ico_terwilligers_dna_lgDNA 8
ico_terwilligers_corn_lgCorn 8


If you do NOT squish the Mutant Seedling within 4 hours and they disappear for good, ONLY Your Neighbor will get ONE of the following Materials Breakdowns…

ONE of the following

ico_terwilligers_dna_lgDNA 4
ico_terwilligers_corn_lgCorn 4
ico_terwilligers_gasmask_lgGas Masks 2


ico_terwilligers_gasmask_lg 2 Gas Masks and Occasionally One of the following…

ico_terwilligers_dna_lgDNA 4
ico_terwilligers_corn_lgCorn 4


In other words SQUISH THEM. This way you both get something from the drop. As far as WHAT you might get, the Gas Masks tend to be Rare and the Corn & Fertilizer more Common.

Once time runs out or after your neighbor squishes them, you will receive a pop up in your game telling you how much additional items you just collected. Keep in mind, this will require them to exit out and their game sync up. As well as you exiting out, going back in, and allowing for that data to sync up to your town. So you may not see the info instantly.

Mutant Seedlings Harvested


ico_terwilligers_mutantseeds_lgMAX Mutant Seedlings you can Drop Off
This is the amounts you can leave when visiting and the time you have for them to be squished. Make sure to spread them round as many Neighbors as you can. You will know how many you can drop off by the icon in the top Right Corner of that Neighbor’s town. You will also know how many YOU have left by the counts in lower Left Corner of the Neighbor Screen.

10 Total to your Neighbors (4hr timer to payout)
5 Total to the OTHER Springfield (24 hr timer to payout)

If your Neighbors town is already FULL with Mutant Seedlings, you will see this message…

Intensive Farming Too Many Mutant Seedilings




Just like Act One, the Monsarno Research will continue to payout 120 of the Event Currency, so this time Gas Masks. The Payout is every 8hrs. So just visiting twice a day and collecting Rent on Monsarno Research will give you 240 Gas Masksico_terwilligers_gasmask_lg Total Daily



Starting at the beginning of Act Two, you will be Rewarded 100 Gas Masksico_terwilligers_gasmask_lg upon Completion of the Main Questline Parts. So finish them to help you hit your goals faster.Pushback Part 2




Just like in Act One, Act Two will also have you complete Random Tasks to earn Materials that you would probably already be sending your Characters on anyway. These will trigger at the END of the Act 2 questline. The Bonus part to this is on top of the Material you will get from completing the task, if it is triggered by the Random Task Red Box you will also receive and additional 100 Gas Masks ico_terwilligers_gasmask_lg to help with your Personal Prize Goals.

So definitely use this one as much as you can to earn MORE Gas Masks for tasks. Random Tasks Completed Gas Mask


Now you have a basic idea of how to get Materials from just playing daily, let’s look at how having Neighbors will help you in this event.

Neighbor Icon


mutantplant02_idle mutantclone01_idle mutantplant01_menu Mutant Clone 2mutantplant01_idle Mutant Clone 3.1mutantplant03_idle

The Mutant Bob Clones along with the Mutant Veggies are pretty much replacing the Building taps in your Neighbors towns. So you will now be tapping them to get payouts for FP, XP, $, and Game Currency. In this case, Spades. So what will you get by tapping on through your Neighbors?

ico_terwilligers_gasmask_lg1 Gas Mask Per Mutant Veggies or Bob Clones 

MAX of 3 Mutant Veggies/Bob Clones per Neighbor per 24 hours 

90 Mutant Veggies/Bob Clones Daily Actions per 24hrs
This averages out 3 Actions a Neighbor for roughly 30 Neighbors Total. 

So if you visit several of your Neighbors Daily, you can get an extra 90 Gas Masksico_terwilligers_gasmask_lgDaily.

Neighbor Mutant Veggies and Bob Clones

donut-loadingBut do NOT stop there. Remember, if you are MAX on your Friend Points (FP) you have that possibility of FREE DONUTS from tapping through Neighbors every day. So hit them all. It can add up fast.




If you want to spend some of your Donuts to help you in getting MORE Gas Masks from you 90 Daily Neighbor Actions, then invest in the Farming License. The Farming License will double ONLY your 90 Daily Neighbor Actions tapping Mutant Veggies/Bob Clones. So with the purchase, you can get 180 Gas Masksico_terwilligers_gasmask_lg Daily.



To give you an idea of just what can happen in a day in your game, here are some general numbers to show you. Keep in mind, these are on the LOW end of it all. Adding daily tasks, leveling up, Mutant Seedlings, etc… these additions will all drastically increase these numbers. I just wanted you to see what even a minimal effort daily can yield in your game. For instance, just leveling up Herbicide to 2 will almost DOUBLE the payouts on Corn, DNA, and Fertilizer from Mutant Bob Clones.

ico_terwilligers_gasmask_lgWith minimal effort in your town daily, you can easily earn at LEAST 1356 Gas Masks Daily.

  • Monsarno Research: 120 Gas Masks Every 8hrs X twice a day (16hrs)= 240 Gas Masks
  • Mutant Bob Clones/Veggies Neighbors: 90 Daily Neighbor Actions = 90 Gas Masks
  • Mutant Bob Clones Springfield: 24 every 2 hrs x 8 times Daily (16hrs)= 192 Clones/576 Gas Masks
  • Cecil’s Daily Tasks: 150 per Task completion. 4 Daily Tasks.  3 Daily Tasks x 150= 450 Gas Masks

ico_terwilligers_dna_lgWith minimal effort in your town daily, you can easily earn at LEAST 300 DNA Strands Daily

  • Monsarno Level 8/Herbicide Level 1: Using only 5 out of the possible High Rollers, Gamble on the Future, 12hrs, 5 DNA. 5 High Rollers x 5 DNA each = 25 DNA Daily
  • Mutant Bob Clones Springfield: Tap at least 100 Mutants, roughly 20 will drop DNA. 20 Mutant Bob Clones x 4 DNA each = 80 DNA Daily
  • Cecil’s Daily Tasks: 3rd & 4th Task DNA Payout. 60 DNA 3rd Task + 135 DNA 4th Task = 195 DNA Daily

ico_terwilligers_corn_lgWith minimal effort in your town daily, you can easily earn at LEAST 277 Corn Daily

  • Monsarno Level 8/Herbicide Level 1: Using only 5 Criminals, Be Sold to a Private Company, 4hrs, 3 Corn. 5 Criminals x 4 Corn tasks a day (16hrs) = 60 Corn Daily
  • Monsarno Level 8/Herbicide Level 1: Using only 5 Youngster, Eat Too Much Candy Corn, 8hrs, 5 Corn. 5 Youngsters x 2 Corn tasks a day (16hrs) = 50 Corn Daily
  • Monsarno Level 8/Herbicide Level 1: Using only 3 Glutton, Help Feed the Hunger, 16hrs, 9 Corn. 3 Glutton x 1 Corn tasks a day  = 27 Corn Daily
  • Mutant Bob Clones Springfield: Tap at least 100 Mutants, roughly 30 will drop Corn. 30 Mutant Bob Clones x 4 DNA each = 120 Corn Daily
  • Cecil’s Daily Tasks: 2nd Task Corn Payout. 20 Corn Payout Daily

ico_terwilligers_fertilizer_lgWith minimal effort in your town daily, you can easily earn at LEAST 725 Fertilizer Daily

  • Monsarno Level 8/Herbicide Level 1:Using only 5 Seniors, Don’t Care About the Future, 2hrs, 5 Fertilizer. 5 Seniors x 8 Fertilizer tasks a day (16hrs) = 200 Fertilizer Daily
  • Monsarno Level 8/Herbicide Level 1:Using only 5 Dimwits, Make a Donation For Science, 8hrs, 14 Fertilizer. 5 Dimwits x  2 Fertilizer tasks a day (16hrs) =  140 Fertilizer Daily
  • Monsarno Level 8/Herbicide Level 1: Using only 5 Pessimist, Conclude It’s All Pointless, 4hrs, 8 Fertilizer. 5 Pessimists x  4 Fertilizer tasks a day (16hrs) = 160 Fertilizer Daily
  • Mutant Bob Clones Springfield: Tap at least 100 Mutants, roughly 50 will drop Fertilizer. 50 Mutant Bob Clones x 4 Fertilizer each = 200 Fertilizer Daily
  • Cecil’s Daily Tasks: 1st Task Fertilizer Payout. 25 Fertilizer Payout Daily


As you can see there are MANY ways of getting the Materials you will need to progress through this event. The Gas Masks can be earned quickly, there really is a lot of ways to hit the daily Targets. Just remember, slow at first… then it will increase fast once you get more Upgrades and Characters involved.

Where are YOU on the Gas Masks count? What items have YOU won so far from the Personal Prizes? Level Up the Herbicide yet? Did this help you out to not worry so much? Let us know.


133 responses to “Math Of Earning Act Two

  1. I know it is a big request but it might be cool to have a list of everyone that can be involved for a event like the current one. Done at the beginning of course. I’m sure the files suggest stuff.

    Like for this one not just doing Cecil’s tasks but who collects. Dan or masks or manure or corn. I notice that some premium characters don’t yet some do but it wasn’t known for most of us till the stage was in play as it finally said a couple I have can participate to earn masks…

    Maybe it says it in the files…

    All I know is I hope they start making more people available for later events…

    Happy tapping.

  2. Leveling up to 17 and 19 left me with no time to craft. I doubt I will be able to craft any act 1 or 2 items now. Should have went with my gut :/

  3. Can someone please just tell me what the Gas Masks actually do? I can’t figure out the point Gas masks. I am wondering if this is something that will be revealed in Act 3. Thanks!

  4. I’m visiting my neighbours at the moment and squishing Bob’s but I’ve not got any gas masks from them only game cash, xp and Fp. Is this right? Saw there was an in game update, has this affected it?

  5. do you think the crafting will continue into act 3 as it did for act 2?

    I have not been as active as I would like and currently have just over 8000 fertiliser, just over 8000 corn but 2500 dna. My research building is at level 15 and frinks squirter at level 5.

    I would love the gas building although might prefer something from act 3. However I feel that I will never get to craft additional items and to increase the squirter etc means using more dna so really will I benefit or will it put me behind.??? I would love to have the time to mathematically work out but can’t afford the time during exams so any advice or recommendations would be great at this stage.

    Thanks 🙂

  6. Finally managed to get the Farmer’s market a couple days back. I’m getting so antsy! My squirter’s at 15, and Monsarno is at 16, but I still need almost 6K for the Gas & Grub. It’s taking me forever. Any suggestions?

    • I’d upgrade Monsarno to 19…since that’ll increase your DNA payouts. But don’t go any higher.

      Beyond that…nothing, just keep grinding. You should get there before Act 3 starts.

  7. Now that the spawn rate of Bob clones has been reduced is it still worth it to upgrade the squirter if you haven’t done that yet? Mine is still level 3 and I’m about 1000 DNA short of crafting the gas station.

    • Some say it is, some say it isn’t. It’s really a decision you have to make. But if you’re that close, you’ll probably get there within the next day or so so I wouldn’t worry about it until after you get the station.

  8. Wondering if act 3 is going to have event currency like the spade/ gas masks… ive been saving my mutant seedlings since I unlocked them in act 2 to use for act 3, but now im wondering if I should use them or not… any suggestions??? Thanks!!!

    • Yup. new currency. Holding onto your mutant seeds can be beneficial, because we’ll also get a new crafting item that they can help you (and your neighbor earn). But honestly, i wouldn’t hoard them all. Distribute some and hold onto some…balance it out.

      • If Act 3 will bring a new currency, and of course, new prizes (including probably a new “aspire” prize that will require a lot of the new currency…)
        My question is, I’ve just accumulated enough fertilizer for the Act 1 Farmer’s Market (takes Fert + Corn.) If I wipe out the Ferts to get that, will I suddenly find something in Act 3 that may require a lot of Fert? (I don’t care so much about the other Act 1 or Act 2 items that need Ferts.)
        Likewise — I’m close to enough DNA for Act 2 Gas & Grub… (Corn + DNA) — if I wipe out my DNA bank on that, any inkling that Act 3 will have a DNA-heavy craft item?

      • Thanks, Alissa… Farmer’s Market is now building in my town! Hopefully Gas & Grub in about 2-3 days, and then bring on Act 3!

    • I would send them out

  9. patrickbel361

    Need help ! Seems I’m having issues in my neighbors’ towns since yesterday : when I tap on bobs, I only get FP, XP and $, no event currencies !!… Anyone else experiencing this ?!?! Any ideas how to resolve this ?? Thanks !!..

    • It’s only 90 actions/day. Let all of your towns reset (so they each show 3 actions available) and then try again.

      • patrickbel361

        Aaaahh that might be it ! I have 3 groups of neighbors’ towns, each about 6h apart.. It’s hard to deal with 85 town at a time (!) so I broke it down in 3.. should I work them all together instead ?!? (As always : Thanks a lot for your awesome posts !!! 🙂 )

      • Sandra Shill

        Patrick – No need to change your approach to visiting neighbors… Just know that, in a 24-hour period, you’re only going to get event currency for 90 of your taps. But be sure to keep visiting ALL off your neighbors each day anyway, to earn $$, XP, and either FP or the possibility of donuts, depending on whether you’ve maxed out your FP or not.

    • Yup i am experiencing that. It’s probally glitched wait a day. I lost alot because of that…

  10. tinynicewolf

    Upgrading the squirter to level 15 pays off quickly, but for many players, upgrading Monsarno past level 14 isn’t so clear.

    I’m a level 51 mostly-freeium player. (I bought five Golden Scratch-R’s using Google Survey money, but that’s it.) I figure I tap 232 Bobs/day (40 when I get up, then 12/hour for the rest of a 16 hour day, assuming I wait no longer than 3:20 between playing), so at squirter level 15 I’m getting Fertilizer/Corn/DNA of 2900/1750/1150 from Bobs (using LeahJoanna’s Bob drop measurement of 50% Fertilizer/30% Corn/20% DNA).

    That means if the event lasts 21 days, I should get F/C/D of 60900/36750/24150 from tapping Bobs. But I only need 39250/13100/14400 to craft one of each item. So I’ll have roughly 150% of what I need in Fertilizer, 300% in Corn, and 175% in DNA. To make duplicate items, my biggest need is Fertilizer. (I’m ignoring other ways to get these items, like Cecil’s Tasks, since the amounts you can get are far smaller.)

    My Monsarno is at level 14. I’ve got most of my characters on the shortest available tasks, since these have the biggest payouts. That means lots of Fertilizer tasks. I’ve got 12 characters on 4-Fertilizer (1 hour) tasks, which I figure I can do about 12 times a day, for a daily payout of 576. I’ve got 6 on a 6-Fertilizer task, 7 per day, daily payout 252. I’ve got 6 on a 10-Fertilizer task, 4/day, daily payout 240, and 3 on an 18-Fertilizer task, 2/day, daily payout 108. That’s a total for level 14 of 1176/day.

    Suppose I update to level 19. It costs 12000 Fertilizer. My daily payout would increase to 1506. That’s 330 more per day, or 6930 if the event lasts 21 more days. I lose over 5000 Fertilizer by leveling up from 14 to 19.

    Corn and DNA produce modest gains. For Corn, I’ve got 6 characters doing 3-Corn tasks at 7/day, 3 doing 5-Corn tasks at 4/day, and 8 doing 8-Corn tasks, at 2/day. That’s 314/day, or 6594 in 21 days. If I upgrade to level 19, for 2000 Corn, I should get 514/day, or 200 more Corn per day, or 4200 over 21 days. So I get 2200 extra Corn by leveling up.

    For DNA, I have 3 characters on 8-DNA jobs at 2/day, 5 on 5-DNA jobs at 3/day, and none on 3-DNA jobs, or 123/day, and 2583 over 21 days. Upgrading Monsarno to level 19 would increase that to about 170 (since I’d get one new character doing jobs, Mr Teeny), so I’d get 987 more DNA over the life of the event by leveling up.

    So upgrading Monsarno from level 14 to level 19 gives me more Corn and DNA, which I already get plenty of from squirting Bobs, and less Fertilizer, which is more scarce.

    I also looked at upgrading only to level 17, since levels 18 and 19 don’t help with Fertilizer. That gives me about 200 extra Fertilizer, 700 extra Corn (which I have an abundance of already), no effect on DNA, so it’s essentially break-even.

    Unless you’ve got far more characters than I do (I’ve got 76), your results will probably be similar. Upgrading Monsarno past level 14 has little or no advantage in Fertilizer production. If you have fewer characters, even Monsarno level 14 might not be worth it.

    Ultimately, your Monsarno level shouldn’t matter too much if you’re tapping Bobs often and you’ve upgraded your squirter to 15. Tapping Bobs gives you a much higher payout: more than twice the Fertilizer you can get from character tasks, more than five times the Corn, more than nine times the DNA, assuming you only hit the Bob limit (3 hours 20 minutes away from game) when sleeping. Bobs should give you 60000+ Fertilizer over the next 21 days, so whether you get 25000 from characters by staying at level 14 or 20000 by upgrading to level 19, you’ll still have more than the 39250 you need to buy everything once. And upgrading will give you more Corn and DNA. Future craftable items might need lots of those but no Fertilizer, which would make leveling up Monsarno past 14 a better deal. But it’s a risk.

  11. Anyone else have there 1 hour jobs and 2 hour jobs go from yellow to white? Islt has become a pain to sort through all the characters that dont have jobs for the event every hour because the event jobs are not marked for the 1 hour and 2 hour.

    • Yes, I asked the same thing in a different thread. It’s more of a nuisance than anything…just makes it easier to assign the wrong tasks.

  12. monsarno level 16, should be good there
    bicide thing level 11. Going for lvl 15.

    at level 15 I can earn 25 crafting materials which helps alot.
    Hoping to get farmers market, gas and grub and welcome back bob sign at the end of act 2.

  13. Anyone finding they are still trying to play Bob pre-Terwilliger update mode? Everytime I see him I rush to tap him! D’oh!

    Just about got the squirter and Monsarno upgraded to optimum levels. Is there a way to ‘turn off’ the upgrade available sign-a-majig? I just know I’ll double tap and get an upgrade I don’t want ….

  14. I’m working on the penultimate Act 2 prize, with the research building on level 17, the Herbicide on level 12, and with 9 days to go. All without the aid of my so-called neighbours…

  15. Thank you for breaking down all the math! Now I know when to stop upgrading. The items are coming in a lot faster now and I just might get that farmers market yet. 🙂

  16. OK, everybody, I know a lot of folks are panicking about not being able to earn enough crafting items, so here it goes:
    I’ve crafted nothing so far, just doing upgrades. My Monsarno just hit level 19 (stopping there) and my herbicide squirter just hit 11 (going to at least 15). I spent the last 2 days reviewing this INCREDIBLY AWESOME AND INFORMATIVE POST (standing ovation for this one!), as well as the other posts on upgrading Monsarno and the squirter. Based on my levels and frequent play, I can EASILY craft everything I want (not cane field or walls, but everything else) in ONLY 9 DAYS *JUST* from tapping Sideshow Cobs. That does not include sending any characters on tasks or doing anything other than clearing Sideshow Cobs from my town. And it doesn’t include the math of further leveling the squirter from 11 up to 15. I’m talking AS IS, virtually no effort. All I’d have to do is clear my Cobs and boom. Crafting. (Yes, I do know the Cob drops are random, but this is based on an even split of them AND collecting 6 hours less than I normally would to make up the difference. 13 hours instead of 19.)
    That being said, this does not include gas masks, but those are so easy to come by with multiple ways to earn, I’m not even including them in this comment.
    So, reassurance to all that once you get going, it does get easy, and you WILL be able to craft everything in time.
    My personal advice, based on this info? Upgrade the daylights out of that squirter, to Level 15. Life gets exponentially easier and you don’t have to feel tethered to your game. 🙂
    Will I keep playing as much? Yes, but only when I’m awake, simply because I’m addicted. 😉 However, it also means I no longer have to worry about losing sleep during this event. No more struggling to stay awake til 4 or 5 AM, no more setting alarms when I sleep. Does this make everyone feel a bit better??
    If anyone’s interested, I can post the math, but just know 2 things- it’s upgrade specific, so if we’re not matching on upgrade levels, it won’t match up (but if you upgrade to those levels, you’ll see how easy it gets!), and it’s PAGES of info to get to my results, so it will be a lot to read. This comment isn’t meant to be a specific guide, just a tension-reliever for those that are panicked: it WILL get better.

    One question: do crafting item rewards continue to increase after level 15 of the squirter, or just the radius? I’m assuming both, based on the squirter post, but I just want to be positive. If they do, I’ll leave my Monsarno the way it is (and really didn’t even need to level to 19, but no regrets, glad I did it for the payouts at the time) and keep leveling the squirter. Then I really can stop sending my characters on Monsarno tasks (at least not sending 60-something all day and night) and send them to make some in-game cash to stockpile.
    Thanks for everything, Addicts! Happy tapping, folks! 😀

    • AMAZING response, both yours and the ones by Repo982. I decided to upgrade for the bonuses & buildings and started noticing the same thing, even in my B game which is only at level 22. Thanks much!

      And thanks also to the Addicts for the wonderful post! I find this event a little unsettling and don’t really care too much for the craftables, but I really really really really want Sideshow Bob! <3

      And, as usual… I'M IN IT FOR THE DONUTS. 😀
      (Just like everything else in life, probably should make a T-shirt or a bumper sticker with this)


    • AAAHH! Just realized you’re one of my neighbors! How cool!

      Heads up! Jelly blobs heading your way! 😀

      • Hahaha, hi spmsuzy!! I’ll watch for when you’re active and send some back atcha. 😉 Glad you liked the comment, and I hope it helped you!!

  17. Thanks, as always, for all the work you put in keeping us informed. I have to say this event is needlessly complicated and tedious, though. I have been diligently tapping every day, many times a day (too many times a day). I have only been able to craft the Farmers’ Market and endlessly update Monsarno and, with Act 2, the Herbicide Squirter. I’m usually patient with the events as they develop but this one is just agonizing. I’m about to just quit on this one. The 1 hour tasks for event currency are ridiculous. EA did so well with the Superhero event and other recent ones. This is a throwback to awful rollouts like the 2014 Easter event. Epic fail, EA…

    • I feel your pain. I’m still 3000 off of the farmers market and don’t know if I should slog on or toss in the towel and start leveling up. Seems like the ratio of fertilizer is way low in my game. 🙁

  18. This may be a bit of a long one…
    I’m a premium player who started tapping in December.
    I have about 110 playable characters.
    I’d guess about 75 or so are Monsarno-able.

    I have worked out, from all the upgrades I have already done, that I have, in 18.5 days, or 4.5 for DNA, earned the following craft/ upgrade currency:

    Fertiliser: 27002, or 1459 daily.
    Corn: 12452, or 673 daily.
    Dna: 4207, or or 934 daily.

    Now, I did early upgrade Monsarno’s first few levels, but this is more then made up for in the above numbers by the fact I accidentally crafted the cane field, so the above numbers, if anything, should perhaps be higher, having used 4500 fert and 2500 corn, or thereabouts.

    If I, extremely modestly, assume that I earnthis same average, although it will be higher due to higher payouts now, I can assume I will earn another;

    47417 fertiliser, if we can craft for remaining 32.5 days.
    35062 fertiliser, if we can craft until end act 3 in 23.5 days

    21872 corn for long term
    15815 corn for short term

    30355 DNA for long term
    21949 DNA for short term

    You could easily add 50% and more to these based on multipliers we know of through act two, never mind act three.

    So If you are in a similar position to me upgrade wise and fretting about being able to craft in time… Don’t be.

    You’ll probably manage one of everything by the end! Or three farmers markets if you really want them!

    • And to craft one of all non upgrade given items, you need “only”
      39250 fertiliser
      11700 corn
      14400 dna

      I appreciate there will be more act three…

    • Do we know if the jobs for the characters will remain the same in Phase 3 and that we will still be able to collect Fertilizer, Corn, and DNA, along with whatever new material they throw in there? I’m saving to craft all of the items, but if it changes in Phase 3, I might have to change my strategy.

  19. Maybe it is already witten somewhere.. not sure. ..
    When you tap on the character button you get first the ones who can do jobs for the event. . After that you get the ones who are not involved .
    Some (5 by me) arent there. Only when i go trough all the characters they Come al along.
    They can do jobs of 2 hours (ned.. chalmers. . Cat lady by example)
    Also their tasks for the event are not signed yellow.

    Als thee have Only 1 hour Job signed yellow. So you tink It’s the Only One. . But they do also have a 6 hour Job for the event.

    Maybe It’s mentioned before. . In that case sorry for telling it again.

  20. Got my squirter at level 11 and monsarno level 14. I’ve found now that things are coming in faster. Not crafted anything yet tho. I’ve got 8000 fertiliser and gonna focus on crafting farmers market in next 3-4 days and meanwhile get squirter to level 15. Might upgrade monsarno to at least level 16 once I’ve got the market. My opera house is being built and should get Dr Robert in next few days. Is it true once we got the opera house built we got to upgrade that as well? And that uses Dna? If that’s the case won’t be getting gas and grub for a while!!

  21. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or what, but I have not been able to craft anything so far. It is a bit frustrating. They keep wanting me to upgrade stuff so I do, and now I don’t even have a lousy cane field square or anything. I don’t have the license and I admit I don’t have time to visit neighbours every day, but other than that I’ve tried to play consistently. Is there hope to collect enough corn/fertilizer etc by the end of the event?

    • It’s happening to most players. Don’t upgrade past 19, no matter what the game tells you. There are an infinite number of levels, so you’ll just get caught in upgrade hell trying to find the end.

      Once you’ve upgrading you’ll start earning more items faster, as you’ll be able to send more characters and the payouts are higher. It takes a while, but you will get there.

  22. Is this any better for my neighbours to recognise me? …changed from London UK to Brooders! Don’t wanna confuse anyone?! : /

  23. Since getting the squirter, I’ve no longer receiving any donuts while visiting friends. I have Max friend points and was getting at least 1 daily (since I go to all 100 friends). Has anyone else noticed this?

  24. Anyone figure out how it’s possible to update Monsarno research and try to get the Farmers market? You have to upgrade to earn more fertilizer but everytime you do, you lose all your fertilizer and have to start over again. At what point should I stop upgrading the research center and start crafting?

    • personally I have gone for level 17 monsarno as it offers a nice rise in fertilizer and a level 5 squisher for the same reason…I hope to have the farmers market and the gas station by end of next week latest! *fingers crossed*

  25. I did some math myself yesterday and I can earn:
    -atleast 1300 fertilizer a day
    -atleast 750 corn a day

    Also I stored moes for the main questline so I could continue. I got the task to tap 25 clones. But when I wanted to do that I saw a “!”. I tapped it and moe gave me the same task again 0.o
    I had 2 pushback pt.4’s and I think 2 rewards aswell 😀

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