Terwilliger Event Calendar Act Three

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Time now for Act Three of our silly lil Terwilliger Event. Another new batch of items have been introduced along with a New Currency to collect. New Currency to collect? How on earth will we keep up? A Calendar of course!


As per usual, I will be starting the Calendar one day AFTER Act Three releases so you can factor in time you will need to send Characters on tasks, get Buildings, and fully launch the Event. I will also be stopping it the night BEFORE Act Three ends, as it is REALLY early in the AM for the USA.

Again, do not panic. Remember that it is slow going at first so you may “appear” to be behind, but as you progress in Act Three you will start to see that you are getting more and more and more. So just go at a pace that fits you, but remember the more you play the more you will get.


Here we go…Act 3 Calendar

Now you have a basic daily breakdown for 13 days based off of approximately 1235 Music Notes a day. Similar to the previous Calendars timeline. That should help you to know by now what you are capable of getting while playing.



Here are the Prizes you can win for Act Three along with the amount of Music Notes you will need to get them.ico_terwilligers_musicnotes_lg

spdblimpflipped Springfield PD Blimp- 1050

ico_stor_terwilligers_dna_200200 DNA Strands- 1550

ico_stor_terwilligers_theatremask_200200 Theater Masks- 2100

unlock_krusty_operaOpera Krusty 4,200

ico_stor_terwilligers_fertilizer_200200 Fertilizer- 6,000

ico_stor_terwilligers_corn_200200 Corn- 7,800

ico_stor_terwilligers_theatremask_200200 Theater Masks- 11,000

unlock_damejudithDame Judith Underdunk- 16,050



Don’t stop collecting Music Notes once you hit 16050, because you WILL have that extra chance at the 3 Donut Mystery Boxes once again. Word of caution on this one, if you are NOT in your town when you hit the bonus, any additional Music Notes collected may not count towards the 3000 (they will your main total). So be careful. If you are close, you may want to go back to your Springfield just before you hit it. This is due to once it triggers the final prize, it will take a few minutes to go through all the pop ups for it. This causes the Bonus Round Pop Up to delay as you tap through them. That means any additional beyond the 16050 earned when you hit it will NOT count to the A Final Note Bonus until you see the Pop Up. For instance if you earn 16150, the extra 100 will go to your total, but nothing will add to the Bonus until A Final Note Bonus pops up. So the counts may be slightly off. A Final Note

For every Additional 3000 Music Notes you collect, you will get the chance at tapping on one of 3 Mystery Boxes with 1, 2, or 3 Donuts inside. Digging Deep Super Bonus 3 Donut Boxes

If you miss your chance the first time or even second, you can retry for $150,000. So make sure you have some cash set aside if you want to buy your donuts. (I intentionally did NOT use my trick on this one so you can see how much it costs to try again. The 3 donuts were in the center box on this one without the trick.)Digging Deep Super Bonus 50 50 Chance

Digging Deep Super Bonus 3 Donuts Won


Now… the shortcut trick I use for these and the Level Up Bonus boxes you can try in your games. This is completely up to YOU to try it.  Just press and hold down on the box on the far right. Do not let go, keep pressing down. Watch the lights. They will cycle through around, back and forth, and flashing. Once they cycle all the way through one time, let go. (Usually as the lights are cycling to meet up at the top.) It is how I have usually avoided paying any extra cash for my 3 Donuts. My luck has been pretty good with it, but for many… it is still just another fun way to play. You may or may not get the 3. Use at your OWN risk. 😉 


There you have the Act Three Calendar for collecting Music Notes and the Prizes you can win with them.

What do you think of Act Three so far? How is your Music Notes Collecting going? How many do you have? Looking forward to a specific prize? Let us know.


97 responses to “Terwilliger Event Calendar Act Three

  1. Any ideas when this event will actually end? I am still getting Cecil/red crate tasks. I haven’t seen any store updates or any instructions to update either. What is going on??

  2. Not wanting to be a complainer but my dna notes and everything else havent added up and despite playing regularly roughly 4hourly by day and not upgrading past what was recommended on here. i spoke to ea they werent able to help. i have missed out on everything craftable except the farmers market. Really ddisappointed as i havent missed anything in the events since i started playing the game nearly 2 years ago. but what can i do about it.

  3. Got the last prize early today.

  4. Just got Dame Judith a moment ago, which I am pretty excited about as a fremium player! I also have the houseboat and some cane fields. Focusing now on possibly getting the Homer decoy and some more cane fields before the event ends.

    That I was able to navigate this insane event is all thanks to TSOAddicts – thank you!!

  5. The donut trick worked!! Thank you. Will “The Dame of the Game” stay after the Terwilliger event? Because I am focusing on crafting since I completed ACT 3 prizes. I got the houseboat so far but I want the Homer Decoy so I have everyone doing jobs. It is so hard to get DNA fast. AUGH!

  6. Is it just me or is there a correlation between people complaining about not being able to craft prizes because they constantly need to keep upgrading?

    Seems like many don’t stop at the right point to start collecting for crafting.

    Based on the lists provided here I’ve only upgraded the Opera Stage to level 7, Monsarno to level 16 and the Herbicide Squirter to level 5 and managed to craft everything so far except for Flower Wall and Welcome Bob Sign (have 2 Cane Fields already and working on a second Cactus Patch). As long as one didn’t miss too many of Cecil’s tasks and kept every character mostly busy on earning tasks it shouldn’t have been too difficult.

    • I’m not sure, my Monsarno is at 14, herbicide at 5 and Opera Stage at 7. I’ve only crafted the Farmers Market so far and am hoping to get the houseboat and decoy. (Will have to pass on GnG if I want the decoy)
      I tend to get 3 tasks a day

      • I haven’t missed a single task since the beginning in my A game and several in my B game as I only played that all day on weekends.

        My B game also has unlocked Farmers Market, Gas & Grub and -since this morning- the Houseboat. My A game has quite a selection of premium characters that generate DNA and Masks, but my B game only has very few extras because it’s purely freemium.

        Upgrading Monsarno to level 16 added the last missing character group to get DNA. But this late in the game it’s probably not a good idea to spend on upgrading.

        The 3rd and 4th tasks are quite crucial in getting sufficient Theater Masks for the Houseboat. Since I get up at 5am and go to sleep between 9 and 10pm, the 16h task sets are quite manageable with an alarm to set them back to back.

        Good luck on the final stretch to get some craftables that you want!

    • I havent really gotten anything but i can only log on maybe twice a day. Sucks when you have to “babysit” a phone game or get left in the dust.

    • Sometimes it depends on how many characters ppl have also and who helps with tasks.

      Also here’s my idea for what they could have made for a few extra prizes.

      (1)Corn chipper.

      Would be a mansarno brand wood chipper looking machine which has a task and that’s feed corn clones to it. Visual task of willie tossing in a clone and you see the corn stuff fly out other end. Task name::clone shuken.

      (2)cactus mutant. A big muscly like cactus plant with chains around his body and dragging a engine block attached to the chains and also had scars and tats like it was in experiments.

      (3)sideshow bob clown skin of him as a clown voiced as he does the sad clown scene like in the Simpsons episode.

      Possible gill deal: doughnut tree with the iconic print frosted doughnuts in it and like someone said it has a task which Gives doughnuts.

      My idea is that it has a 100’day task and then a doughnut blooms visually on the tree like a apple. And you can have up to 30 doughnuts. There will be a set of tasks after each doughnut blossoms so as another one can bloom. And after if you want to do the collect task which will be a relatively short timed task then you can. But you might want to admire it for a bit with all the doughnuts on it as it will have a better look to it. I’d say we could have max 4 trees at a cost of 300 doughnuts each.

      Some say that’s steep but the whale is 300 doughnuts and we’ll all its good for is the bonus it gives. Even 350 doughnuts per tree 4/4 trees would be a deal. Ea would make their money and we would get a decent deal even if task times were shorter which also would still be good.

      Wonder if anyone from ea ever checks these tsto addicts columns.

      Anyway happy tapping.

  7. I wish I could turn half my Springfield into desert, well at least I got the Houseboat. 🙂 Oh, and thank you for this site. It is soo helpful!

  8. 10 days ahead. No idea how when I’m only at level 30 story wise and don’t pay donuts, but I might be able to afford the only thing I want: the simpsons houseboat

  9. bunny, many thanks for this as usual. I have always been interested about the trick on the 3 donut box… I have tried it but not quite get what you mean. To me, all three start and stop at the same time.. am I missing something or I have done this wrong? Thanks in advance =)

    • Yes the way the dots move is identical on each of the 3 boxes. I just pick the out one on the right. Press and hold that one.

  10. Interesting that the farmers license has 17 days left on it.

  11. Hope they bring back the superhero event, and some more land, or a super hero land

  12. vursifyre1915

    hello again. i love all of your helpful advice. most of my questions usually involve side quests etc. you always answer questions so well but i feel like as soon as you clear up one, they throw another quest line at me. is there an easy way to figure out what will sit in the task book and wait until the main event is over and what i have to finish now? ive got a mr. burns money pile task, some task with bart collecting books and now opera krusty. all these characters are being pulled away from collecting dna etc, i kept on with the opera krusty tasks because it seemed connected to the opera house which also seems tied into the main event. so confusing. if feel like i am searching for answers more than playing the game. they need to save these side quests for between main events.. they’d actually be fun. instead they are confusing and stressful

    • Use our handy dandy search tool in the menu. Works with Google so you put in a phrase or word and all posts with it on our site Pop up.

      So you can insert the name of that quest task and see where it applies. If it’s a main questline, do it. If not… see its importance and decide. 😉

  13. Can I assume the last day of crafting will be the 25th (as we know it to be at the moment)? My Opera House went to level 9 yesterday and took my mask count down to 0, again… But today I am just over 2000. I have not crafted anything yet, as I plan to get everything I can at the end. (No problem, just rinse and repeat 30 days in a row… well a little problem…) Now a race to the finish that can`t come soon enough… I wonder about the last unknown mystery 10 days, if anything… If it is anything, I cross my fingers it will be a BREAK in the frustrating pace that should have come somewhere in the middle of this event (like dialog encouragement, if nothing else)… At the beginning of this event, I was wondering how the pace would go compared to the last event, that was great and relaxing at the end… With this event we have grinded to accumulate, then invested it all, taking us back to 0, over, and over, and over again FOR 30 DAYS IN A ROW… Somehow that just pops the fun bubble because not everyone enjoyed, understood, cared, or even know about playing board games like Monopoly… This is not a AAA video game. This is a mobile game stress relief for many. We want the challenge, but with a pause to breath and relax for a moment, somewhere along the way, to enjoy a moment where we can refresh… and then dive again back into the grind to accomplish… You give us buildings that we cannot place because we don`t have land, therefor need to store, or dig up our loved Springfield areas that we put our heart and souls into to place… (opps, went off topic)…

    EA… cut some slack… Yah, meaningless… but my fun say… Enough said…

  14. Waterontheknee

    I wasn’t able to get Dr. Bob but I’m way ahead of the schedule for Dame Judith.

    I want to craft him but I don’t have enough characters to farm DNA =/

  15. Do I have to complete the sideshow job questline within this email event? Can I put it aside so that I can send the people to earn event currency?

  16. I’m afraid I’m not going to be able to collect the other prices you can collect with the dna, masks, corn, etc. Should I stop updating the theatre and laser fun thing? I’m at level 6 for both. I really want all of them and I I won’t be able to get them all.

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